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Results of the week. “Look, the whole face is black! Have you ever read Moidodyr? ”

Who has "Faberge" stronger ...

Last week, the Ukrainian authorities struck into the adoption of legislative measures aimed at any opportunity to bite at least somehow, or at least to show off on Russia. Against the background of the denunciation of agreements on military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation, the loudest yelping was the decision to terminate the agreement, according to which the Russian military (peacekeepers), along with cargo for the Russian military, can transit through Ukrainian territory to Moldova (Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic).

Are the Ukrainian authorities going to repeat the “feat” of Mr. Saakashvili, who used the moment to strike at the Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia in 2008 year? Then, of course, there was no blockade of the peacekeeping contingent, but this was an additional incentive for action from Kiev. Like, then Misha did not succeed, as the Russians quickly arrived, but we can succeed - the main thing is to do everything as the American "partners" will command. If the “partners” really want to carry out the operation “Misha-2” or “Bear on the Dniester”, then go ahead ... But only after this operation can the Transdniestrian Transnistrian Republic really become an independent state ... Here it is: who will have the Faberge? ... Moldova (after her way out gay European integration) with the presence of Faberge big problems ...

Comments from our readers:

The matter is not at all in the blockade of peacekeepers - they are half local and live in a friendly environment. The case is in the ECONOMIC BLOCADE of Transnistria - goods from Transnistria do not allow Ruin or Moldova through, losses - hundreds of millions of dollars. How do people pay their salaries, what should they live on - these are the most important questions? and here they do not tolerate any delay in the decision ...

Now, if you really look. In the air, this is, in theory, only cargo helicopters, over Maidaniya in the area of ​​Odessa.
Maydanschiki warn: We will shoot down. C-300, BEECH.
We warn: Destroy everything that it tries to do.
A: the first bricks, looking at the flights of our helicopters.
B: The striped ones give the command, and Mikola presses the button, the transport helicopter is shot down.
Our reaction is interesting.
A: we express a firm and resolute protest, we call ...
B: the link Ducklings extinguishes all available in the area of ​​air defense. The epic srach begins.

Varian B: after what he has seen in a year and a half, he no longer seems fiction. Few would have thought that what was going on all this time is possible.

Hope to sell diplomatically. And if not, then there is enough will to respond to the provocation as tough as possible, so that some Rainis or Ecka from the Baltic states will think when the striped ones will entrust this to them.

Support the "Odessa corridor" to one! After 2 in May, 2014 Odessa is scared! THIS IS A LONG TIME! If not for good! Break through the corridor will have a lot of blood, and this is what Russia needs? Still, it's easier to wait for the apple to ripen and fall by itself ... And this is the 2-3 of the year!

CNN "sees" the Russian army on the Dnieper

CNN announced a large-scale Russian offensive in Ukraine. Already this summer. American generals expressed concern about the supposedly existing threat of encirclement of the Bandera troops in Mariupol and had already agreed to “separatist-Russian troops” in the Donbas. Poroshenko agreed to a "real war" with Russia. Earlier, the Stratfor (“shadow CIA”) provided a detailed map of the “Russian offensive”, ending with the advance of the attacking troops approximately to the Dnieper.

Results of the week. “Look, the whole face is black! Have you ever read Moidodyr? ”

CNN is the very medium of “information” that “confuses” on the airs of Russian President Vladimir Putin with “jihadist John”, who believes that Kiev is a suburb of Ulan Bator, and Slavyansk is in Crimea. Apparently, in this case, announcing the exit of the Russian army to the Dnieper in the Strathfor and CNN is not fully in harmony with geography. After all, as you know, the Dnieper flows through Russian territory too. So the term "the exit of the advancing troops to the Dnieper" is quite in the spirit of CNN ...

And it’s this, forgive my God, informational empire that presents materials about the breakthrough of the “Russian troops” to Mariupol, then about the upcoming March of “Putin spies” on Kreshatik, then about the myriad personnel fighters of the “GRU special forces”, of which there are so many in the Donbas, that there is no place for the apple to fall - so, you understand, and they scurry between the “Armaty” ... CNN's Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize! .. Definitely! ..

Comments from our readers:

For about a week I have not been let go by the persistent feeling of something approaching. As if the gas cylinder was put in the fire, and it has been lying there for quite a long time, and just about babakhnet. Is there enough idiocy to unleash the third world?

Wars do not start idioty. Idioty observe how the enemy is preparing for war. And help him discounts on gas, coal and so on. - "fraternal" people.

So was the offensive. Last year, right from the Red Square, troops marched "out of door" to Ukraine. This year even “Armata” immediately went to war in the Donbass. Illarionov almost every month predicts the introduction of Russian troops on the outskirts.
We enter every month. And then we deduce. And so to orgasm ...

Deeply concerned

The US State Department expressed “deep concern” with the new Russian law, according to which it is possible to terminate the activity of “undesirable foreign and international organizations” in the territory of the Russian Federation.

“We are deeply concerned about the new Russian law, which allows the government to ban the activity of“ undesirable foreign and international organizations ”in Russia and criminalizes cooperation with structures classified in this category.”- said the representative of the Ministry of Mari Harf.

Is there anything that the US State Department is not concerned about? Well, of course, there is ... The State Department is not concerned about the arrests by the American special services of FIFA functionaries in Switzerland. Not concerned about the State Department the presence of "secret" US prisons in Guantanamo, in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq. Not concerned about the State Department funding from the US treasury of anti-constitutional coups around the world. And even the fact that instead of official representatives at the State Department talking dolls, he is also not concerned. In that case, start by worrying about yourself ...

Comments from our readers:

Americans are worried? Well, right. Now they will begin to cry around the world about the dictator Putin and his minions in the Duma. How can you not remember: the dog barks, and the caravan goes.

The law passed the test. Since the State Department is “concerned,” then the law is correct and popular, and once “deep”, it means also very necessary;)

The Anti-Terrorism Act allows secret FBI agents and police to search your homes and offices without your knowledge.
Install secret listening devices on phones, monitor your computers and actions on the Internet.
Without your knowledge, check your bank calculations, credit cards and financial reports.
Without your knowledge, explore your library and the books you read.
Without your knowledge, examine your medical historyinformation about your travels and business.
Freeze funds and assets without prior notice or request.
Create secret "Lists of Observed". People from this list are not allowed to travel.
by plane and other modes of transport.
Millions of telephone conversations were heard during the Clinton years of 90
American citizens. This was done under a secret program codenamed "Echelon".
The President may declare a threat to the state, which is not defined and, the Congress does not have
rights to discuss this decision for 6 months. Decree number XXUMX.
If necessary, the government can take possession of all vehicles.
Decree number XXUMX.
If necessary, the government has the right to vaccinate you with untested vaccines.
against your will. Senate Bill No. XXUMX.
Americans do not have the right to know which products are genetically modified. Food and Drug Administration.
At the request of the government, you must collect and provide information about your neighbors, as well as carry listening devices. If you refuse, you face imprisonment 2 year or more. Congressman Sansenbrenner's bill.
The government claims the right to take away all financial instruments, currency, gold,
silver and whatever, if absolutely necessary. Letter of the Ministry of Finance
12 August 2005 year.
"The constitution is just a bloody piece of paper."
George Double Bush, November 2005, Capitol Hill Blue Website.
Here is such a democracy within the United States for internal use.

GRU special forces talk and show

During the week, the epic with two Russian citizens (Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov), captured by Ukrainian security forces in the Donbas, received its continuation. Kiev states that both of these Russians are regular military servicemen of the GRU special forces. "Special Forces" in the Kiev hospital was visited by a representative of the Russian consulate by the name of Gruby.

Interviews with the detained Russians are full of not only Ukrainian media, but also some Russian ones. Caught in the hands of the Ukrainian side, Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov refuse to cooperate with the investigation, but at the same time they try to expose themselves to victims of circumstances. Yevgeny Yerofeev asks to retrain the article from “terrorism” to “espionage” and states that the Russian authorities have forgotten about them, unlike the “Red Cross”, the OSCE and the Ukrainian psychological assistance services.

In general, the "GRU special forces" he, apparently, is now like this: machine guns, and they don’t trust everyone ... And you don’t have to say that "die for yourself and help your friend". The hospital, antidepressants, ingratiating glances, twenty interviews a day, statements that Russia “threw” ... Maybe now they are also going to go with toilet paper, and in case of danger they hope for the effectiveness of the motto “do not beat” ...

But seriously, the whole truth about the “GRU special forces” sounded on Friday in Savik Shuster’s broadcast (material - here). Shuster put on the air a man who allegedly is a Russian military man, a colleague of Erofeev and Alexandrov. This person first told about the war in Ukraine, and then said that Schuster did not even bother to check who he was. The outcome of the "show": "a soldier from the Russian Federation" stated that Yerofeyev and Alexandrov were militiamen who were forced to say under torture that they were "from the special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Armed Forces", after which Shuster and UkroSMI working methods were sent far and for a long time. Studio hung ...

