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"Stop feeding the Caucasus"?

"Stop feeding the Caucasus"? According to the plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia in the North Caucasus Federal District, Alexander Khloponin, the Russian government chose the first investment projects worth more than 40 billion rubles for their implementation in the North Caucasus Federal District. Khloponin said that projects for 42 billion rubles will be implemented in each republic of the North Caucasus. These words were said at the retreat of the Security Council of the Russian Federation in Yessentuki. 28 investment projects have already been selected; according to 70% of state guarantees, these events, in Khloponin's opinion, will largely solve the problem of employment of residents of the North Caucasian republics.

The plenipotentiary hopes that in the near future, within a month, “we will begin to go to the work sites”. According to Khloponin, the NCFD’s development strategy plan contains 89 specific measures that will be aimed “at ensuring national security and socio-economic development” of the North Caucasus.

Earlier it was reported that as part of the development program of the North Caucasus Federal District, the Russian government plans to spend almost 2025 trillion on the North Caucasus before 4. rubles. Moreover, investments will be allocated for specific projects that are really able to rectify the weak economic situation of the North Caucasus regions.

In addition, at the same meeting of the Russian Security Council in Yessentuki, Nikolai Patrushev noted that the “terrorist threat” remains the main problem of the North Caucasus. According to him, the situation in the North Caucasus Federal District is very tense. This fact causes the population’s distrust of the authorities, which cannot solve this problem. So, in the region only recently 335 crimes of a terrorist nature have been registered. And this is 90% of all terrorist crimes committed in the Russian Federation. There are flaws in this area of ​​the terrorist threat both at the federal level and at the level of the subjects of the Federation. And these shortcomings are becoming one of the main reasons for insufficient investor activity in the implementation of large projects in the North Caucasus Federal District.

The bad thing in the NCFD and with employment, the level of wages. According to the Secretary of the Security Council, in the North Caucasus region there are more than 350 thousand unemployed, especially the youth unemployment rate is high. The highest unemployment rate in Chechnya is about 214 thousand people, in Ingushetia - about 50 thousand people, in the Dagestan Republic - 40 thousand. The average salary in the North Caucasus Federal District is only 13 thousand rubles, although in Russia - 22 thousand.

And according to Patrushev, the problems of the North Caucasus can be solved only by developing effective methods to combat terrorism and extremism, raising the general standard of living of the inhabitants of the North Caucasus Federal District.

"Stop feeding the Caucasus"

At the same time, protest actions under the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus” are being prepared throughout the Russian Federation. The organizers of the protest rally plan to express their dissatisfaction with the unfair distribution of federal subsidies between the subjects of Russia and the issuance of state subsidies for the development program of the North Caucasus region. This movement has already caused considerable resonance in the media, in the Internet space.

This demand finds a lot of supporters both among ordinary citizens and among politicians and political scientists. Many believe that the Second Chechen War ended in a "conspiracy" between Moscow and Grozny, the militants were legalized (except for the most "frostbitten" radical Islamists), and were able to join the security and administrative structures of the republic. Kadyrov provides order in Chechnya, in return, Moscow actually pays a “contribution”.

An example of an unfair distribution of financial flows is the last pompous holiday - the Day of Grozny. New buildings of Grozny are in sharp contrast with the situation in much of the other cities of Russia.

The fact of Moscow’s great attention to the social and economic problems of the Chechens and other residents of the North Caucasian republics also causes great irritation among Russian citizens. Indeed, in reality, many subjects of the Russian Federation are experiencing similar problems. In addition, the central authorities hardly remember the problems of tens of thousands of Russian refugees who fled the Chechen Republic. Justice demands that their oppressors, murderers and robbers be punished, a state commission is needed to investigate the crimes of that period. They should receive compensation for property, moral shock. The state should provide them with the opportunity to return, if they wish, to provide them with protection.

As a result, the problem of the North Caucasus can become a real detonator, with the help of which the situation in Russia can be “shaken”, or rather, they are already trying. And it will be difficult to blame simple people for this, a large share of the blame lies with Moscow, since it has failed to ensure social justice.

In addition, the North Caucasus problem is not limited only to Chechnya and the terrorist threat. Despite regular counter-terrorism operations, the radical Islamist underground is gaining momentum, which also uses social justice slogans. The Caucasian diasporas (including those from the South Caucasus) cause considerable irritation; no one has solved the problem of ethno-mafia and ethnic crime. In addition, ethnocracies formed in the North Caucasus Federal District, which at one time became one of the reasons for the collapse of the USSR, and much of the money that comes from the center is simply stolen. This aggravates the situation of ordinary residents of the North Caucasus, who do not have the honor to belong to the ruling clans that manage financial flows. This injustice for youth becomes a factor that leads them to the forests and mountains. In the ranks of the Islamist underground.

"Enough to feed the West"!

At the same time, some experts note the fact that the image of the “internal enemy” being created is obscured by the corrupt Russian officials along with the comprador bourgeoisie. Indeed, in reality, much more Russian capital goes abroad, to the West.

The outflow of capital, which must be invested in the development of Russia, the modernization of its infrastructure, the new industrialization, goes in different ways. From private contributions to various Western banks, property, which are made by officials and businessmen, to withdrawal by the state of finance to the reserve fund of the Russian Federation, which is located in the West. This all strengthens the Western world and depletes the Russian national economy. Billions of dollars Russia has invested in the treasury obligations of the United States - our main potential enemy on the planet, the enemy who participated in the organization and involvement of Russia in the First and Second World Wars, in which we lost millions of our sons and daughters.

Expenditures on the Russian Caucasus fade in comparison with the funds that went to the West, and to the East.

And the thousands of people who died in Chechnya and fled from there cannot be compared with the millions of people that Russia lost due to the collapse of Great Russia-USSR and during the socio-economic genocide of the population during the “shock” and “democratic” reforms. In this regard, the criminal Basayev is a whipping boy, compared to such monsters as Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar ...

What the slogan leads to - “Stop feeding the Caucasus”

The Russian liberals, national democrats or part of Russian nationalists who put forward this slogan do not realize that such actions lead to the collapse of the country. Although it is possible that some, especially among leaders, do it consciously.

The national-territorial demarcation of Russia may be its end, a prelude to a new civil war in the territory of the Russian Federation. What our enemies dream in the West and East.

If you stop financing the North Caucasus Federal District - this will lead to a collapse of the North Caucasus region, since there is almost no real sector of the economy. Thousands of new "Caucasians", and Russian residents of the North Caucasus will flood across the Russian Federation. The crime situation will sharply worsen, more massive inter-ethnic conflicts will flare up. Chechnya will flare up, our western and eastern “partners and friends” - Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Great Britain, and France - will certainly take advantage of this. As a result, a new Caucasian war will begin, and the big question is whether the Russian Federation will survive in this struggle.

