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"Little Moscow". Part of 2. Revenge of the Russophobes

2 May 2015 in the Bulgarian city of Strelcha, called “Little Moscow”, opened a new monument to the Soviet marshal G. K. Zhukov. Near the gilded coat of arms of the USSR, a guard of honor from the 61 th Stryamsky mechanized brigade stood on the monument. Liberals and Democrats of all stripes raised a terrible howl. In retaliation for their offended Russophobic feeling, they demanded two human heads (in a figurative sense) —the mayor of Strelcha, Ivan Evstayev, and the commander of the 61 stryamsky brigade of brigadier general Dimitar Shivikov. Liberals insist on their removal from their posts. 9 June 2015 Brigadier General Shivikov resigned.

Colonel Dimitar Shivikov, Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, April 9 2010

Dimitar Atanasov Shivikov was born on August 18, 1963 in the village. Kurtovo-Konare, Plovdiv region. He graduated from a basic school in his native village and a gymnasium with intensive study of the German language in Pazardzhik. In 1982, Shivikov entered the reconnaissance faculty of the Bulgarian Higher Military School “Vasil Levsky” in Veliko Tarnovo. He graduated in 1986, received the specialty “Military Intelligence”. In the same year, he assumed the position of commander of a special forces group in the 68th Special Forces Brigade. It was one of the most combat-ready and honorable divisions of the Bulgarian army, the heir and successor of the Parachute brigade. From October 8 to November 14, 1944, the indicated brigade took key positions in Strazhin, Stratsin and Kumanov and a bridgehead on the Pchinya river with parachute landing. The parachute brigade held its positions until the main forces of the First Bulgarian Army approached. She was opposed by the 21st Waffen SS Skanderbeg Mountain Division, supported by 40 tanks, 100 artillery pieces and mortars and regular units of the Wehrmacht.

With 1990, Mr. Shivikov alternately served as commander of a special operations company, pom. the chief and chief of the parachute service and the chief of staff of the paratroop reconnaissance battalion. In 1994, he entered the command-staff faculty of the Bulgarian Military Academy. George S. Rakovsky, where for two years he studied the specialty “Operational-tactical intelligence”. In 1996 he became the commander of the parachute reconnaissance battalion, and in 2003 he became the commander of the special forces battalion. In 2004 he commanded the Bulgarian troops in Iraq, and in 2010 in Afghanistan. In 2002, he studied at the George Marshall European Security Center's strategic courses in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, and in 2011-2012. - At the US Army College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In 2012, Mr. Dimitar Shivikov was given the rank of brigadier general and the post of commander of the 61 th Stryamsk mechanized brigade. Subordinates characterize him as “an initiative and erudite commander, who everywhere creates a clear organization for the execution of tasks assigned to the personnel”.

General Shivikov competently and confidently commanded the troops entrusted to him. People trusted him and implicitly executed all his orders. However, despite all his positive qualities, the liberals Dmitry Atanasovich did not please.

The first assumption is that he was a “communist”, that is, he criticized democracy and spoke well of Russia, the Russian people and his army. It is important to note here that in the West everyone who says at least one good word about Russia is liberals are automatically recorded in the “communists”, even if he is a three-time monarchist. We do not know what the general thought about this, but he never publicly expressed such “seditious” thoughts. He was a flawless and apolitical military professional. And even more - he personally brought a portion of democracy to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan on the bayonets of the Bulgarian troops of the NATO coalition. In addition, Russia’s friends are not admitted to the strategic courses of George Marshall’s European Security Center in Germany and to the US Army College. Someone who knows exactly who is talking about.

Dmitry Atanasovich’s career in NATO “ordered to live long” because of his love for his homeland.

While still a lieutenant colonel, Shivikov ordered to give one of the residential modules at the Bulgarian Echo base in Iraq to an Orthodox chapel. The candelabrum was made of a ZIL-131 clutch disc, into which 48 sleeves of 7,62 caliber x 54 mm were inserted. In 2013, under the authority of the commander of 61, Strymskaya General Shivikov ordered the construction of an Orthodox chapel on the territory of the brigade in Bulgaria. At the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the chapel, he personally spoke about the significance of the Orthodox Church and its clergy for the preservation of the Bulgarian people. Dmitry Atanasovich was a combat intelligence general. He could not know that the West was ruled by Satanists, who want to melt all nations and states into one giant atheistic cauldron without a clan or tribe. Nevertheless, the general did everything in his power so that the Bulgarians did not forget their faith, clan and Slavic origin.

"Little Moscow". Part of 2. Revenge of the Russophobes
Orthodox chapel at the Bulgarian base “Echo”, Iraq, 22 February 2005

In 2015, the West began open hostile actions against Russia - diplomatic threats, sanctions, military demarches ... The Bulgarian people did not tolerate this and began to openly threaten the West from porches and eateries. The residents of Strelchi went even further. No wonder the Bulgarians call Strelcha "Little Moscow". Strelche raised money and erected a monument to the Soviet marshal G. K. Zhukov with a large emblem of the USSR, sparkling gold. How and why this happened is described in detail in the first part: "Little Moscow". Monument to Zhukov in Bulgarian Strelche.

When the monument was ready, a delegation of residents of the city went to General Shivikov:

- Dmitry Atanasovich, respect, give me a guard of honor and a military band to unveil the monument to Zhukov!

Dmitry Atanasovich loved military service. Sparkling weapon and glitter officer dirk. The rumble of aircraft engines and the roar of combat vehicles. The splash of parachute silk over his head and stretched quivering lines in his hands. And Dmitriy Atanasovich was not a stupid man at all. He graduated from the university and military academy at home and the strategic courses of NATO in Europe and the United States. He received his first general star in 44 of the year. In 2015, Mr. Shivikov was 47 years old. Is this the end of a career, if he served to the general in 44 of the year? Yes, he still has to grow and grow, 20 can reach a military general in years. And suddenly the Bulgarian people asked him:

- Give the guard of honor and the military band for the opening of the monument to Zhukov!

In 2015, the US president personally announced a global “bear hunt”, the president of Bulgaria grandly “takes the visor”, and then the Bulgarian general sends a guard of honor and a military band to unveil a monument to the Soviet marshal who took Berlin in 1945 year! Do we need to study at the departments of the military academy and at world-class strategic courses in order to guess what will follow?

And if this monument was located in the capital, or at least in some regional center ... To write newspapers and remember the people. A monument was located in Strelche - a mountain town like this, on the strength of 4 thousand inhabitants. If anyone remembers, then only "crazy", "ideological." But in Strelche there lives the same Slavic and Orthodox people, as in the whole of Bulgaria. The people in Strelche live poorer and more difficult than in the capital and regional centers, but this nation loves their homeland no less, and perhaps much more than the capital dandies. And it is very important for this people to see and know that the Bulgarian army is for him, not against him. Dmitry Atanasovich sighed from the depths of his soul:

- Will you honor the guard with the orchestra!

And announced on 61-th Strymskaya recruitment of volunteers to participate in the opening ceremony of the monument to Zhukov in Strelcha. The "non-slumbering" bodies immediately reported where a strange order was needed.
Selling political elite was taken aback. What is this general lacking? Money, fame, government awards, power? The commander of 61-th Stryanskoy already has all this. And he tries to voluntarily give up all this! For what? What else should he offer so that he does not disgrace Bulgaria’s “Euro-Atlantic choice” to the whole world? If there was a lieutenant who, then he would be bent immediately into a ram's horn. And with a military intelligence general this will not work. Oh, do not pass!

