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Participants of the Odessa resistance: "We had to go to the new Kulikovo battle"


I didn’t have time for the newly-made Odessa governor-gauleiter to show off without a tie in front of journalists, as he hurried not only to justify, but to approve one of the worst crimes of the supporters of the junta: Odessa Khatyn. On the air of the Ukrainian Fifth Channel, the famous executioner of Tskhinval said that on this day, 2 May 2014, “Odessa and all of Ukraine passed a very important exam - they were able to prevent the fall as a house of cards. The New Russia plan failed, and the Odessans, in the first place, did it. ”

Saakashvili praised the one who formally appointed him - Petro Poroshenko. According to him, he "is very concerned about the Odessa region." So much so that calls his new subordinate, former colleague, every evening.

There is something to attend to. Odessans still completely different opinions about the terrible events of 2 in May. No wonder we have to constantly block Kulikovo Field, so that people do not carry flowers there. But flowers appear all the same. What just do not come up for the failure of memory shares! In particular, 2 Jun someone allegedly “mined” Kulikovo Pole - well, and then, as usual in such cases - overlap, examination with dogs ... But the memory of the people cannot be killed by such methods. And even more so - not to kill Novorossia. Some continue, in spite of everything, to bring flowers to the place of the tragedy, others - are fighting underground, and others - have moved to another part of the same battle. In the Donbass.

I had a chance to talk about that black day and Saakashvili’s statements about the “failure of the Novorossia plan” to three Odessans, who were forced to leave their hometown, but went not to a prosperous Moscow or other peaceful place, but to Donetsk. They belong to the public organization of officers of Odessa "I have the honor." It was one of the three main forces that formed the backbone of the tent camp on Kulikovo Pole - in addition to them, the “Odessa squad” and the “People’s squad” also participated.

Igor Nemodruk, a direct participant and witness of events in the House of Trade Unions, believes that this tragedy, contrary to Saakashvili’s words, was not in vain, and the memory of it will serve the cause of Novorossia. I ask him:

- You were directly involved in the 2 May events in Odessa. We are now in the glorious city of Donetsk, where now is one of the main centers of resistance, one of the main centers of the struggle for the Russian world. Odessa also played an important role in this struggle. How do you feel about the appointment of a new governor of Odessa?

- Well, how can I relate? Of course, I feel bad. But, on the other hand, it is a bright, blatant demonstration of the occupation character of the current Ukrainian government. Saakashvili is a completely independent figure. He to the bone belongs to the United States of America. But such a figure can in no way reflect the interests of Odessa, the city, the region, Ukraine as a whole. This is the protege of the occupation regime, the protege of the colonial authorities. His goals and objectives are very clearly visible in his previous activities when he was the president of Georgia. He then showed himself "good", but people do not change. He will also behave in Odessa and pursue the same policy. The fight against dissent will be toughened, the war with Transnistria will most certainly be unleashed. Well, and other consequences.

- Recently, Saakashvili broke out in such a way that he fully endorses the burning of 2 people on May 2014. Because, as he put it, the very “people” who did this put an end to the “Novorossiya” project. How could you comment on this?

- I am personally not surprised. It would be much more surprising if he expressed the opposite. If he had arrested such figures as Mark Gordienko or Goncharenko, and would have condemned them. And so it is fully consistent with its nature. What else to expect from him? Of course, he will welcome it. He is a fascist.

- As for the essence of his statement. Did the 2 events of May really frighten Odessa and crush the resistance? Or, on the contrary, will these tragic events still play a role in the future struggle?

- In my opinion, and I am a believer, now the front line between the Orthodox Russian world and the western, satanic one is passing. May 2 on the Kulikovo Field was the forefront of this struggle. Yes, on the one hand, Odessans were somewhat impressed, shocked. But on the other hand, this event tore off all the masks. Not only in Odessa, but throughout the Russian world, and even in the West, people saw what fascism is. It shook the fight. Such actions are not random. Still, it probably pleases God. Yes, people died there. This is scary. This is grief. But these sacrifices were not in vain. They inspired others to fight. And very cool inspired.

- What brought you to Donetsk?

- First, I come from the Luhansk region. It was that I was in Odessa after the events of May 2 could not find myself. I spent some time writing a story about the events of 2 in May, it is called “Field Kulikovo”. After writing, I wanted to fight, but there is no weapons, no organization, no clear structure. Therefore, I came here.

- What are your particularly vivid, dramatic memories of that day?