It is clear that the problems of the North Caucasus must be solved, but not at the cost of a new war and an attempt to secession of this region. We must clearly remember that the Caucasus is Russian land, it cannot be given to our enemies.
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  1. Andrey2302
    Andrey2302 14 October 2011 08: 12
    Unfortunately the author is right. On the one hand, "Stop feeding" the Caucasus. On the other hand, there is no economy and no industry. What would people live, etc. Who is to blame for this, etc. This is another question. But the fact that "the national-territorial demarcation of Russia may become its end, a prelude to a new civil war on the territory of the Russian Federation. What our enemies in the West and East dream about." It's true. Therefore, I think we need to find a compromise. And not just pour money in. How much money is not in lei, if not invested in industry, etc. There will be no sense.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 14 October 2011 08: 27
      Yes, the article is liberal-nationalist on the one hand, the party slogan is evident. On the other hand, looking at the last point, you need to start with someone, and wipe your snot.
    2. NUT
      NUT 18 October 2011 09: 33
      Quote: Andrey2302
      The national-territorial demarcation of Russia may be its end,

      reinvent the wheel again?
      in tsarist Russia, publicly and under Soviet rule, peacefully and painlessly places of settledness existed and it was more difficult to handle weapons with a shovel, crowbar and pickax (construction battalion), our warriors of Islam.
      Today, our elite military units have become the bases for the preparation of terrorists (in Chech. war is not like getting into a tank)
      he used to feed, ipal, eat his lamb and everyone was happy
      Today he climbed into my garden, wants to have my wife, to gobble up my cow and should I seek a compromise?
      those with whom we don’t drink all know this, just to whom war is, and to whom mother is dear
    3. UAZ Patriot
      UAZ Patriot 18 October 2011 22: 27
      Afghans are still praying for us to feed them. only here is a paradox, they understood this only after the departure of our troops. maybe we should temporarily leave the Caucasus, so to speak, the local ethnic group felt the difference between soft and fluffy in their own way --- ne! ???
      1. wxyza11
        wxyza11 19 October 2011 09: 05
        Correctly. I agree.
      2. Ramses_IV
        Ramses_IV 21 October 2011 17: 08
        Then there comes self-aware.
    4. His
      His 18 October 2011 23: 43
      We have more money left to the west. All corrupt dishonest money there
  2. fellow misha
    fellow misha 14 October 2011 09: 05
    By and large, the Kremlin seems to be pursuing the right policy in the Caucasus, there is nothing else left for Stalin to radically solve this problem at the moment, and in order for the Abreks to not feed themselves with raids, they need to build factories and factories and be sure to have a local tsar in the service, and tsars love luxury. you have to pay well, but it’s better to pay with petrodollars in different ways than with the lives of our guys, and even if you carefully and patiently bend your line, then in the end these are the very factories, the factories they start to make some profit from, you see, they will feed themselves even though the mentality is not the same
    1. dmb
      dmb 14 October 2011 10: 22
      Well, you can’t do that. Calculate how much money has already been allocated to Chechnya and see what is built on them. Well, where are the plants? Someone needs to work in factories and factories. and not a territory cleaner but a skilled worker. And for this you need to study, and while you become one, there is not much to earn. And why such difficulties when a burgundy jacket and Mercedes can be obtained as a federal subsidy. You just need to pick up a machine gun and proclaim praise to Kadyrov and Putin.
      1. ballian
        ballian 14 October 2011 11: 04
        As for Chechnya specifically - try if you are not too lazy to figure out how REALLY concrete Chechnya receives subsidies - and not formally - and it turns out that Chechnya is subsidized (at the expense of other regions) much less than formally - Oil and gas in the entire North Caucasus (Chechnya's oil and gas producing region) only produces state-owned company Rosneft, local budgets practically do not receive income from this production - Rosneft pays taxes at the place of registration - in fact, a significant part of the money formally given from Moscow to Chechnya is really just ozvraschayutsya Moscow this way.
      2. Alex63
        Alex63 15 October 2011 04: 06
        The money allocated to the Caucasian republics by the local rulers is plundered to solve their personal needs. Hence the palaces (why not build a palace, but some kind of enterprise?), Business centers (a strong economy in Chechnya) and the Chechen birthday the sultan for Russian money. The current policy of the Russian leadership has formed a staunch dependency on the rulers of the Caucasus, based on elementary blackmail. Give us money, otherwise we will take up arms. But ultimately this does not lead to anything good.
  3. sirToad
    sirToad 14 October 2011 09: 10
    to have enough for everyone, and not just in the Caucasus, you really need to stop feeding the west
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 14 October 2011 18: 57
      You have a very accurate comment - we are not looking for the enemy there! First of all, we are robbed by the oligarchs and we pay an exorbitant tribute to the pendos! Under the USSR there were no such problems in the Caucasus.

      It is not necessary now to play off the peoples - not to "separate" the Caucasus by destroying Russia - but to strengthen Russia - to revive the Union back and at the same time "drive" the oligarchs

      A strong country itself will deal with problems - or according to Stalin - or something else ...
      1. kesa1111
        kesa1111 15 October 2011 16: 58
        By election - or something else?
  4. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 14 October 2011 09: 23
    I once wrote in another topic (about a feast for the money of Allah), I repeat a few. The fire in the Caucasus is flooded with dollars and rubles. Fire extinguishing options are only two:
    1. Pour loot
    2. Pour over the blood.

    All the hell is simple.
    1. Col.
      Col. 14 October 2011 09: 36
      Quote: Banshee
      1. Pour Dough2. Pour blood.

      It is better (and more reliable) to fill with mustard gas and napalm.
      1. baton140105
        baton140105 14 October 2011 14: 00
        are you going to flood your people with mustard gas ?? Think first, then write, and if this is your brightest thought, it is better to keep it with you ....
        1. Col.
          Col. 14 October 2011 14: 05
          Quote: baton140105
          Are you going to flood your people with mustard gas ??

          Have you read this? : http: //
          If not, read and tell me which people are your own?
        2. NUT
          NUT 20 October 2011 02: 47
          Quote: baton140105
          are you going to flood your people with mustard gas?

          both on! how it smelled of mustard gas, so we immediately became our people
    2. sancho
      sancho 14 October 2011 10: 39
      As always, I will support you Banshee! How much can you put OUR money "there"? Do we have our own children? Old people? In the end then? We have that all social strata have houses, apartments, summer cottages? cars?
      And, at the same time, our taxes are taken there by wagons!

      Enough gentlemen EDRosy already liberalize ...... have already played!

      Hey! Two brothers from the casket! - Let's learn how to work Russian citizens in the Caucasus!

      Aren't you ashamed in front of people for such things being done in Moscow?
      1. irony
        irony 14 October 2011 12: 10
        Competent article. Once again I am convinced that V.O. work out ways to "get" people. If we crawl out into the streets now with a demand from the title of the article, we will get Libya. Not in terms of overthrowing the government in the country, but in terms of the invasion of the "liberators". Provocation after provocation. And there will be would-be patriots who will come out. Then there will be surprise: Why is it Hamwee driving around with black guys for a turret? Think of Poland in 1939 and Finland the same year. Enemies are just waiting for the right moment to "politely" break in. You have to be more competent, comrades. And the questions are to be solved more thoughtfully, not impulsively. And then the neck can be twisted and there is no sense in achieving it. It's a pity, because the heads here are basically light IMHO.
        1. sancho
          sancho 14 October 2011 17: 50
          Quote: irony
          You have to be more competent, comrades. And to solve issues thoughtfully, not in a snap. AND

          How much time is needed? Of money? More specific please? And, then, since 1993, I'm tired of watching this whole monkey!