At the beginning of April 2015, Brigadier General Dimitar Shivikov, announced to the 61 th Stryam mechanized brigade an order to recruit volunteers to participate in the ceremony to open a monument to Soviet Marshal G. K. Zhukov in Berlin who started Berlin in 1945. , the military band rehearsed solemn marches. 20 April 2015, exactly to the 126 anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler, the military prosecutor's office of the Sofia Military District launched an accusation against General Shivikov in part 387, al. 3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria - “abuse of office”. According to the military prosecutor's office, “the excess of official powers” ​​consisted in the fact that General Shivikov improperly used the work of four military personnel subordinated to him, who 12.03.2015 gave him assistance in repairing his private apartment. All the "background" that Dimitr Shivikov managed to dig for his 33-year service in the armed forces - the absence of four people from the 12.03.2015 unit entrusted to him by the Military Prosecutor's Office would be very happy to "hang" the missing pair of shoes or a gas canister on the general, but there were none. Dimitar Shivikov turned out to be too honest. In order to protect themselves once more, rear rats, by order, forbade General Shivikov to give any information to the media or other persons - “an investigative secret”, after all!

It was just a “warning shot” - wake up, leave this stupid idea! Dmitry Atanasovich did not bend. Not from such a test made by General Shivikov. The solemn opening of the monument to Marshal Zhukov was held on 2 in May of 2015 in all its glory, with an honor guard from the 61 of the Stramyst mechanized brigade near the sparkling gold coat of arms of the USSR on the monument. This is in 2015, when Barack Hussein Obama personally announced “complete international isolation” of Russia. And 61 th Stryamskoy is all the same. And her commander too. And to all honest Bulgarian people! This is the fig shown to the ruler of the White House! To the whole world!

Liberals, democrats and russophobes in Bulgaria raised a heart-rending squeal. Defense Minister Nikolai Nenchev stated: “As a Bulgarian Democrat, I am convinced that the European integration of the country is not a whim. I will always uphold European values ​​and rules. I ordered to do everything necessary to prevent incidents like the one that happened at Strelcha from now on. ” To compare the former sergeant of the construction battalion and the teacher-loser Nikolai Nenchev with the military intelligence general Shivikov is the same as comparing the stinking swampy swamp with a high, sparkling gemstone. So we will not.

On the basis of "exceeding official authority", the military prosecutor's office requested - and achieved it! - depriving General Shivikov of access to secret (to NATO they say - “classified”) information! This is the most severe measure of intersection, which is applied only on the sentence that has entered into force. The use of this measure without a sentence that has entered into force is permissible only in exceptional cases - to prevent a direct threat to the security of a country. Not that the application, but even the requirement of such a measure on the basis of h. 387, al. 3 CC (“abuse of authority”) is absurd and unthinkable!

Further, in the course of the investigation, it became clear that one of the subordinates “exploited” by General Shivikov was his godfather and the godfather of his children. The other three servicemen are Dimitar Shivikov’s personal friends. 12.03.2015 of all four "exploited" were on vacation - compensation for duty on guard. Thus, it turned out that General Shivikov did not exceed his authority and did not in any way use the work of his subordinates. Even if he forced the godfather of his children to work for free in his free time by force or threats, this is not a concern of the military prosecutor’s office until the “victim” himself lodges a complaint.

Having carefully described all this insanity in official documents, the military prosecutor’s office dismissed the case of “abuse of office”, without asking for forgiveness. Well, think about it, the rear rats crowded into a military officer, their nerves were cut and they sucked as much blood as they could. For the first time, or what?

The last act of the drama began. General Shivikov was denied access to classified information. They deprived him of vile and unlawful, but the decision on this came into force. And according to NATO rules, a person without access to classified information can restore this access no earlier than in three years. If you have been deprived of this access illegally, complain and demand compensation for moral and material damage from the person who deprived you of this access. But whatever the result of your requirements, you will not receive new access earlier than in 3 of the year under any circumstances.

An unheard-of mockery of a well-deserved combat general began:

- Command, General, 61-y Strymskaya, as you know! And complain about the illegal deprivation of access to sensitive information wherever you want! But we will not let the more to the secret part of the cannon shot. You will no longer receive a single extract from a secret order, not a single sheet of a secret card. No, we don't fire you. Just keep the law, order is order, do you understand?

Brigadier General Dimitar Shivikov understood everything and decided to no longer complicate the life of his subordinates and himself. 9 June 2015, the general gathered his colleagues and said to all the Bulgarian people in the square in Karlovo:

- Farewell, comrades! Farewell to the Orthodox people! I love all of you very much and I really want to stay with you further, but under such circumstances I cannot. I resign!

Thus ended the brilliant career of the deserved military general of the Bulgarian intelligence service, Dimitar Atanasovich Shivikov. He abandoned the epaulets of generals and high office, so that once - only once in his entire life! - give military honors to the monument to the Soviet Marshal G. K. Zhukov.

If, God forbid, some nasty thing creeps up again to some Soviet monument in Bulgaria with a spray and then uploads pictures on the Internet ... In general, before writing, “Bratushka betrayed us,” please remember about the general Dimitra Atanasovich Shivikov.

"An open letter to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria from the servicemen of the 61 th Stryastzma mechanized brigade in defense of Brigadier General Shivikov (in Bulgarian)


RELEVANT: izrazyavane to reinforce the commander of the 61 commander of Strymsk Mechanisiran, the brigade of the brigade General Dimitar ShIVIKOV and the lack of morality and harmless actions, undertake to cross him.



With a real letter losing on 61 mbr outpost for thinning in defense for the brigade General Dimitar ShIVIKOV under the words "61-VA STRYAMSK MECHANIZIRANA TEAM for their COMMANDER" and disobeyed apt to take action at a step a step of a step of a 16 hp a step a step of a 16 hp a step a step of a 16 hp for a speedy-off-a-10 b will take a part of a step with a step of a 16 hp and a 16-year-old off-put will take action on the team, under the words “XNUMX-VA STRYAMSK MEKHANIZIRANA TEAM” THE DEPARTURE OF THE BULGARIAN OFFICER.

The cause of the letter was provoked from a deposit to a report from General Shivikov for launching into the Bulgarian Army. In addition, the decision on the defendant’s charges, without any official investigation of the case, without even violating the law or subordinate the act, keeping the defense on the classifier, information that is available to the applicant will not be accepted by the former. Perhaps you will be able to function properly and the army will not be deprived of the commandment of the commander for a single initiative, erudite and creative commander, who will distinguish leadership qualities and much good professional preparation. General Shivikov is on a thinnest point after a post-show showing that he is under control of his subordination and does not speak of the act of dictation from the fact that it’s not a claim and that it is against the horat next to him.

Forcing him out of the way and the state of the injustice is manifestly manifested by our commander. Exclusively, from outside and from the side of power, motivate and approach, which will be directly applied by General Shivikov.

Slandered tsp 31, al. 3 from the Constitution on the Republic of Bulgaria de jure “The accused ceased to be innocent before being established on the opposite side with the force of the advance.” And in the case of our general, that de facto was completely guilty until proved to the opposite.

A single bargained trail vrkhu worked for a general at the time of service for the chorat, who learned cognitive and sa served under the command of commanders and ramo to ramo from far away Iraq and Afghanistan in conditions and unprecedented situation, showing that they had erected and A good and slender organization is created for the purpose of putting forward a leading task. Having entered into relationships with your colleagues and the subordination of disassembly and rendering assistance and action for the success of solving technical problems. Takv chovek and professionalist are not deservedly unanimously unworthy of the commencement and head of the profession, graceful with the godini, ministered to the worthy service of the Rodinat and constantly supported by the horat, regardless of social position and borrowing position.

Present last year on the initiative and the brigade General Shivikov implemented many projects and philanthropists of the campaign for support for colleagues, decadent, deprivation of parental grizhi and all, koito sa ce with apel for help. As a result, at the Tazi Act, it was carried out in conjunction with the public relations in the region, many families and children received a second chance and hope for good and good for themselves and for their own close.

Until the moment of 61, the mbr was presented worthy of the effort, grasped the goodness and excellence in the slaughterhouse, won prizes from the belly of the army, helped the people in the disaster and participated in the event with the public, i.e. See, what's the one kindly leadership and put it on your face. And the friendly and unprofitable attitude towards General Shivikov is all too strong motivation and impulse for learning on Novi Vorkhov from one dobir and united in a team, in coito everyone will split and trust in rest.