Comments from our readers:

In the dungeons of the Secret Chancellery, those who kept saying to the last survived: “I don’t know, I don’t know” ... And who started “babbling”, he went to the block and took a bunch of people with him, substituting them. This is the opinion.
In the Gestapo, many were silent to the last for the Motherland. My opinion is that in this situation it was necessary to try to do it. Maybe the guys tried. But the methods of Amerkov are more abruptly than the Gestapo, so a minority could be silent, not sure even for themselves, but I would try. Of the lost ones, only one of them did not give the interview, apparently it was not for the camera. Respect.

Even for a minute to imagine that they are fighters SPN. Their ranks are too big for their hangers (intelligence observers). How did it become known that these are SPN fighters? They were captured with insignia and officers? Can not be. This is a violation of internal regulations, which in these units honor above certain statutes. When performing similar tasks on the adjacent territory, the presence of the group is lengthened (sometimes in several echelons). Therefore, to admit that he is “the captain of the GRU!”, A person could only in one case. If he had such a task. And we just do not go into captivity.
If this is not the case, then the most primitive conclusion is that these are ordinary militiamen captured. Knowing the Ukrainian hospitality, the guys, frightened, went to cooperate with the SBU. Or, having turned the situation around, they decided that it was better to surrender not as “separatists” and “terrorists”, but as “GRU officers” ... while having profit in the form of: "... koryachy shay, belia bulka and goly diefka .. . " But they didn’t calculate Maleh. Because further it follows: ".... dolgo, dolgo to love and to hang on a pine tree ..." So somehow ...

And again, as with the Buryats, the interview is given only to Novaya Gazeta. It seems to me alone that this newspaper is not playing on our side? Moreover, unlike the Rain and Echo of the Matzah, it does not burn much, but its materials, as a rule, are made more professionally than those directed against the Russian Federation, but not openly. Novaya and Nezavisimaya Gazeta, in my opinion, should be checked for funding by foreign investors.

Liberal arithmetic: Misha minus Borya is equal to ...

The media has learned that the site is collecting signatures in support of the initiative to grant the former head of the Russian government, Mikhail Kasyanov, US citizenship. A certain activist by the name of Robert Hill appeals to the President and the United States Congress to offer Kasyanov the citizenship of the United States "for his invaluable contribution to the development of democracy."

After the death of his “comrade-in-arms” of Boris Nemtsov, Michal Mikhalych was considerably animated. Trips to the US are not idle. If you’re already traveling, then what kind of list should you take with you, and in addition a string bag for gray-green bills for a job well done. In Russia, the activity of Mikhal Mikhalych and the RPR-PARNAS headed by him also increased. If yesterday, Mr. Kasyanov had nothing to do with the zealous oppositionists tangling white tapes on “safe house” apartments, then he is now going to “take” Kazan, Kostroma, Kaluga and Novosibirsk by means of NGOs sponsoring the same green-gray candy wrappers. And someone deigned to say that the death of Mr. Nemtsov was, well, understandable that Michal Mikhalych was not profitable. Come on ... Michal Mikhalych mows dividends.

Comments from our readers:

Mr. Kasyanov’s actions are already subject to ch. 2, Art. 280.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Public calls for actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation”, which threatens 5 with years of imprisonment.

This is with regard to calls (public) to return the Crimea to Ukraine.

Deputies of the lower house of parliament have already appealed to the TFR, to check it for separatist sentiments (beliefs). So the machine of inevitable bondage is spinning against him. I think it will be closed, and in the West they will demand to release political prisoners again, but this will not prevent Mikhail Kasyanov from observing the election of the President of the Russian Federation at 2018 from the prison cell in Lefortovo.

On the other hand, he has no reason to plant him in order to avoid unnecessary screams; he does not pose any danger. I would appoint fines, large ones, you can even borrow the Finnish experience, where fines are imposed as a percentage of income. The fact is that many are ready to expose themselves to the martyr of the regime for money, but no one agrees to get poor at all.

Georgy USSR
We must recognize the RPR-PARNAS as a terrorist organization, after which we will look at the reaction of the liberasts.

To harm their homeland, to put it mildly, dishonestly, short-sighted, stupid.
The most important advantage in a person is the mind, which is always directed towards creation, towards a beautiful and useful work, towards love of neighbor.

Those "gentlemen" who are trying to destroy Russia, in my opinion, are not okay with their brains.

Instead of canceling visas - kiss on the forehead

The Riga Eastern Partnership Summit was blind, deaf and mute in relation to the most democratic countries of a huge continent: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Neither to you the abolition of visas, nor to you multi-billion low-interest loans from Western friends, not-th-th ...

What is the EU Eastern Partnership Summit? This is the case when the East is, and there is no partnership. Although it is not up to the partnership already in the West, if it ever was ever there. Well, let's not we call the partnership "friendly" credit bondage ...

In general, the visas, which Petr Alekseevich told everyone about the imminent cancellation a year ago, remained in their places. Moreover, in recent months, a significant decrease in the number of visas granted to Ukrainian citizens by European friends has been recorded. Apparently, they want to be friends only through a thick (or better, deaf and insurmountable) wall ...

The only “breakthrough” of the summit for Ukraine was, perhaps, a kiss by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on the forehead of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Either I spent the last journey already now, or designated the exact place for the future, so that “smack in the forehead” on the next Maidan would not pass by ...

Comments from our readers:

If the chairman of a collective farm ruined his collective farm like Petsya, a country, then he would have been a complete kirdyk ... If he hadn’t been shot, he would have received a quarter without the right of correspondence ...

About Georgia ... That's what's interesting ... How Georgia was needed in the EU and NATO before the war with Ossetia, which only the West promised it. Georgia was allowed to have a baby ... The West has forgotten about her ... nobody already calls anywhere ... As in that joke when a Jew crawls across the border, the border guard: Stop! Who goes! I will shoot! .. Jew: Sha ... no one goes anywhere ...

And why Petrushka only in embroidery? It is time for the official meetings to wear bloomers.

Kapita-a-al! .. Do-mo-oh! ..

In the III reading, the lower house of the Russian parliament passed one of the highly debated bills - Draft Federal Law No. XXUMX-754388 "On the voluntary declaration of assets and accounts (deposits) by banks by individuals and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation." The most resonant discussion in this bill is the so-called "amnesty of capital."

It can be a very long time to reflect on whether it is a positive or a negative law, but it would be much more interesting to wait for at least the first results of its action. Despite the existence of the saying that there is a lie, there is a blatant lie, and there are statistics, it would be nice to see the results of these statistics and draw conclusions: whether the capital has returned home or continues to play Cossack robbers in foreign harbors, which for some time hardly be considered quiet ... Capital is looking for where it is cozier. So will the authorities of the Russian Federation provide him with "comfort" in Mother Russia?

Comments from our readers:

The same Leha
Prodigal capital from RUSSIA has no choice ...

Either it is expropriated under the specious pretext of the Anglo-Saxons ... or he will return to RUSSIA, having lost part in the form of taxes .... such is the village, gentlemen capitalists.

By this law, the state shows that the fight against corruption is not conducted at all, and the Russian economy is completely offshore. As so, having a staff of law enforcement agencies of several million heads, the state cannot track the origin and finding of stolen capital, and, having found out, cannot effectively ensure the return of stolen sums.
Instead, legalizes embezzlers. Instead of adopting a law on limiting the export of capital, the president and the government from the high tribunes declare their free movement and the continuation of the liberal course. On the one hand, the state shouts about attracting foreign capital, and on the other hand, it gives a complete blank check for its withdrawal.
The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, estimated the outflow of capital from Russia in 2015 in the 120 year to billions of dollars.
As for the "businessmanoff" and their "grandmothers" abroad.
Does anyone seriously believe that the owner of a car wash or bread stall has a profit of millions of% $ and takes the money over the hill?
Funny, is not it? They would make ends meet ...

At one time, Delyagin gave a list of federal companies registered in offshore companies, including In Cyprus. These include the strategic, electric power industry. Does Vekselberg really take it at once and re-register with the local tax office of some Butovo district? Hardly.

About Ka-226T for India

Indian edition writes about why the Ministry of Defense of India preferred the Russian Ka-226T helicopters. The publication writes that these lightweight twin-engine rotary-wing machines can be effectively used for both civilian and military (police) purposes. In addition, the preference is given to Ka-226T due to the fact that they successfully perform tasks in high-altitude conditions. Ka-226T, according to estimates of the Indian side, proved to be excellent during the presentation flights in India.