          Once again, from start to finish, look at this -

          And if you have children think again!
          1. irony
            irony 14 October 2011 21: 49
            Eastern peoples recognize one thing - strength. This applies to all aspects. It is not necessary to go around the "legal field", but it becomes a STRONG state. This applies to all aspects, not just the Caucasus. And strength should be demonstrated not in cleansing the villages of Ingushetia and Dagestan, but in the international arena. They will start to be afraid in the West, in reality, in the Caucasus it will settle down by itself. There will be individual idiots, but there are more than enough of them among the inhabitants of other regions. Western "friends" play the Caucasian coin. They just need to close Russia on itself. And the video ... what would you say if they were guys from Vologda, for example? Surely, everyone would admire the daring, reckless SLAVIC fellows. It is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am also tired of watching the dominance of visitors. But, there is such a city in our republic - Kostomuksha. So, they are not there. People who are not inert live there, and at one time they did not even let traders with trucks. And the Russians are engaged in the forest there, and not the Chechens, as throughout the rest of Karelia. While there are no ways to control the Caucasus without injecting finance there, it is necessary to inject. Pay for peace of mind. Leaving the Caucasus aside, the Americans' missile defense will turn out to be a harmless joke. Let's drown in blood.
    3. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 14 October 2011 10: 44
      Banshee, I propose another option:

      3. Highlight the loot like everyone else, and track who spends the loot and where. I understand that option (3) is difficult to execute, since "kickbacks" are quite a weighty argument against.

      Col., and those who put the pros Col.u, apparently for you a common thing, apply mustard gas and napalm.
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 11: 26
        DAGESTAN333 HELLO! TIME AND UNTIL RUSSIAN, UKRAINIAN, (actually all the Union) QMS WHICH plunder BUDGETS their republics will drive their peoples into chronic poverty and got destroyed, live YOUR LIFE carrying the ELEGANT WEDDING Suchat MANAGEMENT, THEIR expensive cars, boundless behavior and they are US knocks ON THE ROADS THINKING FOR DOG, OLD PEOPLE AND CHILDREN ARE EATING GMO-PRODUCTS AND DO NOT give a damn about them, MANY PEOPLE LIVING ALL LIFE HAVE APARTMENTS OF OWNERS AND AT LEADERS OF DIFFERENT RIVERS AND DRIVES
        1. DAGESTAN333
          DAGESTAN333 14 October 2011 11: 50
          SAVAand hello to you!

          The truth is yours. In fact ... they live like this, because we don't care. This does not mean that we have to endure "thousands of years" and then sweep away power at the cost of a bloody revolution, pleasing our enemies. You need to try to constantly keep yourself within the bounds of decency, teach your children the same thing, and if a person from such a (decent) society becomes an official, he will be ashamed to drive around in a car costing 8-10 mln rubles, in sharp contrast to the people.
          1. solodova
            solodova 14 October 2011 12: 03
            The trouble is that a decent person will not be allowed into power.
            1. DAGESTAN333
              DAGESTAN333 14 October 2011 12: 20
              solodova, it’s our (people )’s children who are in power. They grew up among us.
              1. solodova
                solodova 14 October 2011 15: 05
                There is nothing to argue.
                But these children are now devouring and selling their mother ...
                And why ... I can’t understand. Apparently in the 90's there was a selection for survival and adaptability. Together with the foam, something foreign came up from the day ..
                But while we educate our children to be honest, those dishonest ones will manipulate them in their own way from above. THEY lay educational standards, allow textbooks written in America, according to which America won the Second World War. On TV - violence, the cult of money and debauchery ... And our children will have to live in a country with their laws. And they either live by these laws, or try to punch them with their forehead. And each of us will have to face the dilemma of what he wants from his children - that would be honest like him, or successful, like those others ...
                And seeing how the education policy in Russia is taking shape, I think that the division into the poor and the rich will change into the division between the poor uneducated and the rich literate. And then it will become even more difficult for an honest person to come to power.
        2. Mahamont
          Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 16
          It goes to this. Look at Tymoshenko already taken.
          1. SAVA555.IVANOV
            SAVA555.IVANOV 15 October 2011 11: 04
            MAAMONT Timoshchenko is honest !!!!!!! ????? in the 90s, she created an intermediary structure for the supply of gas to her country, in fact, she stuck to a business that works without intermediaries, it is such impudence to make the whole country pay for itself !!!!!! already experiencing problems, from the creatures, when they staged the "orange" revolution several times they organized re-elections, but they took money from the budget of a poor country, and they were not ashamed to pay even a small salary in the country, pensioners live like dogs and they make money from they spend the budget, but they don't care the fate of Ukraine to these "patriots"
        3. Ivan35
          Ivan35 14 October 2011 19: 00
          Right Sava!
      2. solodova
        solodova 14 October 2011 11: 44
        I support. Knowing how budget money is distributed throughout Russia, I have no reason to assume that this is different in Chechnya. Apparently, the money is being absorbed in the pockets of the ruling diaspora and on the external facade in order to show off for the West.
        Direct this money to the real industrial sector, control the financial flow and Chechnya will no longer need the help of the federal budget. On the contrary, it itself will begin to help its subsidized areas with its money. The same can be said for each of our regions.

        About mustard gas and napalm. Remember - how the Nazis atrocities in our country. And a Soviet soldier entering Berlin did not disgrace himself with mass rape and looting, as our enemies did.

        These are not our methods.
        1. DAGESTAN333
          DAGESTAN333 14 October 2011 12: 02
          During the Union, even in our small village there was a factory for the manufacture of electrical wiring, where 50-100 people worked.
        2. Col.
          Col. 14 October 2011 12: 03
          Quote: solodova
          And a Soviet soldier entering Berlin did not disgrace himself with mass rape and looting, as our enemies did.

