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How can Russia "return" the Caucasus?


It should be immediately noted that the Russian people, like the Jews, are the Messianic people. There are only two such peoples on the planet at the moment. Previously, there were still Catholic empires - Portugal and Spain, Protestant Messianism (largely based on the Old Testament) of the Anglo-Saxons, who bore the "white man's burden."

That is why the Russians were able to master such huge open spaces that even now, during the decline, our state occupies the largest territory on the planet. Russian pioneers subordinated small nations to a single center not so much by force weapons (although it cannot be denied that this happened), as much as the power of the Great Idea. Representatives of other nations were admired by the strength of the Russian spirit, their will, intelligence, developed technologies, military might. Therefore, they tried to become “brothers” to such a great nation. The Russians, unlike the Europeans, accepted other peoples as equals, they were not for them a “two-legged beast.”

Until the beginning of the 20th century, this idea was Russian Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality. The essence of Orthodoxy is the construction of the “kingdom of God on earth,” in fact, religious communism, the life of a communal community according to conscience. Christianity has absorbed the Russian concepts of truth and justice, which may differ from the official law, becoming “Orthodoxy” - “Glory of Truth”. Nationality - the equality of all peoples, estates of the empire before the law, the absence of the elect. It is clear that this is an ideal to which one should strive; in life everything can be quite different.

It is to these great ideas, or, as they sometimes say at the present time, people strived for the “myths”, they were happy to live in such a mighty power, which has a certain “mission” on the planet. The Caucasus was annexed to Russia not only by force, but also on the basis of these mindsets. Russia carried the world — internecine wars, clan fights, invasions of great powers — Turkey, Iran — that killed Christians in the Caucasus region ceased. Most people became objectively better off living — cities, roads, schools, etc. were built. The era of the Great White Tsar carried stability, order, and the hope that the future would be even better.

But due to a complex of reasons, the Russian Empire collapsed. This was largely due to the fact that the ideas of Sergius of Radonezh were forgotten, Orthodoxy became a formality, having lost its fiery essence. The process of destruction of the foundation of the kingdom was delayed for centuries, but eventually led to its collapse.

The Bolsheviks tried to return the "big idea" to the country. But after Stalin, the idea of ​​"Red Kitezh" stalled. The Soviet elite could not adequately continue the work of the Red Emperor. Personal, clan, corporate interests turned out to be more important than the “common cause”.

The Caucasus only gained from the Soviet era - the population grew rapidly, the infrastructure improved faster than in other regions of the RSFSR. But during the years of “perestroika” and in 1991, the Caucasian regions were told that everything that had happened before was a lie and a deception. That is, the Russians, the people-foundation of the empire, for the second time in the 20 century, threw the "burden of the empire." At the same time, the Russian people themselves were rapidly being destroyed - from a warrior nation, a worker, a teacher, a creator, he turned into traffickers, drunkards, people without ideals.

The current attempt to stabilize the Caucasus, pumping it with money, is only a temporary measure. She is not able to keep the world for long. Consumer society will lose tradition and Islam. We need a new or modernized old “big idea” capable of returning the Caucasian people to faith in the Russian people. It should be noted that the words of Vladimir Putin about the “Eurasian Union” are the announcement of this idea.

At the present time, the ideas of nationalism prevail in the Caucasus - about the superiority of the Chechens (Ingush, Azeris ...) over the Russians, and radical Islam. A holy place is never empty. From here interethnic conflicts across all Russia. Prerequisites are being created for a war on a religious basis, following the example of the former Yugoslavia.

But one idea is not enough, we need a lot of work on the Russian people. Every Russian person should understand this - you need to be smart, strong in spirit and body. And not always whining hlyupikom. And everyone must contribute to the restoration of our people. It is impossible to build a “Eurasian Union” without the Russians becoming warriors, creators, and workers again. Only such Russians will be respected. Otherwise, in 20 years of collapse and idleness, you will have to answer with a lot of blood.

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  1. almost demobil
    almost demobil 23 October 2011 08: 07
    You can say that I’m short-sighted, I don’t understand something, I don’t look deep into the problem and bring other demagogic nonsense about Russia's debt. But I declare that the Caucasus should be separated regardless of whether or not they want. I am sure that the vast majority will support me.
    1. vitvit123
      vitvit123 23 October 2011 09: 34
      "But why only the Caucasus ..., give the Kuriles something more to the Japs, the Chinese, something more, the Latvians - a couple of districts, the amers have long loved Siberia, they got rid of Crimea, Thank God ...", and maybe it's better to get rid of such demobels? Which country do you live in ? - this is the most important question, otherwise maybe I am writing this in vain.
    2. Tyumen
      Tyumen 23 October 2011 09: 35
      Quote: almost demobilized
      the absolute majority will support me

      In the West?

