Memories of Russian born and raised in Chechnya

Memories of Russian born and raised in Chechnya

And you, gentlemen, are bred like suckers and forced to die for someone else's small property interests.
Dear Huron! You from the side, of course, know better than me. I was just born and raised in Chechnya (Nadterechny district, Art. Shelkovskaya), then took out my family and neighbors (whom I could), and then I was a “divorced sucker,” and twice: from 1994 to 1996, and from 1999 to 2004. And I'll tell you what. In 1991-1992 (before the first war), TENS of thousands of Russians were slaughtered in Chechnya. In the Shelkovskoy spring of 1992 by the "Chechen militia", all hunting was taken from the Russian population. weapon, and a week later militants came to the unarmed village. They were engaged in real estate registration. And for this, a whole system of signs was developed. Human guts, wound on the fence, meant: the owner is no more, in the house only women, ready for "love." Female bodies impaled on the same fence: the house is free, you can be settled.
Therefore, dear Huron, I and those who fought with me nearby - least of all thought about "someone's small-scale interests." We thought about something else.

And the military is really not politics. I'm here alone история remembered. My company was raised for the disarmament of one Chechen gadyushnik, and they worked "vovany" (special forces of the Interior Ministry troops), and we only covered. When the elders of the village brought the commander of the Vovans, he demanded that they hand over 24 AK to them within two hours. To which one of the elders began you @ be in the style of Lukashenko. He said that in their village there was a legal self-defense detachment, but they themselves didn’t have enough machine guns, so the feds were obliged to issue an 20 AK to him immediately. Vavy from such furrows slightly narrowed down, but we are not confused. About @, the elder, in front of everyone, received a queue at the bread slicer, and while his legs were still twitching, the other elders heard a delicate request to turn in not 24 AK but 100. And not in two hours, but in an hour. The Chechens did it in forty minutes, having passed exactly 100 machines.
And the moral of this story is this: politics and diplomacy are good for a partner who remains within certain limits. For the "partner" who lost the coast, there must be a different set of tools.

I saw columns of buses, which because of the stench could not be reached a hundred meters, because they were filled with the bodies of slaughtered Russians. I saw women, exactly sawed along by a chainsaw, kiddies, mounted on pillars from traffic signs, artistically wound on the fence of the intestine. We, Russians, were cleaned from our own land, like dirt from under our nails. And it was 1992 year - until the "first Chechen" there were still two and a half years.

I will tell you now a little story about “competition and the federals”, in which I was directly involved. In the spring of 1995, my reconnaissance group was ordered to ensure the safety of one ... very tricky column. And so tricky that the loss was not allowed even theoretically. And in the "help" I was given "local guides." One glance at this riffraff was enough to understand that to trust them - to put their children and frustrate the execution of the combat mission. I had to give birth to a false route for the column, moreover, it was logical and very plausible. And this route has already been merged by the “allies”. It was even necessary to “drive in a civilian way” with them along this route, although there was a great risk of getting into the CRI DGB, it only remained to hope that the militants would prefer to wait for a fat crane instead of a tits in their hands (young officer). And moving along the route, I memorized potential places from which it was most convenient to work on the column. And when he returned, he reported his proposals to the authorities: to take a convoy along a different route, and cover all the “sketched” places with artillery and aviation. And according to the results of the report, I was convinced that my “ingenious plan” was conceived by the higher commanders from the very beginning. The main purpose of the operation was not the wiring of the emptiness column at all, but the bleeding of Isa Madoev (the “guides” were from his gang) with Gelayev. Me and my group at the same time planned to use the "dark". The plan had to be slightly corrected, but on the whole, everything went as planned — the Gelayevists, who were prepared for the attack on the column, were distracted, and then they were cut with the Madoi people for a long time.
And it was only a 1995 year, there was not even a talk about any “imperial policy”. But since the end of 1999, this very policy has become quite obvious. This is in my subjective opinion.