Prez last week from the outside of the chetyme and hearings, update to the address to General Shivikov and trace the catastrophe not to indifferently to the protection of the law for the defense of the lawmakers, but will send the necessary amendments to the Law for the protection of Classification information, such as access to classification information and without a trace, has been attached to the force. Security according to the action at the time of razbredby in tsp. 59 from the Law: “A person who has no permission for accessing information that qualifies, doesn’t have the right to apply for a loan or for a specific task, contact with information, for a period of three years from one year”, coeto From time to time there are exercises for service and use of functions for all the military personnel, got into a ridiculous situation, without even deciding to competently organize for wine. Ako will not rely on those who are in the law, in violation of the right to everyone, and he is free to prove a crime.

Calling upon the competence of the organization, they will honestly and frankly state your goals in relation to the results from celia toosiace, for what we can and we will figure out how to get out of the way, in general, it’s not our general, but also all one from us.

Nie - military service and civil servants from 61 mbr mixed, Che Bulgarian army is an institution, it is a rattle and a warrior competently and cheat the results are not the very same thing. You can’t even develop and integrate with our partners successfully, but the structure is hierarchically structured, as in the Bulgarian Army, without strengthening it in one position, and the government and the legislator aren’t in a position to get out of the question. the actuality of either. Dokens of Värvam on anonymously insured and now on Nadiam, why are we so miserable and not at all impoverished, haven’t been smuggled in the proprietorship of self-union for impunity and protection, since they are obedient and convenient and don’t oppose casualties and defenders horat and tehnite rights.

Go ahead all the time to think that the actions of the brigaden general Gennady Dimitar SHIVIKOV will not dissuade the fact and the truth is objectified, and saravan for the other cause and the action for the restraint were rejected.

By submitting to the nomenklaturna subloof, they didn’t need permission to get access to the classified information, and the information was crushed and unclear. Isn’t time and time predzgledan and framed on the grounds of the law for the protection of a classificatory information and negovit razredredbi, such as this and the other for all possible and fair justice in administrative and social affairs.

In conclusion, I will explain and explain our reaction to General Shivikov for finding out the fact, a rare example in the Bulgarian public life on the harmful effects of the cross, has been proven by a professionalist by unclear criteria and cross causation. Democratic principle on the management of the transparent method of personnel on the frame. In the case of Bilo, the commodity is objectively attested to a professionalist, and not short stories, to society, probably, it probably doesn’t respond.

Kato komentirame vsichki tezi problems and technical solutions to solutions in real writing, imam imam predicted, then just do not vinagi determine something moral and something not. Zatov, forgive me the beautiful minina and kindly fit the nation, we see you and pay attention to Tova, the letter is open, and everyone with the same quotations from the Apostle Vasil Levski: "We don’t know the numbers of the Apostle Vasil Levski: ".



10.06.2015 g

gr. Karlovo

This is what liberals could not forgive Shivikov. Strelcha, May 2 2015

And this, too. Strelcha, May 2 2015
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"Little Moscow". Monument to Zhukov in Bulgarian Strelche

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  1. strelets
    strelets 15 June 2015 06: 39
    He thought that past merits would save from all kinds of freaks ...
    So they showed how to love the homeland. Right, Putin said: a country that has joined NATO or the European Union has limited sovereignty. And for me it’s not there at all.
    1. svp67
      svp67 15 June 2015 08: 32
      Quote: strelets
      He thought that past merits would save from all kinds of freaks ...

      What he thought, we will not know, but by his actions. we see and understand that this Man is the Patriot of Bulgaria and our Friend.
      1. Silkway0026
        Silkway0026 15 June 2015 09: 17
        What he thought, we will not know. Would he still know how old he really is?
        Dimitar Atanasov Shivikov was born on August 18 1963

        it turns out like now 51 year, soon there will be 52.
        and then the author writes:
        In 2015, Mr. Shivikov was 47 years old. Is this the end of a career if he rose to the rank of general in 44?

        something my numbers don't add up.
        1. ivanovbg
          15 June 2015 09: 35
          And really do not add up. My vision is not very good, I wear glasses, of course, but on the 63 screen the year appeared for 68 and from there the shift in 5 years. I apologize. If possible, please correct.
          1. Tiamat2702
            Tiamat2702 15 June 2015 16: 10
            Sorry, Ivan. But then it turns out that at age 14 he entered the higher military school and graduated at age 18?
            In 1982, Shivikov entered the reconnaissance faculty of the Bulgarian Higher Military School "Vasil Levsky" in Veliko Tarnovo. Graduated in 1986

            But, however, not the point. Dates, in this case, are a secondary factor. I am glad that there were still brothers among the Bulgarians.
            1. ivanovbg
              15 June 2015 18: 17
              Born in 1963, enrolled in 1982 (19 years), graduated in 1986 (23 years).
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 20
        A patriot would not make a career in NATO. I also wanted a basket of cookies and a barrel of jam, but apparently they didn’t give it, they always don’t. And he "received his sight." Always pinned like that. Like "did not know", "just served." What are absolutely stupid people? Such people are not kept anywhere, let alone in the army. Otmaza does not channel.
        1. Priss Igor
          Priss Igor 9 July 2015 16: 49
          Do not write stupidity! He took the oath to his country, not NATO, and carried out orders!
    2. 222222
      222222 15 June 2015 10: 43
      1.10 06 15 g PERSONALITY OF 61 STRYAMSK MECHANIZIRANA BRIGADE PERSONALITY sent the chief commander Voryenen sili Rosen Plevneliev an open letter to the president and Varna .. regarding the dismissal of their commander and rated it as non-moral and baseless actions against their commander ...

      2.11 06 15 g MO of BULGARIA Nikolay Nenchev met with the personnel of 61 mbr. He decisively held the commander of the 61 mbr brigadier general Dimitr Shivikov and assured the personnel that he would do everything to make an objective investigation
      1. ivanovbg
        15 June 2015 10: 56
        It was an amazing political somersault, in May Nenchev threatened and spat, and was the most implacable fighter against the "red". And when the special forces brigade threatened him and the president, and the smell of kerosene seriously smelled, he was already the most moderate and most prudent. Let's see how it all ends. The resignation of his gen. Shivikov did not cancel. If a miracle happens and he is not fired (i.e., they do not accept his resignation), I will write the third part.
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 28
          Write, author. An interesting performance. For some reason, we Russians are blamed for the collapse, and the rest, including Bulgaria, did not stand close? East Europe immediately disowned the USSR, but how is a little better with us, but worse for you, did you immediately remember the little brothers? Hypocrites, always have been and will be. All world warriors fought against us. We feel bad, you are not there, you feel bad, you are kissing. Live your mind and home, we will live without your betrayal. With such allies and enemies it is not necessary. I do not believe the Bulgarians! ALWAYS betrayed and betray.
          1. Priss Igor
            Priss Igor 9 July 2015 16: 52
            Who do you work for? The USSR and the Warsaw Pact were destroyed by the corrupt Gorbachev and Yeltsin, while Bulgaria was the last to leave the block of which there wasn’t!
    3. Fat
      Fat 15 June 2015 17: 58
      muzhmk ass in the bonnet and in the Donbas. a specialist of this level with open arms will be accepted and citizenship will be given and there will be honor and respect
  2. bocsman
    bocsman 15 June 2015 06: 48
    And so everywhere where the Anglo-Saxon hydra cried out for democracy. Nothing to add but thanks to the general!
    1. Kahlan amnell
      Kahlan amnell 15 June 2015 07: 48
      And so wherever the Anglo-Saxon hydra cried out for democracy

      Democracy remained in ancient Athens. What is being presented under the guise of democracy has the same relation to it as a pig for oranges and ballet.
      1. jamalena
        jamalena 15 June 2015 21: 15
        + + + + + + + + + +
  3. andr327
    andr327 15 June 2015 06: 49
    Washington grew stronger and evil winds blew Washington!
    It has become impossible to comment - the complete victory of the dermocracy!
  4. AID.S
    AID.S 15 June 2015 06: 51
    That is what Soviet people mean.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 June 2015 07: 01
    It turns out that the Bulgarian liberals gained political weight. The Russian liberal traitors probably drooled from such opportunities. A vivid example of the fact that this infection must, at best, be kept in check.
    1. Varyag_1973
      Varyag_1973 15 June 2015 11: 29
      For rotmistr60. This liberal infection must be sent to Siberia, remove the snow! There is a lot of snow there! Joke! But seriously, oh how right was Comrade Stalin along with Comrade Beria! It’s only a pity that they didn’t finish off all sorts of people * such as Solzhenitsyn, Brodsky and the like, and also did not calculate even more people * such as Khrushchev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin!