      After all, what is happening on the Dagestan borders,
      will come to Russia. The territory is one of the security collaterals.
    3. lightforcer
      lightforcer 23 October 2011 10: 31
      Firstly, an independent Caucasus - these are sovereign states that are not averse to accepting NATO bases, secondly, the militants will leave the mountains and prepare for an invasion of the Volga region, Stavropol (where the massacre will already take place), and thirdly, what to do with the Caucasians remaining in Russia?
      1. kontrzasada20
        kontrzasada20 April 4 2012 19: 43
        There has been a massacre in the Stavropol Territory for a long time. So what to do with it?
    4. His
      His 23 October 2011 12: 09
      Already separated everything. Of the 15 republics of the former Russia, it remains to defeat the RSFSR itself
  2. mar.tira
    mar.tira 23 October 2011 08: 46
    Before separating the Caucasus, it is necessary to understand the essence of such a region as the Caucasus. The Georgians and other "hot Caucasian guys" believe that Sochi and the Krasnodar Territory are also considered the Caucasus. So give it away? So I think you are "almost demobilized" or stupid or even worse provocateur. And I think the problem is in the leadership of Russia. We need political will, and the idea of ​​unification. The same Ingush and Chechens of the middle generation during the collapse of the USSR and after, when Yeltsin was in power, were horrified that he Even Dudayev saw the catastrophic consequences of the collapse. This was said by his wife in an interview. The fish rots from the head, we still smell the smell. In the Caucasus, they understand, we’ll get out of there, and everything will be like in the ground.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 23 October 2011 10: 45
      I expected such comments. I asked without demagogy who thinks which territories whose are their problems. I would like to look at middle-aged chicha and Ingush with the same views as yours. Who is eating them now in the ravine? And why are you so Are you worried about the division of Caucasians into ethnic groups? For me, let them cut themselves. Why cut our people. As long as there is oil, pay tribute to them, but it will end? Maybe then such advanced and smart (not that we) will show political will and put forward the idea of ​​unification? People don’t want to live in a civilized way, without murder, robbery, violence — let them live in their primitive communal system and don’t have to transfer their orders, as they do, to our country. Separate and strengthen the border.
      1. mar.tira
        mar.tira 23 October 2011 11: 28
        I have already said, the fish rots from the head. The Soviet (Gorbachev). And the Russian leaders of the state did not have the will and the idea to preserve and unite the peoples of one once common state. Even after the referendum on the preservation of the USSR. They also had a slogan " own shirt is closer to the body. "And the fact that for 70 years we were all brought up in the unity of peoples, is that an empty sound or what? And now I work with Chechens and Ingush in Russia. Before the 1st war I lived on pl. Just a minute. So even before the first bombings, he escaped from there. He was a teacher at the institute, so I know what they are thinking. And they don’t hide their thoughts. They also hate their shepherd, I think they know who I’m talking about, but They do not have much respect for Putin. And in general, ordinary people who want to live, just like us.
      2. vlbelugin
        vlbelugin 24 October 2011 09: 15
        You do not understand the meaning of the word "demagoguery".
        Already somewhere I wrote what demagoguery is.
        Demagogy is when a man convinces a woman that a soft member is better than a hard one.
        Here in the comments this is not observed.
  3. oper66
    oper66 23 October 2011 10: 04
    any separation of the country’s territory by peaceful means or by force is unacceptable as it will inevitably cause a chain reaction of the collapse of the country on national grounds and on precedent the territorial claims of foreign states
  4. NUT
    NUT 23 October 2011 10: 33
    I repeat, I am more surprised, because everything has been invented, thought out, run around in time and worked without problems
    to return, as in the case of the king, the place of settledness and to strictly control the registration.
    and everyone, by will or captivity, will live on the land of their ancestors to live and gain good
    he violated the law in Voronezh to send him home to Tula, awakened in Tula home to Shchekino, had fun in cheek home to Pirogovka, didn’t calm down there - to prison, but rather to hard labor
    and everything will return to normal without blood, noise and dust
    Well, God forbid, trouble came here to collect Vologda, Dagestan, Smolensk and Kazan regiments ...
  5. cVM
    cVM 23 October 2011 10: 45
    The Eurasian Union, from a simple organization, you made it like NATO or even the EU, no one will join this organization, maybe only the former states of the USSR and that already has the CIS, and so China, Iran, etc. because they don’t want to play under the tune of Russia. A good article, but the author forgets that the Russians have no love for each other. 20 years, the country has been run by the same people, what a shame ?? and then the strong Russians speak in the West even though there is justice and democracy
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 23 October 2011 11: 51
      "In the west, at least there is justice and democracy." and so on. And democratically, it is of course in the army.
      1. cVM
        cVM 23 October 2011 14: 47
        where does the politics of Western countries look at the internal politics of the United States, France, and we have a criminal dictatorship, will you go to vote or not there will be no difference
    2. Marat
      Marat 23 October 2011 20: 46
      What nonsense! Why should China and Iran join our Eurasian Union? This is practically an analogue of the former USSR and tsarist Russia. This is our country and we do not need either Chinese or Iranians in it - let them be friends from behind a fortified border
      If such a "union" with China happens, then the Kazakhs will immediately leave this "union" - it will no longer be our country - but China or Iran - we do not need Chinese
      1. cVM
        cVM 23 October 2011 21: 02
        why then, in the second, Putin leads the election campaign in order to somehow give the people oxygen and faith in him, the first years of Putin were gorgeous, but at this stage it turned into a democratic dictatorship
  6. gAMauzer
    gAMauzer 23 October 2011 10: 59
    As practice shows, the only way to "return" (or "dozat", or whatever you like) the Caucasus is to press by force, decisively and mercilessly, in Yermol style.