          No, ma'am, you are mistaken. According to reliable information, on the first day after the entry of our troops into Berlin (not to mention other German cities), about 90 thousand Germans were raped! So our revenge for our wives, sisters and mothers.
          1. solodova
            solodova 14 October 2011 12: 19
            Sir. I do not really believe in the accuracy of this information. They also write about Wikipedia.
            And I believe this
            1. Col.
              Col. 14 October 2011 12: 59
              And you read it: http: //
              If not, read and tell me what "our" methods should be against such "theirs".
              1. solodova
                solodova 14 October 2011 14: 04
                I read this article. Strong article. Hard information. I could not even comment. Of course, the first and second and third thoughts are a tooth for a tooth ... and preferably three for one .... But remembering the Russian, who hid with her Chechen neighbors with her two young sons, who would also be cut out by the whole family if they found Russian family, I understand that it is certainly easy to fill with mustard gas ... But by killing and raping we become on the same level with those beasts that were mentioned in the article you mentioned.
                Do you think Chechens loyal to Russians have not been cut out by families? And now we who survived should water mustard?
                This is our pain and anger. But you have to kill the killers, not civilians.
                But if a crazy man throws dirt at you, will you also get into a puddle and throw dirt, and even those around you?
                Mind - isolate. Killers destroy.
                1. Col.
                  Col. 14 October 2011 14: 20
                  Naturally, I am not a sadist and do not call for total revenge, consider my words about mustard gas as black humor. But ... in the mid-90s, I read a two-volume book published by the General Staff (as I remember now, in a red cover) following the results of the Chechen campaign, with a "c" stamp. The first part describes in detail the background of the issue, starting from the 17th, it seems, century. I remember the words of General Yermolov, the "pacifier" of Chechnya. Not literally: "Chechens understand only the language of force." They never worked, did not produce anything, did not even cultivate the land, and lived exclusively by robbery of neighboring peoples and slavery, they were distinguished by extreme, inhuman cruelty. This is in their genes, and this must always be remembered!
                  1. solodova
                    solodova 14 October 2011 14: 44
                    Colonel, I am familiar, not just with this, but with another book, in which is also the history of Chechnya from the same time. It’s top secret.
                    We live in one state and it is necessary to find a balance between the force that is respected and the violence that is avenged.
                    With regard to the money they receive, the level of industry compared to the pre-war total of 6-7%. Today they have oil production. And many more unexplored deposits.
                    Well, they don’t have much with genes ... inhuman cruelty is described in the article about which we spoke. Agree. But we live today and want to live tomorrow. How can you solve the problem of Chechnya in your opinion? If about mustard gas is black humor, then how seriously do you think it is possible to resolve the issue of Chechnya?
                    1. Col.
                      Col. 14 October 2011 15: 08
                      Seriously (mustard gas is an emotion), this is the hardest question. We need a balanced, comprehensive approach, a deeply thought-out and comprehensively substantiated program, developed with the involvement of historians, economists, sociologists, psychologists and other specialists. And most importantly, you need to WANT to do it! And this is not a matter of one decade. The ideal system of government and domestic policy was, in my opinion, in the mid 60s - late 70s, under Brezhnev. The most stable time in the history of the USSR and Russia, according to scientists, political scientists and sociologists. Unfortunately, having completed the first two parts of the triune task (scientific and technological revolution and agricultural), we failed to do the main thing: "educate a new person" (from the program documents of the CPSU).
                      1. solodova
                        solodova 14 October 2011 17: 02
                        Bravo! Here we are like-minded people.
                  2. Mahamont
                    Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 26
                    I personally knew Chechens, builders and competent engineers.
                2. KASKAD
                  KASKAD 16 October 2011 00: 47
                  Maybe you should read less fairy tales about the need to substitute the right cheek when they hit the field and so on? Wake up, this world is not a fairy tale; it is harsh and unjust and right in it, not the one who is noble and peaceful to his enemies, but the one who has a rifle in his hands, and rage in his eyes. Or do you think you will be regretted when they put the barrel to the weight?
                  Here is a very informative example:
                  Helicopter gunner: - Anyone who runs is a Viet Cong, anyone who stands is a disciplined Viet Cong, so I kill everyone!
                  Journalist: - And women and children?
                  Helicopter gunner: -Sometimes ...
                  Journalist: -And how did you kill women and children?
                  Helicopter gunner: -Easy! They take less lead
                  Isn’t hell a war?
            2. Mahamont
              Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 22
              Yes it is. The morality of Soviet man was much higher than that of enemies and allies.
            3. KASKAD
              KASKAD 16 October 2011 00: 39
              There was an order of Stalin's grandfather told me for three days to cook what anyone would like to stop after three days, or this would be followed by execution
          2. Vyalik
            Vyalik 14 October 2011 16: 09
            Quote: Colonel
            about 90 thousand Germans were raped

            Excuse me, of course, but in my opinion this is bullshit. The battles for Berlin lasted more than one day. And there was no need to rape the Germans. I well remember the stories of those who fought. So here is one of those soldiers who took Berlin who told when they burst into the city there was just hunger and the Germans were ready for anything for the can. Yes, the army that took the city of the enemy will not be particularly almonds remembering what the enemies were doing on our land, only for some reason everyone remembers the violence against the Germans, but they completely forget about the raped Soviet women.
            And on the topic, we must not give money, but give work. Then there will be more benefit for everyone. And first of all for the Caucasus.
            1. sirToad
              sirToad 15 October 2011 05: 31
              I can’t help but insert my grandfather said that the Germans gave stews for a can. fooled - they could have said that he raped
        3. SAVA555.IVANOV
          SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 13: 31
          1. solodova
            solodova 14 October 2011 14: 23
            There is a Monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Berlin. This year he was desecrated. Early in the morning of May 9, a swastika and an inscription in German "Murderer, rapist, thief" were painted on the monument with red paint.
            If you do it your way, then these labels should not be erased? After all, is this the monument you are talking about? Or did I misunderstand you?
            1. Ivan35
              Ivan35 14 October 2011 19: 07
              Indeed - by replicating information about our "atrocities" - or proposing radical measures in the Caucasus or expressing nationalist views - we are hurting ourselves - what happened - now there is an info war - let's not shoot our own - shoot at the enemies!
              And the Germans probably had a lot of things with the Chechens as well, if Stalin harshly evicted them, but if we talk about this now, then we will prevent the revival of that very strong state
              Let’s return it first - and then it will solve all the problems on its own - and if necessary, sometimes in a tough way
            2. SAVA555.IVANOV
              SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 20: 14
              1. mitrich
                mitrich 14 October 2011 20: 32
                Who to take revenge on? These are "Magas", Umarov, the half-finished Akhmadovs and other peelings on their belts, but it is necessary to unbind ordinary people, forcing them to "remember", and even for centuries. Will you do this "work"? No need to chat in vain, my disgruntled Russian comrade ...
                1. Foamas
                  Foamas 14 October 2011 20: 52
                  In general, it would be nice to start looking at the results of the amnesty for members of gangs, since 1991. about 300 thousand people left the territory of Chechnya. Russians, 120tch. was killed, 46tch. were slaves, and there were no more than 2000 militants in the prisons of the Russian Federation. There is no feeling that "ordinary" people did not stand aside ???
                  1. ballian
                    ballian 14 October 2011 21: 03
                    Well, the numbers you have for those killed and slaves are simply unfounded, And about the amnesty - for example, under comrade Stalin, the Bandera people were amnestied even SEVEN times - not at all because Stalin was kind (he had no problems with this part) - but because Amnesties are the most effective way to deal with rebels - partisans.
                    1. Foamas
                      Foamas 14 October 2011 21: 56
                      The figures for slaves appear in the report of the Ministry of Nationalities of the Russian Federation (July 1999), and for those killed from the report of the head of the State Council of Chechnya Dzhabrailov for August 2005.
                2. SAVA555.IVANOV
                  SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 21: 08
                  I had in mind the Germans
      3. Mahamont
        Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 13
        The one who writes this did not see the murdered children and women. Not living with this all his life.