The contract states that India will purchase 197 such helicopters from Russia. In this case, about half will be collected in Russia, and the other half - in India. The Indian assembly of Russian helicopters is an important condition of the contract, thanks to which it was Russia (who agreed to this option) that New Delhi was chosen as the country from which helicopters of this class would be procured for the needs of India. Western countries have set India a tough condition - the purchase of already assembled helicopters at their facilities. It would seem, how patriotic ... But such a "patriotic zhestkach" and left the western manufacturers of helicopters without a large Indian order. Nothing personal - only, you know, business ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, personally, I would also make a choice in favor of this machine!
Especially I am captivated by its modular design.
A dozen helicopters and several dozen modules, and you can perform as many tasks as you want.

And the plant in Kumertau is transferred from a complete assembly to an aggregate! And here you need to ask: why! After all, this torpedoing its production! Sabotage clean water! Thousands of workers (highly skilled) will remain without work and a piece of bread! You need to think about this in the government!

That the Hindus are buying the Ka-226 is good. But what most will do in India is not good. Why not to do with us, to provide work for their employees, and not local aborigines? Otherwise, there is information in other media that the plant in Kumertau will generally stop assembling helicopters, and will only deal with the release of components. Somehow it looks bad.

Then there would be no contract. India fundamentally requires locating production. Almost all contracts. If the supplier refuses - the contract goes to someone who agrees to manufacture in India.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

In the presidential elections in Poland won Andrzej Duda, speaking as a candidate from the opposition (conservative) party "Law and Justice". In relation to Russia, this person is even more belligerent, if not aggressive, than his predecessor, Komorowski. The mentioned Duda supports the idea of ​​sending troops to the aid of the Ukrainian army, bravely fighting for the Donbass.

Warsaw has a real chance to help fraternal Kiev, because the president in Poland heads the armed forces and determines the foreign policy of the state. Here is the question of NATO: at the pre-election debate, candidate Andrzej Duda called for the deployment of bases of the North Atlantic Alliance on Polish territory. Finally, the victory of Andrzej Duda in the elections can fix a turn to the right, which ultimately will lead to "a nightmare in Polish foreign policy." Relations with not only Russia, but also with the European Union can deteriorate, said Jacek Kukarchyk (Warsaw), president of the Institute of Public Affairs of Poland.

The inauguration of the new Polish President Andrzej Duda is to take place on August 6 2015. Thus, the “right to right” and “nightmare in Polish foreign policy” expected by experts can take place no earlier than autumn - winter. We will also find out about the possible NATO innovations of Duda and the attitude towards the Ukrainian crisis not earlier than autumn. At the same time, it will become known how the Law and Justice Party will promote the already voiced ideas of “close cooperation” of Poland with the United States. Especially since the chairman of the “Rights and Justice” J. Kaczynski is promised in the autumn to be “promoted” to the post of prime minister. And this man, like Dudu, who seeks to bring Poland closer together not with the EU, but with America, is hard to suspect of sympathy for Moscow.

Comments from our readers:

Already many times it was written that in the EU countries, especially the sixth countries of the former social. camps that have sold like the last slut to the Americans, it’s impossible to become a leader if you are not a Russophobe! Moreover, Poland historically does not feel sympathy for us. There, all the presidents want to be “cooler” than Pilsudski, although they are well aware that you cannot become someone if you are in reality ordinary American bedding! But with the triple energy, they are their weakness and pour out on Russia! And what do we care about this Poland? Let yourself be yelled, Eka Nevidal!

Candid russophobe came to power in Poland, sadly. And quite active, not putting their actions into question.

Trumpet in the Polish orchestra, playing an American melody.

For our state, the former and the newly elected are not very pleasant characters. But as they say, what it is. Our Foreign Ministry to work with them. Poles for us are opponents for a very long time, historically. And I very much doubt that in the near future there may appear a Russophile president. The history of the formation of Ukraine as two drops of water is similar to the history of Poland.

Is the friendship rusty?

two news of the last few days, they are forcing to take a closer look at the future of Russian-German relations, says VO columnist Gennady Granovsky. The first news concerns the construction of the corvettes project 20385. As the marketing director of the Severnaya Verf plant, Leonid Kuzmin, said, it will be minimized due to problems with imported components. The second news: the company GM, which announced its withdrawal from the Russian market, began to produce the Opel Mokka at the Belarusian factory CJSC Unison.

It seems that the Germans are really leaving the Russian market, and they do it not at a loss to themselves. German business circles are clearly not counting on a thaw in relations between the West and Russia, so they are looking for other places where you can earn good money. And find.

In 2014, the export of German companies to Russia fell by more than 18%. In 2015, this figure fell another third. Experts have no doubt that Germany’s trade with Russia will continue to decline. But do the Germans lose something? Deliveries of goods to Russia amount to tiny percentages of German exports (in 2014, 2,6%). The Germans have already found a replacement for these percentages in other markets. In the list of sales markets for the German automotive industry, Russia has slipped from 5-th place (2013 year) to 10-e (2014 year). But Germany has increased shipments to China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. As a result, the German car industry not only compensated for losses in Russia, but also increased exports by 6,5%.

Comments from our readers:

Mareman Vasilich
The only problem here is the external puppet control of Germany.

I do not agree. Without external (American) governance, Germany inevitably turns into our geopolitical rival in Europe, which is already happening. Then Germany turns into our enemy. Dreams of the Euro-continental axis Moscow-Berlin-Paris are just dreams that have nothing to do with real reality.
The withdrawal of the VGG from Germany (GDR) is a huge geopolitical mistake. There are no levers of influence on Germany. It is better for us to agree with the United States on spheres of influence in Europe than to stop the German “drang nah osten” later. By the way, for the inevitably weakening US, this is also the best option. It's not too late yet.

“The withdrawal of the WGF from Germany (GDR) is a huge geopolitical mistake.” Why is the mistake - it was an ordinary betrayal.

Well what can I say? Yes, this fact is the place to be. And what? Need to whine? I do not think.
I do not consider it necessary to exaggerate the causes and consequences - we see everything. But to celebrate a memorial service for untimely lost opportunities is a bit early. A holy place is never empty - a fact, however, is historically verified. We are familiar with the “Teutons” not by hearsay and for a long time, so that the extra ponderousness can be safely discarded. The times when Russia was ready to kiss the “dear Western European partner” to all the causal places have irrevocably passed. And thank God!..

Shlopotal Strogach

Oleg Bochkarev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission (MIC) of the Russian Federation, said: “The fact that Russia doesn’t take them (Mistrals) is a fact, and now only one discussion is about the amount of money to be returned to the Russian Federation” . His words quoted the columnist "IN" Roman Skomorokhov. According to the journalist, in the story of the helicopter carriers "you can put a fat point on this." And it's time to "start another story - about money."

And let's take a closer look at the official statement given and trace the government’s reaction to it.

According to Kommersant, Mr. Bochkarev’s statements turned out to be a severe reprimand from his immediate superior for him. The head is none other than the chairman of the board of the military-industrial complex and vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin.

The reason for the reprimand, indicates the publication, were both public statements and factual mistakes of the official. A high-ranking government source told a Kommersant journalist that this week’s talks on Mistrals with Mr. Gauthier’s participation were not planned. In addition, Bochkarev, who is responsible in the board of the military industrial complex for the supply of equipment for the Airborne Forces and the ground forces, was never involved in the relevant negotiation process.

From the uncomfortable situation, the government made certain conclusions: Rogozin instructed to develop regulations for communicating with the press.

It seems that the government is in no hurry to abandon the Mistral for a very simple reason: a Moscow court with Paris will be a very difficult and protracted event. And it is likely that Moscow will not achieve any compensation. On the other hand, Paris spends rather large sums on the maintenance of Mistral - the ships are a real burden (because of the idle time of the two Mistral, France monthly loses 3 million euros).

There is a second reason for delaying the decision by Moscow. 25-26 June will be a summit of EU Heads of State. AND there is informationthat the legislation on the extension of sanctions against Russia by this date will not be ready. It is possible that the sanctions will be extended, but only from July 31. And F. Hollande will have the opportunity to use the loophole and finally send the ships of Russia.

Comments from our readers:

Gentlemen, after all, everything is back to square one, the god of the Rogue marks. At one time, we denied Iran the supply of C-300 and also referring to the sanctions, now the French have done the same with us. And as if from a forfeit otbrehivalis, therefore, the guarantor said: if only they would return theirs, it is a shame to ask too much.

While one talk. Let's see how it all ends. Then we will draw conclusions.

Western politicians twist, twirl, and as a result, workers from the shipyard suffer. Now their work for many years no one needs. The poor are their families. Such is the policy of capital!

The sanctions came Obama sideways

B. H. Obama said that Moscow "is becoming more aggressive." He said this not to someone in the Oval Office over a cup of beer, but to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The Wall Street Journal simultaneously stated that Russia along with China and Iran had become “dangerous” for the United States. The well-known publicist Pepe Escobar believes that the Kremlin has outplayed the White House: the real policy now is that Russia is deepening its strategic partnership with China. Eurasia is becoming a promising international commercial "shopping center", which will extend from Beijing to Berlin, or from Shanghai to St. Petersburg and beyond, to Rotterdam and Duisburg. "Cold War 2.0" the United States does not defeat the Russian!

