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Smooth rifle (carbine) Vepr-12

The smoothbore rifle (carbine) Vepr-12 is a relatively new development of the Molot plant (Vyatskiye Polyany) and was created as a direct competitor to the Saiga 12С / Saiga 12К series guns, which are very popular in Russia. The main purpose of the new guns is a sport (practical shooting according to the rules of IPSC), as well as home defense and security activities. In addition, the Vepr-12 is a good weapons support for the police and other security agencies.

The Vepr-12 rifle is based on the time-tested design of the Kalashnikov RPK machine gun (also manufactured at the Hammer plant), but its creation took into account the wishes of shooter athletes, and additional elements were introduced into the gun design that make handling more convenient - a two-sided fuse, shop shaft, slide delay, etc. Currently, the Vepr-12 series rifles are available in three versions that differ in a long barrel - in the basic version the barrel is the shortest, in the 01 versions and 02 versions are longer barrels.

Smooth-bore rifles Vepr-12 inherited the overall layout and design of the Kalashnikov automatic rifle (manual machine gun), with a vapor mechanism and locking by turning the bolt. Naturally, the bolt group and the receiver were redesigned to use hunting cartridges, the trigger mechanism lost its self-timer, the exhaust mechanism is self-regulating and allows you to fire cartridges with both the 70mm and 76mm (Magnum) sleeve without additional adjustments. Sights by type of Kalashnikov assault rifle, with fully adjustable and front sight mounted on a gas chamber. The cover of the receiver is not detachable, but leans back and forth, like an AKS-74U machine gun. Additionally, the Picatinny rail type rail is made on the cover of the receiver, allowing for quick and convenient installation of various additional sights on the respective brackets. The cartridges are powered from plastic single-row magazines with a capacity of 8 cartridges; a bolt delay is introduced into the weapon design, blocking the shutter in the open position when all the cartridges in the magazine are depleted (to accelerate recharging). Butt metal, skeletal design, folding to the side. Outside, the butt is covered with plastic to increase the comfort of shooting in cold or hot weather. On the fore-end and under the gas chamber, additional Picatinny rail guides are made for installing laser designators, tactical flashlights or other accessories.

The fuse is generally similar in design to that of Kalashnikovs, but it has additional levers on the right and left, making the handling of the weapon safer and more convenient. For the basic version with a shortened barrel, produced for the Russian market, an additional safety mechanism has been introduced that blocks firing when the stock is folded (in accordance with the requirements of the Weapons Act of the Russian Federation)

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  1. Nick
    Nick 17 October 2011 21: 07
    Nice device. A store capacity could be larger.
    1. puffnutiy
      puffnutiy 19 November 2011 14: 14
      The store’s capacity seems to be limited by law.
  2. dred
    dred 11 November 2011 17: 09
    There is a tape version where 100 rounds.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 17 March 2012 18: 21
      It’s no secret where you are going to shove the tape?
  3. kostiknet
    kostiknet 24 November 2011 17: 49
    What ammunition, sporting rifle needs a lot of ammunition? judges firing? so they are usually not many lol
  4. Ostwind
    Ostwind 28 November 2011 17: 35
    For me, this is just a "fancy" SAIGA-12
    1. KASKAD
      KASKAD 11 February 2012 18: 27
      SAIGA-12 is not near by the quality and design reinforcement of shopping mall SAIGA-12 based on AKM, and Vepr is based on RPK