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Causes of anxiety in the US lie in themselves (Renmin Jibao, China)

Causes of anxiety in the US lie in themselves (Renmin Jibao, China)

In mid-May, I traveled to the United States, met with some US congressmen and professors, talked with representatives of seven think tanks, as well as with selected media. The general impression is this: the views of Americans on China are different, the signals they give are rather complex. In general, experts and their opinions can be divided into three groups.

The first is "pessimists." The most interesting experience for me was a conversation with a professor at the University of Chicago, John J. Mirshaymer, he expressed the most "cruel" point of view on future Sino-American relations. He stressed that if the PRC continues to develop at the current speed, then bilateral confrontation and even conflict will be difficult to avoid. According to him, China is trying to radically change the modern world order, which is in the interests of the country. Than to wait until China becomes strong and gets out of control, it is better to fight it now. Such a position regarding Sino-US relations in the US is held by a minority, quite a few people said that one should not pay attention to such judgments that are divorced from reality.

The second group of people is “optimists”, they are mainly concentrated in the economy, financial and scientific and technical spheres. They have high hopes for cooperation with China, believing that rising China will bring many opportunities through which it will be possible to achieve win-win. They noted that with the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008, China’s contribution to the growth of the global economy exceeded 30%, the continued growth of the PRC and Chinese-American cooperation are very important for the United States and the world. Successful transformation of China’s economic growth model will provide great opportunities for large trading countries and multinational companies, and US enterprises — the main partner of the PRC — will benefit greatly.

The third group is people who retain “prudence” or “worry” about China. They constitute the majority in American analytical centers. Many experts frankly expressed their concern about the possibility of stable development of Sino-US relations, but they did not come to extreme conclusions. The brain centers and the media of the United States are actively discussing the intentions of the PRC to expand island construction in the South China Sea, however, obviously, they are not so much concerned about the issue of territoriality, as China’s attempts to expel the US from Asia. In this regard, they firmly stand on the United States to resolutely oppose the expansion of the PRC.

According to American think tanks and media, it is precisely after the growth of China’s influence that any country’s action attracts attention and is in doubt. Perhaps that is why the parties disagree on the problem in the South China Sea, cyber security issues, as well as in science and technology and the military sphere, all these problems are easily hyperbalized and politicized.

Once again, I met Dr. Henry Kissinger. In his conversation, he expressed the firm conviction that the direction of Chinese-American cooperation was correct, in his opinion, it was necessary to communicate more, to cooperate sincerely. As for the future order, Kissinger noted that there is a prospect of one general order in the world, but this will not be easy.

The US position, which is characterized by various concerns and doubts, has affected China on issues such as climate change, maritime search and rescue operations and escorting ships, managing the global economy, and building regional infrastructure. Washington is swinging between support, recognition and doubts, has mixed feelings about the positive and constructive effect of China’s growth. For example, the United States is giving completely incomprehensible signals on the Chinese initiatives to build the "Silk Road Economic Belt", "The 21 Sea Silk Road" and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. However, the development of the situation is stronger than individual people. This time in the USA, I heard a relatively unified conclusion that the United States has no reason not to support or participate in China’s projects.

Humanity has come to this day thanks to a system and an order of equality and mutual respect that were created through negotiations between large countries, and not military actions, there were no other precedents. Are the United States really accustomed and hope to continue to implement the model of world governance, where "they rule and the rest obey"? In recent years, American leaders and academics have stressed the need to preserve world leadership. Or maybe worries about the “leadership role” come from the current US situation and their inability to adapt to the changes of the world? And maybe it is likely that the ups and downs in relations between the two countries reflect these changes?

Putting forward the idea of ​​building a "Sino-American relations of a new type", PRC Chairman Xi Jinping mainly hoped that the two important countries of the world, China and the United States, would be able to get rid of the old path of bilateral rivalry and conflict, follow a new route of cooperation and mutual gains, thereby, provide a model for solving problems in the interaction between large countries in the world.

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  1. Islander
    Islander 8 June 2015 14: 55
    The US is rightly scared.

    India and China froze the conflict in Tibet, the President of India paid a visit to China. Nothing prevents China, along with India, Russia and another half of the world, from wiping its nose on hawks.

    This is clear from the map of sanctions against Russia - who are friends and who are enemies, the real alignment of forces in the modern world.
    1. Talgat
      Talgat 8 June 2015 20: 29
      Quote: Islander
      who are friends and who are enemies, a real alignment of forces in the modern world.