On the other hand, let us add, the inhabitant of the Oval Office, who remains to sit on the throne for a little more than one and a half years, is hardly willing to lose face. Entering into history as a president who was outwitted by the Russians - Americans will not forgive Obama for this. Barack Hussein really does not want to be the ruler under which the American hegemony faltered. Therefore, he is repeating in a conversation with the NATO Secretary General about the “more aggressive stance taken by Russia.” However, the story can not be reversed. The fact remains that it was Obama with his sanctions that pushed Russia into the arms of China.

Comments from our readers:

Yeah. He who does not want to bend down turns out to be aggressive. lol Well, right through the looking-glass some!

Reserve officer
“The fact remains a fact - it was Obama with his sanctions that pushed Russia into the arms of China.” Well, this is not the worst for the USA. More terrible than anything else - with his policy, Obama contributed to a sharp increase in patriotism in our country. And for the West, it never ended with good, when the people of Russia rallied in front of an external threat.

Retvizan 8
Where's the justice? Some goblins surrounded themselves with a pack of jackals, declared themselves exceptional, imagined themselves the masters of the world! And the great countries with centuries-old histories and traditions (Russia, China, Iran (also known as Persia) for them are “regional powers!” Guys, stop on time, do not anger God!

Russian will not be intimidated!

Russia was the only country in the world that the United States could not intimidate. So say foreign analysts. Experts also note that Washington still maintains a leading position in the world, but American geopolitical institutions have lost the influence that they had during the Cold War. In addition, both NATO and the IMF faced a number of difficulties. Talk about the "annexation" of the Crimea subsided. As a result, analysts believe, the United States can go to a rapprochement with the Kremlin.

Looks like the White House realized something. In the modern world, not only opponents are required, but also allies. It took the United States not so much time to understand this — less than two years. Look at the map: Russia, China, part of the flaming Middle East, part of Latin America - in the 21st century, the United States everywhere managed to make for themselves if not open enemies, then at least strategic opponents.

Therefore, we can safely assume that until the end of his presidency, Barack Obama will adhere to the policy of peace (or, at least, “settlement”). The two June issues - the extension by the European Union of sanctions against Russia and the solution of the Iranian "nuclear problem" - will show what the Nobel laureate in Washington thought up.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
The United States themselves are running up to the fate of previous missionaries from the West, who repeatedly tried to intimidate the peoples of Russia. Well, in general, attempts to dominate the United States in the world will lead the world to the abyss of war on a planetary scale ... Only the blind cannot see this.

They see everything there in the West, so in the US hysteria and bluster give way to a more cautious approach and communication. And Europe is all in hysterics and crisis, because the US throws it under the train of a possible war on its territory, which the Europeans do not want.
After all, Putin clearly said almost a year ago: NEED TO TASTE FOR TWO YEARS ... The situation in the world is already breaking in favor of Russia and its allies, and this trend does not stop. The ruble is strengthening, the price of oil has stabilized, the allies have been activated, both economically and militarily, production is improving inside the country, etc.

Do not scare the scared! Since the forty-fifth year, with Hiroshima scare. Already fed up with fists waving and pulling faces! We stood and will stand.

Give in to China, Mr. Obama!

Russia and China are interested in increasing the share of national currencies in mutual settlements. "Bear" and "dragon" begin to move to the calculations in RMB. The monopoly of the American dollar is under threat. From such news aroused billionaire George Soros, who decided that Beijing and Moscow could destroy the United States, and the blame for this ... the United States. And while it’s not too late, Washington should "give in" to the PRC and include the yuan in the IMF currency basket. If the Chinese finally get close to the Russians, the Americans will be unsatisfied.

Well, the trouble is, let's add from ourselves: the only thing that the United States cannot do is to make concessions. Everyone knows how to bomb the defenseless, rob the countries of the Third World, make color revolutions, greet the Arab Spring, set the tone for NATO and the IMF, impose sanctions against the recalcitrant, and so on - but not to give way. How can a world “hegemon” who considers himself “the only developed country on Earth” concede to someone (quoted from Obama's January speech)? Did the White House really put up with the fact that the yuan actually told the dollar: move over? No, it will not. In response to this, Washington is preparing to move not the yuan, but the Chinese. Obama, for good reason, sent Vice President Biden to give a belligerent speech to alumni of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. And Mr. Biden was right to say to the quiet graduates that the US foreign policy is again focused on the Asia-Pacific region, and therefore many sailors will have to go there, “to keep the peace”.

Everyone knows that if the current American politician speaks of "preserving peace", then he is busy stirring up a new war. That is why Mr. Soros is afraid. And that's why he gives advice to the White House.

Comments from our readers:

Apparently, everything is really very bad for the IMF and the USA (economically), if such a shark squealed about concessions. And for war, the grounds are serious, but insufficient. If only they do not climb. But that's another topic.

Thank. It seems that Mr. Soros is already cranking up cash geshefts with yuan))

Yeah, this shark will not miss her. Unlike the USA. No wonder he is worried, there will be time, and very soon, when the yuan dollar is ruined.

Football has become a political sport.

In Switzerland, there was a loud football scandal, which quickly turned into a political one. More precisely, in geopolitical. Football, you know, is an international affair. Eight major FIFA functionaries have been arrested. The case, in essence, is the most common - corruption. The arrests were initiated by the United States. Their implicit goal was to challenge the holding of the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Not without reason, the hawk senators McCain and Menendez appealed to the FIFA congress, calling on the organization not to support Mr. Blatter’s candidature for the presidency: the man at the time refused to deprive Russia of the right to accept World Cup 2018.

It is clear that the arrests in Zurich, initiated by Washington, were arranged exactly for the Congress, at which the FIFA President, who had nothing to do with the World Cup 2018 in Russia, was to be re-elected. Such a "coincidence" can not be accidental. Especially since in 2014 and 2015. McCain repeatedly wrote “letters about Russia” to FIFA.

But it’s interesting to us: how far can American enemies of Russia go in their sporting attacks? What will happen next? Submission to the US Congress of a proposal to recognize FIFA as a “terrorist organization”? Or will “Maidan” protests against the football organization be held in Zurich, and their participants recognize the “power” in FIFA as “undemocratic”, “illegitimate” and deserving “sanction”? Or maybe there is a deeply original personal strategy? John McCain has failed to become president of the United States, is he aiming for FIFA presidents?

Comments from our readers:

America is a hydra with a thousand venomous heads. Hack them mercilessly over all. Otherwise, the world on the planet will explode again. Football has always been out of politics. And these creatures and there decided to do the back door ...

Menendez, meanwhile, himself came under investigation, and characteristically - under corruption clauses. And if they prove it, it will not be enough for him - in America, unlike in the Russian Federation, there is no parliamentary immunity.

But McCain has nothing to do at FIFA, he’s in football neither ear nor snout, and in general the word “football” (football) means to him a completely different game, remotely similar to rugby.

McCain, besides Russophobia, is in general neither ear nor snout, and his place has long been in hell.

States behave quite correctly. There is a crime against US law, and it is in the jurisdiction of the FBI (since American banks took part in it). No one is going to forgive him. A request was made to Interpol, and the Swiss police did their job. Further extradition and trial in the United States are likely.
And when Russia with its bribe takers will do the same?

If the FBI developed this operation for 10 years and saved 10 a billion bribes with its silence, but it just got out now, to you, RiverVV, does this also seem to be correct? Any cause-effect relationships not catch? Or "right" and everything?
And do not touch our Russia!

To each his own

The Western press believes that the Russian people are becoming stronger in their determination to survive the crisis. Sociologists believe that society in Russia is consolidating: the opinion of citizens follows the opinion of state diplomacy. The Russians want their country in the world recognized as a great power. And what can the United States boast? Here's what: 61% of American voters do not believe political news; military indifferent to the bellicose speeches of Vice President Biden; Americans significantly overestimate the number of LGBT people in the United States, stating in polls that gay and lesbians in the country are 23%; Finally, one Uncle drove up to the Day of Remembrance to the US Congress building in a car with a bomb made from a pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker bomb has become one of America's newest era symbols. The same symbol became gay freedom. Because of their continuous propaganda by the White House, the State Department and the press, the Americans strongly overestimate the number of "blue" in their home country. Press in the United States is considered at least tendentious; most American citizens simply do not believe the political news. The statements of politicians are not so interesting for the masses that the first speeches make the second sleep - as it happened at the speech of Vice-President Biden, when graduates of the Naval Academy fell asleep in droves.

Against this background, Western journalists are trying to comprehend the phenomenon of Russia. But there is no phenomenon, gentlemen. While you are recounting your homosexuals, declaring politicians and the media to be liars, and listening to old snatching Biden through snoring, Russians think of their country as a great power.