In connection with this, I was interested in how many Muscovite contract soldiers fought in the same company.
It must be said that our "army" as of 1994 year was a pitiful sight. There were no contract soldiers in my platoon then, and there wasn’t a platoon as such either - you wouldn’t call 12 ragged young men a platoon if you so desire. At that time, I had two Muscovites of interest to you, and three others from the near Moscow region (Balashikha, Elektrostal). During the January battles for Grozny, the combined detachment of our regiment suffered great losses, as a result I ordered a battalion for some time, replacing the fallen battalion commander. We were then a little more than two hundred snouts, and the national composition was, of course, wider than in the platoon — there were Evenks, Ossetians, Cheremis, Tatars with Bashkirs, and Mordovians, and even the only Jew famous for the whole regiment. And somewhere in the spring of 95, the first contractors went. More precisely, this: "contract". 80 percent of them - stupid drunk shit and passengers who leaned back from the zone, there were few normal guys. But there were. And among them are the first “foreigners” - Russians from the Baltic States, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In order to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense, these guys, naturally, needed to get Russian citizenship. Of course, there were not many of them - two or three people per company, but the very fact of such assistance was well known, and the attitude towards the “Varangians” was even somewhat more spiritual than that of their own.
We were able to prepare more thoroughly for the "second Chechen", contract soldiers were already fundamentally different. The selection was very thorough, and we also have a very specific one. For example, having built the newly arrived "partisans", I cut my wrist in front of the line, then sewed it up in front of everyone, and then gave the command to repeat. Those who were able to perform this exercise went to the next stage, where they were waited by new mockeries and “pod”. In 1999, among those who passed all the tests and was enrolled in my company, there were three “Belarusians”, but there were not a single Muscovite. But not because they did not exist at all, but because the principles of the formation of subdivisions changed, and the commanders sought to create cohesive teams consisting of "countrymen." As a result, all Muscovites were hanging out in another company, and there were quite a lot of them. And I had mostly guys from the Urals.

Bashkir "Chechnya" will not be for the reason for which there will not be, for example, the Buryat "Chechnya". Or Yakut. The mentality is not that (and believe me, I know what I'm saying: D)
I really do not want to be impolite, but could you share this knowledge with the mullah of the Beloretsk mosque?
This Bashkir - my former fighter, who 2 of January 1995, in hand-to-hand combat, put two “spirits” with a knife, which I did not have time to process. And then I sewed up my ripping bochin and dragged me along a few kilometers to our checkpoint.
So tell him about the Buryat-Yakut mentality. If you have enough courage.
By the way, about the birds. I did not serve with the Buryats and Yakuts (somehow I did not succeed), but I was a sniper in my company. Can you tell a story about the Evenks mentality?

Grozny is not "hammered into the stone age." In Grozny, was going to fight (specific mochilovo). For example, I can say that my platoon (18 boys) in the area of ​​Minute shot out a full GAZ-66 "Bumblebee" for half a day. And the local “population” I was interested in, where in 91-94, 200 thousands of Russians went from Chechnya.

During the first Chechen, videotapes were captured, as the Vainakh minors were having fun with Russian women. They put women on all fours and threw knives as a target, trying to get into the vagina. All this was filmed and commented.

Russian 2009 g is radically different from the Russian 1991-th. In the 91 year in Art. Shelkovskaya, one armed Chechen, interrupted more than a hundred Russians — he walked from house to house, quietly reloaded, fired. And no one dared to resist. And in just 15 years in Kondopoga, Tver and Stavropol the Chechens broke off cruelly.

