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NATO commanders expressed surprise at the persistence of supporters of Gaddafi


The North Atlantic Alliance is surprised by the perseverance with which the advocates of Sirte are trying to resist the rebel detachments.

The rebels have already captured all strategically important areas in the city, squeezed a small number of the remaining Gaddafi fighters and cut them off from all supply lines, but they continue to fight, writes on Tuesday, October 11, Associated Press. According to the NATO spokesman, Colonel Roland Lavoie, their actions are "simply meaningless." He also noted that this is “surprising, both from a military and a political point of view.”

The rebels approached the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi Sirtu in August, but still can not capture him. Wherein aviation NATO has increased its activity, increasingly carrying out its bombing. Earlier it was reported that the rebels before the start of the active phase of the fighting gave the civilian population an opportunity to leave the city, and about 10 thousand people left Sirte. However, many citizens were unable to leave and still live under rebel bullets and bombing of NATO aircraft - they either do not have transport to leave or they do not have gasoline.

In addition, the rebels are actively attacking the city of Beni Walid in the south of the country, but there they suffer an even greater defeat. On Monday, October 10, the rebel detachments were forced to retreat altogether to regroup, because they had suffered too many losses in street fighting.

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  1. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 12 October 2011 21: 08
    the Nazis in STALINGRAD said the same thing about our fighters.
    1. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 12 October 2011 21: 47
      Yes, any occupier will not understand what it means to fight for his hometown. The defenders of Srt are well aware of what will happen if a "democracy" according to the American model is established in their city.
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 13 October 2011 00: 13
        Yes, to fight for your own in your own land is not for your democracy in the whole world ...
  2. raf
    raf 12 October 2011 21: 35
    Europeans and Pindos do not understand what real patriotism is! For them, patriotism is when a hand is in the heart and a hymn is heard, and when they press, they recall the expediency and logic. It makes me happy that no matter how bad things are going in our army, we have a chance to stand against them at the expense of perseverance and patriotism!
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 12 October 2011 21: 36
    This barefoot slippers lost, the NATO did not deliver on time. So that there they also left their underpants, brainless men!
  4. Dmitry T
    Dmitry T 12 October 2011 23: 45
    Maybe Mr. Serdyukov in NATO for compatibility, that does not work? winked
  5. sirToad
    sirToad 13 October 2011 03: 58
    that's how it is always with the "effective and successful" we, like, did everything right - and they are fighting the wrong way. "Friedrich called the Great knew this excuse when Suvorov put his face on the table
  6. mind1954
    mind1954 13 October 2011 04: 46
    So you have to die! These understand why they are dying!
    And this selling paDal for what should die? They are
    looters. They are from the homeland that they sold to TRNK
    I want to grab something, but nothing more !!!
  7. itr
    itr 13 October 2011 05: 24
    Oh help would
  8. stas52
    stas52 13 October 2011 05: 43
    The North Atlantic Alliance is surprised "Why the defenders of Sirte do not go to the chopping block like rams," but because they, the defenders, understand that these alleged rebels, if they seize the city, will begin mass executions. So that the struggle is for survival.
  9. Denis
    Denis 13 October 2011 06: 53
    why be surprised? glamorous normal does not understand
    Yes, and the guys at the house
  10. lightforcer
    lightforcer 13 October 2011 10: 12
    Politruk is lying.
  11. DEfindER
    DEfindER 13 October 2011 13: 07
    That’s exactly why it’s surprising, they play soldiers in NATO, they press buttons, and here people have only one choice, either to die in battle for their homeland, or your enemies will execute you ..
  12. Don
    Don 13 October 2011 14: 46
    It is a pity, of course, that Sirte still can’t stand. And NATO hopefully someday find out what it is to defend their hometown.