Comments from our readers:

Historical fact: Russia does not like when someone climbs to it with its own pointers and instructions on how to live! It always causes irritation in the whole nation, its rallying! After the campaigns of Napoleon and Hitler, who carried a new vision of how to live Russian and what came of it, the West should have learned some lessons, but some kind of West is stupid! Sleeping sailors are a good indicator of the relationship: these kids will not be ass for America, especially to enter the war with Russia. They, unlike politicians, even with a bad American education feel that they will not even get to Arlington Cemetery ...

Thank you.
What we are, these are)) We love Russia and help her as best we can.
However, we do not impose our "governance" on anyone, calling it "democracy."

Moreover, no one is bombing and killing.

It's simple: now the United States resembles the Roman Empire, which is slowly but surely heading towards its sunset. That's just the Roman Empire lived for several centuries in a state of "decay." How much time the States have, big question. The empire of the States will go away quietly, or with a big "women", is also a big question ...

... I comment as a resident of the United States ... Gays / lesbians and others are now being promoted in 60-70 %% films, and even very often they are shown in children's films (as the father of 4's children, I watch almost everything that my children watch). It becomes the norm of life. I explain, the people do not believe the news agencies (everyone lies, each in his basket), but the people follow the trend that Hollywood creates ...

I have the opportunity to observe that the US Armed Forces seriously podzadolbala aggressive rhetoric of their cocked leaders. Soon we will see the opposition of the military industrial complex and the US Armed Forces

* “Look - the whole face is black! Have you ever read Moidodyr? ”- a phrase from the movie“ Brother-2 ”
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  1. Barboskin
    Barboskin 31 May 2015 06: 50
    Life has become more interesting, life has become more fun!
    1. igordok
      igordok 31 May 2015 09: 41
      Quote: Barboskin
      Life has become more interesting, life has become more fun!

      VNA Ukraine has not changed, they are still stealing.
    2. Sid.74
      Sid.74 31 May 2015 10: 20
      Mount Show with Daniel Kaigermazov! wink

      Thanks for the review dear authors! hi
    3. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 31 May 2015 13: 55
      * Life has become more interesting, life has become more fun!* -please respect the classics wink -*«Life has become better, comrades. Life has become more fun. And when it’s fun, life is argued ... If we had a bad, ugly, sad life, then we wouldn’t have any Stakhanov movement ”General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B.) I. V. Stalin 1935 yes hi
    4. Miha128
      Miha128 31 May 2015 14: 06
      Better to read a book than this cotton article)
    5. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 1 June 2015 01: 25
      * “Look - the whole face is black! Have you ever read Moidodyr? ”- a phrase from the movie“ Brother-2 ”

      "Brother-2" is already a classic !!! soldier
      I apologize for being a little off topic hi , but I think it's worth it:

      Taken here:
  2. tanit
    tanit 31 May 2015 06: 51
    "And we live, and we are lucky to spite" V. Samoilov and G. Samoilov.
    1. Alexey Boukin
      Alexey Boukin 31 May 2015 10: 19
      As already got this "striped-starred democracy" along with its mongrels, reminiscent of a pack of dogs running after a bitch and rushing at everyone.
    MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 06: 57
    Good morning! Well there Ukrainians ..? wassat
    1. Barboskin
      Barboskin 31 May 2015 07: 01
      Darkness and quiet horror!
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 31 May 2015 07: 32
        Mishiko bit off Odessa mullet, and announced the fight against smuggling. Borunets, however, with four criminal cases behind him
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 31 May 2015 08: 31
          Quote: Kos_kalinki9
          Mishiko bit off Odessa mullet, and announced the fight against smuggling.

          That's your lie! There, Odessans on almost every tree of ties hung him with the inscription "Misha as a gift" so Misha has already been collecting ties that he has been collecting for a day! laughing
          1. igog
            igog 31 May 2015 09: 03
            ok, you find fault.
          2. jdcjd
            jdcjd 31 May 2015 11: 40
            Quote: Egoza
            Quote: Kos_kalinki9
            Mishiko bit off Odessa mullet, and announced the fight against smuggling.

            That's your lie! There, Odessans on almost every tree of ties hung him with the inscription "Misha as a gift" so Misha has already been collecting ties that he has been collecting for a day! laughing

            So ties, like mowing grass, it is better in the morning, through the dew. Moreover, the plant tie probably more at night likes to blossom and give layering. This morning, Mikhailo harvests ties. It is unfortunate that near Odessa, puffer fish is not found, so I would have treated the newly-found kakla.
          3. Arberes
            Arberes 31 May 2015 12: 50
            Quote: Kos_kalinki9
            Mishiko bit off Odessa mullet, and announced the fight against smuggling. Borunets, however, with four criminal cases behind him

            Quote: Egoza
            That's your lie! There, Odessans on almost every tree of ties hung him with the inscription "Misha as a gift" so Misha has already been collecting ties that he has been collecting for a day!

            You not Odessa-Bear ...

            Unpredictable and careless
            Fate is a mysterious break!
            Was Saakashvilli Georgian?
            And now he has become x.ohlom !!!

            He was given in Odessa
            Hanging at the gates and arches
            Colored ties to taste
            With a grin - "Mishiko as a gift"!

            I am not a prophet, but I will say!
            He will not wait for the mullet.
            After all, Odessans are not Ukrainians
            And they didn’t ride on the Maidan!
            1. Kos_kalinki9
              Kos_kalinki9 31 May 2015 15: 41
              Dear Arberes! This bastard in social networks wrote that he loves a song- scandal full of mullets ... and I'm the namesake of the hero of this good song. Now at least the name of me. Thank you with your verse you have slightly reduced the degree of indignation in my soul. (Is there a tie to send him by mail .....?)
          4. candy wrapper13
            candy wrapper13 31 May 2015 14: 07
            * There Odessans hung him on almost every tree of ties with the inscription "Misha as a gift" so Misha already enti ties that he collects for a day *-too play * lads * from battalion * aliyah * hemp * tie * these CAN bully
    2. GRAY
      GRAY 31 May 2015 07: 54
      Good morning! Well there Ukrainians ..?

      1. MIKHALYCH1
        MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 08: 24
        So I think more precisely ... bully
    3. Egoza
      Egoza 31 May 2015 08: 29
      Good morning! Well there Ukrainians ..?

      Good good! We have a Cossack Gavrilyuk already preoccupied with filling the budget ...
      The People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, a member of the group “Deputy Control” Mikhail Gavrilyuk believes that Ukraine needs to legalize the industry for providing sexual services for money.
      In particular, the deputy noted that prostitution has long been legalized in many countries of the world and such a decision will protect Ukrainians from sexually transmitted diseases.
      “I believe that the way abroad needs to be done. They have these women of easy virtue in brothels undergo a medical examination so that there are no diseases. If you take it from the right point of view, you need all of this to be legalized, so that it is even in the sense that a person is safe from all these sores. There will be no spread of sexually transmitted diseases, so that these sores that exist in Ukraine, so that these sores do not exist, ”the people's deputy explained.
      Also, according to M. Gavrilyuk, money from the industry can replenish the country's budget, and not settle in the wallets of law enforcement officers and officials who, in their own interests, control this illegal activity.
      “We have not only this (prostitution - ed.) The police are protecting, but everything else. They are prosecutors. And gaming machines, and much more. And all the funds that come in - it is better that they replenish the state treasury, and not someone else's personal wallets. I understand that they (money from prostitution - ed.) Can raise the budget, ”he stressed.
      In addition, M. Gavrilyuk noted that he would be ready to support a similar bill.
      “I will see what will be spelled out in the bill. When the deputies write, I will read it, I will learn it, and if everything is clean there, I will support it, ”the People’s Deputy added.
      Earlier, Mikhail Gavrilyuk, who became famous in February 2014 of the year for unmotivated striptease in the center of Kiev, said that he often did not quite understand what he voted for as a people's deputy.
      Looks like the Kozak had problems with these same diseases and the toad also crushed - such money and by his shareware wink
      1. Captain45
        Captain45 31 May 2015 21: 56
        Quote: Egoza
        The People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, a member of the group “Deputy Control” Mikhail Gavrilyuk believes that Ukraine needs to legalize the industry for providing sexual services for money.