    Fortunately, the technology allows this to be brought to a qualitatively new level: a battalion of motorized infantry with tanks approaches, it demands to issue all the weapons that are in two hours. The deadline has expired - the battalion goes and turns over every house. They found at least one barrel: the family in which they found - under the tank, the village - to raze it to the ground. GOTO "a motorized infantry battalion is approaching ...", repeat until complete suppression. And the same recipe for any boom: Kazbeks rebelled - cover with "Grads", crush with caterpillars.

    And no "democracies" and "human rights": they are not even entitled to them under the Sharia. Only strength is respected - so use it.

    Israeli bulldozers nod and vote in favor.

    As for the author, it seems that he is not familiar with either history or modernity. He writes from a closed-type medical facility, where "Russians are a messianic people." Yeah. And vodka with khanka is ambrosia, and drunks and podzabornye hoes are pastors of "Big Idea".
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 23 October 2011 12: 29
      Your guy along the way is not all right; at least you turn on your brain sometimes rather than chasing slogan-slogan slogans.
      1. His
        His 23 October 2011 12: 44
        We must be friends and not fight
      2. gAMauzer
        gAMauzer 23 October 2011 12: 50
        And where did you find hatred?
        Nobody says that the forceful solution is simple and cheap. Another thing is that it is clearly more effective than torture to "appease" the local beys.

        In any case, in the century before last, the Caucasus (which partially came into Russian citizenship of its own free will) was pacified only by force, and all attempts to "peaceful coexistence" failed. Naturally, moreover.

        How can Polybius not recall here, with his "nothing makes understanding the present easier than knowing the past": parallels between Muridism and Wahhabism, Shamil and Dudayev, and so on.

        And as for who is out of order here - this is the author’s, I haven’t heard such nonsense even from a zombie man.
        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          Alexey Prikazchikov 23 October 2011 12: 58
          Damn, didn’t you think that in the world they would say about this that our economy could collapse eh?
          1. gAMauzer
            gAMauzer 23 October 2011 13: 44
            Many-billion-dollar tributes to Kadyrov’s comrades are more likely to collapse the economy.

            Note: now there is a relative "peace" only in Chechnya - due to the fact that it is unprofitable for the beys with Ramzan at the head to arrange some kind of storm: money is pouring in an endless stream. And in the districts (Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria) - the permanent regime of the CTO (who? Yes, the same guys as in the Chechen principality, only, for some reason, not paid). And the maintenance of the grouping + losses are far from cheap.

            So much for the economic aspect. And what will they say in the world - fuck me. "Democratization. Unauthorized entry is prohibited."
        2. vlbelugin
          vlbelugin 24 October 2011 09: 28
          So Ermolov’s methods did not stop the war in the Caucasus.

