Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontiev, October 12 2011

The trial of the "orange princess" Yulia Tymoshenko, both in form and in content, is very similar to a personal disassembly. And these 7 years for exceeding power are somehow somewhat expansive. Yulia Vladimirovna, during the process, also constantly turned to the individual. It can be said, did not leave them.

“The verdict is not a judge, but President Yanukovych,” said Tymoshenko in court on the eve of his announcement. "What sentence will be passed, how many years they will give me - it depends on the degree of immorality of Yanukovych."

The degree of immorality of Viktor Yanukovich revealed in this way can be adjusted. There is reason to believe that the real term of Tymoshenko will be replaced by a conditional one. True, it will not give her the opportunity to be elected and hold public office.

“Today’s political process, today's sentence ordered by Yanukovych, demonstrates his weakness as president,” said Tymoshenko. “The Monomakh’s hat cannot be stolen like a muskrat hat,” added Yulia Vladimirovna, hinting at Viktor Yanukovich’s stormy Donetsk youth.

As for weakness. Rather, it is arrogance. Putting ataman political opposition, while pulling it out of non-existence, according to the political, essentially, article - the excess of power by the prime minister - is that, you see, a politician anyway? This is very presumptuous. What, there was nothing to put Julia in, if you really wanted to? With her turbulent gas past?

“Today it is important for us to get away from the political turbulence in which the country is in connection with this process,” said Yanukovich’s adviser, Anna Herman. - "I feel sorry for the forces, time and energy that go into this business. Because it would be better to use them to implement the strategy of Yanukovych."

No pity. Well, here it is not visible at all that it was a pity. And what is the "strategy of Yanukovych"? Surely, this is the "European choice of Ukraine"? But Tymoshenko says that Yanukovych by his actions hinders the movement of Ukraine to Europe. And Europe seems to say the same thing. And at the same time, Tymoshenko was convicted precisely for the contract concluded with Russia. That’s why she had to be planted - and for nothing else. What is characteristic: Yanukovych was practically supported in this by former President Yushchenko.

According to Yushchenko, Tymoshenko, having concluded gas agreements with Russia, acted contrary to national interests. Moreover, he called Yanukovych’s position erroneous, which did not cancel the agreements concluded in 2009 with Russia.

Victor Andreyevich Yanukovych is jealous, oh, how jealous! That would be his time to plant Tymoshenko! An can not be: Democrat! Here, what is common between these remarkable figures? And just nothing but personal. No politics. Russia, Europe, some contracts ...
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  1. Vadivak 13 October 2011 15: 12 New
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    Yanukovych breathed into his forgotten Julia a second life, free advertising of the victim to the whole world, why does he need it?
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 14 October 2011 03: 46 New
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      It was necessary to look for a criminal article, not that. And for this you can just rub on TV.
  2. lightforcer
    lightforcer 13 October 2011 16: 04 New
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    - Sit down Julia.
    - No, seven.