        So Ukraine is tse Europa. At the end of last year, I got one note, I’m sorry I didn’t save it, in Germany, when calculating GDP, it includes income from prostitution, they have it legalized there and ... sorry, confused people pay taxes to the state. Whoever you lead to will become pregnant. Geyropization is in full swing. Yes, they are demons, what to take from them, except for Mr. analysis, is rotten.
    4. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 31 May 2015 08: 29
      "The Dog in the Seine", "Embroidery on Mishiko", Peter, as always, is talking nonsense.
    5. Orlenok ILLI4A
      Orlenok ILLI4A 31 May 2015 12: 32
      Everything is going to the bottom!
      1. prosto_rgb
        prosto_rgb 1 June 2015 01: 30
        Once again, I think that this is the bottom. But at this moment, from below, they again knock with a trident.
    6. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 31 May 2015 14: 50
      “As for Saakashvili, I’m generally surprised. I think this is a temporary figure. Now he will hand over Odessa to Russians, and then you have to conquer her again. He will be a governor for some time, and then he will be replaced by some insignificance like Goncharenko, ” stated Kolomoisky. laughing
  4. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 31 May 2015 07: 04
    What we are are. And Babamka has nothing to blame on the mirror, if the face is black. laughing
  5. shishakova
    shishakova 31 May 2015 07: 07
    Thank. Fascinating Results of the week!

    About Misha from Georgia. In his homeland he is in prison. Nobody needs him in the USA. The last chance for Misha is to change his citizenship. And Odessa will laugh)

    About liberals and capitals. Rogues who give nothing to the State are not needed by any Country.
    Entrepreneurship must obey laws beneficial to the people - transparency, mandatory taxes and benefits for the country. And so it will be, for the dead end is already visible)

    In addition, the liberals themselves will be healthier and happier - excesses always do harm.

    Unwanted organizations. It's time to drive them to their Russia.

    For social justice!
    1. Tribuns
      Tribuns 31 May 2015 21: 58
      Political analysts say that "Saakashvili is a new weapon in the hands of Poroshenko against the influence of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in the independent territory, on the one hand, and for strengthening ties with the States, which have begun" acquiring "tidbits of real estate in the Odessa region, on the other ..."
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 31 May 2015 07: 14
    ... visas, about the imminent cancellation of which Peter Alekseevich told everyone a year ago, remained in their places. Moreover, in recent months there has been a significant decrease in the number of visas granted to Ukrainian citizens by European friends
    Yeah! Not you. And the color of your skin is not the same, and you didn’t come out with a muzzle that would go around Europe. Not a week has passed since the shame in Riga and here you are in the race. The EU introduces a visa-free regime for ... Vanuatu, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanuatu, Trinidad and Tobago, and Samoa. Grenada, Karl ... and Samoa. This is the same Vanuatu that recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And this is what you need. Europe will not survive without them. So that's the "Ukrainians"!
  8. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 31 May 2015 07: 19
    What can I say, only one thing, if GOD wants to punish someone, he deprives him of his mind! It looks like all American "figures" and their henchmen fell under the LORD's "sanctions"! It looks like some people will soon be "shining" a place in "ward 6" or the fate of Mr. Forestall!
  9. lao_tsy
    lao_tsy 31 May 2015 07: 20
    We read the story. Before the First World War, the situation in the world was similar.
    1. shishakova
      shishakova 31 May 2015 07: 26
      Quote: lao_tsy
      Read the story. Before the First World War, the situation in the world was similar.

      Thank. The situation is alarming and many predict the war.
      However, as my inner voice says, there will not be a hot big war - people have become weaker (some from excess, and some from hunger) and indifferent to revolutions.
    2. tanit
      tanit 31 May 2015 07: 29
      Not really. Or not at all. The United States was then nothing or nothing. Underline whatever applicable. laughing
      1. lao_tsy
        lao_tsy 31 May 2015 08: 13
        So the rise of the United States began. Hurt World War I only lasted for 10 years. You can see the growth of the American economy in those years For the final assertion of the hegemony of the United States, one war was not enough. Only the Second World War led them out of the Great Depression. This is still enough for them, but this groundwork is coming to an end. The US needs a new war, and they are preparing for it.
  10. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 31 May 2015 07: 21
    in general, everything is as always interesting ...
  11. novobranets
    novobranets 31 May 2015 07: 26
    Therefore, we can safely assume that until the end of his presidency, Barack Obama will adhere to a policy of peace.
    Here's just one question - will anyone believe this "dove" of peace? After all, he "noted" everywhere. And such a sharp change of course, from aggression to settlement (I doubt that they are capable of this) will cause a lot of questions and mistrust.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 31 May 2015 07: 31
    It is impossible to defeat Russia with sanctions. Experience has shown that no one can be defeated by this at all. Let them flow around, mattress covers.
  13. igordok
    igordok 31 May 2015 07: 34
    CNN "sees" the Russian army on the Dnieper
    1. Nosgoth
      Nosgoth 1 June 2015 15: 43
      And what is carpenter doing there? Passed by?
  14. Support
    Support 31 May 2015 07: 34
    Rather, it would have really started to blow ...... all of these senility and liberals are sick of it. And hegemon mice do not catch ....
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 31 May 2015 08: 55
      - Comrade Warrant Officer! Or maybe a bang?
      - Be sure to bang more than once - the whole world is in ruin! .. But then.

      I immediately came up with the phrase from the movie DMB.
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet 1 June 2015 05: 14
      Quote: Prop
      Hurry, it would have really started

      Looks like you've already hit the cumpole ... if you wish.
  15. Alex250834
    Alex250834 31 May 2015 07: 39
    - what's new in the world?
    - yeah ... rains promise ...
    - But in general, how is the situation?
    - in general - normal. that's just there is no stability in the world. shoot ... terrorists seized the plane again ...
    1. igordok
      igordok 31 May 2015 09: 52
      Quote: Alex250834
      - what's new in the world?

      Exercises of internal troops of Russia "Barrier-2015"
  16. Evilcat
    Evilcat 31 May 2015 07: 44
    the loudest yapping was the decision to break the contract, according to which the Russian military (peacekeepers), together with goods for the Russian military, can transit through Ukrainian territory to Moldova (the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic).
    And you thought why they put Saakashvili in Odessa? Naive. Well, what is he capable of? Unless ... As I imagine lezginka in embroidered shirts ...
    1. andj61
      andj61 31 May 2015 08: 56
      Quote: EvilCat
      And you thought why they put Saakashvili in Odessa?

      So he was completely frostbitten. And any protest will crush, sparing no one, and even organize provocations on the border with Transnistria. Provocations - and ties! wink - this is his hobby.
  17. Federal
    Federal 31 May 2015 07: 46
    Thank you Alexey and Oleg for an interesting and capacious weekly review.
    In Russia, the activity of Mikhal Mikhalych and the RPR-PARNAS headed by him also increased. If yesterday, Mr. Kasyanov, from nothing to do, weaved white ribbons in “safe” apartments into braids of zealous opposition women, now he is going to “take” Kazan, Kostroma, Kaluga and Novosibirsk through NGOs sponsored by the same gray-green wrappers. And someone deigned to say that the death of Mr. Nemtsov wasn’t in any way, you know, Mikhal Mikhalych was not beneficial. Come on ... Michal Mikhalych mows dividends.

    The harp is venal, nothing human remains in relation to his country and his homeland. In a word, Misha is 2%.
  18. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 31 May 2015 07: 56
    ... everyone knows how to: bomb defenseless people, rob countries of the “third world”, organize “color revolutions”, welcome the “Arab spring”, set the tone for NATO and the IMF, impose sanctions against the rebellious and so on - but just not give in. How can someone give in to the world “hegemon” who considers himself “the only developed country on Earth”
    This is their weakness. Everyone is mistaken. Acknowledges mistakes - wise. He apologizes - strong. And as the classic said,
    it’s hard to get into the story, but it’s easy to get into it.
  19. RiverVV
    RiverVV 31 May 2015 07: 58
    I was with my mother-in-law yesterday. I saw a pressure cooker in the kitchen. I tried for a long time to come to my senses after a fright ...
    1. GRAY
      GRAY 31 May 2015 08: 10
      Quote: RiverVV
      I was with my mother-in-law yesterday. I saw a pressure cooker in the kitchen. I tried for a long time to come to my senses after a fright ...

      This problem is easy to solve the next time you see a pressure cooker, think about it:
      1. MIKHALYCH1
        MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 08: 32
        Well, let's not die alive! FOR RESULTS .. drinks
        1. taram taramych
          taram taramych 31 May 2015 09: 57
          With the Trinity, Orthodox! drinks
        2. kil 31
          kil 31 31 May 2015 09: 58
          Not an order. Obama ordered Russia to starve, why not obey, why bite. Yes and comment time 8-32 is not yet 10-00 laughing drinks .
          Quote: MIKHALYCHXNNX
          Well, let's not die alive! FOR RESULTS .. drinks
          1. MIKHALYCH1
            MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 11: 00
            We plan however in the evening .. drinks
            1. kil 31
              kil 31 31 May 2015 13: 49
              Quote: MIKHALYCHXNNX
              We plan however in the evening .. drinks

              Lucky you, I do not survive until morning. We have to wait at 10-00. Oh, these laws to me. wink drinks Happy Holidays!
        3. Starik72
          Starik72 31 May 2015 13: 54
          Mikhalych! Thank you for your confidence and optimism !!!
  20. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 May 2015 07: 59
    B. Kh. Obama said that Moscow "is becoming more aggressive."

