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95-th edition of the Omsk Academy

In Omsk, a graduation took place at the branch of the Military Academy of Logistics. A few dozen officers joined the ranks of the armed forces.

The Academy originates from an infantry school formed on December 5 1939 of the year in the city of Osipovichi (Republic of Belarus).

In December 1949, the school was reorganized into a military tractor school and relocated to Bobruisk. The first edition took place 10 June 1941 of the year.

Further, the school expected fate, like two drops similar to the fate of many institutions for the training of commanders tanks and platoons.

In July, 1943, on the orders of the People's Commissar of Defense, the school was relocated to Omsk. And in May, 1945 was renamed Tank Technical.

33 graduate school became Heroes of the Soviet Union. There is one Hero of the Russian Federation.

In 1968, the school was awarded the Order of the Red Star. The state highly appreciated the achievements in training personnel for the armed forces. And in 1976, he was named twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Peter Kirillovich Koshevogo.

Reorganization continued. The school was consistently the highest command tank, then the highest engineering. From 1996, it became the Omsk Tank Engineering Institute.

The institute received its final name 23 March 2012. Branch of the Military Academy of Logistics.

Over 20 000 officers proudly say: this is my school! They serve in many armies of the world. But the majority is still Russian.

In addition to officers with higher education, the academy trains and ensigns with secondary military technical education. About three years, on the same base, with the same teachers.

The current release is 95! It was very interesting to watch this event.

What is the "box" graduates special faculty. Former cadets received the first officer titles of their armies. And along with the epaulets and a new officer uniform. So in the ranks were officers in almost white, "Asian" form, and in a similar to our "Caucasian", and in the coffee "Latin American". No joke, the new officers received the armies of Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Cuba, Turkmenistan.

Yes, and our own "box" did not lag behind in beauty. Tankers and motorists. “Ground Engineers”, marines, paratroopers ... And by chevrons in general, the entire geography and composition of the armed forces can be studied. From the division of internal troops. Dzerzhinsky to the parts of the tank forces on Sakhalin. Scatters the fate of friends in a great country.

Young, somewhat confused by the attention of the person. Constantly "dumping" caps. Everything is unusual, everything is new.

Attention was really enough. And from the military command, and from the local authorities. The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation sent his congratulations. Head GABTU personally came to congratulate graduates. Generals and officers of the Russian army, other armies. Everyone spoke good words. Awarded valuable gifts, medals, prizes, certificates.

Especially worth noting the local leaders. The governor of the Omsk region personally congratulated the lieutenants. Handed valuable gifts and letters of thanks to many of them. And the city administration did not lag behind. The deputy mayor also congratulated not with empty hands.

After the end of the celebration, I talked with my parents and lieutenants. It was interesting to find out what they think about that day.

Dumas were the most common. Happiness! A little sadness. During the years of study, the lieutenants became friends. Upcoming wedding Waiting for the first day "in the army."

Good luck, young people! Colonel or even General's epaulets in the future. And many, many happy days. Your time has come to defend your homeland!

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  1. nivander
    nivander 23 June 2015 08: 04
    By the way, cadets of the Bobruisk School quite successfully defended the bridges across the Berezina in July 1941. The head of the school, Colonel Maslov put patrols from the cadets on the roads and voluntarily put all those who were left behind and lost into action, by the way, his deputy was Colonel Lizyukov. After receiving an order to redeploy the school to Omsk, his energetic commander received the Order of Lenin
  2. demon13051980
    demon13051980 23 June 2015 08: 05

    With the 95th issue! General epaulettes EVERYTHING!
  3. 120352
    120352 23 June 2015 08: 13
    I understand that arithmetic is the most difficult of sciences and not everyone can do it, but somewhere I heard that if you subtract 2015 (the age of the academy) from 95 (the current year), then it should turn out 1920, not 1939 ...
    1. Aleksandr408
      Aleksandr408 23 June 2015 08: 30
      95 is the number of issues, not the age of the school. For various reasons (war, for example), the number of issues did not match the number of years.
  4. bolat19640303
    bolat19640303 23 June 2015 08: 46
    Congratulations to the graduates of the native Omsk tank !!! Officer good luck to the lieutenants!
    1. shurik
      shurik 23 June 2015 09: 46
      When did you finish?
    2. sibiryk
      sibiryk 23 June 2015 13: 46
      I am joining! To all graduates of military happiness!
  5. astapminus
    astapminus 23 June 2015 09: 06
    I served a term in this institute in 2010-2011, then it was called the OTII (Omsk Tank Engineering Institute), then it was renamed to the VUNC OA of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Military Training Scientific Center of the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), and now it means that in 2012 the name was changed again)) )) The training base there is good, the equipment was not in the troops. Tanks with UVZ for Venezuela came straight to us to teach Venezuelan cadets, and besides, tanks with a full "FARSHEM" our T-90a do not stand close with what is stuffed there + BMP-3 is also Toko from the factory, the technique is lovely BUT not for us ... The fleet of equipment was huge (there were T-72, T-80, T-90 tanks from a dozen of four, and all on the move, + a bunch of support vehicles. So I served on one of them (MTO) in the fields and cadets had to explain how it works))) In short Good luck to graduates and prosperity to the institute
  6. Aleksandr408
    Aleksandr408 23 June 2015 10: 09
    OVTIU 1994, II fac.
  7. sibiryk
    sibiryk 23 June 2015 13: 49
    OTII 2000, 2nd faculty
  8. Disant
    Disant 23 June 2015 14: 22
    ... formed on December 5, 1939 in the city of Osipovichi (Republic of Belarus).
    Probably, it will be more correct: (currently the Republic of Belarus)