      And GENERAL Shivikov should be offered service in the armed forces of Russia, a worthy man!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. jamalena
        jamalena 15 June 2015 21: 17
        totally agree with you, comrade!
      4. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 34
        Ahahaha. Read carefully his biography. Such a NATO general and to us? !!!!! F furnace. You were led to pity. Is it possible to assign the rank of general untrustworthy? And we don’t have evidence of disgrace, except for the article. Do not lose your vigilance !. The Bulgarians fought against us all the world wars ... We are their brother, when they are FAVORABLE. Think it over. The Mongols are our faithful and respected ally. NEVER betrayed, ALWAYS helped.
  6. WHG
    WHG 15 June 2015 07: 03
    Many thanks to him Russian!
  7. boa constrictor
    boa constrictor 15 June 2015 07: 08
    Something like my company Yurich is like! Man - he is on Mars Man !! I think at hour X / this is the Russian letter - the Russian word !! /, the team itself will invite him back, without any Bulgarian democracies !! yes
  8. Hort
    Hort 15 June 2015 07: 08
    I do not want to seem cynical and cruel, but somehow the suffering of the Bulgarian generals is not particularly affected, given that the country is part of the NATO bloc. The monument was erected - well done, but otherwise everything is quite predictable. A retired general may well apply his practical command skills as part of the DPR or LPR army if he wants to continue to defend the Orthodox.
    1. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 10: 40
      During yesterday's broadcast of Vladimir Solovyov on the Russia-24 channel, the LPR official said bluntly that Bulgarian volunteers were fighting in the militia. For a number of reasons, the participation of Bulgarians on the side of Novorussia is not advertised, although reports about this have leaked out several times in the information field. According to unofficial information, there are both professional Bulgarian soldiers who left in abandonment, and ordinary non-military ones who decided to take weapons and came to the aid of their Russian brothers. Especially sensational was the case when the mayor of a Bulgarian city resigned and joined the militia together with his friends. The reason why the participation of the Bulgarian volunteers is not advertised, for the difference, for example, from the well-known participation of the Serbs, lies in the peculiarities of the Bulgarian legislation and in the political situation in Bulgaria. They face trial and prosecution, and their relatives living in Bulgaria are at risk.
      1. Hort
        Hort 15 June 2015 19: 40
        Clearly, thanks for the informative information. Honor to such warriors
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 39
        And what, do these people make political weather in Bulgaria? Finns also fight on the side of the LPR and the DPR. Is Finland their ally? There are also volunteers from Russia, orders of magnitude more than Bulgarians. And Bandera there found a whole armored cavalry brigade of Altai policemen. Where is the praise from Bulgaria to these parts?
  9. LeftPers
    LeftPers 15 June 2015 07: 20
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to protect all that is bright and good from the yapping pack of propen-dos cattle. And all this shit is called democracy? In this case, she goes through the woods, this democracy, together with the black lord of the flies.
  10. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 07: 21
    So what does the author of the article want from us?

    That let a plaintive tear и all forgiven swing of Bulgaria ??? Uh no ..Bulgaria is a member of NATO and supports a common anti-Russian course. And if that .. I do not want to believe in this "if that", but it is better to be realistic than to bashfully hide your head in the sand. "If that" means that NATO planes will successfully take off from the airfields in Bulgaria and head for the Crimea and our fleet. UAVs will start from the territory of Bulgaria.

    Yes, there are people in the country who are pro-Russian, but ... In fact, we have what we have.

    So excuse the "brothers", ce la vie. It was necessary to move before, about 100-150 years ago, when Russia paid for your freedom with blood, and in response received non-acidic kooky No.
    1. Kahlan amnell
      Kahlan amnell 15 June 2015 07: 58
      This once again proves the illusory nature of the so-called democracy: the people - separately, those in power - separately.
      The people and the public good are just a screen with which those in power cover their own interests. "We see a lot of examples of this in history." ©
    2. perm23
      perm23 15 June 2015 08: 38
      Bulgaria in the 2 world wars fought against Russia. And ordinary people, unfortunately, will not do anything against the government. And few of them. those who love Russia, love lace panties from the European Union and NATO more.
      1. pytar
        pytar 15 June 2015 10: 49
        Write stamps that have little in common with facts. I’m not surprised anymore, since in the Russian society over the past 20 years, there has also been a strong brainwashing. It is good that in Russia there are quite a few people who, after all, are well aware of history and have a different point of view, are closer to the truth.
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 43
          Bulgarian society did not undergo brainwashing; it always treated us filthy, consumer. So, what is surprising when we found out the truth and formed our attitude towards Bulgaria. Does it not match yours? So you deserve it.
        2. Priss Igor
          Priss Igor 9 July 2015 16: 57
          Do not pay attention to such --- basically these are trolls!
      2. cleary
        cleary 15 June 2015 23: 45
        Yes, I fought. And given the entry into NATO will be again. And necha man sculpt cons
        1. Priss Igor
          Priss Igor 9 July 2015 18: 05
          More specifically pliz! Joining a coalition does not mean fighting! Maybe even tell us about the battle of the Tkrok against the Soviet Army during the Second World War!
      3. Priss Igor
        Priss Igor 9 July 2015 16: 56
        Can you describe at least one military operation where the Bulgarians fought against the Russians?
    3. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 15 June 2015 09: 58
      So what does the author of the article want from us?

      What does he want? Yes, he wants to say that not everyone in Bulgaria has gone crazy against the background of anti-Russian schizophrenia. There are still sane people.
      1. Walking
        Walking 15 June 2015 10: 34
        Quote: aleks_29296
        So what does the author of the article want from us?

        What does he want? Yes, he wants to say that not everyone in Bulgaria has gone crazy against the background of anti-Russian schizophrenia. There are still sane people.

        Yes, there are such people, and so what? There are such people even in the USA, but they don’t change anything. Bulgaria is a NATO country and if something suddenly begins to exist, such people will not save Bulgaria from a retaliatory strike. By the way, if this general had been ordered to go to fight against Russia, would he have executed the order?
      2. pytar
        pytar 15 June 2015 10: 57
        According to opinion polls of even WESTERN sociological agencies, more than 70% of Bulgarians sympathize with Russian politics and advocate friendship with Russia. So, in Bulgaria there is a huge, so far unused, pro-Russian potential and I think Russia should work in this direction! The West spends billions on reformatting the consciousness of peoples to its advantage. Regarding the Bulgarians, this gave a weak result, for which they have been nervous to the West lately. Russia has very favorable soil in the face of the Bulgarian people and, in my opinion, it is time for it to act. The destruction of Slavic Orthodox peoples, which should be replaced by other peoples that do not have a pro-Russian gene, spins on the Bolkans of 20 years. Time is short ..
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 45
          Ahahaha, read a statement 100 years ago on this topic !!!! Like a carbon copy! Not even funny. You are nobody to us. Russia has done everything for you, you repaid by betrayal. What bros? To whom? You yourself are brothers and NATO, but not to us.
      3. Astor
        Astor 15 June 2015 12: 21
        Approximately 70% are not crazy, immunity from SMRAD (Media advertising, agitation and misinformation).
    4. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 10: 45
      Noncombatant , you write anti-Bulgarian comments wherever you go, and often mix things up. I do not think that such behavior works to the benefit of our fraternal peoples. It’s good that there really aren’t many people like you. But the hype, really doing a lot.
      1. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant 15 June 2015 11: 01
        Pytar, dear. I write anti-Bulgarian comments everywhere, because based on the current realities of life, Bulgaria by and large, as a state, conducts an anti-Russian course.

