Weapon collectors

In our country, many people are interested in small weapons. As a rule, these are hunters who prefer to use weapons for their intended purpose, but there is also a category of people who collect rare specimens. There are few such fanatical admirers, but the weapons collected in their collections can amaze many connoisseurs of the work of the gunsmiths. And in search of rare and valuable copies, they spend all their free time studying the media and the Internet. And collectors are primarily interested in news not about the release of a hunting carbine of a new type, but auction catalogs and announcements of individuals offering unique samples for sale.

As a rule, the first gathering is haphazard. Once in the hands of an enthusiastic person, a hunting rifle arouses interest as a product, then curiosity is shown to the master who made it. If the first owner of the weapon was a person known in the past, then there is an interest in the details of his life and in particular of arms. Often, the next exhibit is the personal weapon of another compatriot who became famous for his military exploits in defending the Fatherland.

Gradually, various exhibits appear in the beginner’s collection, which he seeks to exchange for items of interest to other collectors. Such phenomena are not uncommon in their environment, but secrecy is inherent in this hobby. Although, latest news from the world of auction sales are instantly discussed in such circles, because they allow you to know the fate of many of the searched items.

For example, the wanted collection copy of a hunting rifle, presented to one of the general secretaries of the USSR by foreign guests, may well already be in someone's collection. Collectors simply fear wide publicity about the exhibits collected and stored at home, but in the midst of a new wave that arose during the privatization years, such collections are often put on public display. Their owners, on the contrary, are interested not in contemplating the legendary and unique products of gunsmiths alone, but draw inspiration from the admiration of exhibition visitors.

Of course, you can buy a high-quality product of Italian or Russian gunsmiths directly, but such a purchase does not carry a historical component, which is fundamental to any collection claiming status. For the collector, in addition to the product itself, are important historical documents confirming the possession of weapons by the famous owner.

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