    And the monkey would sit on a palm tree, why was it going down to the ground?
  21. tanit
    tanit 31 May 2015 08: 32
    some kind of repressive "vile Stalin" poetess (well, I'm not a poet, I confuse Akhmatova with Tsvetaeva, Major with Arberes ...) wrote in 1941:
    The enemy banner is growing like smoke.
    The truth is ours, and we will win.
    I’m what it is for - and when the enemy is at the gates, all normal people beat off the enemy. And then they figure out who didn’t tell anyone.
    MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 08: 36
    The main news I think is the appointment of our "favorite tie eater) as the governor of Odessa! A very significant event .. bully And laughter and sin! Sakkashvilko ..?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 31 May 2015 08: 52
      MIKHALICH1 SU Today, 08: 36 New
      The main news I think is the appointment of our "favorite tie eater) as the governor of Odessa! A very significant event .. bully And laughter and sin! Sakkashvilko ..?"

      MIKHALYCH1, +++.

    2. lao_tsy
      lao_tsy 31 May 2015 08: 53
      Family name - Saakashvili clearly betrays the Armenian origin of his bearer, initially the surname sounded like Sahakyan, but Mikhail Nikolozovich himself in every possible way denies his kinship with the neighboring people and never ceases to make excuses - I am Georgian. The maternal family - Alasania, by the way, is also of Armenian origin (as well as the "surname" of the closest associate - Prime Minister Zhvania). All of the above clans moved to Georgia relatively recently - in the 17-18 century, but, indeed, they thoroughly got used to and grew into Georgian specifics.

      The staff of the North Ossetian publication "Youth of Ossetia" have unearthed, however, the fact that a fair share of Ossetian blood flows in the veins of Saakashvili the father.

      Saakashvili himself identifies himself as a Georgian Mengrel. And to prove his complete mengrelnosti even forced his wife to learn the Dutch language Mengrelian (it differs from the Georgian).


      Translated as? child child? . Occurs usually in Eastern Georgia (Kartliya, Kakheti, Meskhetia, Javakheti). The surname of Makharashvili is found mainly among the Kakhetians. In frequent cases, carriers of family names in? -Shvili? (especially on? -ashvili?) are of non-Kartvel (including Jewish) origin: Aslanikashvili (root? Aslan?), Gligvashvili (this surname is found among Kaytai? Vainakhs living in Kakheti), Saakashvili (from the Armenian name of Saak), Dzhugashvili (from the Ossetian surname Djugayty).

      Now I will identify myself as Svidomo zapadenets. And make my wife learn laughing
      1. kin
        kin 31 May 2015 12: 32
    3. Junior, I
      Junior, I 31 May 2015 09: 03
      + + + + +
      It was necessary to paint on his mustache.
    4. Berrik
      Berrik 31 May 2015 09: 42
      The daughter saw the photo and says:
      "Yes, this is the dude from wumen gum" !!!!
    5. kit_bellew
      kit_bellew 31 May 2015 10: 05
      Rather, Saakashvilson :)) Or Saakashvilberg
      1. MIKHALYCH1
        MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 10: 15
        Quote: kit_bellew
        Rather, Saakashvilson :)) Or Saakashvilberg

        There is such a suspicion .. bully
    6. noWAR
      noWAR 31 May 2015 11: 03
      The main news I think is
    7. kin
      kin 31 May 2015 12: 33
      Mikhalych-2 ????
  23. Funnels
    Funnels 31 May 2015 08: 38
    A good week, thanks for the review. The best joke is not even a week, but a month — Saakashvili is the mayor of Odessa region. I haven’t laughed like that for a long time.
  24. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 31 May 2015 08: 40
    Biden needs condolences. He has a son number. Brain tumor...
    I suppose Biden is not a complete scumbag, and maybe his frankly crazy ideas of recent times as
    then connected with the grief of his family.
    1. kin
      kin 31 May 2015 12: 35
      And yet - the situation obliges ...
      Philosophical question: Does position affect a person, or does a person influence a position?
  25. Egoza
    Egoza 31 May 2015 08: 42
    The battle for the harvest: in the Kherson region because of strawberries, a shootout with throwing grenades occurred
    In the Kherson region, two people were injured in a shootout due to a strawberry crop. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
    According to the agency, on a field in the village of Novaya Zburyevka near 10, unknown persons staged a firefight due to a conflict between two entrepreneurs who could not share the strawberry crop.
    “One of them hired armed people to protect the field. Another businessman brought his guards to the field in the morning. A conflict arose between the two sides, as a result of which two people were injured from traumatic weapons, ”the report said.
    It is also reported that the unknown threw a grenade, which exploded at a distance from the conflicting parties. No one was hurt by the explosion of the grenade ..... "
    How not to hurt? belay Strawberry injured !!!!! lol
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 31 May 2015 11: 45
      Quote: Egoza
      Strawberry injured !!!!!

      These are still "flowers". yes
  26. serega1512
    serega1512 31 May 2015 08: 45
    What kind of need is this to break into this Europe? what's interesting there? how you do not need to love your country to sleep and see how you live and work at some office where there is one head fagot, and the second ... also fagot)))
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 31 May 2015 09: 01
      Quote: serega1512
      What kind of need is this to break into this Europe? what's interesting there? how you do not need to love your country to sleep and see how you live and work at some office where there is one head fagot, and the second ... also fagot)))

      I'm not surprised. “You can just fight off fagots, but at least there is some established order and laws work. You can live on a salary,” so the duped people rush there, because nobody tells people the TRUTH about real life in Europe! And all these "revolutions" ... people can be kept in suspense and made happy with the help of change. Moreover, it is not necessary to change something in reality, it is enough to let them go around.
  27. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
    Vladimir Pozlnyakov 31 May 2015 09: 00
    The scary thing is that kindergarteners of any nationality in the Outskirts have already been taught to repeat "I am Ukrainian, (- ka)", to dance around the burnt effigy ...
    Students of the Ivanovo-Frankivsk Physical-Technical Lyceum of the boarding school at a concert dedicated to graduation took to the stage with the song "I am a Bandera!"
    This is the western outskirts. In other areas, where the Russian population is half the size of the Khokhlyatsky, zombie Ukrainians are still ready to fight. Only Donbass is kept, where the Russian population prevails over Bandera. And this population is being destroyed along with the militias!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 31 May 2015 09: 29
      Quote: Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Students of the Ivanovo-Frankivsk Physical-Technical Lyceum of the boarding school at a concert dedicated to graduation took to the stage with the song "I am a Bandera!"

      Well done! Now you don’t need to look! And they will end as well as their predecessors! Only this time without any amnesties!
  28. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 31 May 2015 09: 01
    There, all presidents want to be “cooler” than Pilsudski, although they understand very well that you cannot become someone if in reality you are an ordinary American bedding! With triple energy, they pour out their weakness on Russia! And what do we care about this Poland? Let yourself yapping, Eka is unseen!
    That's for sure! They have their own wedding, We have ours. The main thing is not to cross at the "party". And we will have to work with this, as follows from his election. But this is their choice. Under the most beautiful peacock tail hides the most ordinary chicken ass. So less pathos, gentlemen.
    Faina Ranevskaya
    MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 09: 18
    Not the topic, but still ...
    Happy Orthodox! Everything will be fine with us! The main thing to believe .. And everything else will follow!
  30. uzer 13
    uzer 13 31 May 2015 09: 44
    Is the idea of ​​Ukraine’s integration into the EU still relevant and attractive?
    Well, good luck!
  31. nahalenok911
    nahalenok911 31 May 2015 09: 55
    Thanks! The concentration of extraordinary and literally historical events in the world is growing. The spring is compressed. And then either a war or an "orange" coup in US hegemony. De-democratization of democratization ..
  32. _umka_
    _umka_ 31 May 2015 09: 58
    It is necessary to love the homeland, and not to trade it, then Russia will be a prosperous country. In the meantime, have to deal with traders.
  33. not Russian
    not Russian 31 May 2015 10: 11
    And there’s nothing to add
    1. avdkrd
      avdkrd 31 May 2015 15: 35
      not scandals, but pockets, not mullet, but feces ... what else could bring this misunderstanding
    MIKHALYCH1 31 May 2015 10: 13
    Judging by the results and the commentators .. Russia lives and Russians do not give up! Yes, life is not sugar, but in the soul "nightingales" sing! Here we are so impudent and rebellious ..! hi
  35. gjgjdf42f
    gjgjdf42f 31 May 2015 10: 50
    "striped eggplant" for *** l the whole world.
  36. Egoza
    Egoza 31 May 2015 10: 52
    and here’s another interesting case, and not an isolated one .... the more there will be such cases, the faster the war will end! easier to go to Kiev than ...