          The practice of such attacks or raids was begun during AL. Ermolove (the term of governorship - 1816-1827) and continued under Paskevich (1827-1830), Rosen and Golovin, but brought huge casualties, and the Caucasus did not want to give up.
          Then it was decided to go to the siege. In this regard, financial costs for the maintenance of the Russian army significantly increased, by 1845 reaching 7 million rubles.
          The systematic development of the Caucasian territory began: the construction of fortresses, the planning and construction of communications, deforestation. Along the way, Russian troops destroyed crops and led livestock, carrying out an economic blockade of the rebellious villages and the state of Shamil.
          The personality factor was also of great importance. AL. Ermolov, a well-educated, courageous, and energetic man, saw his mission in steadily bearing the “burden of a white man” and did not go a step from this position. He conducts a series of brilliant military operations: he smashes the Avar Khan Akhmet at the village of Paul (1818), the union of the Akushin societies (1819) and the Surkhay-khan of Kazikumukh (1820).
          As a result, the Caucasian war takes a protracted character, which causes sharp dissatisfaction of Nicholas 1. But neither a constant change of command, nor a steady increase in the number of Russian troops in the region solve the problem.
          In 1844, M.S. Vorontsov was appointed governor of the Caucasus.
          By that time, a thunderstorm of Russian troops, Imam Shamil, was achieving unprecedented power. According to foreign observers, Vorontsov was a unique representative of the colonial-administrative Russian system, usually highly corrupt and generally traditionally ineffective.
          He took steps to radically revise the strategy of warfare. “The conquest of the Caucasus,” said the prince, “is not only a military task: you can conquer territory with weapons, but not people's souls.”
          Non-force methods are more efficient and cost-effective than force methods, Vorontsov believed.
          The large-scale development of the Caucasus begins, which allows to reduce financial costs, since now there is no need to endlessly increase the number of Russian troops. In the second half of the 1840s, Vorontsov’s strategy was slowly but surely beginning to bring results. Under the control of Russia passes foothill Chechnya, then Primorsky and Southern Dagestan.
      3. lightforcer
        lightforcer 23 October 2011 12: 52
        As Ramzan Kadyrov said: “Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine - and this list can be continued for a long time. This is a personal tragedy of Russia. Why should we always suffer if we can simply destroy what is stopping us? We are powerful, we have everything: the army, technology. We need to attack ”
    2. Uncle Sam
      Uncle Sam 24 October 2011 20: 34
      Everything is written correctly
    VALENOK 23 October 2011 14: 00
    We reckon with Russia and respect our opinion as long as we can unite other nations around us, ensuring security and defending common interests together, and together. This is the only way we can give jerk to anyone and in any direction. And because of this, some people want to fragment and pit us together, and moreover, to achieve this from the inside.
  8. zczczc
    zczczc 23 October 2011 14: 09
    The Caucasus should be rotated through childbirth. We will multiply, there will be both our Caucasus and Europe. And without a population, both culture, knowledge, and our affairs will remain in dreams alone.

    Do you remember the tale of Tsar Saltan? Who helped him in exile (white swan)? Who did the prince marry as a result of?

    There is a princess across the sea,
    What you can’t avert your eyes:
    In the afternoon, God's light overshadows
    Illuminates the earth at night
    A month under the scythe glitters,
    And in the forehead the star burns.

    Well, on whom? Well, options in the studio :)))
    1. kesa1111
      kesa1111 24 October 2011 00: 21
      Russians in captivity breed?
      1. Uncle Sam
        Uncle Sam 24 October 2011 20: 35
        they are soon 100 years in captivity
    VALENOK 23 October 2011 14: 38
    symbol means islam The month under the scythe shines,
    And in the forehead the star burns. wink
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 23 October 2011 15: 21
      VALENOK, correctly!

      The whole fairy tale is a story about how the "matchmaker" (the adviser of the Russian prince, obviously someone interested) set up someone from the prince's inner circle, perhaps even his wife, who ended up in the east, where, obviously, keeping her highest status, gave birth to a son.
      In those days, the war was.

      Those. we fought with someone from the east.
      The son became a sultan, brought up in Russian traditions, taking control in his own hands, rebuilt the castle, raised the economy (a squirrel with golden shells and emeralds - an emerald is an extremely popular green stone in the East), put together a fleet (33 heroes under the leadership of Chernomor, i.e. (fleet on the Black Sea) and actively traded with Russia, about which in a fairy tale 3 times the merchants report to the Russian tsar and 3 times refute the words of the pest adviser.
      Then Tsar Saltan marries a Muslim woman and invites the Russian Tsar to visit. The Russian Tsar comes and sees:
      They look - well? Princess - marvelous:
      Under the slanting moon glitters
      And in the forehead the star burns;
      But she’s great,
      Acts like a pava
      And his mother-in-law leads.
      The king looks - and finds out ...

      He recognizes his wife in general. He wants to kill the fifth column in the form of a woman’s suit, but he softens and simply expels. Well, reconciled, then with the East.

      Purely geographically, this is Turkey. Who exactly these characters are not clear. It is quite possible that we are talking about very ancient times, and the attributes in the form of a cross "with a silk cord" and a star with a crescent are given only to identify the sides either by Pushkin, or by someone else among the people before Arina Rodionovna were overgrown with these attributes.
      1. Tjumenec72
        Tjumenec72 23 October 2011 22: 23
        offer to make friends with Turkey)))
        1. zczczc
          zczczc 23 October 2011 23: 44
          Tjumenec72, I just interpret Pushkin's fairy tale in the most probable way. Probably a fairy tale based on folk tales that are thousands of years old.
          1. Volkhov
            Volkhov 25 October 2011 22: 52
            A star in the forehead is a sign not of a Turk, but of a Russian or an Indian with a strong biofield, this is what the yogis visually and on the thermal imager look like a red dot or spot, helps in life.
            The month is brilliant - the equipment of advanced girls for predicting earthquakes, "Serpents of the Mountain" see "The Altai Princess", then Islam did not exist yet.
            1. zczczc
              zczczc 26 October 2011 04: 09
              Volkhov, and Chernomor? Explicit indication of the sea.

