18-I motorized rifle brigade. Combat training

18-I motorized rifle brigade. Combat training

On the very first day of my stay in 18, I got on a battalion-tactical exercise, which the brigade conducted at the Sernovodsky training ground in the Stavropol Territory.
The theme of the exercise is "Marching, locating, preparing and conducting maneuver fire operations in the designated area of ​​responsibility." To conduct this BTU, which completed the combat coordination of the battalion, the SME was strengthened tank company, howitzer self-propelled artillery division, anti-aircraft missile and artillery platoon, platoon of snipers and flamethrower squad. The coordinated actions of all forces and means were worked out.
Now they have abandoned the linear formation of forces in defense and offensive, and since last year they have been dealing with defeating the enemy during maneuvering operations at several lines of defense. The battalion does not act in a solid line, but only in threatened areas. How are they determined? Even a relatively flat terrain can be strongly crossed by various obstacles of a natural nature, which can interfere with the advancement of troops (deep ravines, wide forest belts, etc.), which will force the enemy to move along the main roads. The task of the commander, in accordance with the intelligence data, is to determine the possible directions of the enemy’s movement and to build a defense system on these sites. Mine explosive obstacles and fire ambushes should be widely used.
The scheme of the battle that was played out on these exercises is as follows. Our reconnaissance detects the enemy’s advance (reconnaissance, forward detachments) at long-range approaches, after which they are fired by artillery, as the enemy approaches, tanks and calculations of ATGW, then AGS and cannon / machine guns of armored personnel carriers open fire. With the release of the enemy at the frontier of the concentrated opening of fire, the defeat is inflicted from all types weapons... Taking advantage of the temporary disorganization in the enemy camp, the leading company rolls back to a new line of defense, where the entire battalion is already located. The defense is again built on the basis of the possible actions of the enemy in the available directions. When the main enemy forces approach, detonations of engineering mine-explosive obstacles and fire strikes with attached means are widely used. Then again the previous order: artillery> tanks, anti-tank systems> AGS, armored personnel carriers> concentrated fire from all types of weapons.
After defeating the enemy, the next stage of the exercise is “The transition to the offensive and the conduct of hostilities by the battalion in the raid detachment” (I did not find this stage). The offensive is also being conducted in accessible directions, reconnaissance reveals the enemy's position, a fire strike is delivered, and the maneuverable groups attack.
The complexity of such exercises lies in the fact that the units conduct combat shooting, it is necessary to observe the safety regulations, which leaves an imprint on the dynamics of actions.

Let us turn to the photo session exercises. I did not come to the very beginning, but a little later. Nobody took a lot of positions (especially at the beginning), so the full picture of actions on a broad front cannot be given.
At the command post of the brigade - commander in contact


This flame retardant unit is advanced to the forefront on MT-LB. After their shooting, the waste began immediately.


A smoke screen is put in, the withdrawal of units participating in the battle at the first stage begins


The tower, as expected, in the direction of the enemy


Dusty Armor


This is a photo from practicing these actions a few days earlier. BTR-82A go





Scouts set rangefinder on observation point


An interesting radio station with a guy


The salvo fire system He did not pay attention at first that these were not ordinary rocket launchers, but the chemical alarm signals of the СХТ-40, otherwise he would have asked why they were to be used.
The rocket of the chemical alarm signal is triggered by the operation of an electric igniter MB-2H or a grating primer-igniter, which transmit the force of the flame to the igniter star of the engine, which ignites its gunpowder piece. The rocket takes off from the launch tube. Rocket height not less than 200 meters. The expelling charge ignites after 5-7 after launch. In this case, the signal and sound stars ignite. The signal duration is at least 11 s and is determined from the beginning of the light signal action to the end of the sound signal action. The duration of the light signal is at least 5 s and is determined by the duration of burning of the first three stars. The duration of the sound signal is at least 8 with.


Let's go through the positions. The brigade is gradually rearming with the BTR-80 on the BTR-82A with cannon armament


Tanks after forcing Georgia to the world replaced by T-72


Anti-tank missile system 9K111 "Fagot". The brigade has both it and the more modern Metris ATGM


Installation of the rocket on the complex


And here is the ATNS 9K115 "Metis"



Helmets, as you can see, are partially replaced with more advanced series 6Bh / 6B2x, but there are also metal ones in use. Most of the soldiers in camouflage that allowed the command, because on the landfill extremely hot


Waiting for the fight


Tank 12.7-mm machine gun NSVT


Everything, the active phase of the second part of the exercise began, the conditional enemy entered the affected area of ​​the mine explosive barrier, and it was blown up


BTR-82A in position. The crew should write Pendel for not removing the mask set from the tower


Artillery covers targets


She also hangs goals like "Torch" for anti-aircraft gunners.