Well, in order to finish - we practice a little more liquid action.
The first approach to the projectile.
In my platoon (and later in the company) I served as a Jewish contract soldier, Misha R ... yman. They called him his Jew, and he corrected the strangers, declaring: “I am not a Jew. I am a Jew!” During the "first Chechen" in Grozny in the district of the cannery we, the whole reconnaissance group, fell into an ambush. And when the militants who surrounded us shouted: “Rusyna, give up!”, This little woman who was closest to the breach in the wall entered into a discussion: first he shot a grenade launcher, and then he added in words: “Suck it off, slamming!”
During the second Chechen, I once caught a couple of bullets. And this little wreck of my hundred kilogram carcass pulled 11 kilometers on itself. Do you want to fight with this Jew? No problem. That's just first have to fight with me.
The second approach to the projectile.
There, in the war, fate brought me together with another Jew, Lev Yakovlevich Rokhlin. Initially, our participation in the New Year assault was not supposed. But when communication with 131-th MSBR and 81-MS was lost, we were thrown to the rescue. We broke into the location of the 8 AK, commanded by General Rokhlin, and arrived at his headquarters. Then I first saw him personally. And at first glance, he somehow did not seem to me: hunched, cold, with cracked glasses ... Not a general, but some weary agronomist. He set us a task - to collect the scattered remnants of the Maikop brigade and the 81 regiment and take them to the Pvd Rokhla reconnaissance battalion. We did just that - we collected meat poured from fear in basements and took them to the location of the Rohlinsky scouts. Total had about two mouths. At first, Rokhlin did not want to use them, but when all the other groups retreated, the 8 AK was left alone in the operational environment in the city center. Against all the militants! And then Rokhlin built this "army" opposite the ranks of his fighters and addressed them with a speech. I will never forget this speech. The most gentle expressions of the general were: "Fucking monkeys" and "p @ daras". In the end, he said: “The fighters outnumber us by fifteen times. And there’s no help waiting for us. And if we are destined to lie here, let each of us be found under a pile of enemy corpses. Let's show how Russian soldiers and Russian generals can die! Do not fail, sons ... "
Lev Yakovlevich has long been dead - they sorted it out without you. One Jew is less, is not it?

Think about it. Who gave the order to fight? And don't tell me that Yeltsin the alcoholic did it. All decisions were always made for him by members of the very organized Jewish community.
Yeltsin’s crime is not in the fact that he sent troops into 1994, but that he did not do so in 1991.

Let me tell you something, so that you understand what kind of @inya you have written here.

I was born and raised in Chechnya, more precisely in the stanitsa of the Shelkovsky Shelkovsky district of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. From early childhood I had to intersect with the Vainakhs. And even then I was struck by how much they are stronger than us in spirit. In the kindergarten between the Russian and Vainakh children were constantly fighting, which resulted in parents called. And from the "Russian" side, Mom always came, who was beginning to pronounce her son: "Well, what are you, Vasenka (Kolenka, Petenka), fighting? You can not fight! This is not good! ”And from the“ Vainakh ”side, the father always came. He gave his son a smack and started yelling at him: “How did you, dzhyalab, dare to lose the battle to the stinking Russian - the son of an alcoholic and a prostitute ?! So that tomorrow he beat him so that he would always fight for fear afterwards! ”
At school, a rare day did without fights, and I almost always had to fight in the minority. And this is despite the fact that there were fifteen Slavs in my five Vainakh class. And while I was waving away from five of them, the remaining fourteen “proud rosiches” at that time were carefully examining their shoes.

(In principle, if you use public transport, you should have watched a similar picture repeatedly: one rowdy to someone stumbles, and a half-salon of men at this moment without fail will become interested in their own shoes).

We were constantly subjected to psychological pressure, constantly "feeling the slack." A little probered - all end: lowered so that no longer rise.
Once, after high school, I was guarded by Vainakhs, senior high school students. In a fight, I smashed one of them with a plumbing pipe. The rest stopped the fight and dragged their wounded. The next day in class, unfamiliar Vainakhs approached me and scored an arrow, declaring that we would fight with knives - to the death. I came, and there are about fifteen of them there, and all are adult men. I think - everything is now slaughtered. But they appreciated that I was not scared and came alone, so they put up one fighter. They gave me a knife, and the Chechen went out without a weapon. Then I threw my own too, and we were cut with our bare hands. As a result of this fight, I got to the hospital with fractures, but when I left, I was met by the father of the guy to whom I broke the head with a pipe. He told me: “I see that you are a warrior, and you are not afraid of death. Be a guest in my house. ” After that, we talked with him for a long time. He told me about adats (Chechen ancestral habits), about education, turning Chechen boys into fighters, about the fact that we, Russian pi @ aras, broke away from our roots, stopped listening to their old men, drank themselves, degenerated into a crowd of cowardly rams and stopped to be a people
It was from this very moment that my “pereobuvanie” began, or, if you like, becoming.

