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American air raider "S-97" - new "Sikorsky"


The company Sikorsky is preparing a new combat helicopter for waging war in southern latitudes.

According to media reports, in the American helicopter corporation "Sikorsky" is developing a new rotorcraft "S-97 Raider". Absolutely new arrangement of rotors provide a relatively high speed of the machine. They rotate in opposite directions and “push” the tail rotor.

This machine, which in the US Army has every chance to replace the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter, was created in two different functional variants - reconnaissance and shock. As expected, the first test flight prototype "raider" will carry out in 2014 year.

Good speed is not the only advantage of the future helicopter. The main thing - "raider" is able to hang at a height of 2000 meters above the surface and at high temperatures. Such demands of the military arose on the basis of their Afghan combat experience, where the high air temperature does not allow modern single-rotor helicopters to hang over one place for a long time.

"S-97" already has certain developments. Most recently, the Sikorsky X2 helicopter program was closed at Sikorsky. The main task of this program was not so much the development of a full-fledged new helicopter, as it was envisaged to test the latest technologies, promising aerodynamics of the fuselage and screw circuits in order to use them further in the Sikorsky S-97 Raider project.

By the way, test flights "X2" ended this summer. During the tests, this helicopter reached the world speed record - 468,6 km / h. Now "descendant" has to say its word. By the way, he has every opportunity to be one of the most high-speed helicopters in the world.
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  1. KuigoroZHIK
    KuigoroZHIK 18 October 2011 10: 59 New
    This is what the brain drain leads to. Our specialists work against us. Sadness :(
    1. Col.
      Col. 18 October 2011 14: 50 New
      Quote: Kuygorozhik
      This is what the brain drain leads to. Our specialists work against us.

      Actually, the Sikorsky “leaked”, if I’m not mistaken, right after the 1917 revolution.
    2. Gosta
      Gosta 18 October 2011 15: 22 New
      You are strange people, you yourself are constantly yelling, if you don’t like it, get out of here in Russia, then all the scientists leave. Because our Russia cannot create conditions for normal people, only drunks and nariks live very well here ...
  2. Rawling4851
    Rawling4851 18 October 2011 13: 46 New
    How to understand the "completely new rotor layout"? How much I understand, such a scheme (coaxial) is implemented on many, for example, Kamov machines.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 18 October 2011 13: 51 New
      For Americans, completely new.
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 5 June 2012 16: 43 New
        For amers almost fainting scheme am
    2. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 19 February 2012 07: 10 New
      Rawling4851 - look at the position of the rear screw ... its traction functional clearly dominates the topic of stabilization ... and the speed characteristics are different, read at your leisure. That's just what they suddenly refused faceted form ??? Is he from polymers? I give tribute - the Sikorsky company - taxis.
    3. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 5 June 2012 17: 12 New
      For amers, the coaxial scheme is an OBMN scheme, and therefore a new one. am
  3. makrus
    makrus 18 October 2011 14: 52 New
    In my opinion this car has no future, The only plus of this platform is speed, but against the rocket it is not an option.
    1. Gosta
      Gosta 18 October 2011 15: 19 New
      So all helicopters in Russia have no future, they are just g @ obviously. Against a rocket is also not an option.
      markus you just have a wildly dumb comment .... no offense ....
      1. makrus
        makrus 18 October 2011 16: 33 New
        This platform, in my opinion, does not differ in special lifting capacity, but rather on the contrary. Therefore, to storm something is unrealistic. The name "raider" implies some kind of intelligence function, but here it can not compete with drones. I do not understand what tasks this machine can solve better than existing models.
        1. Hannibal
          Hannibal 18 October 2011 17: 18 New
          This is a new generation reconnaissance and attack helicopter, it is almost 2 times faster than other helicopters, that is, it flew in, hit and flew, in order to see the rocket in it you need to see it, ordinary helicopters will not see it, since it will quickly hide from them, if only to shoot down a fighter. It can lift up to 2 kg. surf the Internet. So as you see, you are wrong. Plus, it can hang at an altitude of up to 800 m. For Americans, this is new. So he has a great future in the USA, we already have helicopters built according to a similar scheme, such as KA-3. Americans are still far from us in this regard. Their Apache leaves only due to electronics, otherwise it is already outdated in comparison with our helicopters. And this project is still damp.
          1. makrus
            makrus 18 October 2011 21: 24 New
            Quote: Hannibal
            ordinary helicopters will not see him, since he will quickly hide from them

            not very clear why? Speed ​​in this case does not give significant advantages, unless of course it is the speed of light.
            Quote: Hannibal
            a new generation reconnaissance and attack helicopter, it is almost 2 times faster than other helicopters, that is, it flew in, hit and flew away

            it’s easier to create a reconnaissance-strike drone, it will be smaller, cheaper, faster,
  4. Professor
    Professor 18 October 2011 16: 49 New
    Quickly bring special forces, fill up who you need and just as quickly dump.
    1. makrus
      makrus 18 October 2011 16: 56 New
      not special forces, but James Bond wink however, it’s not enough for special forces.
  5. cohort
    cohort 18 October 2011 17: 11 New
    On kayovo four carry if I'm not mistaken. And here four will fit. They have a Kiow, they are happy with her and want to develop it. Although the Kiowa can freeze for 3 km, this one is only for two.
  6. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 18 October 2011 22: 19 New
    How to understand the "completely new rotor layout"? How much I understand, such a scheme (coaxial) is implemented on many, for example, Kamov machines.

    And the propeller still pushing from behind ..? .. here is a new combination of a pine scheme and a propeller and the helicopter itself is shaped like a needle, everything is aimed at speed
  7. UAZ Patriot
    UAZ Patriot 18 October 2011 23: 35 New
    Pukalok race continues! We look at the projections of Mil ....
  8. gor
    gor 10 January 2012 15: 27 New
    hovering at an altitude of 2000 thousand meters is this in mind in the mountains subject to high temperatures. and in the mountains you need a lot of traction due to the thinness of the air. now what happens to the helicopter’s turbines at high temperatures and at maximum speeds?)))) ))))))))))))) it can hang even at 6 thousand, only the temperature there is much lower. It will also hang well in the desert at high temperatures at a height of two meters. It was not for nothing that it was indicated that the helicopter would work in conditions of elevated temperatures so that it is interesting and has no analogues.
  9. SIT
    SIT 14 February 2012 11: 43 New
    For the drummer, it hurts "big-eyed." Such glazing of the cabin is more like a walking Bell. They will shoot at him from everything that turns up by the arm! Only a samurai kamikaze can watch how all this flies into you through a transparent wall. Or does this glass withstand DShK from 300m ?! But still, the pilot’s mental health could be regretted.
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 5 June 2012 17: 27 New
      And this vert is for a mental attack and is intended!