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To help the soldiers of the NATO bloc: tactical beard

“The time has come for the armed forces to accept the facts, and the facts are that beards save lives. In the light of this information, we will demand that all men wear at least one inch of facial hair at all times.”
From the address of General James E. Mattis to all troops in combat zones

V.R. Dolnyk suggested that the lush head of hair of a man (like the mane of old male baboons) may raise his status in the eyes of his relatives. And Charles Darwin believed that the beard was due to sexual selection, as it serves as an ornament that increases the attractiveness of males. Modern studies of different cultures, including primitive tribes, show the opposite: women rate bezborodye faces as more attractive. But men consider people with a beard more aggressive, and both sexes rate bearded people as having older age and higher social status. It is a common misconception that a thick beard is a potential protection of the thyroid gland and neck from cold.

On the basis of what the US Marine Corps General James Mattis concluded that a beard, like a bulletproof vest, helmet, or gas mask, could save a soldier's life?


In response to the September 11 terrorist attack, 2001 of the United States is conducting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The operation turned into a prolonged asymmetrical military conflict that will last from 2001 to 2014.

After the “air war”, in March 2002, coalition forces conducted an “Anaconda” operation in the valley. The resistance of the Taliban was much stronger than expected, and the operation escalated into the biggest battle since the beginning of the war. Among the first beards, special forces fighters began to grow in order to disguise themselves as local people, as well as specialists working closely with Muslims: translators, instructors, etc.

This was done in part because Islamic theologians believe that a man who shaves a beard is like a woman. Indeed, in the East, as a rule, bearded men are perceived as courageous, more experienced people and with a higher status among others. Thus, a person is worthy of respect. That is, a beard is a sign of attitude, and not a tribute to fashion.

Pentagon studies prove: the presence of a beard is directly related to combat effectiveness! A report released by the Xegis Solutions research group states that beards are directly related to combat effectiveness:

"We took 100 people, 25 people from special forces who had beards, and 25 special forces who had no beards, regular army 25 who were allowed to grow beards for research, and the last 25 were from a regular army without beards.
All 100 participated in the fighting in Afghanistan. "

The research results were amazing: from 50 soldiers with beards, no one was injured or killed, their shooting accuracy was significantly higher than that of soldiers without beards. Soldiers who had no beards had a high level of personal malfunction. weapons, and something bad was happening to them all the time.

To help the soldiers of the NATO bloc: tactical beard

These studies also show that the systematic growth of a beard leads to an increase in testosterone (male hormone) in the beard carrier, which stimulates the endocrine system, leading to the fact that such men are physically stronger, they make more accurate and balanced decisions, have more sober judgments in a stressful or time limited situation.

It is unequivocally established that testosterone has a positive effect not only on mental, physical, but also on mental parameters. In particular, growing a beard has a positive effect on the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is where the expression “combat beard” appeared, and then the official term: “tactical beard” (tactical beard).

It turned out that for American soldiers a tactical beard is a multifunctional thing and simply irreplaceable. It became widespread not only among American soldiers, and not only during the Afghan and Iraqi campaigns, but even earlier: in Vietnam, Korea and other hot spots.

Chevron on the sleeve of a soldier of the Danish kingdom

Tactical bearded kingdom of the kingdom

Bearded Canadians. If they are tankers - in tank they are probably cramped. It would be better if we thought about the gym and the Kremlin diet ...

It is argued that a tactical beard protects the face of its owner from weathering and frostbite, breathes dust particles, gives the operator a brutal appearance, which undoubtedly should help in close combat.

How can you not recall the ancient Vikings, sea robbers and the 16th century Turkish admirals Barbarossa, the English pirate Edward Tich, nicknamed Blackbeard and the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro?
By the way, the Cuban rebels against the Batista regime led by F. Castro were known as “barbudos”: bearded.

But there are exceptions in every rule: bearded women with congenital hypertrichosis of Julia Pastrana from Mexico or Miss Annie Jones Eliot from Great Britain. I can’t imagine: why did Thomas Neuwirth, better known as Conchita Wust, also grow a tactical beard?