        And honestly, I'm absolutely on the drumthat a certain number of Bulgarians want to move towards Russia. This is not enough. In general, the country is a member of the NATO bloc, an ally of the Western world, or rather a servant. NATO..ES..This organizations hostile to us.

        No no powerful and concrete steps on the part of the public, and the expression of dissatisfaction with "eateries and entrances", alas, is the level of a kindergarten. Also, the whole history of our relations shows us that Bulgaria has always officially opposed Russia and this despite the fact that Bulgaria owes Russia, its independence. So that. Simple shouts that "we are with you" will not work. I don’t respect your people in general and in general, I don’t respect you. Yes, there are some people whose views really command respect. Like this general of yours referred to in the article. I am speaking now for the general and the whole, and not for the particulars. But the vector of the general and the whole shows us that in pursuit of the "sweet wrapper" called the EU and NATO, the Bulgarians wanted to spit on Russia. Your shirt is closer to your body. Have the courage to admitthat the well-being of your family and friends, the city of Strelcha, concerns you much more than the Sidorov family in a distant village in the Urals. The EU just had you. Whole country. And so, if everything went to the EU like clockwork, all the Bulgarians wanted to spit on this Russia. Now, rushing between two fires, you want to sit on two chairs. You yourself know what comes of this. So ... Whether you like it or not, I don’t care, in general. I speak as it is. I have the right to do so.

        And further. You have to answer for the words. "You are always writing anti-Bulgarian comments, while you often mix things up." - specifically where Am I "mixing things up"? Don't you like the truth-womb? Have you decided to split the topic into several sub-questions? It will not work, I own these techniques myself. Specify specificallywhat do you mean. Only without general words about universal friendship and devotion will it turn back from this crying
        1. pytar
          pytar 15 June 2015 11: 21
          Noncombatant, you and I corresponded on the same issues and argued on other topics that are relevant to Russian-Bulgarian relations. It is hardly worthwhile repeating the same theses every time, since I have already stated that it is impossible for you to accept a different point of view, no matter how good and factual it is. Yes, and you yourself here, have already declared directly what determines your views: "I do not respect your people in general and in general, I do not respect." You dig dig for negativity, and the positive of which binds our peoples is much more than the negative! The story is ambiguous and can be interpreted in different ways. We need to look for what unites us, and not what disconnects us. Of course, this is your right and what can I say here ?! But I respect all peoples, especially the fraternal Russian People to us! Looking into the depths of HISTORY, I clearly got the impression that our peoples are somehow karmically connected! So it was, it will be so! And you remain on your opinion. I think the ego is wrong and fundamentally wrong. It’s not for the benefit of us all, it’s not good, but okay ... Our peoples are wiser than managers and they / our peoples / want friendship, not confrontation.
      2. 6 inches
        6 inches 16 June 2015 00: 19
        it’s his job like that. he hasn’t seen any Bulgarian in the eye but barks perfectly. He has 1 more nickname-civilian. he’s also bunch ....
    5. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 40
      Strongly support, colleague.
  11. Same lech
    Same lech 15 June 2015 07: 26
    He was an impeccable and apolitical military professional. And even more - he personally brought a portion of democracy to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan on the bayonets of the Bulgarian contingents of the NATO coalition forces.

    All the same, it is necessary to separate the people and the political elite of this people.

    Whom this people chose, he received on his neck ...
    on the neck of the people of BULGARIA now sit real bastards who received Russophobic education and hatred of RUSSIA at the universities of ENGLAND and the USA ....
    brainwashed the Bulgarians very clearly that we now observe in the Russophobic policy of the Bulgarian elite.
    1. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 11: 29
      The Bulgarian Elite has long ago departed from the mood of the people. She is fed up by the West and there is nothing surprising here. But about how you say that "the Bulgarians were brainwashed very clearly," I do not agree at all. Such hardening does not answer the truth. The problem is that in Bulgaria there is no such thing as democracy! You can’t be fooled and you can’t imagine that the people choose someone. The system is clearly thought out and works in such a way as to prevent the people from deciding their fate. Ksati it is so in most countries of the world. Sadness is a fact.
      1. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 49
        NO, that exterminate and do not appeal to us. Eat your guano. You have chosen them - you answer with them.
        1. Priss Igor
          Priss Igor 9 July 2015 17: 00
          They don’t even cry out to you!
  12. rhd
    rhd 15 June 2015 08: 08
    A true SLAVAN !!! THAT could be done, only a real one could have both soul and spirit, as they said in Russia ... THIS is precisely something that the whole geyrop and its hangers-on will NEVER UNDERSTAND !!!! There is NO other explanation! A man with a capital letter!!! good
  13. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 15 June 2015 08: 21
    good good good
    soldier soldier soldier
  14. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 15 June 2015 08: 33
    If, God forbid, some vile one crawls up to some Soviet monument in Bulgaria with a spray and then uploads pictures on the Internet ... In general, before writing “the little brothers betrayed us,” please remember about General Dimitar Atanasovich Shivikov.
    exceptions only confirm the rule. even one town, one brigade, one general, does not change anything in the general relations between the states, and Bulgaria has now found its place among NATO, which has officially declared that Russia is no longer a partner.
    1. Priss Igor
      Priss Igor 9 July 2015 17: 02
      Strange, but for some reason the Bulgarians do not say that they were betrayed by the Russians, because they understand that they betrayed Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and not the people!
  15. Isum
    Isum 15 June 2015 09: 07
    The leadership of the DPR could take a moment and offer him a vacancy, there are no sensible generals there, especially with knowledge of NATO from within ....
  16. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 09: 14
    Then I re-read the article. And I saw this.

    "In 2015, the West began open hostile actions against Russia - diplomatic threats, sanctions, military demarches ... The Bulgarian people did not tolerate this and began to openly threaten the West from porches and eateries."

    No, what I want to say.

    A bow to the knives of the Bulgarians, for such a powerful help. Apparently the degree of loyalty to Russia will depend on how much Bulgarians will drink in these "eateries". 5 bottles of beer - "Russia, Russia", 7 bottles - "I love Russia", 10 bottles - "Yes, what do I want for Russia ...".

    Apparently, the Russians should feel the most powerful energy supply coming from every entrance in Bulgaria. Just the fan of the rays of love and kindness, which, according to the scenario, should incinerate the venal top of the villains, who have deceived once again the aspirations of ordinary Bulgarians and entered into an alliance with the damned Western bourgeois and capitalists.

    That's just ... I don't feel it, this support of ordinary Bulgarians. Sorry, of course, for callousness. Everything can be described by the saying: "the dogs bark, the caravan is coming." A caravan called Bulgaria goes (came) to NATO and, in general, seeks to get into all structures that are absolutely hostile to Russia. And one "impatience" of the Bulgarians, who show their fierce displeasure from the "entrances and eateries" - alas, not enough No. request

    This is how I read here not so long ago, an entry in LiveJournal of one of the militias who fought in Donetsk, that June, 2014. When a man said that fierce anger took when you, on your armor, hung with harness, sweaty, dirty, go to the checkpoint, where there will be shelling, you go through the streets, along the shops and establishments of the city, and in response to you, from summer cafes, healthy local boars, slowly and imposingly sipping beer, wave their hands and shout: "Russia, Russia. Soon we will win! ". I wanted to slash along all these cafes in line. This is how a person describes his emotions. And here you can't say a word across to him. All to the point.
    1. ivanovbg
      15 June 2015 09: 50
      the "impatience" of the Bulgarians, showing their fierce displeasure from the "entrances and eateries", is, alas, not enough

      While not enough. Among peoples, as well as among individuals, moods tend to increase or decrease. And the opinion that people express in porches and eateries is not at all as unimportant as you think. In the porches and eateries of western Ukraine, most likely you will hear "moskillaku on gallaku", is that what suits you?

