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Must not be a non-awarded hero

17 of April of this year, the TV channel "Russia 1" ("Local time. Moscow") recalled the feat of the pilot Alexander Mamkin. On the night of 10 on 11 on April 1944, he burned alive in a padded, dusty plane, but found the courage to take the orphans of the Polotsk orphanage from which the Germans intended to pump blood for their wounded out of the occupied zone. Alexander Mamkin died, but more than 80 descendants of the rescued orphans, who called themselves the children of Mamkin, live on earth.

However, the feat of Alexander Mamkin did not become a nationwide example of supermanagement. Although after the publication in Komsomolskaya Pravda of 11 in February of 1965, the article Fiery Flight and the article “Because he lived in the world” of 17 in March many schools began to fight for the name of the hero pilot, although verses and stories were published about him. As if the “Gold Star” introduces the hero into the galaxy of the legendary Alexander Matrosov, Nikolai Gastello, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Viktor Talalikhin ... As if the hero without an asterisk and not a hero at all ... And I wanted to return to stories a forgotten feat.

On the night of April 10-11, 1944, Guard Lieutenant Alexander Mamkin, pilot of the 105th Guards Civil Aviation Regiment fleet (GVF), already on the seventh flight, brought from the deep rear of the enemy the orphans of the Polotsk orphanage, rescued by Belarusian partisans from the fate of donors for wounded fascists. Above the front line, the aircraft was fired upon, the cockpit flamed. Mamkin burned alive, but continued to drive the car to his own under the cry of a child, managed to put her on the ice of the lake near the city of Velizh. The regiment’s doctors didn’t understand how a man in a burning overalls could drive a car, how he could make a landing and pass a half-burned body across the side in fused canned glasses and into a child, step ... Charred legs in fur boots broke. The oldest boy of the children, Volodya Shishkov, opened the cab door. Together with the teacher Valentina Latko, he took out frightened kids and two seriously wounded partisans.

Sasha Mamkin's friends, and among them my father, the commander of the partisan squadron Nikolai Ivanovich Zhukov, all the post-war meetings began, without clinking, with a toast: “For Sasha! Let him be calm there. ” His successful landing was attributed to the great experience of night and blind flights, and his exceptional courage was explained by the fact that Sasha had been hungry for two years old: pity for underprivileged children turned out to be stronger than pain from burns. The hero was buried in the village of Maklok, in 1960's reburied in Velizh, in the mass grave of the memorial "Lidova Gora".

By happy coincidence, on the day of the last flight of Sasha, Moscow cameramen flew to the partisan airfield. They managed to take off, as a broad-shouldered pilot, with a kind smile, sat on a plane of emaciated, skinny kids dressed in homemade clothes and shoes. Our television and today quite often demonstrates these shots on International Children's Day, without naming, however, the name of the pilot. But they entered the film of the Belarusian documentalists “Road without a halt” of the beginning of 1960-s, the name is named.

It is erroneously reported that for his exploit, Alexander Petrovich Mamkin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (POSTERLY)

In many publications in newspapers and magazines, in the memoirs of war veterans and partisans, it is erroneously reported that Alexander Petrovich Mamkin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (posthumously) for his feat. This is even affirmed in the fundamental work of the Ministry of Transport, “Peaceful Wings during the War.” Veterans of the regiment more than once wrote indignant letters to the Ministry of Civil aviation, and to the Ministry of Defense, explaining that Lieutenant Mamkin was among the other pilots of the regiment on April 6, 1944, four days before the feat, to the Order of the Red Banner of the Guard. A rewarding order was issued on April 21, after the death of the hero, and was mistakenly perceived as posthumous. The error was “corrected” in the encyclopedic dictionary “XX Century. Civil Aviation of Russia in the Persons ”(Moscow: Air Transport, 2000) to a new one:“ A.P. Mamkin for an outstanding feat was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of 1 tbsp. posthumously". In fact, according to the archival certificate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of April 15, 2002, this order was awarded on August 31, 1943. That is, Alexander Mamkin was not awarded for the feat, although, according to the memoirs of veterans, the regiment sent a presentation to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.


The aforementioned publication in Komsomolskaya Pravda for 11 February 1965 of the year announced a document in the archives of the Ministry of Civil Aviation confirming reports of regimental veterans: “At the same time I present the material on the assignment of the posthumous title of HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION Guards Lieutenant Mamkina Alexander Petrovich. Appendix: On 6 sheets and 7 photo cards in the address. On 2 sheets in the case. ” On the certificate is the date - 28 June 1944 of the year. Over the past half-century since 1965, the brother-soldiers and partisans remembering their heroic deeds have appealed to the USSR government several times to consider awarding the hero with the title Hero. In 1990, in response to the appeal of People’s Deputy I.F. Klochkova, the secretariat of the USSR Supreme Council, was finally inspired by a letter signed by the First Deputy Chief of the USSR Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Colonel-General Arapov: “The USSR Ministry of Defense considers it possible to consider awarding ... at the recommendation of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.” But soon the country called the USSR ceased to exist. And the Ministry of Civil Aviation, too.