        Better to build, develop than to see .. such.
      4. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 14 October 2011 17: 13
        In my opinion, it is necessary to create a special temporary group of cops and until the Caucasus is restored, they are watching from the very beginning to the very end where the dents go, in my opinion there simply is no other way.
      5. Ivan35
        Ivan35 14 October 2011 18: 59
        I will support the Dagestan! Mustard and napalm do not gather nations!
  5. ballian
    ballian 14 October 2011 09: 26
    I advise the "literate people" who cry about "enough to feed the Caucasus" to get acquainted with the real level of subsidies to various regions of Russia and to the soul of the population:
    Rating of Russian regions in terms of “Gratuitous receipts to the budgets of federal districts” per capita - 20 plate of the most subsidized regions
    (taken from

    As you can see, there are 20 regions of the North Caucasus in the 3 most subsidized regions of Russia, while not one of them is included in the top 5. And the most surprising thing is that there is no Dagestan there., Kabardino - Balkaria, North Ossetia, Adygea - only Chechnya, Ingushetia and Karachay - Cherkessia - that's the whole "Caucasus"
    The fact that Chechnya is on the 7 place in terms of subsidies is nowhere clearer - there was war - the destroyed economy needs to be restored (it is strange that it wasn’t on the 1)
    Total - let's not feed Kamchatka, Primorye, Amur, ...... let's share who earned how much and got it, how will it end?
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 14 October 2011 09: 41
      1. baton140105
        baton140105 14 October 2011 15: 08
        And why is this his place among this scum? They want to join NATO, these are potential traitors, and here a person simply expresses a point of view different from yours. And by the way, not all Caucasians travel in cool foreign cars and live in palaces. A lot of the same Chechens are working at construction sites restoring South Ossetia. these people left for a living not from a good life, believe me ...
        1. Smirnov Vadim
          Smirnov Vadim 14 October 2011 17: 21
          And you do not judge by one comment, read more pearls balliana:
          He has his own opinion, a very one-sided, pro-Western - everything is good there and we are ... complete. So, there is the place for him ...
          1. ballian
            ballian 14 October 2011 19: 38
            Well, Duc - this is in the traditions of the potsreots - to admire the "power of Russia" and then unexpectedly in real life to rake in full - maybe I'll take off the veil from your eyes at least a little with my comments - self-criticism is a useful quality, here it is clearly not enough.
            1. Smirnov Vadim
              Smirnov Vadim 14 October 2011 19: 42
              Start with yourself - self-criticism is of the most beneficial quality, you obviously lack it ....
            2. zczczc
              zczczc 16 October 2011 19: 02
              ballian, to remove the veil of delusion is always good. But I have a strong opinion that when you take off one veil, you put on another — a distorted understanding of the problem with clearly anti-Russian conclusions.
        2. Tyumen
          Tyumen 14 October 2011 20: 01
          baton140105, these people left for a living not from a good life,

          Do you think they used to live well without working? Or so only chichi can?
  6. Drevnij
    Drevnij 14 October 2011 09: 40
    I don’t know how anyone, but I was jarred by the phrase "the weak economic situation of the North Caucasus regions." ... I constantly see what machines these "poor" Caucasian horsemen are driving and I have a question why, having a higher education and working for 12-14 hours every day, I can hardly make ends meet, and those who cut my friends do they live happily ever after in Chechnya and don't fucking work? ... Yes, I mean your activities, which will be aimed at "ensuring national security and socio-economic development" of the North Caucasus ... Enough to feed the bandits at my expense !!! ... I urge everyone who received the title "Hero of Russia" to throw these stars of heroes in the face of the current government !!! I bow before your courage, but I believe that being in the same rank of hero as the bandit Kadyrov, who killed our guys, is not acceptable for a true patriot of his fatherland ...
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 14 October 2011 10: 50
      The question is addressed to Mr. MePu ....?
    2. Anatoly
      Anatoly 14 October 2011 19: 48
      I support! Of our taxes, they feed pedophiles, killers in prisons, bandits from the Caucasus, cops and other rabble ... Starts to bother ....
  7. fellow misha
    fellow misha 14 October 2011 10: 35
    the request to put pluses to VadimIS and that ghouls began to minus
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 14 October 2011 11: 09
      Yes, there are only five PIECES. Let them rejoice in their powerless malice. They cannot reach their elbows.
      1. ZEBRASH
        ZEBRASH 14 October 2011 13: 58
        Really sickened already am In all articles, everyone will be minus angry Can I somehow calculate and ban them?
        1. svvaulsh
          svvaulsh 14 October 2011 16: 23
          I suggest more democratic methods. 1 skull - ban for a week, 2-month, 3 - indefinitely. And let the nicknames change. Calculating in a manner and handwriting is easy. I here deciphered one banderlog on the third phrase.
    ESCANDER 14 October 2011 11: 27
    First of all, we have such a mentality.
    Look at the progressive Pindos - Indians on the reservation, blacks were discriminated before the 80s.
    And among the Russians and under the Scoop - that it is not “Volga” or “Zhigul” - that is a representative of Caucasian nationality. You have to nod yourself, the patient is simple and kind.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 14 October 2011 20: 06
      From childhood: Gogi, son, you will study well - I will buy you a black * Volga *.
      And you’ll be bad, I’ll buy red - go like a fool!
  9. bubla5
    bubla5 14 October 2011 12: 00
    It’s interesting where in Russia the average salary is 23 tr, Moscow is not Russia, maybe there is such a pay, and in general it’s interesting how much is spent on the capital itself, probably there are many times more than there are combined regions.
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 14 October 2011 13: 01
      In Moscow, the average salary is 40000, in Chechnya about 13000. And by the way, I understand that liberals and Westerners are going to bite me now, but if you look at the official data of the Ministry of Finance, you can see that in Chechnya subsidies are calculated per 13000 per person.
    2. sirToad
      sirToad 14 October 2011 14: 28
      Well, it’s elementary - if in our region, for example, the chief doctor receives 100000 rubles, the chief accountant is 60000 and other civilians such as therapists and other oculists receive 8000, we derive the average statistical and we get a pretty normal amount. no one is thrilled that the chief in Egypt three times a year rests for a while, but for the most part he puts on simple clothes for cheap sales - dresses. the main thing is that the numbers look good
  10. Yves762
    Yves762 14 October 2011 12: 30
    Can anyone tell me why the North Caucasus Military District already has the largest mosque in Europe, there will definitely be a rather not frail "Grozny-City", and private houses (including that the feds sometimes storm) often look like miniature castles (in that Chechnya) !?
    And while they do not have enough money to develop the real sector of the economy !!!!! ?????
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 36
      Before developing the economic sector, it is necessary that ordinary people do not scatter in caves.
  11. Owl
    Owl 14 October 2011 13: 36
    In the summer of 2000, on the northwestern outskirts of Grozny, a Chechen (45-50 years old) said: there is no need to hold elections (one teip will come and press everyone else), appoint a Russian governor-general and his closest entourage for a period of 4-5 years , Chechens can be placed on the 2nd - on the 3rd role in the leadership, after the expiration of the term - a complete replacement of the leadership with a new one sent from Russia (to prevent merging with local "leaders", to moderate corruption appetites, etc.). Instead, after the death of a more or less adequate Kadyrov, they put Kadyrenok on the "throne", legalized the militants, the Kremlin "rulers" made a defeat out of our victory, and Russia pays tribute to the winner.
    ZEBRASH 14 October 2011 14: 04
    The Caucasus needs help. Say what you like, but Chechnya and the Far East are the most problematic regions and they need help, another question is that in Chechnya money is stolen by the majority and almost nothing reaches people. Keep track of the money. If at least 80% of the funds were spent correctly, then in Chechnya and the Far East the situation would be much better fellow
  13. Volkhov
    Volkhov 14 October 2011 14: 58
    To take a break from the mental blizzard, conduct staff exercises. Introductory:
    - an earthquake occurred, tall objects glow, communications, no electricity
    - the symptoms do not go away for more than a day, there are strange twilight, it becomes clear to you that you need to go to the foothills
    - you can only start transport with a diesel engine from a pusher or air, the bridges are destroyed, the solarium can be taken out of the tanks with a bucket if you are lucky
    - it is necessary to overcome 1000 km to the Caucasus
    - after 15 days a hurricane began, the wind - southwest
    - after 30 days the plains are flooded
    - the most mobile groups approach the foothills and see the Chechen checkpoint
    - options: do not miss or form a work camp (donkeys are needed)
    - some don't like it and they try to break through
    - it becomes known that Russian tanks and guns are disposed of, there is a Saiga against machine guns
    - there are more people, there is nothing left to lose, a breakthrough is possible
    - The Caucasus is becoming multinational, like Dagestan with tribes on every mountain and to a large extent Russian without the Kremlin, only few people will remain
    Long live peace and friendship, pontoon parks, tanks and commandant's offices.