Then came the "fun times." Russian began to cut on the streets in broad daylight. Before my eyes in line for the bread of a Russian guy surrounded Vainakhs, one of whom spat on the floor and suggested that the Russian lick spittle from the floor. When he refused, his stomach was ripped open with a knife. Chechens burst into the parallel class right during the lesson, chose three of the prettiest Russian high school girls and dragged them along. Then we learned that the girls were presented as a birthday present to a local Chechen authority.

And then it became quite fun. The militants came to the village and began to strip it of Russian. At night, the screams of people who were raped and cut in their own home were sometimes heard. And no one came to help them. Everyone was on his own, everyone was shaking with fear, and some managed to bring an ideological basis for this case, they say, “my home is my fortress” (yes, dear Rodo, I heard this phrase exactly then. The person who said it, not alive - his guts were wound on the fence of his own house). That's how we, cowardly and stupid, cut out one by one. Tens of thousands of Russians were killed, several thousand fell into slavery and Chechen harems, hundreds of thousands fled from Chechnya in their shorts.
So the Vainakhs decided the “Russian question” in a single republic.
And they managed it only because we were crap, complete shit. We are now shit, the truth is no longer so liquid - among the shit began to fall grains of steel. And when these grains come together, kondopogs occur. There are not many of them yet, but the Vainakhs are great. Real forest orderlies. As a result of their cultural and educational mission in Russia, Russian sheep are becoming human again.
Generally, those who in their life intersected with the Chechens, there is nothing to hate them for. And after that
There is something to hate for those who did not intersect with them (Cautiously! Don't watch the faint-hearted! Remaining to watch, remembering cognitive dissonance. And I recommend watching the video first, then reading further).

The video was shot by militants in 1999 g during the invasion of the Basayev group in Dagestan. Our group post was on the way of the group; its personnel, upon seeing the militants, crap from fear and surrendered. Our soldiers had the opportunity to die like a man, in battle. They did not want to, and as a result were slaughtered like sheep. And if you watched the video carefully, you should have noticed that only one man’s hands were tied up last. The rest of the fate provided another chance to die like human beings. Any of them could get up and make the last sharp movement in his life - if not to cling to the enemy with his teeth, then at least take a knife or machine gun on the chest, standing. But they, seeing, hearing, and feeling that their comrades were being slaughtered next to them, and knowing that they would be slaughtered too, still preferred sheep death.
This is one-to-one situation with Russians in Chechnya. There we behaved the same way. And they cheated us exactly the same way.
By the way, every young recruiting in my platoon, and then in the company, I certainly showed trophy Chechen videos, and even less glamorous than the one presented. My fighters looked at torture, at ripping up the abdomen, and at cutting off the head with a hacksaw. Looked carefully. After that, none of them could come to mind to surrender.
I have already told you about the speech of Rokhlin. But he didn’t tell about what happened next. And then there was a terrible, terrible battle, in which out of my platoon in 19, six people survived. And when the Chechens broke into the location and it came to grenades, and we realized that all of us came n @ zdets - I saw real Russian people. There was no fear anymore. There was some funny anger, detachment from everything. There was one thought in my head: "Daddy asked me not to let me down." The wounded themselves were bandaged, they themselves were cut off by promedol and continued the fight.
Then we agreed with the Vainakhs in hand-to-hand combat. And they ran. It was a turning point in the battle for Grozny. It was a confrontation between two characters - Caucasian and Russian, and ours turned out to be harder. It was at that moment that I realized that we could do it. This solid rod is in us, it only needs to be cleared of sticking shit. In the melee we took prisoners. Looking at us, they did not even whine - they howled in horror. And then we were intercepted by radio interception - Dudayev’s order was passed on the militants' radio networks: “The scouts from 8AK and the special forces of the Airborne Forces are not captured or tortured but immediately finished up and buried as warriors”. We were very proud of this order.

