"SQ1" - Korean competitor of four-legged robot from Korea

"SQ1" - Korean competitor of four-legged robot from Korea

Very often lately we have received quite a large number of the most diverse News and watched videos about the four-legged robots AlphaDog and BigDog, which are being developed by the US company Boston Dynamics, commissioned by the US military. In fact, what the aforementioned robots can do is impressive. However, not only in America, research and development are being carried out to create four-legged robots for military purposes. A vivid example of this is the demonstration of the SQ1 robot, which was developed and manufactured by the South Korean company SimLab.

Judging by the video, the demonstrated robot “SQ1” is still slightly unstable and cannot move backwards. But SimLab, which designed and manufactured an experimental model of the SQ1 robot, is currently conducting software testing and computer modeling to make the robot more agile in its movements, as well as for greater stability of the robot as a whole.

The demonstrated video was made during the IEEE International Conference, which discussed the issues of robots and intelligent systems (IEEE's International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems). An experimental copy of the quad "SQ1" served as proof of the effectiveness of technical solutions and simulation of a software product for robot control systems. At the same time, the South Korean government intends to finance the development of a larger and more advanced version of the SQ1 robot model. ” This was announced by the website "IEEE Spectrum" ..
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  1. Gonoriy 24 October 2014 17: 40 New
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    So the Koreans fussed. Yes, still raw, but already there. It is interesting who will be next? Japanese, Germans, British? Probably in 20-30 years such robots will be commonplace on the battlefield.