Club bearded warriors

In 2011, a handful of friends (bearded special forces veterans) launched the modest Tactical Beard Owners Club (TBOC) project. Today, the club has more than 1000 members from around the world and 20 thousand fans.

Tactical Beard Owners Club (TBOC) logo

The administration claims that TBOC is the largest network among these. Below is the top of the official TBOC website.

Left quotation from the writings of blessed Augustine: “Beard means - manly”

Only for club members (with tactical beards) exclusive tactical belts are issued. On the back of the belt there is a special field for the name of the owner.

Moreover: each belt comes with a personal certificate signed by the manufacturer. In short, “say no to fakes!”

I didn’t begin to find out what the members of this venerable organization are doing, but having scrolled through the photo gallery on their official website, I found that many members of the club like to pose with a black flag in their hands. Nothing like?

Temporary Tactical Beard

Those who can not or do not want to grow a tactical beard, but the need forces ... Do not despair!

A killer equipment item went on sale: a temporary tactical beard. The video clearly demonstrates that a temporary tactical beard is superior in quality and quantity of functions to a natural beard.

Video: Temporary tactical beard (translation)

Issue price - from 10 to 40 US dollars.

Hey, people, do not skimp, buy PAINTING!


Alexander of Macedon ordered his soldiers to shave off his beard so that the enemy soldier could not grab it during the battle.

All men of ancient Egypt shaved their beards. Only Pharaoh had the right to wear a beard (as a sign of his ownership of the land), but his beard was artificial.

In Russia, the compulsory shaving of a beard was introduced by Peter I in 1699, first at royal feasts, then among all the boyars, and then for everyone except the Old Believers.

A distinctive feature of the old-time firefighters was a luxurious mustache, which was not only a matter of pride, but also carried a practical function, while now the bristles and beard of a firefighter are strictly forbidden.

So, long ago, firemen used a mustache as a gas mask! Drooping mustaches and plugging their noses, firefighters entered a smoke-filled room to help with free hands.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was not so much allowed to wear the beard to the generals, as well as to the officers and lower ranks, as it was prescribed: "Do not shave the lower ranks of the Guard and the grenadier of beards." Juncker got this right only in 1901 year.

The sappers of the grenadier company of the French Foreign Legion have worn wide beards according to tradition from the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. There are even cases where soldiers wore false beards due to the natural inability to have one. And you want to serve ...

The charter of the internal service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation permits the wearing of mustaches and beards to officers, ensigns, and midshipmen. But the vegetation should be carefully trimmed and not create obstacles when wearing equipment and using personal protective equipment.

"On the navy you can wear a beard, but you can’t be unshaven. "Therefore, the first beard is released on dismissal.

In one of the most seemingly democratic countries in the world, the United States imposed a ban on mustaches and beards at the local level - at Brigham Young University. Surprisingly, the man whose name this university bears (Brigham Young is a renowned 19 religious figure of the century, as well as the organizer of the relocation of Mormons and the construction of Salt Lake City in the 19 century), was a notable bearded man.

There are professional prohibitions that are not without meaning and are aimed only at ensuring security. For example, any type of professional aviation excludes beards and mustaches on the faces of the pilots. The ban is due to the fact that facial hair prevents the tight fit of oxygen masks.

Bearded characters in computer games

Soldier's bike

Every soldier can grow a mustache, but with a beard is more difficult. Wearing a beard is allowed only if there are visible defects on the face: scars, etc., and these defects must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate from the doctor. Otherwise, a soldier cannot grow a beard.

You can!

An ordinary military service Armenian, B., had nothing to do, suggested to his colleagues to argue for a bottle of vodka, which would grow a beard. Since the option at first seemed like a win-win, there were more than enough people who wanted to get a bottle of vodka practically for free. Shook hands, and the hero of the story began to implement his plans.

In the morning inspection, private B. unexpectedly appeared for everyone with a chin in white scabs and complained of itching and burning in the lower part of the face (in fact, there was no itching, the chin was thickly smeared with toothpaste, which then dried, but at first glance think) Since, despite all the sanitary measures, the barracks is one of the most favorable places for the spread of infection, the ensign who conducted the morning inspection, without waiting for a morning divorce for work, sent B. away from sin away.