              I wrote above "It is quite possible that we are talking about very ancient times, and the attributes in the form of a cross" with a silk cord "and a star with a crescent are given only to identify the sides either by Pushkin or by someone else among the people before Arina Rodionovna. these attributes. " Because the history of the times of the existence of Islam, of course, this tale does not fall.
              1. Volkhov
                Volkhov 26 October 2011 23: 52
                In the fairy tale it is written that the "knights" with Chernomor are brothers of the "princess", they live under water - this is the sea kingdom, they sometimes intersect with the Navy, they have high speeds under water, depths, read the landing scene - this is a sea landing from a submarine (disk), which came at high speed.
                1. zczczc
                  zczczc 27 October 2011 23: 57
                  So who then are these from the sea kingdom?
  10. maestro123
    maestro123 23 October 2011 15: 20
    I’m interested in how the next generation will look at the Caucasus, time changes everything and power as well.
  11. SIA
    SIA 23 October 2011 15: 56
    In the Caucasus, how much money is not lei, they will not have enough. They are already unbelted. You have to deal with them hard. The policy of carrots and sticks. He acted badly, with a whip along the saddle so that the skin burst, he did well, take a pie from the shelf, but only one, and no more. The Caucasus only understands the power of weapons, it is useless to talk and fuss with them.
    1. VALENOK
      VALENOK 23 October 2011 16: 13
      SVV You wouldn’t have a price if YOU worked in a circus, we’re not discussing animals, but peoples
  12. Sorry
    Sorry 23 October 2011 18: 34
    This story with the Caucasus will be decided on its own if they work there. Their clan or teip way cannot be eradicated. Here and let them earn themselves peaceful work. But how to do this? At the same time, it is not entirely clear how Kadyrov was able to arrange his subsidized region after such a war, but others can’t, which are also subsidized? Now I’ll see how they start writing: yes he’s such and such, there are all the bandits, etc. But all the same. Why do others fail at all?
  13. evg5835
    evg5835 23 October 2011 18: 46
    The power of Russia is not in Moscow but in the province. It's time to stop lavishing money on Moscow, and start investing in the regions. The province has a strong people, now really drinking. But only he is protection for everyone. By the way, and with the Caucasus, a common language will immediately find. There will be a strong country, there will be a Caucasus. The execution for the crimes of officials, I believe, is a panacea. Humanism does not exist)

    Russia to postpone decades, Many heaped up. Time of Troubles will end anyway)
  14. Yves762
    Yves762 23 October 2011 18: 58
    Correct if I am mistaken, after the first Chenna, Chechnya was already quite independent from the federal center. And what did this lead to.?. And some still want to completely separate them .... angry

    Strength in Russia is not in the provinces (there are also all sorts of them). The power of Russia in its SOUL (SPIRIT, as you call it) !!!
    A strong soul is a strong people.
    Khrenova (corrupted by "Western" values, for example) the soul is a heavy drinker ...
    1. evg5835
      evg5835 23 October 2011 20: 35
      And he drinks because they forgot about him. When in the province there will be salaries and roads, as in Moscow, then we will live in a great country) And what does this soul consist of? The soul is the people. And in our country Moscow is only being seduced so as not to rebel. Even the problems have become different, in one country.
      1. kesa1111
        kesa1111 23 October 2011 20: 47
        Because he drinks that on TV they show acupants and their henchmen. Insolently, in the afternoon, and even 2 main freaks say that it is their merit, and promise to deepen and multiply.
        1. evg5835
          evg5835 23 October 2011 21: 31
          Not true. Any man is primarily concerned with his family, and not with any occupants. We care about our future, and in more specific terms than world peace. And it is currently quite gloomy. There are prospects only in large cities. So we drink. Do not change the meaning. I support Putin)
          1. Yves762
            Yves762 23 October 2011 23: 09
            After all that he (in particular) ALREADY DID.?. belay
            Quote: evg5835
            And it (that is, the future) is currently quite gloomy.
            - GDP will still be the president, do not go to a fortuneteller. And you still hold it.?! laughing
            1. evg5835
              evg5835 26 October 2011 00: 56
              Listen my dear) He did not do anything with me, except as:
              1. I can work on new equipment. And rearmament takes place throughout the country)
              2. I generally can live in the country) And not where every region screams that it will leave us soon.
              3. We survived the economic crisis without disaster)
              This list can be continued quite far)
              If I were allowed to vote at age 7) I would live in the Soviet Union. I just learned in life to see the good, unlike you) Imagine. I live with him a lot better) Putin is GOOD.
              And it’s not about oil prices. He puts things in order) Under Putin, by the way, there was not a single amnesty. Very strange) Previously, they were constantly. How bad he is)
          2. kesa1111
            kesa1111 24 October 2011 00: 01
            I am talking about the occupiers of OUR country. And our youth have options: revolution, emigration, reconcile with the fate of a half-footman. To yourself honestly answer the question: why do countries capture, point by point. PS look: Freedom of subhuman.
            1. evg5835
              evg5835 26 October 2011 01: 01
              There is still such an option) Work. Men should not whine like women, or you are not men? If you are not young, then she has more strength than you. And if all the same youth) - then most likely bullshit)))
              1. kesa1111
                kesa1111 27 October 2011 11: 17
                There's a direct speech in the film: if the Russians are so dumb that they agree to work for $ 100, then why should they pay more? And insult when there is nothing to say .... a hero. Watch a movie better.
    2. SL.Kocegar
      SL.Kocegar 24 October 2011 13: 12
      still, whoever was engaged in the spirituality of the people, I mean that it’s time to remove stupid advertisements from the TV, and put something meaningful + stop the children in school telling stories with self-flagellation in general, start with a young generation
      1. evg5835
        evg5835 26 October 2011 01: 06
        Only in this way will we have a future)
  15. SIA
    SIA 23 October 2011 19: 38