- When you are killed before your eyes - it is impossible to remain calm. In general, after these events, when I was elected, beaten and without documents, to my home, I had a bright, piercing feeling that this was a universal struggle of satanism and light. And a very clear belief that I am on the right side. And after that I calmly took the rest of the moments, to the very defeat on Kulikovo Pole. Because the most important thing is to be on the right side, and then - as God will judge.

- Among those who did not become with us after that day, are your personal friends?

- Yes, from our organization seven people died there. In particular, the poets Vadim Negaturov and Victor Gun. Vadim Negaturov died before my eyes. I did not know then that he was in the group that jumped out of the windows. It is now - in many frames. People jump out of the window, and these fascist screaming “Glory to Ukraine!” Finish them in the courtyard. I saw it myself, and then, when reviewing the footage, I recognized Vadik Negaturov.

“Why did the people go to the Trade Unions House, which became a trap for them?”

- No, it was not a trap. It was quite a conscious decision to occupy the House of Trade Unions to make it easier to defend. But we did not expect that we will be killed. Until May 2, we were generally naive. We thought that all the contradictions could be resolved in a democratic way, through a referendum, to somehow agree. But, as it turned out, those people who came to demolish us wanted to kill us. They consciously went for the killings. However, for those who went to the House of Trade Unions - it was a conscious decision. Nobody drove there by force. Who wanted to leave, he left. Many of those who were in the square are gone. Who remained - he remained consciously. It was in the air that it was all the same - Kulikovo Pole. Once our ancestors stood on that Kulikovo Field against the horde. So it was fate that we had to go to the new Kulikovo battle, and again with the Horde.

- What future do you think, in the end, awaits Odessa and the Donbass?

- The fact that victory will be ours is unambiguous. It's not even 100 percent, but 150 percent confidence. What will these state formations be called on the site of today's Ukraine is not so important. Odessa will be Odessa, it does not matter, the People’s Republic or in some other way. The main thing is that this is our city, the Orthodox, Slavic, the city of the Russian world, where our values ​​will be. Still, you need to remember that Odessa is a hero-city.

And the future of Donbass ... I believe that the DPR and the LPR will reach the borders of the regions. And here it is, the future, look, what a beauty, here are the children playing, people are walking in the park. This is the future.

The conversation is entered by Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Maratovich Trofimov, also a participant in the struggle on Kulikovo Field:

- What is happening in the Donbass now is already long overdue. So exist, as it existed, Ukraine could no longer. She went to her natural end, lounging in front of her eyes, bringing up the people in some kind of anger, hatred of everything Russian and Orthodox. Deliberately implanted completely alien values. That could not be long. Simply, being in this country, if you can call it that, people got used to it little by little: sort of, tolerantly, still tolerate. But still, once it had to spill over to something. And even for the better, that these events began right now.

After the deliberate collapse of the USSR, conducted by the Anglo-Saxons and America, we were divided into republics. They gave an opportunity to come to little princes, who began to pursue a policy pleasing to the West, to try to suppress the spirit of patriotism, the memory of their exploits and achievements, to destroy the education system, science cities ...

Now we have put this bloody Saakashvili. The same bloody as Poroshenko. His task is to plunge the Odessa region into war, into bloodshed. Under his rule, Georgia was in the first place by the number of political prisoners. In Odessa, he can simply do the same.

Another member of the Odessa resistance, Alexander Popandopulo, shares memories of May 2 and his dead comrades:

- Three people have left a mark in my life for a long time. One of them - Alexander Kuzmich Sadovnichy, a hereditary officer. And in its external appearances, and in essence, it was a real person. The other is Vadim Negaturov, with whom we spent five or six nights on duty there. I remember how he resorted on duty and said: “Today, my old woman is on duty in my stead, and I can be here. How can I help, so I can. He had openness, sincerity and kindness. A man of transparent truth, amazing, vigorous, always ready for good and self-sacrifice. Another person is Victor Gun, also a poet, a member of the Writers' Union. The man is a military man. He told me: “Sash, now there will be a battle, a hand-to-hand fight with the enemy. How will you behave? Remember one thing - when you go to the enemy, you have to go to him as if you want to pass through him. This feeling should be when you have to go to the enemy in general. I understood how the Russian knights marched on the enemy. I realized that they were victorious because they did not notice the enemy, walked through it and, turning round, asked: where is the enemy? But he is no longer there, they have defeated him. ”

Victor Gong said these words to me in 15-20 minutes before entering the House of Trade Unions. And the next morning, people saw him there, choking on the stairs. He was unable to overcome the suffocating gas and reach the roof. In the dark we did not see each other.