Of course, he did not go to the medical unit, but returned to the location of the unit with a jar of synthomycin ointment extracted somewhere (most likely in a pharmacy of a military town). For the next two weeks in the morning inspection, private B. appeared daily with a smeared ointment and chin covered with bristles and an explanation of "irritation is coming, not a magician to shave."

Since the burning brunette hair from the Transcaucasus grows facial hair quickly, it did not take long to grow a beard. After a couple of weeks, after taking a photo for a demobilized album, B. shaved off his beard and went to collect the deserved half a liter ...

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  1. Sars
    Sars 26 June 2015 06: 32
    American soldiers, to heighten the intimidation of the enemy, it is necessary to supplement the form with added
    penises of a meter length and related areas of the same dimensions - the enemy will die of laughter.
    1. Shick
      Shick 26 June 2015 13: 07
      The article gives the impression that her author is complex about the lack of a beard.
      as if ours in the same Chechnya were clean shaven.
      1. Mister X
        26 June 2015 13: 57
        Quote: Shick
        her author is complex about the lack of a beard.

        You are mistaken, my dear.
        I have no such complex, since I have not shave for a long time and once a month I trim my small beard with a typewriter.
        My mother likes: grit, looks like her father (my grandfather). Yes, and my spouse too.

        Quote: Shick
        as if ours in the same Chechnya were clean shaven.

        Not in this case.
        After all, ours did not order millions of dollars in research institutes about the benefits of a beard in a combat zone.
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 26 June 2015 15: 26
      it’s just that these guys didn’t run in a gas mask and think that they won’t have to run. And who knows what awaits in the future.
  2. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 26 June 2015 06: 46
    This is how much patience it is necessary to shave every day for several decades ... All women's problems compared to this are nothing yes
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 26 June 2015 08: 08
      Quote: Tartar 174
      This is how much patience it is necessary to shave every day for several decades ... All women's problems compared to this are nothing yes

      I told one woman once ...

      And in response, she listed to me what a woman needs to shave and how often ... belay

      In short, men, we are VERY lucky. drinks
      Women are my admiration and gratitude for the fact that you know how to be beautiful. love
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 June 2015 08: 10
        Quote: Mik13
        And in response, she listed to me what a woman needs to shave and how often.

        It was probably a very hairy woman. laughing
    2. PSih2097
      PSih2097 26 June 2015 12: 07
      Quote: Tatar 174
      All female problems compared to this - nothing yes

      mine said this, first try to give birth, then speak ... laughing
      1. Nuar
        Nuar 26 June 2015 19: 00
        Quote: PSih2097
        mine said this, first try to give birth, then speak ...

        the correct answer is: "while playing football, you tried to hit the balls with the ball."

        Everything is relative...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    CONTROL 26 June 2015 08: 01
    beard, beard ... hmm, it makes sense ...
    You can also advise not to wash, and not to wash at all ... do not change socks ... and grow hairs everywhere on the body (in the crotch, for example!), The subtle sense of smell of the enemy will catch the "pheromone attack" of a tough macho ...
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 26 June 2015 08: 38
      Quote: CONTROL
      You can also advise you not to wash yourself, and not to wash at all ..

      Let me disagree with you. Hygiene-hygiene, you need to wash, wash and all that. But! My beard really helped in the field, during the expeditions:
      a) a kind of filter from dust and dirt (subject to washing subsequently, of course laughing );
      b) protection against mosquitoes and midges;
      c) protection from wind and sun.
      It was not very wise to shave daily in working conditions in dirt, dust and sweat, so almost everyone who was allowed by physiology grew beards. Then all this in "peaceful life" was safely shaved.
      And I wear a mustache precisely because of the scars (nowadays they are almost invisible, but the habit remains): I unsuccessfully dived into the sea in the 10 class, broke my face, tore the skin under my nose, on my upper lip. So he masked his mustache.
      1. WUA 518
        WUA 518 26 June 2015 10: 02
        Quote: inkass_98
        But! My beard really helped in the field, during the expeditions:

        One large military commander once explained why a beard should not be worn in the army, the reason being a loose fit of a gas mask or oxygen mask. For all his life he had seen one pilot with a beard, in Afghanistan, fragments of a lantern cut his face, and as an exception they allowed his beard.
    2. Grenader
      Grenader 26 June 2015 08: 54
      For that - the beard warms in the cold.
  4. Mik13
    Mik13 26 June 2015 08: 05
    As a way to determine political orientation ...
  5. ILIA
    ILIA 26 June 2015 08: 07
    Beard .. beard warms in the cold beard)))
  6. soldat74
    soldat74 26 June 2015 08: 08
    So I do not understand. And what is it that psaki pushed through the beard? She claimed that everyone with a beard is definitely Russian. Who does not believe, see her epic reasoning in response to M. Lee's jokes
  7. Support
    Support 26 June 2015 08: 19
    And I walk with a beard and mustache. Immediately after the army I grew and walk. The beard is not very big. So, I cover my cheekbones. Once they bobbed with a friend (it just happened), and in fact, the enemy’s hand gets into the cheekbone and if you just turn your bakery in time, the enemy’s fist slides and goes to the side. It hurts of course, but there is no direct blow .... Also, the hair is not short.
  8. Spas the Great
    Spas the Great 26 June 2015 09: 07
    THANKS to the author THANKS for a fun and informative article!
    I liked it very much!
    I will contribute to the knowledge about the attitude to the beard in Russia:
    BOD_RED or WEALTH OF ROD, was perceived as an "antenna" for the Husband / War, which helps him to receive the subtle energy of Heaven (or "Sva"), along with the Chub (or Khokhl) on his head. The thicker, more magnificent and longer it was, the more generous the ROD was. hi
  9. Mayer1980
    Mayer1980 26 June 2015 09: 36
    I have a beard and you will tell me yes! laughing it’s just that fashion hit the beard .. I don’t wear it much, it doesn’t grow and the wife is against-) and everything around with beards-))
  10. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 26 June 2015 10: 13
    Although I have to constantly shave, I feel better with a beard. I don’t even know how to explain it. True, this can scare away girls, if young and with a beard, because you become like a priest.
  11. strannik1985
    strannik1985 26 June 2015 10: 44
    The acquaintance from 74 Motorized Rifle Brigade in the fall of 1999 in Chechnya nearly died. Ossetian by nationality, black, served as an emergency, for two weeks there was no way to shave normally, everyone went in uniform 8 (we wore it, we wear it), when they went to the neighbors, they almost shot us, mistaking them for a militant.
    Of course, it can be useful, but errors in recognition can be fatal. Us at the checkpoints regularly reinforced by riot police, units of explosives, the commandant's office, finding unfamiliar people at one strong point was commonplace.
  12. alebor
    alebor 26 June 2015 11: 12
    At the end of the XNUMXth century, Patriarch Adrian wrote about the beard: "God is all-good in the Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit to be sung, by his wisdom indescribably create the world and create man in his own image and likeness. ... Create a husband and wife, making a difference What is visible between them is like a sign of some kind: for a husband, you must grow splendor, like a boss, a brother: to a wife, as imperfect, but subordinate, you will not give this beauty, as if it will be subordinate: see your husband of your beauty and perfection, let it be always humble and submissive ...
    “Warriors of every rank, rulers and rulers, reject the heretical custom of shaving and cutting beards. God hardened this, and the holy apostles denied the verb: it is not proper for the Vlasa to be corrupted and the image of the husband to change. Only Julian the apostate, Heraclius the heretic, Konstantin the iconographer, Olgerd the idolater, Selim-Amurat-Besermenin forced their subjects to shave and cut their beards, even to the skin. Our Savior Christ himself was with a beard. "
    “Oh, the wrongdoers! Do you really consider it a beauty to shave beards and leave one mustache! But so God did not create man, but cats and dogs. Do you really want to become like senseless cattle! ”
    “Beavers are not only ugliness and dishonor, but mortal sin: cursed is the fornication spectacle of fury.”
  13. saruman
    saruman 26 June 2015 11: 51
    I’ll add about a tactical beard:
    This is my favorite song...
    1. kagorta
      kagorta 26 June 2015 18: 32
      Paste as a normal link, not text. Do not listen to the tablet.
  14. lukke
    lukke 26 June 2015 11: 57
    Well, our partisans didn’t shave in the Belarusian forests and swamps either, but probably not from a good life, and obviously not for the additional production of hormones of strength. Research by American idiots is amazing, of course. And how much do researchers pay? attract me - I’ll investigate everything for you, starting from the advantage of stinky footcloths and ending with research on balalaika as a necessary element of a soldier’s combat equipment
    In my opinion, everything is simple - when you work in dust in the heat or vice versa in the North with the winds - who have sensitive skin - do not shave. Everything else in the small case is human taste, and in the larger case, fashion and show-offs
  15. GEORGE
    GEORGE 26 June 2015 12: 30
    Quote: SarS
    American soldiers, to heighten the intimidation of the enemy, it is necessary to supplement the form with added
    penises of a meter length and related areas of the same dimensions - the enemy will die of laughter.