    Quote: Pardon
    This story with the Caucasus will be decided on its own if they work there.

    I don’t believe it at all. Of course, there are people in the Caucasus who love and know how to work, but there are also those who did not hold spades in their hands, they will not be able to hammer a nail. And the latter climb there, in the militants, where they get on nuts (lead).

    Quote: VALENOK
    SVV You wouldn’t have a price if YOU worked in a circus, we’re not discussing animals, but peoples

    And I’m talking about the people. I don’t know where you came up with about animals?
    And note, I did not generalize all the nationalities that live in the Caucasus.
    There are those individuals who are interested in inciting ethnic hatred, or for some other reason. For example, I don’t believe a word to R. Kadyrov, no matter how sweet he sang there.
  16. SIA
    SIA 23 October 2011 19: 46
    But I didn’t say a word about animals. And he didn’t even hint. These are all your hasty arguments. From now on, be careful with expressions. I spoke about terrorists, and not about all the peoples who inhabit the Caucasus.

    Quote: Pardon
    This story with the Caucasus will be decided on its own if they work there

    Let them at least start working. Who doesn’t order them? Here I am, Kadyrov, I don’t believe a single word of him, no matter how sweet he sang there. How much money was driven into Chechnya, it would be enough to build another Monaco, in the form in which it is now, if not better.
    1. Sorry
      Sorry 23 October 2011 20: 04
      So look at Chechnya - it’s rebuilt! And they are given like all regions. Of course, maybe more, as victims of the war. And there is theft, but Kadyrov was able to make Monaco in such a short time. He can be treated in any way, but there is a fact. I have anger itself is seething at our regional rulers looking at Chechnya. Why can't they rule like that?
  17. gAMauzer
    gAMauzer 23 October 2011 21: 14
    Because they do not have:
    1) SUCH a large personal army of Kazbeks (there is, but more modest);
    2) SUCH amount of blood spilled on the territory of the region (crime, drunken stabbing and traffic accidents - not counted);
    3) The shadow of the father, the ally of the "federals", looming behind.

    Yes, Kadyrov was able to restore order (not law - order) in the territory entrusted to him - only because he is the most authoritative of the field commanders of the highlanders there, and, in fact, they all remained in the same composition, only the uniform and official uniforms were fastened .