      I understand that you want us to leave the EU and NATO, and come to the Eurasian Union in a week or at most, in a month, but this does not happen.
      1. Max otto
        Max otto 15 June 2015 23: 26
        Quote: ivanovbg
        ... I understand that you want us to leave the EU and NATO, and come to the Eurasian Union in a week or at most, in a month, but this does not happen.

        It is not necessary to leave the EU, but it is necessary to leave NATO.
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 52
        How many years have moods been rising since 1877? Something still does not grow. Never. God is your judge. And his sentence for Bulgaria is already cruel, you have become slaves.
      3. Priss Igor
        Priss Igor 9 July 2015 17: 16
        Respect! A worthy answer!
      4. Priss Igor
        Priss Igor 9 July 2015 18: 08
        That's right! An avalanche also starts with one extra snowflake!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  17. Max otto
    Max otto 15 June 2015 09: 49
    Bulgarians, this general is needed by Bulgaria. If there are people who are not indifferent, then collect signatures in advance, first to the parliament as a deputy, and then you can be the president or the prime minister, I don’t remember who is more important there, but this is a real chance to survive.
  18. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 10: 17
    Quote: ivanovbg
    In the porches and eateries of western Ukraine, most likely you will hear “moskillaku to gallaku”, is that what suits you?

    My dear, I suppose you are not up to date (although strange), but already almost like 2 years not only in the western, but throughout Ukraine they shout, yell, yell, broadcast on TV and in all the media, use this very phrase as a universal identification password: "moscow..lyaku on gilyaku".

    "And the opinion that people express in entrances and eateries is not at all as unimportant as you think." - when it seems necessary to be baptized.

    All these "porch-kitchen" discontent were already in Russia, more precisely in the USSR, in the late 80s. And they did not help at all to keep our great country from collapse.

    You ashamed to admit that are the Bulgarians coward? Cowardly getting out like this How did you get in Donetsk? With one gun for three, at the beginning of the uprising. With an old grenade launcher against tanks and armored personnel carriers. Or do you think that Donetsk and Lugansk people are not afraid to die, that they are bulletproof? But didn’t the poor, offended Bulgarians provide such an opportunity?

    Do not be ashamed to admit that it is scary. This is not a vice or a crime, but a normal reaction. All living things want to live, so nature tells us. Once again, there is nothing ashamed of this. Ashamed to hang noodles, furnishing the case so that, they say, "we are with you", just hiding in the entrances and eateries. Have the courage to admit it.
    1. ivanovbg
      15 June 2015 10: 49
      Of course, I am aware of what is happening in Ukraine, but I don’t think that the entire Ukrainian people think what the Ukrainian media broadcasts and, therefore, wrote only about western U.

      While Bulgarians are not going to fight weapons with power. But they are scattered with fraternal Russia too. Our efforts are not so great and do not involve such a risk to life as in the DPR and LPR, but we are trying very hard to at least somehow restrain NATO in the Balkans and in the Black Sea. For example, we did not allow the location of elements of the American missile defense system with us, and Romania, Poland and the Baltic states accepted them. Is this not enough for you? You should appreciate our efforts, and not scatter with the allies, because they can not lay out all at once.

      You should better direct your criticality to those who truly deserve it.

      Thank you for your attention.
      1. pytar
        pytar 15 June 2015 11: 06
        There is a war going on in the information field. Western special agencies are trolling wherever possible. "Experts" of all types speculate negative for one or other peoples. The goal is to create an atmosphere of hatred between us. Here, on the site "Voennoye Obozreniye", such "personalities" also "work". Their pseudoscientific comments and "competent" opinions have little to do with the truth. I think all of us, who value the friendship and brotherhood of the Slavic peoples, should not give in to such counterproductive propaganda. Dear friends, there is a real war going on against the Slavic world! And this war is vile, cruel, a war of destruction! The forces of Evil are opposed, it is possible only if we get along!
        1. jamalena
          jamalena 15 June 2015 21: 32
          - a thousand times "YES"!
        2. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 57
          Never with you! You will betray! We don’t need your betrayal again, we’ll better consider you enemies right away, so fewer OUR soldiers will die.
      2. Tersky
        Tersky 15 June 2015 11: 08
        Quote: ivanovbg
        For example, we did not allow the location of elements of the American missile defense system with us, and Romania, Poland and the Baltic states accepted them.

        winked Really I overslept something? ABM in the Baltic states, I don’t ... I don’t know No.
        Quote: ivanovbg
        You should better direct your criticality to those who truly deserve it.

        Criticism, as you deigned to say, you need to send at the time of the election of the first persons of Bulgaria, to your loved ones in the first place. hi
        1. Noncombatant
          Noncombatant 15 June 2015 11: 19
          To the point, Tersky. 5 points!

          I say, everyone can ride on the ears. “They didn’t allow missile defense.” No, well, now we are simply obliged to kneel down in front of Bulgaria, they did something to us, but we, such, do not appreciate it. And the fact that the country joined NATO is we must “skip.” Say, it happened, do not be offended.

          But this hit: "So far, the Bulgarians are not going to fight with arms against the government ... Our efforts are not so great and do not involve such a risk to life as in the DPR and LPR, but we are trying very hard to somehow contain NATO in the Balkans. and in the Black Sea. "
          I noticed. "Until" they are not going to fight. More and more at entrances and eateries, missile defense is being held back. Oh, thanks. And, mind you, as soon as I ask you to name the specifics, refute my words (maybe I am wrong about something), general passages immediately begin, they say, such individuals are trying to push the "brotherly" peoples in a difficult time. We're friends, period. No specifics, just believe.

          I can only laugh at this, and also remember the words of our tsar: "Russia has only two loyal allies: the ARMY and the FLEET." And such "allies" as Bulgaria, as history shows, threw such nasty things to us that, as they say, with such a friend, any need for enemies will disappear. hi
          1. pytar
            pytar 15 June 2015 11: 50
            Your comments on all topics related to Russian-Bulgarian relations are negatively of the same type. It seems that you are copying and posting to the world wherever possible. Moreover, on all your repeating theses, in other topics it was answered! You either do not read the answers, or you have other ... to put it mildly, bad goals. Whatever event there is, you will find something bad in it and immediately begin to "produce" negative material of the same type. This already says something.
            1. Akuzenka
              Akuzenka 20 June 2015 02: 00
              And what do you want? History teaches that Bulgaria is the enemy, always fought against us. And betrayed .... do not count.
          2. Priss Igor
            Priss Igor 9 July 2015 17: 08
            Ha Ha! You know how to show your kitchen awareness! Putin and Lavrov are protesting the deployment of missile defense in the EU, and you are fooling that Bulgaria has done little in this area! It’s better to write on your paper in order not to look like a poor thinker!
        2. ivanovbg
          15 June 2015 11: 36
          Really I overslept something? ABM in the Baltic states, I don’t ... I don’t know

          Flight time SM-3 missiles mobile missile defense system even less than the GBI “interceptors”. "Missile defense" SM-3 is a mini-Pershing-2 at the very borders of Russia. If the Pershing-2 rocket from West Germany was supposed to fly almost 1.800 km, then the distance from Moscow to the Black Sea is slightly more than 1.000 km. The Baltic Sea is even closer - 700-800 km. To the Baltic countries - less than 600 km - 3 times less than to Western Germany.

          Criticism, as you deigned to say, you need to send at the time of the election of the first persons of Bulgaria, to your loved ones in the first place.