Since then, I have been watching and trying to take note of the bursts of the Russian character. The dynamics of change are, in principle, pleasant, but the full conversion of the Russians to the correct one is still very, very far away.

Here are SUCH "bursts", alas, much more.
Together we admire the “future hope and support” of the new Russia:

here the crowd of Russians ****** bends even not a Chechen, but only an Armenian, and the “physics” of an Armenian is so-so (the throwing technique is not delivered and weak), but for the sheep it is enough: to be harder than liquid shit - it is enough to be just clay.

Probably, someone, having seen such, will hate this Armenian (or, in general, all "black-ass").
But this is only the first, the simplest phase of hate. Then comes the understanding that neither the Chechens, nor the Armenians, nor the Jews, in fact, are to blame. They do with us only what we allow ourselves to do with ourselves.

And now once again appreciate the depth of your own thoughts:
Quote: vic2005 from November 27 2009, 20: 25: 09
Think about what you are doing and study history. And the excuse that it is necessary to carry out an order is complacency, there is always a way to refuse to execute an order, resign so to speak. And if everyone responsibly approached the fate of the Motherland and resigned, then there would be no Chechen slaughter.
I am grateful to the Chechens as teachers for the lesson taught. They helped me to see my true enemy - a cowardly ram and pi @ aras who firmly settled in my own head.
And you continue to fight with the Jews and other "untrue Aryans." I wish you success.

If Russians were men, no troops would be needed. The population of Chechnya for the year 1990 was approximately 1,3-1,4 million, of whom Russians are 600-700 thousand. In Grozny there are about 470 thousands of inhabitants, of whom Russians are no less than 300 thousands. In the native Cossack regions - Naursky, Shelkovsky and Nadterechny - Russians were about 70%. We in our own land have merged the enemy, losing two or three times less in number.
And when the troops were injected, there was practically no one to save.

Yeltsin-Aklash could not do this, but Berezovsky is a Jew with a company. And the facts of his cooperation with the Chechens are well known. As spoke MAE - Generalissimo captured.
This does not justify the performers. The weapon to the Vainakhs was distributed not by the Jew Berezovsky, but by the Russian Grachev (by the way - paratrooper, hero of Afghanistan). But when “human rights activists” dragged themselves to Rokhlin and offered to surrender to the Chechens under their guarantees - Rokhlin ordered to put them on cancer and kick them with kicks to the front lines. So it does not matter whether the Generalissimo was captured or not - the country is alive as long as its last soldier is alive.

forecast for Russia on 2010 year from Gaidar.
This schmuck is directly related to the processes affecting each of us in particular, and our entire former country as a whole. This is in terms of "economy".
But I have questions of a non-economic nature. In January, 1995, the aforementioned gentleman on the large delegation of "human rights activists" (headed by SA Kovalev) came to Grozny to persuade our soldiers to surrender to the Chechens under their personal guarantees. And Gaidar glowed in the tactical air, as it were, not more intense than Kovalev. Under the "personal guarantees" Gaidar surrendered 72 man. Subsequently, their mutilated, with traces of torture, corpses were found in the area of ​​the cannery, Katayama and Sq. Just a minute.
This Smart and Beautiful hands have blood not on the elbow, but on the ears.
He was lucky - he died himself, without trial and execution.
But the moment will come when, in Russian traditions, his rotten tripe is taken out of the grave, loaded into a cannon and fired to the west - IT is unworthy to lie in Our Earth.

PS: Dear Lieutenant, "the dead will not be shameful" - said about the fallen soldiers who lost the battle.
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