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Muslim "charter" for Europe

Muslim "charter" for EuropeObserving the processes of active Islamization of modern Europe, it can be concluded that the situation is somewhat similar to what was already on European lands in the eighth century of the new era. Then the Moorish-Arab army, having crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, began the systematic seizure of the Iberian Peninsula. For two decades, the Muslim armies seized the territory in which Portugal and Spain are now located.

In our time, Europe is undergoing, so to speak, a relatively peaceful takeover. However, the more representatives of Muslim states appear in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France and other European states, the more often peaceful coexistence turns into a real “war with the infidels”. Waves of violence and arbitrariness can sweep the streets of European cities, allegedly because the rights of Muslims on this continent are brazenly infringed. It even goes so far as some Muslim communities openly oppose the state symbols of the countries in which they now live. This happened in Switzerland, where a group of Muslim lawyers criticized the Swiss flag. Ivica Petrusic, vice president of the immigrant association, said that the white cross on the Swiss flag is contrary to the current principles of multiculturalism of this state. He (cross), allegedly, even insults the honor and dignity of the four hundred thousand Muslims who currently live in this alpine country. Other representatives of Muslim communities say that it is worth “holding” on the Swiss national flag a symbol in which the majority of citizens of this state do not believe. In other words, the “new Swiss” are questioning the principles of national identity and the confessional community of the country's indigenous population.

Against the background of such statements and projects, for obvious reasons, right-wing radical organizations are activating in Europe that wish to give an adequate response to immigrant communities. It is worth noting that while in most European countries the right behaves quite calmly, however, the patience of the native Europeans is not at all iron, and the situation may go beyond the controlled one. Let's not forget that in some regions of the "old woman" -Europe such cases have already occurred. Recall at least the case of execution on the island of Utoya, which perpetrated the radical Norwegian citizen Breivik.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the European authorities do not fully understand what decision to take in this situation. On the one hand, the interests of the indigenous majority, on the other hand, the need to observe democratic procedures, according to which everyone has the right to speak freely and to act practically freely. Many European governments have already formed a fairly strong Islamic lobby, which supports the entry of cheap labor from Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan, or Libya destroyed by the war into these countries. Cheap labor can make it possible in large quantities to realize what companies controlled by these government forces produce, destroying one of the main gains of Europe - free competition.

It turns out that in the near future we can expect that in some places in Europe even the coming to power of people who defend the position of immigrants themselves is possible. In this case, a change of national symbols may seem like an innocent childish prank, because these people are capable of both changing the constitution and openly restricting the rights and freedoms of the indigenous people of Switzerland. And if so, then the right movement can receive additional support in Europe, which will lead to a kind of restoration of the very reconquest of the 8 century, when the Christian peoples of Europe had to rally to liberate the Pyrenees from Arabs and Moors.

By the way, in those old times in Europe there were enough indigenous people (from among Christians) who supported the expansion from the Muslim world. Surprisingly, among such "sympathizers" of the Moors and Arabs there were even high-ranking church officials. This is explained by the fact that the abbots received substantial financial support from the Muslims so that they “enlighten” the Europeans, that the Islamization of Europe is not so negative. Everything is exactly as it is now. Only instead of abbot government ministers.

It turns out that the day is not far off when a cohesive European nation will cease to look at democratic principles and take up the restoration of its own self-identity. But this would not have been possible if immigrants were respectful of the laws and symbols that had passed the path of national recognition for a single century. Modern Muslim immigrants in Europe are trying to "come to a strange monastery with its charter."

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  1. Hannibal
    Hannibal 17 October 2011 09: 12
    Yes, always and everywhere like that, in all countries immigrants come and fuck up all around and at the same time try to impose their own orders, such as in their country. So what kind of @ you bring down from your countries if you have so cool! And then Muslims are offended why they hate them everywhere ...
    For me, it is necessary to accept immigrants of the same faith to the countries so that there are no disagreements, and let Muslims in Muslim countries live with their own rules ...
    1. ereke
      ereke 17 October 2011 10: 25
      So the Muslims from the so-called countries of risk go. In France and Italy from Algeria and sowing. Africa, where terrorism thrives and explode and chase hunger. Pakistan and India in India Muslims are harassed by Hare Krishnas who constantly organize Muslim pogroms. And from the rich countries of the Arab East, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. don't go. Unless only mansions and palaces in Europe are buying up, as indeed Russian and Kazakh oligarchs
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 17 October 2011 21: 27
        Quote: ereke
        And from the rich countries of the Arab East, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. don't go