    But the fact that, in fact, the center is being blackmailed, you cannot argue with that.
    As long as the center allows itself to be milked, there is order in Chechnya. The very first attempt to turn off the "milking machine" - and the situation will be the same as in neighboring Dagestan.
    And with the sudden death / deposition of Kadyrov - by the way, too. Macedonian, simpler hospad ...
    1. evg5835
      evg5835 23 October 2011 22: 07
      So what if he is a field commander? The hardest time is the time of change. Stability must be appreciated. Only in stability can fruits be born.
      1. Yves762
        Yves762 23 October 2011 23: 29
        Yes .... Chechnya and others like it are steadily milking the center, working all the same! sad do not want (about the development of the real sector of the economy / production). And in this "stability" are born, for example, "Heart of Chechnya" and "Grozny City" - there is no bazaar, the things are necessary, but hardly paramount.
        1. evg5835
          evg5835 26 October 2011 01: 57
          In our country, at least something is born) Suddenly something better is born on this basis. There is no industry left in the Caucasus. Her little left in Russia. Thanks to the liberals. But the huckster is full) and talkers. The Caucasus was moved by Russians. They were all kicked out of there, thanks to Boris N. Yeltsin. But it was different, too. By the way, we can also learn a lot from them, just like they do with us. We have long been one people. No need to divide us. Well, basically, whoever needs to understand me. I have no desire to persuade you)
  18. Maksim
    Maksim 23 October 2011 22: 08
    Russia and the Caucasus are one and one point .
  19. SVD
    SVD 23 October 2011 22: 24
    I repeat: THE ONLY one who CORRECTLY solved the Chichi problem is STALIN. And the corn-man - to get out of the grave and curse!
    1. evgenm55
      evgenm55 24 October 2011 07: 13
      STALIN solved not only the problem of "chichi" - he solved all the problems of the Great State and the Great People. the democratic amerikosovskaya could not afford to teach him how to live in Russian / I mean all of us / It was then the corrupt creatures dragged in the gulags and repression, the question: what to do with the enemies? - the working people who remain will pay for everything. The conclusion is simple: only a strong patriotic pro-people government with a strong army will correct the situation. And the whole surviving healthy Soviet people will go after such power. But this is not the power of Putin-Medvedev and others like them, they have completely different tasks from the owners.
    2. evg5835
      evg5835 26 October 2011 01: 59
      Pulling from the grave - SIN !!!
  20. baluru72
    baluru72 24 October 2011 03: 09
    There will never be a parliamentary republic in Russia, because the parliamentarians will be able to agree on something ,,, I think that we don’t need a thought either - they’re setting up some laws there that don’t work. You need a tough, sole hand --- which puts the problem, and the entire institute of executive power, will solve this problem. And then we will solve it with the Caucasus, and with the Far East, and with the oligarchs, if necessary, there was a danger in the Second World War that the chichi of the white horse were driven to Hitler, so they took everyone out in two nights, ,, And now bl ,,, I am in the debate, discussions, any action will be buried ,,, STALIN --- WHERE WHERE ??? The people of yours oh, u ,,, eat ,,,,
    1. evg5835
      evg5835 26 October 2011 02: 07
      Russia needs a patriotic elite. Yes, even as a yakuza in Japan. The main thing is that she should be interested in the development and independence of her country. Then we can build long-term plans specifically for our development. We already got a lot of traitors. We are already directly bordering with NATO.
  21. bair4ik
    bair4ik 24 October 2011 03: 50
    and everything is already, the complete collapse of Russia. amers with Libya sort of figured out soon to come to us. and we are ready to break each other's throats because someone is Russian, not Russian, hachi, chocks, all under one comb. soon what act of terrorism or any such massive illegal take place and amers will jump with joy. rather, they would come, then we will understand that we need to live in peace and respect each other. and so will divide and capture. even though films would often be shot about the Second World War as we all fought together with the Germans.
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 24 October 2011 09: 05
      Why such pessimism!?!? Go to the forest, to the river, take a walk among the people. You don’t need to read too many media. Not everything is so bad with us! What is the matter with you?
  22. dred
    dred 24 October 2011 16: 22
    Return the Caucasus and not like the Caucasus is a separate country with its own laws and customs.
  23. Tankograd
    Tankograd 24 October 2011 18: 56
    The author, for all the pathos of the article, for some reason put the Great Russian people on a par with the Jews! Jews have never been an imperial people and will never be one! They are newcomers to our Earth, they are an outcast people parasitizing at the expense of other peoples. Examples from ancient times - becoming a wife of a Persian king, a Jewess tormented her husband with jealousy and he cut all his nobility, Judaism, becoming the dominant religion in ancient Khazaria, led to the internal massacre of the inhabitants of Khazaria, those who accepted the new faith and those who worshiped the old "so-called pagan faith - the ancient faith of our common Scythian ancestors. " Khazaria was the legacy of the great Scythia and it included the lands of both Ancient Rus and the peoples of the North Caucasus who were close in spirit and ancient ancestral faith! To end interreligious enmity - the Grand Duke of Kiev Svyatoslav in 966 went on a campaign and to smithereens crushed Khazaria, liberated the Slavic tribes from the yoke of "Zionists", but at the same time, his empire became part of the Volga-Belaya Vezha and Tmutarakan ... Why were these lands annexed and because the Scythian-Slavic mentality of the inhabitants of these lands did not disappear under the Jewish yoke. When some authors say the Caucasus is inadmissible, but who is going to give it to whom, There and now on Taman, Kuban and Terek lives and peacefully, like a thousand years ago, our Slavic people get along. In the