      Yes, the map really reflects not only the current situation - it’s a very similar distribution of countries for future blocks of years already through 10-15, which has already begun, it’s already clear who with whom, they simply do not sign military treaties, blocks are not openly opened until that it’s simply impossible to openly oppose the West, as once the USSR

      But even without formal treaties and blocs, nothing prevents the Allied countries from coordinating steps and jointly starting to oppose aggressors (a good example is China and Russia, Iran and Latin Americans)
  2. svetoruss
    svetoruss 8 June 2015 14: 56
    The USA is an empire of Lies, and therefore it is non-contractual, those who are trying to negotiate with them should remember this ....
  3. Alex rus
    Alex rus 8 June 2015 14: 56
    The United States wants to control everything, point it out to everyone .. that's it and puffed up .. but you can't endlessly puff up .. you can just burst.
  4. A-Sim
    A-Sim 8 June 2015 14: 59
    What a cunning chatterbox - he is lying that "Humanity has come down to this day thanks to the system and order of equality and mutual respect, which were created through negotiations between large countries, and not military actions, there were no other precedents." The entire history of mankind known to us is a series of MILITARY conflicts.
    But realists in the US are teaching instructions for a Kalashnikov assault rifle in Chinese ...
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 8 June 2015 18: 59
      Quote: A-Sim
      But realists in the US are teaching instructions for a Kalashnikov assault rifle in Chinese ...

      And stock up with water chips. smile
  5. V.ic
    V.ic 8 June 2015 15: 14
    And I am equally not sympathetic to both of these contacting subjects. "Russian with a Chinese = brothers forever" was the USSR 60 years ago ... It ended with Damansky and Zhalanashkol. The hugging of "our" pi ... leaders with the Americans ended with the bombing of Yugoslavia and two Chechen companies. In a word: "tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are." Not invented by me.
    1. A-Sim
      A-Sim 8 June 2015 15: 17
      "Russia has only two allies - its army and navy."
    2. Shpagolom
      Shpagolom 8 June 2015 15: 34
      .... I dare say that this statement cannot be considered true ..... Jesus had Judas as a friend and so what?
    3. NEXUS
      NEXUS 8 June 2015 17: 07
      Quote: V.ic
      And I am equally not sympathetic to both of these contacting subjects. "Russian with Chinese = brothers forever

      You have not taken into account one small detail - the alliance with China, India and other BRICS participants, this is primarily an economic alliance, not a military one. Although, if a mess starts, this economic alliance will quickly turn into a military-economic one.
      The USA as a world hegemon has outlived itself, but clings to the unipolar world order with all its might.
      It is possible to cope with such a call only together and this is the reality of today's reality.
  6. fomkin
    fomkin 8 June 2015 15: 21
    In Katasonov believes that tactical alliances are possible with China, but strategic are excluded.
    History suggests that he is more right than wrong.
  7. shooter18
    shooter18 8 June 2015 15: 24
    from union with China there will be some pluses
  8. bubla5
    bubla5 8 June 2015 16: 33
    Speaking sensibly why Americans and the EU are afraid of Putin and Russia, in 2014 a large-scale accession of the territory was carried out without a shot, and if it is sensible to reasonably hold a referendum in any country of the former USSR about joining up or just about joining a customs union, and at this stage no one It will not give a guarantee in their outcome, but 100% it will not be a negative result, remember what happened in England, the country almost fell apart. So a military scenario for resolving issues is beneficial for them.
  9. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 8 June 2015 17: 02
    Putting forward the idea of ​​building a "Sino-American relationship of a new type," Chinese President Xi Jinping mainly hoped that the two important countries of the world, China and the United States, would be able to get rid of the old path of bilateral rivalry and conflicts, take a new route of cooperation and mutual gain, thereby provide a model for problem solving in the interaction between major countries in the world

    There is nothing to negotiate with the current US leadership ... They are sick to the fullest!
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 8 June 2015 17: 14
      Since the formation of the Fed, US presidents are nothing more than pawns in their hands. Only Kennedy alone tried to get out of control.
  10. Alexdark
    Alexdark 9 June 2015 00: 30
    You know, as in the famous quotation of Claudius Claudian - The one who terrorizes others lives in constant fear