Objects of national importance are guarded by non-existent soldiers, or 2 Dead Souls

Objects of national importance are guarded by non-existent soldiers, or 2 Dead SoulsThe “Dead Souls” poem was studied by everyone at school, but not everyone decided to implement it. As it turned out, the immortal business of Chichikov continues to live in our state. We did not have time to deal with the scandal in the “second honey of Moscow,” when the list of people enrolled included people who did not even apply for admission - and now a new scandal. Yes, even what! It turned out that our strategically important facilities (the Kurchatov Institute, Troitsk CITY, Rosatom enterprises) protect the very “dead souls” - the servicemen who have not been in service for months or even years.

With such stunning information made Colonel Tormashov, the commander of one of the units of the MVD, just the same and engaged in the protection of important state objects (VGO). Eduard Tormashov was appointed commander of this unit in 2009, and he took his appointment to a very serious military position as a reward for his many years of flawless work. However, already at the first meeting with his new work, the colonel realized that his appointment could not be called a reward. Let's try to figure out why.

Like any self-respecting commander (chief), entering a new position for himself, Tormashov decided to get to know the staff of the unit where he had the “honor” to work. At first, Tormashov was even delighted to learn that only contract soldiers serve in his unit. Fewer problems with non-statutory relations, training of innocent eighteen-year-olds. But things were much more complicated.

The colonel, understanding the important task the servicemen of this unit were called upon to solve, decided to conduct a drill review with a view in one place and at the same time see almost the entire personnel of the unit not engaged in guard duty. However, literally every part officer tried to dissuade Tormashov from conducting this review. The colonel, according to him, sincerely did not understand why his subordinates by all means want to prevent the conduct of the drill. Starting to understand the existence of such a reason, Eduard Tormashov came to the conclusion that the drill in this part was not carried out for the whole 14 years! For the usual part of the Internal Troops, and for any part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, it can only be called nonsense. Then the real reasons for this behavior of the officers of the unit began to emerge. As it turned out, the part’s personnel lists were full of names that corresponded to persons who did not appear in the service for a long time. According to the results of the first construction, Tormashov did not count a whole hundred soldiers. And this is despite the fact that about 800 people serve in this part of the whole. The Colonel himself says that he was horrified by the kind of picture that opened before him.

Then he decided to "walk" on the posts that are entrusted to protect the military personnel of its parts. It turned out that where it is necessary to conduct the "vigilant service" to ten servicemen, the VGO was guarded only five. At the same time, one sentinel had to “serve” two posts at once. As the saying goes, "and for that guy."

Colonel Tormashov began to independently search for people who were listed as part of the list, but were not found to be verified. He managed to find someone in Moscow, someone in the Moscow region, someone managed to move to the Far East. Someone before the appointment of Tormashov in a hurry was fired from the ranks of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also without the knowledge of this person, as well as without the knowledge of the personnel of his included. Taking advantage of his official position, Tormashov began to institute criminal proceedings against contract servicemen who evade service. At the same time, he brought to the attention of his immediate superiors the identified "inconsistencies." Surprisingly, this immediate superiors reacted coolly to the zeal of Colonel Tormashov. Even after the colonel reported the "dead souls" to the military prosecutor of Moscow, no enhanced measures were sought to search for the "missing people". Only a few people from the list of "dead souls" got suspended sentences, and plus one - a colony-settlement. Many commanders of the units of that part remained in their places.

But the military prosecutor's office, as usual in Russia, became interested in Colonel Tormashov himself. Several cases were immediately plotted against him. And the most surprising thing is the case about the fact that Tormashov hid from the top management the absence of servicemen of his unit in the workplace. It turns out that Tormashov was blamed for exactly what he tried to bring out! In addition, the colonel was incriminated with contract soldiers. The prosecutors call these levies what Tormashov arranged with some contract servicemen so that they themselves would repair the empty rooms in the barracks for their own residence.

Now let us see who and why the arrest of colonel Tormashov can be beneficial. The answer can be found literally on the surface. Firstly, if Tormashov found the servicemen absent from the service, but present on the lists, it means that, by definition, they “received” a money allowance. More precisely, they did not receive anything, but the subunit commanders skillfully divided this money among themselves, not forgetting to "unfasten" their superiors. If the contractor’s allowance is multiplied by the number of “dead souls” (even 100), then a decent amount of money came out a month - about 1,5 million rubles! That is why no one, either in the unit or among the higher heads, wanted to wash the rubbish out of this rotten hut. And if the litter is already taken out, and the initiator of its removal is Tormashov, then it is urgently to blame him for all the troubles. After all, if you miss the moment, the papakhs will fly higher with the commanders. Therefore, on Colonel Tormashov, as recently as a major truth-lover of the Interior Ministry MVD Matveev, and were prosecuted.

If it comes to bringing a charge against the colonel, it will be another blatant case in Russia, when for his own truth a person is sent to jail so that the matter does not go, as they say, further and higher.

It remains for the people to think about, and whether we have one part in which the “dead souls“ serve ”, and the souls of the dead are fed with canned dog food. Maybe, just Colonels Tormashovs and Majors Matveyevs are not enough to put an end to this lawlessness?
Alexey Volodin
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