    Along the way, end up on EURHEIVING, too, a tactical beard helped ..... yes
  16. igordok
    igordok 26 June 2015 12: 33
    The disadvantages of beards.
    1. Poorly consistent with gas masks and oxygen masks.
    2. Limits and distorts the speech of the bearded man. In Britain, at the time of sails, the navy imposed restrictions on the size of the beard and mustache. T.N. "boatswain's beard" did not interfere with giving commands. In the modern world, the rustle of a beard on a microphone irritates the listener.
    3. Hygiene. Lice and the like.

    For me. The beard grows quickly and in a month, it becomes burdensome to take care of the beard. Externally, the presence of a beard is aging a person.
  17. Support
    Support 26 June 2015 12: 35
    By the way, I have a small beard, mustache and hair ..... well, sometimes I braid the braid (on Slavic holidays). But when I quit smoking, I got the ability to treat with my hands. I don’t know how, because I quit or my own time has come ... by itself, like that. I treat friends, I can’t do myself ..... I don’t know if there is a connection with a beard or not. Friends say that it is possible because of the hair ..... long as an antenna ....
  18. Wolka
    Wolka 26 June 2015 12: 56
    and to whom the beard will not help
  19. otto meer
    otto meer 26 June 2015 13: 17
    But what's the difference a beard is not a beard, it helps, it does not help, the main thing is when your time comes, to meet him like that. The guy has no beard, has not grown yet, but there is enough courage, honor, and a thousand "bearded men".
  20. otto meer
    otto meer 26 June 2015 13: 22
    But this subhuman has a beard, so what?
  21. otto meer
    otto meer 26 June 2015 13: 41
    I decided to add. I am not against the bearded, especially such. It’s a pity that it’s not growing, or rather growing, but it looks ridiculous on my burnt face. It's funny, until it comes to shaving - here the tragedy begins :-(.
  22. estixnumx
    estixnumx 26 June 2015 14: 45
    Beard is a thing, while Gaza did not give a command, the horseradish protivagaz will save ....
    1. k_ply
      k_ply 26 June 2015 16: 35
      For example, M17:
  23. k_ply
    k_ply 26 June 2015 15: 44
    The look of the soldier in the second photo resembles the character of the actor Boris Nevzorov, helmsman Ivan Ryabov from the TV / f "Young Russia" (the novel of the same name by Yuri German).
    Bearded Canadians. If they are tankers, they are probably cramped in a tank. It would be better to think about the gym and the Kremlin diet ...

    Canadian "partisans" are reserves, there are more reserve brigades in Canada (10) than regular ones (3). And these are not tankmen, BMP in the background - the British "Warrior", the British tanks and infantry fighting vehicles sometimes visit (battalion tactical groups) at the Canadian training grounds.
    1. Mister X
      26 June 2015 16: 05
      Quote: k_ply
      Canadian "partisans" -reservists,

      Muzzle Canadian Reservists wink
  24. Oznob
    Oznob 26 June 2015 16: 04
    The wife left for mom. I do not shave my beard, because laziness. I shave when laziness to scratch it more than laziness to shave.
  25. cosmos111
    cosmos111 26 June 2015 18: 03
    The beard is a great topic, the smallest one, it’s only hot, and in winter just right good

