Cap 1 rank Litovkin: "Voting for the Communists, we will help United Russia"

Cap 1 rank Litovkin: "Voting for the Communists, we will help United Russia"It seems that it has already become clear and obvious to everyone that the absence of EP opponents in the State Duma, who have enough votes to, at least some, oppose it, is destructive and destructive for her. The speeches of the EP functionaries are perceived day by day more and more colorless, as, indeed, they themselves. It seems that as a result of a specific selection in the absence of real threats, a new political population has emerged, in which the leading roles are given not by the most intelligent, decent, active and enterprising, but by the most loyal and consistent. The immortal phrase from the famous film: “Live and rejoice and do what they say to you.” - most fully, as it seems, reflects the established order. This reserve does not require discussions, debates and collisions of positions. Here, as is known from the classics, not the one who runs better wins in bags, but the one who runs in bags better. In real political battles, they would have prepared the same fate as in the ancient Sparta defective youth. Unconditional victory only in a monologue in front of a mirror or a silent camera.

Accordingly, the quality of laws adopted in the non-alternative space is falling. The overwhelming majority is therefore called overwhelming, because under its pressure any, even the most reasonable, amendment from the side is rejected as nonsense and heresy. Concerned about obsessive doubt: in this country, and with these laws, are our unity-campers, their children and grandchildren going to live? If so, then why is such a slovenly attitude towards people, the country and its laws?

For example, I, as a person who has devoted himself to service in the Armed Forces, are very sad to observe how the Duma systematically refuses to ask the leadership of the Ministry of Defense about the state of affairs in the Armed Forces. Defense orders have been disrupted, warehouses explode, missiles are falling, people are dying, recruits freeze, mass theft and corruption are rampant, and it’s not interesting to fellow electors.

A particularly characteristic event of recent times was the consideration in the Duma of a package of laws on the monetary allowance of servicemen and retirement pensions, advertising for which for a couple of years promises to current and former warriors manna from heaven with full abundance. The bill number 556510-5 with an elaborate verbose name, starting with the words "On introducing changes ..", hastily passed the first reading, immediately became the object of criticism of the entire unfeeded veteran public. Still would! After all, this act cuts off the base for the calculation of military pensions: a lowering “factor” is introduced - 0,54, rightly called a castration rate, limited to two-thirds of the length of service and eliminated, albeit a paltry, grant for treatment. The tale of an imminent and highly probable government decree drastically raising salaries for posts and titles cannot serve as a basis for such legislative quirks. The unconstitutional nature of this project is evident for any novice lawyer, but not for the nine EP members from the Defense Committee, headed by General Zavarzin. Attempts by two Communist Party nominees in this committee to hinder the coven on military pensions are ignored by the overwhelming majority. But to exempt Zavarzin, Savenko, Puzanov, Nenashev and those who joined them from the Federation Council of Ozerov from the Council of the Federation of Ozerov from the disgraceful circumcision of military pensions of people of judges, prosecutors and investigators of the RF IC found the opportunity and conducted it as an amendment requiring approval. Is it possible to choose another word besides “discrimination”?
The second reading of this document is postponed for the fourth time. And apparently not without reason.

The committee managed to secure a positive opinion on the bill from the Legal Department of the State Duma.

I, like many compatriots, believed that the luminaries of world jurisprudence in the rank, if not academicians, then, at worst, of the corresponding members of the RAS, should deal with legal expertise of the main lawmakers. The end was even thinner, up to complete anemia.
“The Legal Department informs that there are no legal, legal-technical *) and linguistic-stylistic remarks on the draft law” - testifies the recall of the State Duma for the second reading, signed by its head Marina Nikolaevna Lastochkina (she has no academic degree or academic title). Among the performers of this work are a couple of heads of departments of the PU of the State Duma (they have no academic degree or academic title) and several other employees, information about which even on the Internet Odnoklassniki and other social networks could not be found. Did they study somewhere? It should be noted that there are at least five “undergraduate” lawyers, candidates and doctors who, as you can imagine, did not risk scientific authority by associating their honest name with a very dubious draft law.

And a couple of questions:

- How correct and respectful will such a law be in terms of several million robbed military retirees and their family members, if the lawyers who approved it did not even bother to confirm their qualifications, even if they were a Ph.D., limiting themselves to the proficiency of a university graduate?

- Who will be punished for marriage in the work of the State Duma, expressed in accepting a knowingly unauthorized act, which diminishes the right of a certain category of citizens to the existing volume of social guarantees and cannot be recognized as complying with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, with all the ensuing consequences?

This is just one of the examples of lawmaking under the flag of the EP, which, however, with irresistible force pushes me to the decision to vote for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the next elections to the State Duma, as the only party capable of becoming a counterweight to the ruling party. It cannot be said that everything in the activity of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation satisfies me, but I, perhaps, will leave a place for criticism for nominees from the EP. Let them practice.

And there, you see, in ten years, maybe, I will be agitating for the UR, if in the conditions of discussions and acute ideological confrontation it turns to the population and the electorate with an honest face and a good heart.

Ek, brought me ... But I remember: “never say NEVER”.
I do not say ...

PS Come to the polling station later, by nine o'clock and check if the birdie is already worth your name. Encourage friends and relatives to accompany you.

Who knows - maybe your center of gravity passes through your voice stories Russia.

*) cool word, gentlemen, from legal-educated specialists
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