        There is generally no way to become a citizen of this country, and only citizens receive social benefits. Yes, and work there for non-citizens, like ours, only dig ditches!
        1. ereke
          ereke 17 October 2011 21: 52
          Actually, I said that Muslims from disadvantaged countries go to Europe. In the UAE, Oman and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia is also not closed to Muslims from these countries and they go to work there too, for example, in the UAE, private owners of different stores work as sellers, etc. Pakistanis Indians to a lesser extent come from North Africa. And get good money for it. But the migration opportunities of these countries are limited due to the small employment opportunities of migrants compared to the EU. Another thing is that European countries there are already established migration channels, there are large diasporas that will be supported by all the immigrants, refugees and who have been persecuted there, also there the employment problem is solvable; there are jobs with low wages that Europeans themselves will not go to. And even more so, the EU is a black hole to absorb migrants, since the birth rate in the European community is low and negative, Europeans themselves are decreasing in numbers without outside help, and someone needs to work in different industries and in the service sector, and migrants fill these gaps and who is going there? countries where there are wars, general insecurity and overpopulation and lack of resources are kept in their own country. But migrants are a double-edged sword, there are both good and bad.
  2. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 17 October 2011 09: 36
    So much for the old world, conservative, created the conditions for the disappearance of this world. Europeans themselves do not give birth to children, and Muslims are several per family. In how many years will Europe become a Muslim continent?
    VALENOK 17 October 2011 09: 47
    Let Europe begin to honor our Russian folk tales, for example, a hare hut .... maybe they will grow wiser, and then let the whole world of democracy be taught.
  4. Sergh
    Sergh 17 October 2011 10: 01
    And it’s cool to run people all over Africa, here’s another 2 million from Libya!
  5. SIA
    SIA 17 October 2011 10: 15
    Muslims damn it, chunks unwashed for 300 years. They need to be burned with nuclear fire along with napalm. I hate these creatures.
  6. - = 999 = -
    - = 999 = - 17 October 2011 11: 05
    There you have the fruits of democracy; .Not why geyveslesbovnovedovsoofilov and various other rabble democratized and now even proud of it. And Islam can not digest it can even slightly cure their eternal depression.
  7. Basilevs
    Basilevs 17 October 2011 11: 40
    For decades, America has imported slaves - blacks and Chinese; the old Europe is also not without sin; Now the descendants of these slaves and the children of modern guest workers, having multiplied, will rule the ball in the current liberal and politically correct western madhouse. Good things will not end.
  8. go_by
    go_by 17 October 2011 13: 38
    With emigrants, they all fall in one pile. In fact, the questions are different.
    1. Is it worth it to import culturally backward people?
    2. Is it worth importing people of a different race?
    3. Should Muslims be imported and encouraged?
    Illiterate people can still be learned. The rest cannot be re-educated and not washed. Multiculturalism leads Europe to degeneration. There we are rolling.
  9. vlad7829
    vlad7829 17 October 2011 15: 51
    Evropa v konce svoego puti takoi ka mi ee znaem. Besporyadki v parije i londone pryamoe tomu potdverjdenie. I eto tolko pervie priznaki. Emigranty islamisty prosto rastvoryat ee vsebe.
  10. mitrich
    mitrich 17 October 2011 16: 55
    Guys (we write streamlined) told (a story about Muslim countries):
    if you grab the burqa in the ass area, while no one sees, it will tremble as much. A woman remains a woman, even in a burqa ... One comrade says (he worked in Iran for 5 years): "Only homosexuals can treat their women like this!" I agree with this, looking at the photo in the article.
  11. Denis
    Denis 17 October 2011 17: 45
    The vice-president of the immigrant association, Ivica Petrusic, said that the white cross on the Swiss flag is contrary to the current multicultural principles of this state. He (the cross), allegedly, even offends the honor and dignity of the four hundred thousand Muslims who currently live in this alpine country.

    and in all the most sensible Switzerland there was no one who would advise them to bring them down, not truthfully sweeping, a crescent moon?
    will they ever play this tolerance
  12. lightforcer
    lightforcer 17 October 2011 18: 49
    Should Turkey Be Admitted to the European Union?
  13. cVM
    cVM 17 October 2011 23: 47
    Yes, Muslims in Europe are no more than 20 million, just Islamophobia is well developed in Europe, so different politicians use it in elections, supposedly we will clear Europe of Muslims, etc.

    Turkey is not accepted into the EU, Turkey will create an Islamic Union, she already said about this, she says that the EU is a Christian club, maybe soon we would be invited there, we would develop relations and at the same time we would get more than 120 seats in the European Parliament and dictate our rules of all Eurasia
    1. Denis
      Denis 18 October 2011 00: 22
      and herr with her with Turkey
      it is believed that the circumcised is used to figure out, so go ahead, DO NOT CLEAN ON THE WHITE LAND!
  14. SL.Kocegar
    SL.Kocegar 20 October 2011 06: 12
    interesting, but what about the St. Andrew flag
  15. Evnon
    Evnon 16 December 2011 02: 33
    I think history gives a legal circle, their genealogy is close to Turkic, I think if they succeed in disowning Islam, it will be difficult.