NATO members in Kosovo staged a toilet in the Orthodox cemetery

NATO members in Kosovo staged a toilet in the Orthodox cemetery12.10.11 Near the control point Yarinje, the KFOR detachment expanded the territory of its former control point, and now the base, to 10 hectares, is located on private fields and meadows, capturing lands of Serbian farms and an Orthodox cemetery.

Moreover, the Americans and Germans decided to place a closet for their soldiers at the cemetery. Apparently they couldn’t find a more convenient place on 10 hectares.

“We are shocked that KFOR’s arrogance goes so far ... This is the law of the fittest. We are accustomed that shiptar (Albanian) extremists destroy and desecrate our shrines and the memory of our ancestors, but we certainly did not expect this from the UN peacekeeping mission, ”say the local Serbs.

Surprise, however, nothing special. If, on Easter days, NATO members dropped bombs on Belgrade, which had the inscription: “Happy Easter!”, Then why don't they make a cesspool in an Orthodox cemetery? .. “Western values” are rapidly taking root in the land taken from the Serbs.
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