At the beginning of 2000's countrymen, Alexander Mamkin, residents of the Repyevsky district of the Voronezh region, raised funds for the installation of a bust to the hero in the village of Repyevka. Opened a small museum. Several times they filed letters of petition signed by hundreds of people to the president, the government, the Ministry of Defense. But the letters are sent to the Main Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and from there came the on-duty refusal on the basis that materials for submission to the title of Hero, attached to the letter to Lt. Col. Lavrenov, were not preserved in the archive. But after all their duplicates are present in the archive!

I attached all these duplicates to the letter to the head of the Main Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, starting with the main document - “Act of investigating the causes of flight combat losses ...” - and describing the feat.

I was surprised when I received an answer from 20 December 2011 of the year illiterate due to ignorance of the history of the Great Patriotic War:

“From the materials presented by you it follows that Guards Lieutenant Mamkin Alexander Petrovich during the Great Patriotic War served as a part of the 2-th separate and 105-th Guards aviation regiments of the Civil Air Fleet. These units were not part of the Red Army (Navy). Considering the above, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has the legal grounds for submitting submissions on the assignment of A.P. Mamkin the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously) is not available. "

Neither the performer, nor the head of the Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Lieutenant-General V.P. Goremykin, apparently, do not know that the order of the People’s Commissar of Defense of the USSR from 9 July 1941 "GVF personnel directly enrolled in special GVF air groups, considered as drafted into the Red Army" (RGAE. F. 9527. Ref. 1. D. 13. L. 64). By the way, I was amazed by the question of one of the employees of the premium department, a young officer who asked me: “What is the CAF?”
Formed on the basis of the 2-th special air group of the 105-th civil aviation fleet regiment for flying to the surrounded parts, helping to bring them to their own and establishing an air connection with the guerrillas was awarded the title of the Guards, the Order of Alexander Nevsky, the name Panevezhsky - for participating in the liberation of the Lithuanian SSR .

After such a refusal to again raise the issue of non-awarding the hero with the title of Hero, it seemed meaningless. Now, when the 70 anniversary of Victory died down, I realized that I was wrong.

Consoles one. Alexander Petrovich Mamkin had no children, but the orphans he rescued called themselves Mamkin’s children, and their children, Mamkin’s grandchildren, were often given the name Alexander. Recently, the grandson of Vladimir Shishkov, the most adult of the children saved by Mamkin, said that Mamkin's great-great-grandson is already growing in his family in St. Petersburg! The bright memory and the continuation of the life of the hero!

Must not be a non-awarded hero

And yet ... There should not be a hero who is not awarded! Every year on June 1, the world celebrates International Children's Day. In Russia, this day is not associated with any feat in the name of saving children. And there is such a feat!

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  1. midshipman
    midshipman 13 June 2015 08: 19
    Dear L. Zhukova, deeply touched by your story in "VO". I think that you should, through your proxies, who help our President of the country, once again ask for justice to be restored. Such a person is worthy of honor in Our country.
    Indeed, the former Minister of Defense, who ruined the army and military scientific research institutes, became the Hero of Russia, the former Chief of the General Staff also became the Hero of Russia, was awarded the highest award of Russia and the President, who destroyed the USSR and organized perestroika.
    I published an essay in "VO" "Fight to the death, but survive" about Captain Z. Kolobanov, who on August 21, 1941, near Krasnogvardeysk (Gatchina), knocked out 28 Nazi tanks. His company of 5 KV tanks destroyed 43 Nazi tanks that day and delayed the installation of the blockade of Leningrad for 10 days. Z. Kolobanov was also not awarded the title of Hero of the USSR, although the division commander made the presentation.
    There are a lot of such case-feats, our people should know about them. But how to do this, I do not know.
    My father died on the Leningrad front on December 27, 1941, he created heavy railway artillery and the "Road of Life". My mother and I have already been evacuated to Siberia. His co-workers buried him in a separate grave (This is December 1941), we were shown the grave immediately upon returning to Leningrad in 1944. Now I am looking after her. I myself have been awarded many orders and twice State Prize Laureate. For many years I was the Chief Designer of military and military equipment, which were adopted and protect our country.
    About such people that you wrote about, you need to make films for TV. and not the liberal nonsense that is shown to our people. I have the honor.
  2. veteran66
    veteran66 13 June 2015 08: 27
    But now the title Hero of Russia is being distributed right and left
    1. Vasek Trubachev
      Vasek Trubachev 15 June 2015 14: 39
      This is not the first and not the last mistake of the Department of Defense system. The mistake with the awarding of the hero of Russia, sniper Alexander Chernyshov, whose well-aimed shot killed the leader of the militants in the Chechen campaign, on December 9, 1999, near the village of Maly Bamut, received scandalous notoriety. He was nominated for the award for the title of Hero of Russia, but due to a misunderstanding and bureaucratic error, another Alexander Chernyshev, who served as an armored personnel carrier gunner in the area of ​​hostilities, was awarded instead. So that shameless impostor later became a deputy of the local council and in his official "biography" of the people's choice he "retrained" from a gunner into snipers.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 13 June 2015 08: 40
    There should not be a hero uninvited!...Should not! Forget, we will perish ..
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 14 June 2015 07: 07
      The dead no longer need anything. But it needs to be alive. Just to stay human.
  4. moskowit
    moskowit 13 June 2015 08: 49
    Unfortunately, many outstanding manifestations of heroism and self-sacrifice during the Great Patriotic War are still waiting for their researchers. The mass heroism of the Soviet people at the front and in the rear was truly massive. The army was huge and not all feats were timely covered and described in award sheets. There were many objective reasons. Nevertheless, in the award business there was a lot of indifference and negligence.
    Many thanks to the writers, journalists, search engines and many ordinary people who devoted their work to the construction of many heroes from oblivion.
  5. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 13 June 2015 09: 23
    When some young people start talking about tolerance, they offer to forget the past and look with a smile to the west, I always remember such cases and send such scum away. Such things are never forgiven to enemies. We have problems and come from the fact that someone in power began to forget the face of the enemy.
    1. Yapet100
      Yapet100 13 June 2015 17: 53
      Under the pretext of tolerance, we are invited to forget our story ... because they are afraid!
    GEORGE 13 June 2015 09: 32
    Quote: midshipman
    Dear L. Zhukova, deeply touched by your story in "VO". I think that you should, through your proxies, who help our President of the country, once again ask for justice to be restored. Such a person is worthy of honor in Our country.