          And if the best political strategists and propagandists of the West are intoxicating the people of 25 for years - how? Although our people are Slavic and do not vote instinctively for open Russophobia. And thanks for that.
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 20 June 2015 02: 02
            Are you against missile defense in your country? Have you been asked? Retaliatory strike ... at the first launch of a ballistic missile ... There is no Bulgaria, because there is an enemy. And you will not be asked, placed. You are already dead at the start of the war.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      3. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 20 June 2015 01: 56
        You are welcome. Bulgarians will NEVER fight the government (now you have the power of Europe), so you will fight with us, Europe is coming to this with great joy. Over a glass of wine, you are "friends", with weapons in hand, you are enemies. Look back, admit that you NEVER fought for us (only forcedly).
    2. The comment was deleted.
  19. sw6513
    sw6513 15 June 2015 10: 46
    A true general, he probably knew the consequences. Deserves respect!
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. The comment was deleted.
    1. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 11: 57
      You do not sell CocaCola ??? drinks Get to primitivism! bully
      1. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant 15 June 2015 12: 07
        Read carefully) In yellow. Also, are you familiar with the concept of "symbolism"? If not, it's not my fault.
        1. pytar
          pytar 15 June 2015 13: 18
          Noncombatant, your collage was deleted / not related /, so I will not comment on it. I will only say that anyone who can work with the children's Paint program can find, for example, a photo where Russian soldiers are in formation and somewhere in the background there is an advertising banner, such as McDonald's, and then write with a yellowish text that is somehow unrelated from the picture. Call your "creation" "symbolism" and is proud of how clever he is! In short, I accept similar crafts as "yellow". Forgive me, but do not cause me respect for the afftor or for the one who publishes it.
  22. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 11: 46
    And as they say, feel the difference. Stronger than any word about "eternal friendship" and so on.

    People of steel.

    Comments, as they say, are superfluous.

    So, there is no need to sculpt about "eternal friendship" here.
  23. matross
    matross 15 June 2015 11: 47
    Many confuse the Bulgarian people and the comprador elite in power. When in Russia there were traitors in power, led by Yeltsin, what - the peoples of Russia were traitors?
    I was in Bulgaria a couple of years ago, I felt among my own. This is not fake ...
    1. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 11: 59
      Precisely said! good Unfortunately, "Many INTENTIONALLY confuse the Bulgarian people and the comprador elite in power. "And for what purposes, answer yourself ...
  24. twincam
    twincam 15 June 2015 11: 56
    Brothers, emana))))
  25. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 12: 19
    "Moreover, on all your repeating theses, in other topics it was answered!" Pytar, dear, nothing was answered. And the mantra: "we are friends", "we are kindred spirits", "we are good, we must be forgiven, even if we stumbled, but we must forgive, because we are brothers" - alas, it doesn’t pull concrete answers.
    That you are portraying that you are drawn to Russia. Did the cancellation of South Stream stir up forgotten "brotherly feelings"?)
    You know, the fact that from an airfield in some Plovdiv a flight of American reconnaissance or drones rises towards Crimea and Stavropol will not be of any use to my country, even if I know that you are "brothers" there. And the probability of this is almost 100%. Is there a guarantee that American fighters will not take off from airfields in Bulgaria ??? No. And now, I should like everything just because the Bulgarians, who have repeatedly betrayed us, are called to me by some mythical "Brothers"? Yeah .. Eskimo is exactly the same brother to me.
    I may say a little expressively, but I do not set out to offend you. I don’t need that. I am against the falsity and duplicity that Bulgaria has successfully demonstrated to Russia for more than a hundred years.
    Do not like the truth, the womb in the face? Inconvenient questions? Well, excuse me, they are not offended by the truth.
    1. matross
      matross 15 June 2015 12: 46
      And what do you want to achieve by spitting on the Bulgarians? So that they make a revolution and ask for Russia? There are not many peoples in this world who have really friendly feelings for us. These feelings should not be trampled upon. Now they weren’t washed to our shore, it was a time of troubles, we ourselves didn’t drown miraculously ... And we don’t need to pedal historical analogies - for example, we are born in the counter with the Chechens, but somehow we get along even within common borders.
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 20 June 2015 02: 04
      Better not say!
  26. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 15 June 2015 13: 08
    Quote: matRoss
    And what do you want to achieve by spitting on the Bulgarians?

    Yes, I do not achieve anything, my dear. I do not insist on anything. I’m not calling anyone.

    I have the right on your point of view? I have. She is backed by arguments. I did not offend anyone (if you count the utterance of the truth as an insult, then of course).

    I speak exclusively for myself. Bulgaria and Bulgarians, I see as opportunistic weathervaneswho, in pursuit of momentary profit, step on their throats in the future. Yesterday we are with Europe, today we are with Russia for centuries, and tomorrow ... and who will give more.

    I am also amused by the appeal of two honorable users of "VO" from Bulgaria, who say that the sold "elite" is to blame for everything. This "elite" did not fall from the moon, so if that.

    A plus, very funny justificationthat the Bulgarians are actively protesting against the country's policy ... In the entrances. And in eateries.

    Donetsk with AKM and RPG-7, under a hail of shells and an avalanche of mines, against "Ukrainization", at checkpoints and in trenches, and the Bulgarians against NATO and the EU in .. entrances. And they give it out as the apogee of valor.
    No, everything is fine. Everything is fine. good
    1. pytar
      pytar 15 June 2015 13: 39
      "Yes, I do not achieve anything at all, dear. I do not insist on anything. I do not call anyone." - I do not know what you are trying to achieve, but I think you will not achieve anything. Your negativity doesn't "work".

      Am I entitled to my point of view? I have. She is backed by arguments .- Of course, your right! But the arguments are inconclusive. Give your opinion by choosing the "appropriate" arguments. Moreover, superficially, without delving into the roots of the problems, the causes that gave rise to them, and ultimately get erroneous theses.

      “I speak exclusively for myself. Bulgaria and the Bulgarians, I see as opportunists, weather vane, who, in pursuit of momentary profit, are stepping on their throats in the future. Yesterday we are with Europe, today we are with Russia for centuries, and tomorrow ... and who will give more." - According to your "logic", absolutely ALL peoples and states are opportunists, since in different historical periods they occupied different positions relative to Russia. Russia itself, according to your "logic", is also a timeserver, since it also changed its position depending on the circumstances.

      "I am also amused by the appeal of two honorable users of" VO "from Bulgaria, who say that the sold-out" elite "is to blame for everything. This" elite "did not fall from the moon, then if that." - The eye hurts, but you don't know better! Elites are raised, "fed", fed! Usually from the outside! Yours too! Didn't you know? How much did it cost Putin to somehow limit the influence of the pro-Western Russian elite? And while she is still acting against your country! Well done Putin, but not everyone has their own Putin! And he would not have had time if he had not ruled one of the most powerful states in the world, and the circumstances helped him!

      "Plus, the rationale that the Bulgarians are actively protesting against the policy of the country ... In the entrances. And in the eateries, amused me." - Feel free and find information about protests, moods, etc. There are many, but you do not read Bulgarian, and you are clearly not interested.

      "Donetsk ones with AKM and RPG-7, under a hail of shells and an avalanche of mines, against" Ukrainization ", at checkpoints and in trenches, and the Bulgarians against NATO and the EU in .. entrances. And they give it out as the apogee of valor." - Do not you think that the situation in the Donbas and in Bulgaria are fundamentally different ??? Do you advise us to take AK and go shoot and kill? Here the Turks are waiting for this ... Ethnic bloodshed will come, which was not even in Kosovo. That option does not work. We need a breakthrough in the veneer system, which is fully controlled by the United States, and this requires time and organized structures.

      "No, it's okay. It's okay." - Sorry, but your statements seem abnormal to me. I do not want to offend you, but everything sounds too elementary for you. Either childishly naive, or intentionally elementary, I don’t know.
      1. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant 15 June 2015 13: 49
        As you wish. I looked (read) your point of view, you-mine. All remained at their own, everyone’s right.
        Thanks for the voluminous answer, by the way. hi

        PS "Of course, your right! But the arguments are unconvincing. Put your opinion by choosing" suitable "arguments. Moreover, superficially, without delving into the roots of the problems that gave rise to them and ultimately get erroneous theses." - only this is not necessary. Our liberals like to do so. When they have "suitable" arguments, they use them without a twinge of conscience. When there are no arguments at all, a cry begins (without specifics), the whole essence of which boils down to: "do not delve into the roots of the problem, you get erroneous conclusions", i.e. "our" conclusions are correct, "yours" are not.

