Light tactical car "Saratoga" Navistar

Light tactical car "Saratoga" Navistar
Photo. New Navistar: Saratoga - light tactical armored vehicle. Photo: Navistar Defense

Navistar Defense presented a lightweight tactical vehicle as part of the Annual Meeting and the United States Army Association Symposium (AUSA). Such a car will become an intermediate in the modernization programs of the developed and improved highly maneuverable multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV), the upgraded advanced vehicle (MECV) and the future combined light tactical vehicle (JLTV).

The 10-ton car has a payload of 3,2 tons, including 4-passengers, as well as an arrow placed in an armored and explosion-proof cabin.

This vehicle has been developed for over a year and, having already undergone intensive testing in more than 25 thousands of miles (approx. 46000 km), is ready for production.

The Saratoga is equipped with a MaxxForce D8L VN 6.0 microlander diesel engine, an automatic differential lock with increased internal friction, an Allison 2100 SP 6-SP automatic transmission (Spain) and an independent air suspension for additional control.

Navistar has developed and tested its own solution to the geometry of the body, ensuring the survivability of the car. Navistar offers a car with a ballistic protection against small weapons, mines, explosions of IEDs and other possible threats. Armored protection is performed by metal or ceramic armor in combination with protection designed to withstand the ultimate loads without loss in maneuverability, power, torque or payload capabilities. The floor is raised to the highest possible height, which contributes to effective protection against explosions. Thus, the height of the car is 83 inches (1860 mm). To meet the height requirements of the Navy ships when loading goods, suspension compression is used in the car. This reduces the overall height by 7 inches, to 76 ”, which corresponds to the size of a naval transport vessel. The gross weight (gross) of the vehicle is 9,979 tons (22 000 pounds) with a maximum payload of 3,265 tons (7200 pounds). Its length is 5,72 m (222 ”), wheelbase is 4,01 m. (158”).

A photo. Saratoga can reduce its height by 7 inches, to 76 ”to match the size of naval cargo ships. Photo: Navistar Defense.
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