Then, having caught my breath, I realized that I was saved. But the worst moment was later. It has been rumored that they will not have any conversations with us, but will be dropped from the roof. Worried that this moment will come, I tried to understand the difference: where is life, and where it is no longer there, where is death. When you realize that now you are still able to stroke the cheek of your son, and then such a moment comes ... Life will go on, but your body is no longer there. You can not already show affection. That's the whole difference between death and life

But then the police came, negotiations were conducted. There were people there - young people, girls who were tired, cold and could no longer be there. They believed the promises of the police that now they would put everyone in their cars, take them out of the city, and let them go in the dark so that people would go home. That nothing will threaten anyone. Those who immediately succumbed to the entreaties, "packed" in paddy wagons. There they sat and waited until half past three in the morning, while all the others descended.

What is the difference between Odessa residents and those whom Saakashvili praises? Not Odessa citizens cleared the city from Kulikov Fields. This must be clearly understood - not from Odessa. It turns out that it turns everything around. And it was like this: they brought people in, built them and, like in the movies, assigned them the role of Odessa citizens. They said to fight with us. They played their part. They put on fascist masks, armed themselves with fascist methods, smoked, pricked for cheerfulness - and went ... We did not think that this could be. If we had foreseen something similar, if we had not been loosened and relaxed by the oligarchic structure that had been, then perhaps we would have prepared ourselves. But it happened as it happened.

And the real inhabitants of Odessa came 4 May to our detention center. They came with enthusiasm and strength. Many of them visited the House of Trade Unions, saw signs of a massacre. Someone's relatives died there. People carried out the gates of our prison. The cops were afraid that now there will be a real seizure. We were released. There were those who were transported to other isolators - they are still sitting, now in other regions of Ukraine.

But I think it was not for nothing. This is the seed that sprouts today. It will sprout goodness and revival of Odessa. It is that Odessa vein, that flow of light ... We do not even imagine what this new time will be.

Then Alexander told us about our previous companion, Lieutenant Colonel Trofimov:

- Yuri Maratovich stayed there until the last. I went down early in the morning, took out the banner of Victory, gave the first interview. And at that time we were already in pre-trial detention cells. He urged people to help us.

By the way, then Yuri Maratovich, already 9 July, was arrested. Standard charges were brought against him: “treason against the Motherland” (and this is for the officer for whom the oath was the most important!), “The creation of an underground organization”, “terrorism”. Then he was included in the lists on the exchange of prisoners. 25 December 2014 of the year, along with other people, was exchanged for punishers of the so-called "ATO". And on January 22, 2015, he had already fought under Debaltseve ...

... We were standing in the beautiful Park of Lenin Komsomol. Behind, Kalmius slowly and proudly carried his waters. Somewhere in the distance were the sounds of working artillery. Mothers walked with the children, the boys swayed on the swing with pleasure. In the end, those who died for Odessa-have fallen for the future of these Donbass children ... For the new generation of Novorossia.

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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 5 June 2015 07: 34
    The endless struggle of two civilizations has intensified in the world now, we have given slack and they have taken advantage of this. Now it’s our turn to show them our strength and they will see it ... The most important thing now for all of us is to be on the right side. To the officers and people of Ukraine left on the right track - great respect and support from all of us!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 5 June 2015 11: 07
      "I believe that the LPR and DPR will come to the borders of the regions." This is the right approach! After June 20 and will begin.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 5 June 2015 07: 35
    the executioner of Tskhinvali claimed that on this day, May 2, 2014, “Odessa and all Ukraine passed a very important exam - they were able to prevent a fall like a house of cards. The plan of New Russia failed, and this was done, first of all, by Odessa residents. ” ... They wait, they won’t wait .. hemp ties .. the executioner of Tskhinval ...
  3. V.ic
    V.ic 5 June 2015 07: 43
    Real patriots, real officers, real people! God bless them!
  4. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 5 June 2015 08: 32
    Sooner or later the junta will fall and the fascist rabble will be punished!
  5. slizhov
    slizhov 5 June 2015 09: 00
    It should declare a hunt for Mishan ...
    Proud Hero Odessa ...
    You haven’t been under Saakashvili yet.
  6. Lyton
    Lyton 5 June 2015 09: 41
    Mishiko in Odessa will either be killed or later blamed for all sins, they say he couldn’t do it, they showed him on the box how his bodyguards were covering his ass, a valuable shot.
  7. aviator1913
    aviator1913 5 June 2015 09: 49
    The tragedy in Odessa did not raise people, asked relatives in Odessa, they are all Russian, they said that they would not go anywhere. As they were engaged in agricultural business, they are doing it ... They do not care who is in power, Odessa has always stood apart. They are free traders, if they would they would disconnect from all, would be a country-city-port, they that the government in Kiev is not a decree that Putin does not care.
    1. Angry orc
      Angry orc 16 June 2015 11: 38
      I noticed a strange pattern - all articles about the Odessa resistance do not meet with numerous enthusiastic reviews, and it’s not even a matter of pall, it was originally so
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 5 June 2015 09: 50
    I think. that Mishiko's target is too shallow to glow. I hope that the Odessa partisans (and they are, no matter how the couch fighters mocked at the Odessa residents) are preparing for a more serious operation with the assistance of the DPR-LPR. I believe that Odessa will still show itself from a completely unexpected side for the ukrovlast.
    1. Lyton
      Lyton 5 June 2015 14: 26
      Oh Elena, yes to your ears God, I will hope that you will be right. Sincerely.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. volot-voin
    volot-voin 5 June 2015 09: 52
    Odessa Governor-Gauleiter to show off without a tie
    I guess he managed to eat a tiewink
    Actually, of course, it’s not funny, it’s a pity that the inhabitants of Odessa fell under the heel of bloody clowns. The situation with Transnistria is straining.
    Odessa resistance good luck in the fight and victory!
  10. Evgen2x
    Evgen2x 5 June 2015 10: 02
    Gauleiter Mishiko)), the author plus, well, and accordingly, all Gauleiters finish the same way! I hope with Mishiko this will be quick, revealing and in the central square !!
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 5 June 2015 10: 19
      Quote: Evgen2x
      Gauleiter Mishiko)), the author plus, well, and accordingly, all Gauleiters finish the same way! I hope with Mishiko this will be quick, revealing and in the central square !!