    Please communicate fresh ideas if you break through the blockade of communication.
  14. mitrich
    mitrich 14 October 2011 15: 03
    This is what I want to write, especially to the user under the nickname COLONEL. I read the link "Memoirs of a Russian Born and Raised in Chechnya". And so it was. The only thing that raises doubts about the author's objectivity is "the columns of buses, which could not be approached because of the cadaverous smell, chock-full of bodies of Russians wishing to leave Chechnya" (for example, in 1999, in the fall, there were persistent rumors among Dagestan, whose pupils and educators were raped by the militants, regardless of age and gender, and then brutally killed; however, later the story died out without receiving official confirmation). And so - everything is true. And they drove out Russians and Russian-speaking people from their homes, killed and raped girls and even old women. My friend's Chechens killed his father and mother right in front of his eyes, he did not even understand why he was left alive to suffer and hate these devils for the rest of his life.
    Now about the article. An article, or rather not an article, but the thoughts in it are a provocation and a time bomb for Russia. The mere fact that it reflects the current ideas of Mitrokhin and Zhirinovsky (here, b-l-I, two "Russian" patriots!) Should scare off normal people. However, COL, there are only three ways of coexistence:
    1. To recognize (not on the official, but on the mental) level that the Caucasus is an integral part of Russia, with all that it implies.
    2.Similar to the Chechens of 1991-1994, 1996-1999 and "cleanse" the Caucasus from the indigenous population.
    3. Leave the Caucasus.
    I hope that there are no fools and outright enemies among us, everyone understands that items 2 and 3 threaten not only a large-scale Caucasian war, but also the collapse of the entire state. Therefore, whether someone wants it or not, we will have to live and get along with the Caucasians. Therefore, money SHOULD be allocated. And the problem here is not at all how much money is pumped into the North Caucasus, but how it is spent (“Landing where?” Is a quote). The fact that Kadyrov rebuilt Grozny and not spent all the money on Arab stallions - what's wrong with that? Or did we like the Chechen capital in ruins more? And the Russians slowly reached out to Chechnya for permanent residence (though not those who lived there before).
    It is necessary to look a little further than your nose (read the region), and then it’s not really far from a really big trouble.
  15. Bogatir
    Bogatir 14 October 2011 15: 32
    Yes, more of these articles ....
  16. fellow misha
    fellow misha 14 October 2011 15: 34
    I completely agree with you for the Russian Federation, item No. 1 is the only correct one, and for the animals to behave as we need, first of all we ourselves need to be non-fluid as it is written in that article.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 20: 52
  17. Komsomolets
    Komsomolets 14 October 2011 15: 37
    It would be better if they invested money in our native Transbaikalia. The entire periodic table lies underfoot. Instead, the North Caucasian militants are financed. The Anglo-Saxons are doing great, financing the collapse of Russia was entrusted to Russia itself. This is one of the best achieved by "our" government ...
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 14 October 2011 16: 46
      The entire periodic table and we have in Yamal and in the Urals. And roads are already under construction and are conducting final reconnaissance. I myself participate in the construction of roads. We can still catch the industrial rise of Russia.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 14 October 2011 17: 18
        On the Yamal Peninsula you can find the Ice Val - this is the thing that killed the mammoths, and dragged the cobblestones to the suburbs. Kamchatka mammoths retreated up the river valley, but did not manage to climb the mountains. Buy better MTLB at Cape Kamenny for 300 pieces and go to Mount Narada (Mansi Glacier) - the last time helped.
  18. Igor91
    Igor91 14 October 2011 16: 34
    Yes, there is no future for such peoples, how can a people who does not work and the current parasitizes on the "body" of other peoples, because sooner or later this "body" will make itself felt in everyone who is close to me, those who surround me and even in the family hatred of Caucasian peoples and this will not work, but these subsidies are already too much
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 15 October 2011 05: 51
      Quote: Igor91
      and these subsidies are already too much

      They have already said that the republic pays for itself with oil and gas. And subsidies, if there were no strong destruction, there would be no subsidies.
  19. Motherland
    Motherland 14 October 2011 17: 57
    Kavakaz is kept in the government only at the request of the United States, in our country it is through him that a "revolution" can be started.
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 16 October 2011 19: 10
      Motherland, more nonsense is hard to come up with. If the Caucasus is unfastened from Russia, then in 5 minutes all Islamic extremists of the world will be there, and in 10 minutes - the NATO base.

      If your motherland is Russia, then it's time to change your nickname.

      Think what you say!
  20. jindol47
    jindol47 14 October 2011 18: 17
    It cannot be ignored that the Caucasus can become the fifth column at one point. Like a wolf do not feed - he looks into the forest.
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 15 October 2011 05: 53
      Quote: jindol47
      he is looking into the forest

      And nobody tamed the "wolf". They left on their land and helped to rebuild.
    2. zczczc
      zczczc 16 October 2011 19: 12
      jindol47, I won’t say for the whole Caucasus, but there is absolutely exact information about the Chechens:

      "In 1942, when the Wehrmacht units approached Grozny at a distance of 50 kilometers, about 18 people fought against the Red Army. Fighting in the highlands continued until the autumn of 000."
      1. Owl
        Owl 19 October 2011 10: 21
        In 1942, a number of units and units of the Red Army, standing in mountainous areas, could not fulfill orders to advance to the front, as they were blocked by partisan-sabotage "detachments" (the composition of the detachment - 2 or 3 Germans: commander, deputy commander, radio operator and up to 50-60 Chechens: deserters, criminals and evaders).
  21. Sorry
    Sorry 14 October 2011 18: 23
    Mentality: steal a horse, steal a bride, steal weapons, enslave a slave, swear allegiance to the strong, but betray at any time convenient for himself, etc. This is their job. Nor will there be any war in the near future. Separatism has already been defeated there. They will not go out of the Russian Federation now. Who needs them? And they are unlikely to create them because of their mentality. As long as Moscow they are well kept everything will be calm, why cut this cow. Separate sorties are there and will be, this is also work aimed at ensuring that Moscow does not forget about them. This process is being controlled. Look at how they are equipped today, and not just Grozny, all the auls. In the Tambov region but it’s also necessary to give normal work. After all, they worked at the councils, although they were always on subsidies. I can’t judge what kind of industry there is, but it’s quite possible to develop livestock farming, gardening, etc. without these billions. this should develop refining. How much oil is there to supply a large oil refinery. Money should be given for a specific project and from hand to hand to a specific contractor, from other regions of the Russian Federation, with tight deadlines. The rigidity of the central government there I’m willing to be present. They only recognize this. So Kadyrov himself rules. Therefore, Allah gives him money.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 14 October 2011 20: 19
      livestock, horticulture, etc. can be developed right now,

      Chichi do not like animal husbandry and gardening, they like petroleum products. Civilized, you know.
      1. Mahamont
        Mahamont 15 October 2011 06: 03
        Quote: Tyumen 35
        Civilized, you understand

        "All Nokhchi know how to shoot from a machine gun, but not all sheep graze"
        (approx. from the movie "War")
    2. zczczc
      zczczc 16 October 2011 21: 33
      SorryUnfortunately for the separation they will be offered more. Therefore, it is necessary to keep. For separation, they will now offer any region more than Moscow can give.
  22. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 14 October 2011 20: 30
    I wonder how the fate of the investigator who (apparently, not just like that) let go of the murderer Egor SViridov !!! ??? SO MUCH HARM CAUSED RUSSIA !!! And in my CAUCASUS GUYS oborzela THANKS Cop venality, in my "Dear MILITSIONERAM" should be ashamed for the situation in RUSSIA, are to blame And now we tell how they fought, THEY PROBABLY HAVE PRICE NOT ONLY strangers but also to their relatives LIKE A PROSTITUTE am
  23. Igor91
    Igor91 14 October 2011 21: 49
    Well, so SAVA gangsters disappeared or were legalized and their place was taken by the police with which everyone laughs and as for the children of the Caucasus, I don’t remember, under Tsarist Russia, the general who put things in order said that who doesn’t want to live according to the rules of Russia, let them go to Turkey as well and now there would be a current leader we have normal and hard
  24. zczczc
    zczczc 14 October 2011 23: 38
    I believe that the article does not describe the obvious way out of this situation: you do not need to feed the Caucasus with a spoon at your mouth, but you need to manage the Caucasus correctly. These are very different things.

    Alexander writes that the call "not to feed" will lead to collapse. With the current approach of the government, certainly. But it will lead to collapse, and if you continue to feed, just feeding delays the start of collapse. It's like a wrong wife, who is always not enough, which you don't buy.

    It is necessary to create, run in the central part of Russia, and then enforce the rules of the game in the Caucasus, in which the region develops itself. Compare: to give people competent laws stimulating the construction of production facilities or to build skyscrapers in Grozny. Here are skyscrapers - this is to feed. This is a whim we pay for. I assure you that it will be more beneficial for the economy of the Caucasus if in Chechnya the rear height is limited to 5 floors, and the cost of a square meter is meters - the cost of a meter in a 5-storey building "for the people". A skyscraper is a status. It is precisely for the status that they did not deserve, tk. they started a war. 10 years ago they fought en masse, and now they wanted to live well. And what did they do for this? Do many of them work in factories? Yesterday a bandit, today stands with a spoon and threatens with a machine gun - if you don't fill the spoon, I'll take up the machine again.

    The principle of mutual relations needs to be changed - it is necessary to demand "coal for the country", and to build on the earned. Then we won't even talk about skyscrapers.
  25. Max79
    Max79 15 October 2011 00: 41
    And what’s the problem? What cannot be allocated to these huge grandmothers as factories, factories or enterprises? Let them work! If they themselves earned them, the toad would not have hit anyone, for such a cool holiday!
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 15 October 2011 02: 39
      Max79, now - closer. But even here trouble awaits them. As a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Maxim Shevchenko, has repeatedly said, without exaggeration, many of us know more about the Caucasus - it is not customary for a Caucasian to do something that is not prestigious: fighting is prestigious, a man is a warrior, and working is not prestigious is the lot of women and other nations. Shevchenko is not an enemy of Caucasians, even a Chechen kid works for him as assistants - he just knows the situation well from the inside. I remember he once said: "If we build factories there, then the Russians will have to work for them."

      The Caucasus must be confronted with a choice - either they break their national idea of ​​dignity and undertake to plow in factories, or isolation and decline. Why isolation - it is clear that there is no influx of weapons. No wars, peaceful coercion to work.

      I personally don’t see much point in the Chechen factories, to be honest. So that people can live, it is enough for them to grow their own food. They lived like that for thousands of years. If you want to live in cities, then first you have to build a cement and brick factory and work for them yourself, oddly enough. Under the factories, you can get a loan in Moscow at a wild interest on a common basis. And no playing along.
  26. Komsomolets
    Komsomolets 15 October 2011 02: 34
    So they are Vainakhs, they will not work. Rob, rape and kill - that's their job. Yes, people from the Caucasus are now seized in St. Petersburg and Moscow more than in the Caucasus. Their children, at our expense, are now spending their pants in elite universities, and in the evenings our girls are being raped. Nobody defeated separatism, it was just that from the Caucasus the war spread to the whole country, and those terrible victims that we once heard from Chechnya were spread out according to regional reports. Collect these reports together .... And the government, not without the help of the West, of course, has chosen the wrong path and now does not know what to do. And our interethnic policy is frank g ...
    1. sirToad
      sirToad 15 October 2011 05: 39
      oh well, they won't. who went to shabash in Soviet times? besides the Armenians (according to the Caucasian concepts - the best builders), the Azeris are also Chechens with the Ingush. I have recently traveled to the districts - until now there are ruined cowsheds with inscriptions like "Grozny" "Baku" "Makhachkala" laid out on the facades with bricks, so everything depends on external conditions. When they understand that crime is the way to the bunk, then pride and arrogance immediately decreases.
      1. zczczc
        zczczc 16 October 2011 16: 28
        That's right - you have to methodically demand your own, arguing with potential force. And without war, and the result is achieved.
  27. mind1954
    mind1954 16 October 2011 05: 59
    My impression of all these Caucasian wars is that in nationalist
    all Russians were removed from Chechnya and Ingushetia. And they went to work there
    and, in particular, for housing. And they lived in five-story buildings, and the indigenous people in
    individual homes. Therefore, what is the use of giving money for development there
    production is pointless! The only way to send funds
    targeted creation of production and housing construction.
    And invite Russians to work there
    1. Sorry
      Sorry 16 October 2011 06: 54
      mind1954. Russians there, namely in Grozny, lived from its construction, but in general, Cossacks appeared there even earlier. And they settled down this region, and not only Chechnya and everyone else in S. Caucasus. They had their own houses and their strong economy. But they rebelled these tribes drove the Russians out of there, and the authorities could not establish an anti-Slavic order. At that time the Russian-speaking there were an absolute majority, but not organized and unarmed. And they were slaughtered like sheep. This is a shame of the nation. Now the authorities don’t know any more tricks, it's just stupid to subsidize them. Another Yermolov is needed. Only power is recognized by the authority of these peoples. These people will not work in production.
      1. zczczc
        zczczc 16 October 2011 16: 32
        Sorry, we need another Svyatoslav Igorevich. In our memory, only he achieved serious success in the Caucasus.