    I agree with you completely and completely !!! And we, and our descendants should know, remember and honor our HEROES !!! A special thanks to the author !!!
  7. midshipman
    midshipman 13 June 2015 10: 56
    My grandson R.M. Lutfullin published in "VO" a story about the cessation of active hostilities on the Karelian front in early December 1941. For a number of reasons, the Red Army left many cities and towns of the Karelian Republic. The fighting rolled up to the White Sea-Baltic Canal. Finnish armored battalions occupy the town of Medvezhyegorsk. Parts of the 313 rifle division-division commander G.V. Golovanov withdraws the division to the right bank of the canal. Gives the command when the Finns occupy the village of Povenets - to blow up the platinum 7 of the lock. The command was carried out by the soldiers of the 126th and 131st rifle regiments on December 11, 1941. More than 2000 Finns were washed into Lake Onega in 37 degrees below zero. The front froze until 1944 in these positions. This is also a feat of our soldiers. Only we wrote about him. I have the honor.
  8. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar 13 June 2015 13: 28
    Such EXPERIENCES, not only must be awarded, films must be made about them, and more than once in every school.
    The feat of a real man, WARRIOR.
    Not even so much the lack of fatherhood of Mamkin as a sense of responsibility for children.
    In his hands and on his skills depended on the lives of the children and he could not let them down.
    His own life has lost value in his eyes, against the backdrop of 80 baby souls ...
    Eh, there were people.
    Eternal, bright memory to you is HERO.
  9. ingenera
    ingenera 13 June 2015 16: 46
    It seemed that the Ministry of Defense should support the memory of the heroes. And the state will not become poorer from a posthumous reward to the hero, but no, it is easier to reward sons and excuse Serdyukovs from responsibility. Shame on you gentlemen!
  10. Karlsonn
    Karlsonn 13 June 2015 22: 30

    I suggest - EVERYTHING! community "VO" to campaign for the collection of signatures and turn to the government of the Russian Federation - with the aim of posthumous awarding of Alexander Petrovich Mamkin with the highest award of Russia. hi
  11. Raider
    Raider 14 June 2015 00: 18
    This will be at least our real contribution, and not just another "sofa" story. I AM FOR!!!
  12. Status
    Status 14 June 2015 14: 58
    I propose that the site moderator, in a convenient form, create a form (template, message sending point) in which one could formulate a request to the Ministry of Defense outlining facts worthy of consideration of the posthumous award.

    I don’t know how anyone, but for me this article evokes a sense of pride in our great ancestors.

    Pass on to descendants.
  13. aleksandrs95
    aleksandrs95 14 June 2015 18: 06
    A great man and his feat, in his service to the fatherland, people, children. Being an example for all of us living and future descendants. All of us need to be grateful otherwise we will turn into monkey people without a clan and tribe and history and Christ in the head. Bright examples of which with our eyes today.
  14. Stockton
    Stockton 25 June 2015 00: 17
    Lyudmila, I would like to ask you to send me copies of documents for Alexander Mamkin. Once he saved the children of the Polotsk orphanage and Belarusian partisans, then you can submit documents and ask him to be awarded the title Hero of Belarus. Maybe our Ministry of Defense will approach the request not formally. For example, Alexei Berest, who established the Victory Banner with Egorov and Kantaria, was denied the title of Hero in Russia, but was awarded in Ukraine.
  15. Gunner
    Gunner 16 September 2015 16: 06
    And his surname is corresponding - Mamkin. He, consider, these children gave a second life!