      According to the experience of the Second World War, the sentence gauleiterm was "executed" by means of explosives.
  11. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 5 June 2015 12: 25
    The current leaders of Ukraine, on a tie, hemp.
  12. Thompson
    Thompson 5 June 2015 13: 35
    You know how most are now population of Ukraine position yourself ???
    As in that joke -... "blue", "blue", but alive !!!
  13. epsilon571
    epsilon571 5 June 2015 16: 59
    TWO Predictions of Saakashvili.

    I. Altai Vanga predicted the imminent death of Saakashvili

    “Human curses overtook him,” says Baba Tanya, looking at the photo of Saakashvili. - Lord! How many innocent and unborn children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers were killed on his conscience ... The Lord holds a sword of Damocles over his head, and no one can help him ... Suddenly, after these words spoken by the healer, the flame burning on the table the candles fluttered and went out.

    “Death is standing next to him,” Tatyana Voroshilova continues, ignoring the extinguished candle. - She already threw a noose with three knots on his neck! I see - very soon an attempt will be made on him! I see that the wounds will prove fatal, but he will not die right away ... He will die ten months by a slow and painful death ...

    Having picked up a deck of cards, Tatyana Vasilyevna laid them out on the table.

    “He even hates his own surroundings,” the healer continues. - Of those who are next to him, I see only one person who does not have a stone in his bosom. It is this man who will take him after the attempt to another country. And he will hide his body after death! Because even many will want to approach his dead body, but not in order to cry, but in order to tear off a piece from him and throw the black crow for eating ...

    The flame of a newly lit candle fluttered, writes

    - All his troubles from all-consuming greed! - sighs Tatyana Vasilievna. - The desire to have power and the thirst for profit have long captured his soul! And his heart never knew what love was! Love for his homeland, love for his native people and for the people of his country is unknown to him! The worst thing is that not only he, but his children will have to pay for his deeds! Even if he decides to repent of his sins - it's too late! The blood of the dead is already on his conscience ... And there is nothing higher than God and his sword of retribution!

    II. The well-known numerologist Klara Kuzdenbaeva in an interview with AIF expressed a forecast that, judging by the life code and in accordance with the life rhythms of Mikheil Saakashvili, he will have a very difficult period in the second half of September. According to her, he “is doing rock” and he can be killed. Even if this does not happen, then the next year of his life, which begins on December 21 on his birthday, will bring him complete collapse in his career and personal life, there is a possibility that he will be jailed. The fact is that now he is 40 full years old, and this is an extremely successful year for the Georgian president, he is at the top and lucky. But when he is 41, problems await him.
  14. konvalval
    konvalval 5 June 2015 19: 38
    A tempting prospect for a teddy bear. Yellow-black in his hands.
  15. xomaNN
    xomaNN 5 June 2015 20: 12
    The big plus is that Miho ended up in Odessa, so close to his "accidental" death. Someone will somehow interrupt the path of this petty adventurer-fascist. At the same time he will receive for Tskhinval and Abkhazians. As a bonus am