Simulated support aviationwhy fighters mark their cutting edge with orange smoke


Tanks enter the battle


The first shots set fire to dry grass. The bad work of the commanders is visible (sergeants, squad platoon, komroty) - let the exercises, even if nothing threatens, but the soldier should not stand idle in the trenches, like a column. Probably, Taburetkin again is to blame for this, personally he didn’t explain to everyone what else they should have done at school




The video shows how the BTR-82A shoots. The gunner hit single and just over and over again putting the shells into the square of the target (in the comments behind the scenes this is audible). New machines, received this year, began to master them immediately before this teaching. I did not hear any particular feedback, but one of the gunners said that from time to time tape wedges occur in the tape drive mechanism, which causes delays in shooting. Maybe they just haven’t mastered the machine, maybe a little tape change is necessary.

After concentrated firing, this stage of the exercises ended.
The brigade was also treated with archival photos from the exercises for the past and present years.
Summer 2010, howitzer 2C3 "Acacia", multiple launch rocket systems BM-21 "Grad" and anti-tank guns MT-12 "Rapier" work


Calculation of "Acacia" in anticipation of the start of shooting



Opened fire


Shells carriers at work





Shells visible in flight



Jet Division in action





Deploy antitankists. Everything is clear without comment







Another shot. Well on the following frames you can see how to throw up a gun




Another calculation


Roll up!






March 2011, tank shooting



July 2011, sergeant training


July 2011, bringing the brigade on alert with the withdrawal of equipment in the area of ​​the formation of columns





Training classes in Khankala. Some photos
Trainers simulators BTR



Artillery class




Here is a class for practicing the repair and restoration company of the MTO battalion.



INFA about neighbors


Illustrative sample of the equipment of the Georgian soldier. Suddenly, the world will have to be reminded;)



Instruments used by intelligence


Night vision goggles 1PN74


Engineering Class


Class RHBZ training


Not touching this brigade. In my opinion, field commanders underestimate such simulators and treat classroom training as something unimportant and unnecessary. Very little time is devoted to the theory, but the practice without a theory is much more difficult to master. Practice also looks quite formalized for most commanders: a shot. missed. Well, nothing important after all shot. To disassemble why I didn’t get, to explain the rest of the mistake, so that they would not repeat it, but why? There is a tick on the lesson. Well, on the one hand, the bureaucracy interferes (remember this entry?), But after all, the commanders simply don't give a damn whether the fighter entrusted to him knows the materiel, confidently owns it, or doesn't know which side to approach the APC. Of course, it can again be said that the furniture maker himself is to blame for this, they say, he doesn’t teach each soldier personally, but I remember very well the “homemade era” in my military service, when only one officer in the company taught us something, but the other four one place pears rattled. So, the attitude to the service needs to be changed by someone, isn't it?

Okay, back to classrooms. In the garrison "Kalinovskaya" they also exist, but I must say a big "thank you" to Spetsstroy, who built the barracks in the basement under which the classes are located. It is not the first time that I already meet with the fact that in some buildings that are built by this organization, there are problems with the tightness of the water supply and sewage systems. So in Kalinovskaya everything is the same - water is regularly dripping from the ceiling in the corridor. I really hope that it was for these reasons that the former chapter of Spetsstroy was recently removed. Maybe the quality will change for the better.

Some photos.
Flamethrowers can be trained in this class.



BTR-80 model (electrical equipment scheme)


Artillery class



Intelligence class
Near intelligence station SBR-3



There are several stripes like this here.


We study the materiel of the sworn friends


Military medical training class


Medical Company Deployment Scheme



Study of topography


Engineering Class


Improvised explosive devices


The anti-tank division has a mobile simulator ATGM "Sturm-S"


Instructor's seat


The instructor selects the conditions for the exercise (type of goal, distance to it, etc.)


On the screen, the instructor can see everything the same as the gunner of the complex


Place of the student


Clash. Over the past few years, their number has decreased significantly, compared with previous years.
Brigade combat losses for 2009-2011 yy:
2009 year - 8 dead and more 8 injured;
2010 year - 4 dead, 4 injured;
2011 year (as of 27.08.2011) - 2 dead, 8 injured.
During the 2011 year, there were three combat clashes with casualties, the largest of which was the attack of militants near Khankala on the convoy of the special forces battalion of the brigade, when a soldier and 1 were wounded 7.
The last blast was in 2010. Only special units of the brigade, consisting mainly of Chechens, and a reconnaissance battalion participate in operations to search for and liquidate militants; the remaining units can only be recruited to cordon off the KTO area.
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