    3D model, wherever I am without a BBM 8x8 wheeled modular platform: armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, anti-tank gun 125 mm, mortar gun, etc ...
    Dimensions: 8,5 x 2,8 x 2,7 m.
    Weight: 25 tons (depending on the payload set by the armor).
    Maximum speed 100 km / h.
    Slide: 60%.
    Range: 700 km.

    info from: http: //
    1. Mister X
      26 June 2015 18: 32
      Quote: cosmos111
      where am I without BBM 8x8

      I'm wildly sorry, but what have the BBM?
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 26 June 2015 19: 02
        Quote: Mister X
        I'm wildly sorry, but what have the BBM?

        I apologize, in the pictures some mattresses and pi ***

        RUSSIAN beard is power !!!
        GRU special forces instructor Sergey Badiuk
  26. Free wind
    Free wind 26 June 2015 18: 03
    At the front, our grandfathers did not shave for weeks, months. We didn’t wash, we lived in trenches, we didn’t see hot water and food, they were overgrown, bearded, dirty, but they survived and won. But I can’t understand why the army has a sharply negative attitude to beards. Well, a person wants to grow a beard, why not? But a well-shaven face, in ancient times, could only afford very wealthy people, and very rarely. Since this procedure was very painful. A bundle of beards was taken with two fingers, and more or less accurately, was cut off by the skin of the face with a knife. There were simply no other shaving methods. Razors were invented no more than 300 years ago. And so all these people ... smile they didn’t go bearded, but with slightly tattered tufts of hair.
  27. ylsdrm
    ylsdrm 26 June 2015 19: 23
    Free wind: look at the history of razors, you are wrong.

    To the author of the article: it's better to say not "grow a beard" and "grow a mustache", but "let go". Thank you for the article!
  28. special
    special 26 June 2015 21: 27
    Among the special forces, the tradition is not to shave until you get home! So do not carry garbage !!!!!!
  29. special
    special 26 June 2015 21: 32
    Minusovschik explain, what are you minus?
  30. KakoVedi
    KakoVedi 26 June 2015 21: 45
    Something I did not quite understand ... This general of Amerov, a misunderstanding from the Marines, does not know his own story ?! They had a civil war, North and South had fun ... Solid bearded men on both sides! So the coffins did not have time to stamp ... Maybe all the same, it’s not a matter of beards ?!
  31. Wittmann
    Wittmann 26 June 2015 22: 15
    Here they have problems, but even if they do not wash for months and do not wear off, maybe the extra bronic will grow on the skin laughing
  32. Charik
    Charik 27 June 2015 01: 13
    .Kerry: The USA will seek the permission of same-sex marriage all over the world: I don’t know where to answer, maybe we can have sex, it’s not for nothing that there’s a conversation that Obama’s husband and wife are man
  33. Mikhalychch
    Mikhalychch 27 June 2015 03: 54
    I grow in the winter, and shave in the summer - it's hot, however ...
  34. bulat
    bulat 27 June 2015 09: 14
    Not new. Defender of Stalingrad.
  35. saygon66
    saygon66 27 June 2015 14: 24
    - Yes, it's just such a banter ... Although! Shaved are well shaved or bad ... laughing - and a beard is a beard ... I myself am like that - with a beard!
  36. Ivan the Fool
    Ivan the Fool 27 June 2015 15: 49
    Ordinary human ...... Laziness!
  37. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 27 June 2015 21: 22
    Pentagon studies prove:
    yes what for? Prove? what else do they prove there? That they are not visible there in their studies? it would be better to study the woodpecker's brain)))
  38. mac789
    mac789 3 July 2017 08: 41
    "Us is in honor, but the goat has a beard!"
    Peter 1.
  39. polygon_v
    polygon_v 3 July 2017 15: 53
    In the tsarist army, the wearing of mustaches and beards was regulated by the traditions of the unit. In 1916 wearing beards was forbidden everywhere for the convenience of wearing gas masks. The senior boss could in some cases allow the wearing of a short beard at his own risk for the consequences that might occur for a bearded man.