    "It is more profitable for Ukrainian fighters in the ATO to die than to survive after being wounded," - Sergey Ivanov tells the “Observer” (the name was changed at the request of the soldier), who for several months at the front line and six weeks in the hospital after a serious wound seemed “flowers” ​​in comparison with the “berries” of paperwork in his native unit.
    Having signed the contract at the end of 2014, Sergey received the necessary clothing support (uniform, sleeping bag, body armor, underwear, helmet), and was sent to the ATO. There he was already given a machine gun, bayonet-knife and other weapons. All this was entered on the report card.
    Then the battle ... heavy. Wound. He was pulled out from under the shell by a fighter who left Sergey’s submachine gun on the battlefield - since he was damaged by fragments of a shell, and pulling a wounded friend under the bullets, and even his unsuitable submachine gun, is still “pleasure”.
    Further, field doctors, a medical unit in the ATO, and a hospital where Sergey ended up without a bulletproof vest and uniforms: the first was blasted with fragments and thrown out by field doctors, and the uniform had to be cut because of gore.
    But for six weeks of treatment, the fighter did not even think that this was a problem - most importantly, he thought that he had survived and would be able to continue his service after rehabilitation. The medical board considered it different - Sergey was comissed. Further, it would seem, the duty procedure for processing documents in the unit and the military registration and enlistment office.
    Parts were required of him in the warehouse ... either to return everything that was issued, or to “refund” money in three times. Because military property. Almost for the machine gun, body armor, uniform and unloading… 100 thousand hryvnias!
    It took Sergei almost two months to prove that he did not sell these things: he collected the testimony of the soldier who saved him, papers from doctors that they really threw out his uniform and body armor. As it turned out, the soldier who had saved him had to take a photo of the unsuitable machine gun before leaving him on the battlefield, and doctors - to document the damage to the bulletproof vest (also better with a photo). And what? .. Didn’t they have the opportunity? It’s not difficult - to take pictures under fire or when you save a wounded soldier ...
    Having spent a lot of time and nerves, Sergey settled the issue. But, as the Observer found out, almost every fighter has a chance to owe his country a tidy sum for protecting its borders.
    In Ukrainian law, there are two main documents regulating the issuance of state property to fighters. These are provisions on providing military personnel with clothing property: one for peacetime, the other for the military. By the way, the second is located behind the seven locks of the neck “secretly”, so there is no possibility to see the terms in which the form issued during the war is allowed to wear out by law.
    However, this is not necessary. Since martial law was not introduced in Ukraine, the issue of property to soldiers, as well as the terms of its depreciation, are regulated by ... the regulation on peacetime.
    This is confirmed by several court decisions on the claims of fighters against the Ministry of Defense due to insufficient clothing support.
    From the table it follows that a fighter must wear a jacket and pants for 3 years, one shirt is designed for a year, and shoes - for one and a half, or even three years.
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 31 May 2015 12: 36
      I hope that now this grief warrior realized what country he was fighting for!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. kin
      kin 31 May 2015 14: 23
      The officials are the same everywhere - they act according to the existing instructions, regardless of the specific case. Or maybe they were expecting some kind of handout?

      And they say, for example, that in the American army, too, contract soldiers should carry all the ammunition on themselves (otherwise fines).
  37. KBR109
    KBR109 31 May 2015 11: 52
    Quote: RiverVV
    I was with my mother-in-law yesterday. I saw a pressure cooker in the kitchen. I tried for a long time to come to my senses after a fright ...
    God bless you ! Meeting with the mother-in-law, and even taking place in a peaceful format, is generally a difficult test for a person ... laughing For example, in 19 years of my second marriage, I met with him five times and I am an exemplary son-in-law! (approx. 1200 km.) But how nice it was to listen to what a bastard her second son-in-law is, who lives on the next street! fellow
  38. Egoza
    Egoza 31 May 2015 12: 43
    "The shortest anecdote" ...
    "A powerful army is currently being created in Ukraine, which will not allow more bloodshed," says Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak. "Today, an army is being created in Ukraine, which will never allow the Ukrainian lands to be seized and blood to be shed on our land. For this we need to build a strong, trained and well-armed army. "
  39. Egoza
    Egoza 31 May 2015 12: 45
    “Destroy the business of the impudent dictator Poroshenko” - militants of Kiev Diviϟion admitted attacking Roshen and announced new explosions in Kiev (VIDEO)

    The radical nationalists from the Kiev Diviϟion organization claimed responsibility for undermining the Roshen store in Kiev.
    In their video message, they said that "the militants laid a shellless explosive device in a store owned by the impudent dictator Petro Poroshenko."
    “The population is dying, and its business has grown 18 times. We urge all right-wing radicals to destroy the business of a legitimate elected occupier. Wait for new explosions, ”the man says in the video.
    Sources in radical circles confirmed to the Ukrainian media the version voiced by the organization.
    “The guys laid a shell-free improvised explosive device under the store and after that even posted a video with recognition in one of the social networks, but after a short period of time it was removed, it seems that they were afraid that they would be found,” the source said.
    According to him, the radicals who staged the explosion adhere to the same idea as the Revenge group, which became known for its actions against the president’s Roshen stores. The essence of their idea is this: while the Ukrainian military is pouring blood, protecting the borders of the state, Petro Poroshenko is getting richer due to his chocolate factory in Russia.
    By the way, as the deputy of Kyiv City Council and the defender of the radicals Mark Gres told us, members of the Revenge group did not participate in this explosion.
    “The leaders of the Revenge, although they escaped from house arrest, they do not have the opportunity to organize such actions. They’re sort of under a “cap,” said Gres.
    The Kiev Division group is even called uncontrollable even in radical circles - it does not have a specific leader, and they organize all their actions spontaneously, they say that they are ordinary pogromists.
    Previously, actions directed against Petro Poroshenko’s stores were carried out by the Revenge group. During a search in the room where the group was gathering, five grenades, four electric detonators, and two TNT bombs were found and seized. Investigators opened criminal proceedings for illegal handling of weapons.
    On the night of Friday, May 29, in the Minsk metro area, one of Roshen's stores caught fire. The police qualified today's night blast as hooliganism.
    The store was already attacked in the winter of 2015, on 5 on January, the criminals were unable to break the front glass and enter the store, as a result of which the storefront was doused and set on fire.
    here so Petya! He magnified the Bandera fascists-and you will get from them !!!
  40. kin
    kin 31 May 2015 12: 46
    And when you get a job, do you need to take a characterization from your previous job? Did Saakashvili represent her?
  41. Starik72
    Starik72 31 May 2015 14: 11
    As always, the authors of the review are on top! Thanks for the great review! Everything is laid out in their places, excellent and illuminated with humor !!! Thanks again !!! Respectfully the Old Man, already 73.
  42. kin
    kin 31 May 2015 14: 28
    Who has the "Faberge" stronger ...
    And now "Faberge" are in museums, and are sold for big money at auctions!
  43. Vasily Krylov
    Vasily Krylov 31 May 2015 16: 35
    I wanted about patriotism and prices, and then I remembered the Trinity today. A holiday of all.
  44. Mindaugas
    Mindaugas 31 May 2015 16: 53
    And I think that more than ever Putin pursues a calm and cold-blooded policy against US hegemony and personally against US President Barack Obama. It’s not a secret that Russia has data on the terrorist attacks in September 2001 and on the direct participation of US special services in them. And Russia is ready to publish this data, confirmed by satellite images. If Putin does this, the scale of the deception and delusions into which the United States introduced the entire world community will become obvious. The situation in the world will normalize only when the United States of America (USA) breaks up. They need help in this.
  45. mihasik
    mihasik 31 May 2015 19: 06
    But seriously, the whole truth about the "GRU special forces" sounded on Friday air from Savik Shuster (material - here). Shuster put on the air a man who allegedly is a Russian serviceman, a colleague of Erofeev and Aleksandrov. This man first talked about the war in Ukraine, and then said that Shuster did not even bother to check who he was. The denouement of the "show": "a serviceman from the Russian Federation" said that Erofeev and Aleksandrov were militias who were tortured to say that they were "from the special forces of the GRU of the RF Armed Forces", after which Shuster and the methods of work of the ukroSMI were sent far and long. The studio is hanging ...

    And that was .... Mr. Dorenko! By intonation, voices burnt, especially it was clearly audible when tries sent Schuster).
  46. 31 May 2015 20: 11
    20385 sorry.
  47. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s 1 June 2015 15: 32
    Thanks to the authors - they shoveled so much information and put everything on the shelves.
    Alarmingly - is there really no war to pass? I agree to be known as an alarmist, but let nothing bad happen. And finally, let peace come in all conflict zones of the entire globe.
  48. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros April 18 2016 17: 14
    Well, what are the Vatans, does anyone still doubt that the GRU officers were active? Betrayed and forgotten.