NATO commanders expressed surprise at the persistence of supporters of Gaddafi

The North Atlantic Alliance is surprised by the perseverance with which the advocates of Sirte are trying to resist the rebel detachments.

The rebels have already captured all strategically important areas in the city, squeezed a small number of the remaining Gaddafi fighters and cut them off from all supply lines, but they continue to fight, writes on Tuesday, October 11, Associated Press. According to the NATO spokesman, Colonel Roland Lavoie, their actions are "simply meaningless." He also noted that this is “surprising, both from a military and a political point of view.”

The rebels came to the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi Sirtu back in August, but still can not capture it. At the same time, NATO aircraft increased their activity, increasingly conducting their bombardments. Earlier it was reported that before the beginning of the active phase of the fighting, the rebels made it possible for civilians to leave the city, and Sirte left about 10 thousands of people. However, many citizens have not been able to leave and still live under rebel bullets and the bombing of NATO aircraft - they either do not have the transport to leave, or there is no gasoline.

In addition, the rebels are actively attacking the city of Beni Walid in the south of the country, but there they suffer an even greater defeat. On Monday, October 10, the rebel detachments were forced to retreat altogether to regroup, because they had suffered too many losses in street fighting.
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