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The hero of the film is Academician Evgeny Fedosov - General Director of one of the leading scientific centers of Russia - State Research Institute aviation systems. For more than half a century, the institute has been a leader in the creation of aviation weapon systems, which are in many ways ahead of foreign developments. Fedosov took part in the creation of all generations of domestic air-to-air missiles, armament control systems for the Su-24M, Tu-22M, MiG-23, MiG-27, Su-17, MiG-29, Su-27, Tu- 95, Tu-160 and Mi-24 helicopter. We will tell for the first time how the USSR was able to obtain samples of the latest American missiles, what conclusions were drawn by our specialists, how the best Soviet missiles of this class were created, systems with which few can still compete on equal terms, how the first Russian cruise missile. History GosNIIASA - this is the creation of the first high-precision weapons laser-guided. In the circle of specialists, it is inextricably linked in the name of Yevgeny Fedosov. At the beginning of 70, GosNIIAS became one of the leading scientific institutions in the development of domestic know-how - digital modeling methods. For the first time in the country, the most complex technical system was described in the form of mathematical equations. The physical nature of phenomena has evolved into a virtual mathematical model. Developed under the leadership of Fedosov, the semi-natural modeling complexes made it possible to create models of cutting-edge types of weapons, saving the state hundreds of millions of dollars. It was Fedosov, the idea of ​​creating State Scientific Centers - so necessary for the development and improvement of the military-industrial complex of the country. Academician Fedosov is not only a practitioner, but also a theorist, one of the creators of the concept of “Wars of the Future Generation”.
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