Ukrainian politician: "How much can you play in national independence and rush with Western Ukraine?"

Ukrainian politician: "How much can you play in national independence and rush with Western Ukraine?""Yesterday, Ukrainian nationalists marched through the central streets of the Ukrainian capital. It was the UPA march, not in memory of the UPA ... Their program documents recorded" moskaliv, lyakhiv and zhidiv under the root of ниischchivati ​​"- and today they act under these slogans" , - Natalya Vitrenko, a representative of the Ukrainian branch of the IR, said in a speech at a working conference of the International Russia movement on October 15 in Moscow, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

“In the hands of Yanukovich, the most important card is the map of torpedoing Russia,” said Vitrenko. “In December 2007, a charter was signed between Ukraine and the United States on strategic partnership - then Yushchenko was president.” The politician turned to the text of the Charter: "Section 2, point 1: Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Section 3, point 2: Western control is established over the energy sector of Ukraine, gas transportation infrastructure, diversification of supplies for Ukrainian nuclear facilities is carried out."

According to Vitrenko, the current Ukrainian leadership pursues the previous course aimed at “having Ukraine become an enemy of Russia, a member of NATO, and that the transport infrastructure - the vein that connects Russia and Europe, was under American control. When Yanukovych became president, he had every reason to denounce this charter. However, the 15 of March 2010 was approved by the parliamentary majority (Party of Regions, the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Lytvyn bloc) (paragraph 5.5) that they pledge to comply with the Ukraine-USA charter on strategic partnership e. All Party of Regions deputies sign the coalition agreement, and 12 on April 2010, Yanukovych meets in US President Barack Obama in Washington and signs a joint statement, which begins with the words that Ukraine pledges to implement the Ukraine-USA charter on strategic partnership. That's what's happening in Ukraine. "

Vitrenko concluded: "Ukraine acts as a torpedo against Russia to please the West. And the West closes its eyes to the manifestations of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, and God knows what else."

She said that "today in 22 areas of 27 there are branches of" International Russia - in Crimea, Ternopil, and other regions. "" As soon as the structures of the Islamic Republic began to organize, this caused (the Ukrainian authorities) fear. And the fundamental article by Vladimir Putin - it generally made a stunning blow to foreign agents: "How dare the presidential candidate talk about the union!" And how not to talk about the union? How many years can you play in national independence? ", - said Vitrenko, referring to the statistics of the socio-economic degradation of Ukraine.

“Is it really not clear that people want an alliance? The Ukrainian authorities do not want this union: they have an enemy - Russia, they have capital in the West, they have an American umbrella,” Vitrenko said. - In May, the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukraine conducted a poll on the topic “Would you like Ukraine to join the union of Russia and Belarus?” And 2011% of respondents answered “yes”, 51% opposed. In Western Ukraine, the least willing is 21%. But how many of those in Western Ukraine? How much can you rush with her? ", - said the Ukrainian politician.

"How can we develop an economy without a single currency, how can we protect a single space without a single army? How can we achieve something in the 21st century without uniting in science, jointly improving technologies? We have enormous potential. And we need to fight for survival. And it means for an alliance. And today in Ukraine there is a struggle of the people against the power - the corrupt, pro-American power ", said Vitrenko

“Our mother Russia must be great, and we will be great and powerful together with it. And there will be a new union that no one can win,” Natalya Vitrenko summarized.

As REGNUM news agency reported, 15 of October in Moscow hosted a working conference (congress) of the international movement "International Russia" of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF).
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