blood of the same Chechens, up to half in the percentage of Russian blood, This is the blood of Russian Cossacks who were in kunaks with local residents and married mountain women, this is the blood of Russian soldiers captured during the Caucasian wars and those who remained in Shamil's camp, this is Russian blood from mixed marriages with Russian Chechens, who since Soviet times went to earn money throughout the USSR. I was in Chechnya in 2002 during a counterterrorist operation. Behind several dozen scumbags is a completely normal, adequate people. No one will raise a weapon without a reason. The point is all about the Russians themselves, as in 1941 you can’t rescue Raseya without exception, most of them go to the Army not according to the custom of their fathers, but either out of need, or in order not to go to prison! It is not necessary to nod to the Caucasus, but in Russia itself to teach the Russians to be Russians - the heirs of the great true Slavic-Aryan Vedic faith (I just ask you not to confuse it with fascism, Hitler heard a ringing about the great Aryan race, but did not understand with his German mind what he was about). By the way, the Germans, the ancient Slavs-Aryans called people who did not understand the Slavic customs and speech, so they are dumb (Germans). In the meantime, Russia is praying to the Russian Orthodox Church - invented by the Jews about the son of the Jewish Jesus by Byzantium imposed by Russia, and we will turn our cheeks to the whole world! The great Svyatoslav the Brave at such moments with his invincible army said - I'm going to YOU!
    1. Uncle Sam
      Uncle Sam 24 October 2011 20: 39
      that the Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church) shit is true, but where does the Jews? baptized Russia from the Greek supply and according to their preparations
      1. DAGESTAN333
        DAGESTAN333 24 October 2011 21: 17
        Hear Sam, for me, it's you Shit !!!!!!!!! ..........those. I wanted to say that you are a rather clumsy troll ...
      2. Tankograd
        Tankograd 24 October 2011 21: 21
        Uncle Sam and who is the main thing in the Christian religion, Jesus, and he who is the representative of the God-chosen as the Jews think of themselves as a people! The fact that the Jew is good is the death of the Russian, and the fact that the Russian is good is the Jews, Nazi Germans, Uncles of Samov’s Amerikos death!
      3. evg5835
        evg5835 26 October 2011 02: 16
        I would crucify you
  24. Tankograd
    Tankograd 24 October 2011 20: 53
    By the way, in the 6-7 centuries of our era, the ancestors of the present Bulgarians came from Siberia and the Urals to the North Caucasus, together with other tribes they formed a large state at that time with an interesting name - Roskolan (this was an article in the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda). The basis of this state was composed of Russians and Alans. The ancestors of modern Russians, Ukrainians, Cossacks, Ossetians and other peoples of the North Caucasus. The Bulgarians themselves associate their ancestors with people of either the Finno-Ugric or Turkic peoples (this is evidenced by the fact that after the death of Roskolani from other nomads, part of the Bulgarian tribes went to the Balkans and formed the Bulgarian kingdom, and some went to the north of the Volga and formed Great Bulgaria, their descendants are the present Volga Tatars, but somehow Roscolani got along well, but it was more than 1300-1400 years ago, there were plenty of reasons for creating a bloody massacre, because now all these ethnic groups profess different religions (Orthodox Christianity, Islam, the descendants of the Finno-Ugric peoples - Hungarians - Catholic Christianity.) But the thing is that at that time all these religions were born a lot - and on the spreads of Eurasia there was one Slavic-Aryan faith - faith in one’s land, one’s kindred, one’s gods! Different peoples called the gods in different ways - but the origin of the gods was from Cosmic forces and their power was cosmic! Some names Perun, Svarog sa I’m talking for myself, it’s not in vain when a thunderstorm rattles and lightnings pour in. It’s still said that it’s Perun riding a chariot or Svarog rolls lightnings! Accordingly, human nature was different, people lived in the same nature as they took from it only how much was needed to feed their race. Each of them was part of this nature, respectively, and large genera took for themselves as the name of an animal! The name Chechens is a kind of - a kind of wolf - is from those times. By the way, in Russia only in the Caucasus, clan (teip) traditions are still preserved and show amazing vitality! It doesn’t matter which religion the representative of the clan is, for example, Muslims (Chechens, Ingush, Avars, Lezghins, etc.) or Orthodox Ossetians, Abkhazians. To offend any kind is to earn blood money, and blood feud without statute of limitations. All this was taught to the inhabitants of the North Caucasus by the Slavs-Arians, as the Slavs have always shown evidence of swastikas with different directions and the number of rays in everyday life and on clothes, now look at the modern flag of Ingushetia - it has one of the variants of the Slavic-Aryan swastika on it in the center! And they tell us everything about the Nazis!
    The Russians, with their current faith in the Russian Orthodox Church, where they are all God's servants, now have only money and profit in their eyes, half of Russia has already been sold for it, and the remaining half has been dirtied. It got to the point that Putin is preparing a special program to clean the northern islands in the Arctic Ocean - they have dirtied everyone with empty metal barrels!
      ESCANDER 24 October 2011 21: 26

      You have a typo.
      1300 - 1400 years ago is not the 6-7th century of our era.
    2. evg5835
      evg5835 26 October 2011 02: 23
      Some kind of madhouse) Do you believe in what you write?
  25. Denis
    Denis 25 October 2011 02: 33
    But after all, General Ermolov has long found a solution
  26. Volkhov
    Volkhov 25 October 2011 23: 16
    The author has a number of inaccuracies:
    There is no Russian people - Art. 282, when will be - see
    Earth is not a planet
    The Caucasus is not flooded, you just have to go there in a year, and the Kuril tanks are needed there, and not in Africa
    the rest - dear about the fiery essence of Orthodoxy - how did the Old Believers and Gentiles burn chtol in baths?