Another storm Sirta failed

The Western media, reporting almost completely taken over by Sirte and the capture of Mutassim Gaddafi, once again expressed their wishful thinking. It turned out that the information about the seizure of the city and the commander of the defense spread from 10 in October was another misinformation. For Mutassim Gaddafi, according to several sources, one of his associates, Ali Abu-Bakr al-Gaddafi, was issued.

Another assault on Sirte also failed; in the morning of October 10, the rebels claimed that they had captured almost the entire city and finished off the last centers of resistance of the supporters of the Colonel. By the evening of the same day, the rebel units retreated from the city.

The reasons for the new failure

Al-Arabiya TV channel reports of heavy fire that hit the rebels. Apparently, supporters of Gaddafi lured enemies deep into the city, and then hit the enemy who believed in the victory. The rebels failed to withstand the attacks and retreated (fled).

Another storm Sirta failedOther rebels report a flood, which was organized by the Gaddafists, it caused panic among some troops. The defenders specially opened the city waterways in order to hinder their advancement of the enemy and the water that was rapidly arriving on the streets led to a fit of fear among some of the PNS supporters.

In addition, the rebels miscalculated in the assessment of the forces of the Sirte garrison, according to their data, Mutassim had no more than 1,5 thousand fighters, and he only had Gaddafi militia, no less than 2 thousand people.

Also, according to the rebels, the PNS forces suffer a lack of coordination of actions, which is not surprising. Units from Misurata and Benghazi stand near Sirte, they are competitors and if it were not for the common enemy, they could well have fought each other.

Another factor is the composition of the Sirte garrison, people who cannot be lost or surrendered, they are simply eliminated. In addition to the tribe of Kaddafi tribe, the city is defended by officers of the former Libyan army, security services, employees of the former revolutionary committees. All of them are active fighters against the revolution, who can not surrender. These are highly motivated and experienced people.

Tribe fighters defend their territory. So, according to the PNS, in spite of the passage offered to the townspeople to leave the city, very few people used it. There are data on hundreds of women who help the garrison. This also confirms the fact that Sirte is defending not only the remnants of the units that remained loyal to Gaddafi, but also the locals, the tribe of Gaddafi.

According to the former general of the Libyan army, Abdel Salam Judallah, he now commands the PNS forces, other tribes adjacent to the Gaddafi also prevent the capture of Sirte. Negotiations of the PNS representatives with the leaders of the tribes living here (furdzhans, hamamasaly and maadans) do not bring success. Despite the threats of the rebels to use heavy weapons against them, not all of them are allowed to move to Sirtu on their tribal territory.

What's next?

Arab and Western media have reported rebel statements in which they say that now they will use heavy weapons to suppress the resistance of the city’s garrison. Allegedly, they did not do it earlier because of "humanistic considerations." Although in reality there is plenty of evidence of NATO air strikes on Sirtu and the work of artillery, including multiple launch rocket systems in the city.

Overestimate the new defeat of the rebels is also not worth it. Gaddafi’s chances of success are few, except that NATO, for whatever reason, will completely curtail the operation, ceasing support for the PNS. Sirte is blocked, the human and material resources of the supporters of Gaddafi are melting. From the air beats NATO aircraft, the city transferred heavy weapons, including armored vehicles. The only question is how long they will last.

Skirmish in Tripoli. Information agencies reported that a battle of supporters of Gaddafi and PNS units had occurred in the capital of Libya. The clash occurred in the area of ​​Abu-Salim, which is considered to be a stronghold of Gaddafi’s supporters remaining in Tripoli. In the afternoon of October 14, a few dozen armed men appeared on the streets of Abu Salim, they began chanting slogans in support of Muammar Gaddafi. The PNS units advanced into the area, and the battle began.

It should be noted that the PNS do not have enough strength to control the entire city, especially at night. The rebels guard the city center, strategic facilities, intersections. According to local residents, shooting is heard in the city at night, which is not surprising, since the criminogenic background has grown by an order of magnitude, the capital is saturated weapons and strangers from the east of the country.

Gaddafi supporters revolt
Today, 06: 53

Armed clashes between supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and detachments of the Transitional National Council (PNS) cover new areas of the Libyan capital.

The fighting from Abu-Sliema spread to the suburbs of Tripoli - Tajur and Janjour, as well as to the Zvara and Salah-ed-Din areas.

According to eyewitness accounts, violent clashes are taking place near Az Zawiya, located on the Mediterranean coast, 50 kilometers west of the capital. In Abu Slim, according to some, a NATO helicopter was shot down.

This Friday is declared the overthrown Libyan leader of the beginning of the "October 14 uprising." Earlier, referring to the Libyans, Gaddafi called on them to liberate the country. Having responded to this appeal, hundreds of its supporters took to the streets of the capital, green flags of the Jamahiriya appeared again on some houses.

The son of Colonel Seif al-Islam also spoke to the Libyan people, who, like his father, called on supporters to rise and expel the traitors and NATO from the country.

Currently, the shootings in Tripoli are continuing, explosions occasionally thunder on the streets. In the sky over the Libyan capital circling the planes of the North Atlantic alliance.
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