        Ermolov angered them very much, power pressure without ideological goals is never fixed on the conquered territory, and Svyatoslav subjugated - destroyed Kaganat, sprayed his leadership and established our rule there.
  28. SL.Kocegar
    SL.Kocegar 16 October 2011 07: 58
    I agree, it is necessary to help, but if the money goes to the development of the region, and not to grand holidays, with the invitation (payment of huge fees to them) of Russian and foreign stars
  29. indrik
    indrik 16 October 2011 18: 36
    I personally am for the great Chechen Sea, albeit a little buzzing. And with the money freed up, you can also carry out decontamination, it should be enough in excess.
  30. Strashila
    Strashila 16 October 2011 18: 55
    "... and Russian residents of the North Caucasus will flood all over the Russian Federation" - this is especially touching.
  31. sancho
    sancho 17 October 2011 12: 45

    Is funny Soon there Putin will sit there!
  32. Vadimburan
    Vadimburan 17 October 2011 13: 40
    I understand when a neighbor asks for help and is grateful for my help. And when this neighbor wants to threaten to mine something of mine that I will do, do I want to help?
    I used to think that all people brothers and nations can live together. Someone succeeds. It happened over time.

    What kind of Russian land are you talking about in the Caucasus?
    Or is any land you want to have, your land?
    Who needs it?

    I am disgusted by this arrogant parasite named Caucasus
  33. baluru72
    baluru72 20 October 2011 16: 42
    Yes, you read their folk tales --- there are only bandits in heroes ,,, Even their neighbors do not like them ,,,
  34. greenk19
    greenk19 21 October 2011 05: 45
    Yes ... the United Russia raised their rating in the Caucasus, their minions first inflated the topic, now they are benefactors. Subsidies to the Caucasus are a myth (except for Chechnya), I didn’t see in Dagestan what federal money could be spent on, there is a United Russia oligarch (in EP oligarchs and show business stars, what they do there, these people just know where to make more money) and he uses the budget as his own wallet, and he doesn’t give a damn about the people ...
  35. Husseyn
    Husseyn 11 October 2012 13: 15
    Quote: ballian
    As for Chechnya specifically - try if you are not too lazy to figure out how REALLY concrete Chechnya receives subsidies - and not formally - and it turns out that Chechnya is subsidized (at the expense of other regions) much less than formally - Oil and gas in the entire North Caucasus (Chechnya's oil and gas producing region) only produces state-owned company Rosneft, local budgets practically do not receive income from this production - Rosneft pays taxes at the place of registration - in fact, a significant part of the money formally given from Moscow to Chechnya is really just ozvraschayutsya Moscow this way.
    I agree about Chechnya, it is self-sufficient and does not need and did not need subsidies. These "subsidies" are needed only to tie the bureaucratic layer formed around the Hero of Russia on theft.
    Quote: dmb
    You just need to pick up a machine gun and proclaim praise to Kadyrov and Putin.
    The question is, who created them, these two geniuses, Chechnya? ...
    Quote: Banshee
    1. Pour loot
    2. Pour over the blood.

    All the hell is simple.

    Quote: irony
    Eastern peoples recognize one thing - power.
    Two posts, this is an elementary not knowing one’s own history and disrespect for the famous politicians and military commanders of Russia. By force in the Caucasus nothing can be decided and has never been decided in history.
    Quote: UAZ Patriot
    maybe we should temporarily leave the Caucasus, so to speak, the local ethnic group felt the difference between soft and fluffy in their own way --- ne! ???
    The smartest comment. Why, then, had to start a fuss with the Labazanovites, kill Dudaev, freeing the way for thugs from the FSB’s storage facilities such as Basaev, and expose the population of neighboring regions? They would let everyone go then, the Vainakhs would now live better than ours with you, along the road that Dudayev was building in Georgia they would start up their pipeline and business.

    The problem of the North Caucasus is one - the methods that are used in the rest of Russia do not work here, the population is different, the past, history and present are different. The Caucasus without Moscow will not die by and large, look at the resources mentioned here. The old masters will leave, the new masters will naturally come, it is YES who denies, but the question is which of the two evils is the lesser with the eyes of a Caucasian living in the Caucasus, and not in Moscow? ...

    The current authorities simply do not have enough wisdom, no matter how odious the allies of Russia behind the slave would not be, Putin’s team all of them ... have fallen, FACT. They can even ... and Caucasus, because of this they are fussing now, even trying to appoint, more precisely, self-sufficient officials, naively believing that they will steal less.
    Those who are far from the Caucasus do not know either history or reality, carry nonsense and thunder ALIEN saber. In fact, from west to east, one big Circassian people, who were defeated in autonomy, mixed with another large group of Turks, then Ossetians, then again Ingush and Chechens, again Turks in Dagestan, Avars, Dargins. It was flaming up at everyone, they were extinguishing with varying success, but so far it has not caught fire among the Turks and Circassians, if this happened then, in general, krants.
    And the guys are sitting at the computers and playing with words, juggling them with bananas like a monkey. The Caucasus understands only power ... hell here, who has achieved and achieved what by force, they need a head and wisdom to steer, money is only a concomitant and not the most important argument, and power is just a reason not to get a handyman.
  36. komo
    komo 21 November 2013 13: 18
    I'm already tired of hearing about their mentality that they are warriors; a man killing women and children is not a warrior but just ok and a bandit. and it turns out that most of them are in the Caucasus. Well, what should be done with the bandit? only destroy
  37. komo
    komo 21 November 2013 13: 34
    let's remember the times of the USSR many went to the Caucasus to relax. these so-called warriors for treshka and kebabs will get sick and their lezginka will dance for half an hour. and he knew that if God forbid, he would kick a little in the jail, he would rot. I believe that our government is to blame for everything, and it is necessary to deal with it first and sort it out immediately while the country is not yet completely bloodless
  38. komo
    komo 21 November 2013 14: 29
    and the country can be put in order quite quickly. For example, take the police. give the head of the department the right to recruit people with whom he wants to work and not with those whom he was given. but in the event that his subordinate violated the law, he is automatically expelled (boss) and is deprived of the right to work in state institutions and the pension is minimal. this scheme is suitable for all law enforcement agencies and property confiscation can still be applied. do you think he will pick up those who are not clean at hand or those who will work honestly. When there is something to lose, he will think about it. Then they will begin to fight both bureaucrats and swindlers (the old truth has its own shirt closer to the body) need to enter in all state. institutions. and if you’re afraid, don’t get into bosses let others work