        This is not necessary. And so, every day from the Americans I observe this heretical device.

        The fact remains that you won’t erase words from a songhow would you not like. Bulgaria in two world wars was not on the side of the USSR. Bulgaria is a member of the NATO bloc aggressive towards Russia. Bulgaria officially supports the EU’s policy of aggravating relations with Russia. Played its negative role in South Stream.

        It was? It was. Dot. hi
    2. ivanovbg
      15 June 2015 13: 48
      Here is a photo from the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia from May 9 to 2015 and, therefore, Bulgarians. Starting from 1,5 mln. Capital, through Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas and up to 4 thousand. Strelche All Bulgaria celebrated May 9. Is this also nothing? Why do you see only bad? It's a shame after all.
      1. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant 15 June 2015 14: 13
        I see. I see a photo. Wow, you won’t say anything.
        Tell me, only honestly and objectively.
        Will the person who deceived and framed you inspire confidence, even if he later apologized? But then again deceived? And then he apologized again.
        I think that time should pass and the affairs of this person will be the best measure.
        So it is with Bulgaria. So far, alas, all that has been and is happening is not in favor of Bulgaria. Is such distrust justified? I think yes.
    3. Priss Igor
      Priss Igor 9 July 2015 17: 27
      Man, stop thumping - you have one war in your head! A good war that didn’t exist! Open your eyes, this Russia has abandoned Bulgaria and other countries, this Russia, in the person of Yeltsin, has allowed the bombing and collapse of Yugoslavia! You write crap here and try to accuse the whole people of betrayal from the height of your kitchen stool! Who gave you the right to do this? Cool? Machine gun in the mouth and go fight for the Donbass!
  27. matross
    matross 15 June 2015 14: 52
    Leave WWII alone! Bulgaria in it did not conduct military operations against the Red Army and, conversely, fought at the end of the war against Germany. It is a fact. And all the agreements, participation in coalitions, etc. - are relevant only to historians.
    1. Noncombatant
      Noncombatant 15 June 2015 15: 38
      It’s just not necessary to indicate what to do)

      If Bulgaria impresses you with something, then I don’t. I do not call you to anything.

      As for history, I don't want to forget the fact that I fought against. It was. There is no need to substitute and consider this an "insignificant" fact. My compatriots, too, decided to change history in 24 years. They rode and screamed. But that just doesn't cover the facts. And now my compatriots look very pale and lousy, despite the fact that they still believe in "civilized Europe". So that...

      So, no offense and with all due respect to you hi
      Do you think that the Bulgarians are not opportunists and weathervanes, basically? Count. My opinion is different. Here Ukraine showed at its core what it is capable of, not like Bulgaria. But you always thought that there are no closer Ukrainians and Belarusians to the Russian people. It turns out wrong thought sad
      1. matross
        matross 15 June 2015 16: 11
        Well, we are exchanging opinions here and it’s like we don’t get personal, so what insults hi
        I believe that, on the whole, the Bulgarian people are friendly to the Russian. And the rest is a coincidence. And even more so to blame and blame the guys who are here on the forum, ugly and dishonest. To reject an outstretched hand is generally contrary to the Russian character.
        1. Noncombatant
          Noncombatant 15 June 2015 18: 30
          Maybe you are right. Again, our opinions differ here too. "To reject the outstretched hand" ... As practice shows, Russia and the USSR presented many people with this hand, and over the years, all and sundry spat in this hand. The time of forgiveness is over, the West is very skillfully using this quality of Russians.
  28. bikeev1234
    bikeev1234 15 June 2015 18: 47
    The general is a patriot
  29. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 15 June 2015 19: 18
    Yes, there was Shipka, there was the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke, and then ...... and then Bulgaria was a part of all enemy alliances! ... Slav brothers? ....
  30. oldzek
    oldzek 15 June 2015 19: 52
    By the way, General Shivikov is not the first Bulgarian general who acted in the context of his government’s policy damn years forgive Bulgaria I forgot the last name of the MAN during World War II helping the USSR and executed for it
    1. ivanovbg
      15 June 2015 20: 16
      A lot of them:

      Alexander Peev attracted cooperation not only military, but also senior diplomatic and state officials, from whom Soviet intelligence received important information [48]. Among the information providers were the Bulgarian Army General Nikifor Nikiforov (Zhurin) and diplomat Yanko Peev. During his work, A. Peev transmitted over 400 radiograms, but on April 15 of 1943, during a communication session, group radio operator Emil Popov was targeted and arrested, and 17 of April 1943 of the year was arrested and A. Peev was shot on November 22 of 1943 of the year.

      Gene. Vladimir Zaimov (Azores) began intelligence activities in the interests of the USSR in January 1939, later led an intelligence network with branches in other states of Central Europe, including Germany, Slovakia, Turkey and the territory of occupied Greece. His messages to the Soviet Center contained crucial information about the decisions of the Nazi command. On 23 of March 1942 of the year he was arrested by the Bulgarian police, convicted by a military tribunal and 1 of June of 1942 of the year - shot.

      Eleft Arnaudov (Allure) led a reconnaissance group uniting military and civil servants of the Bulgarian Air Force. On April 2 of 1943 of the year he was arrested, and on October 14 of 1943 of the year, members of the reconnaissance group - E. Arnaudov, Nikola Bonev and Strashimir Anastasov were shot.
      1. kubanec
        kubanec 15 June 2015 20: 46
        Damn, we even have the same names with the Bulgarians !!!!
      2. oldzek
        oldzek 16 June 2015 00: 43
        Thank you, I saw a film about Zaimov. I didn’t know about the rest
  31. jamalena
    jamalena 15 June 2015 21: 51
    - what do you want? Of course the same!
  32. Smoke
    Smoke 15 June 2015 21: 52
    Bulgarians can be advised to look closely at this general. If during the 30 years of service neither the military prosecutor nor anyone else has been able to dig anything at Shivikov, then this is really an honest and decent person. And the fact that he did not bend and brought the matter to the end - he opened a monument to Zhukov, characterizes him only from the best side. It seems to me that it is time for the Bulgarian people to ask Shivikov to put things in order in Bulgarian politics. Although decent people don’t go into politics, this general, like Putin, undoubtedly has a very strong and developed sense of responsibility for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people. I want to believe that this feeling will outweigh disgust for politics, and then there will be a sense. It would be fair if Bulgaria exited NATO first and declared its neutral status.
  33. razved
    razved 15 June 2015 22: 23
    If there are SUCH people, SUCH generals in Bulgaria, then all is not lost for the "brothers".
  34. The stranger
    The stranger 16 June 2015 03: 23
    Before him, even before the war, there was a certain general Vladimir Zaimov. A trick from the old, even from the time of the Renaissance (this was when vigorous action against the Turks began, which served as the pretext of the Fifth Russian-Turkish war) family, which in the early 40s was an operative of the General Staff of the BA, and perfectly understood how much a pound was worth. He was not a communist, although he was declared one after the war, and in the midst of democracy, his grandson tried to make him an Anglophile, if not confused. It cost him a life that he certainly understood, but the gene. Zaimov made it impossible to send Bulgarian troops to the Eastern Front.
    He did not intersect with General Shikov, although he was approximately the same class. But it’s somehow calmer when it is known that there are more experienced comrades nearby. And then I myself ...
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 20 June 2015 02: 10
      As Comrade Saakhov said: "Everything is written correctly in this paper." And there is another paper, two terrible world wars and in both, Bulgaria is an enemy. Are you nodding towards the elite? The elite is yours, not someone else's. Have the courage to admit it. You make us repent and pity you. And yourself? And you yourself have forgotten all this and for the abandoned "rotten tomato" demand to recognize you as fighters? Fuck you.