Siberian Research Institute of Aviation. S.A. Chaplygin


Siberian Research Institute aviation them. S.A. Chaplygina (SibNIA) is the largest research center for aviation science in eastern Russia. The laboratories of the institute worked out the layout of staged aircraft An-2, A-57, Su-26 and Su-27; strength and fatigue tests of more than two hundred types of various aircraft were carried out, including the supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144, VKS "Buran", Tu-204 and the Su-27 family of aircraft; tested take-off and landing devices of more than two hundred and fifty domestic aircraft. Currently, the institute is busy testing aircraft SSJ-100, T-50 and MS-21; creation of flying laboratories for special applications; design of structural elements of the aircraft IL-476; test recreated the legendary attack aircraft IL-2.

In this workshop, work is underway to ensure the creation and development of a resource for a regional SSJ-100 aircraft.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) is a Russian short-haul passenger aircraft developed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft in conjunction with a number of foreign companies.

The first flight of the prototype took place on 19 on May 2008 of the year, and the start of operation on 21 on April of 2011.

Currently, 17 production aircraft are in varying degrees of readiness in production, 5 of which are in the final assembly shop.

The layout is a narrow-bodied nizkoplan, in the cabin five seats in a row.

Wingspan 27,80 m.

Tail keel from VKS "Buran"
In SibNIA the technology was developed with the help of which the design was heated and cooled to the desired temperatures.

Thermal plating "Buran" can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees.

Statzal - static and life tests of full-scale aircraft structures are carried out here.
The height of the shop - 35 meters. Load on 1 square meter bearing ceiling beam 100 tons.

Nowadays, several modern aircraft, including Su-34, Su-35, Tu-204 and others, are tested for durability and service life in SibNIA.

All aircraft are in “suspended” condition.

Wing test.

Su-35 - multipurpose highly maneuverable all-weather fighter generation "4 ++"

Siberian Research Institute of Aviation. S.A. Chaplygin

Turboprop aircraft M101T

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  1. Volkhov
    13 October 2011 13: 42
    Too weakly convert the AN-2 to diesel and flight under the conditions of electrification?
  2. Sergh
    13 October 2011 16: 44
    Our Institute in Novosibirsk is located on the same (almost) territory with NAPO "Chkalovsky". Incidentally, I recently wrote here that about a month ago, I saw how the WWII piston plane rose from the takeoff of the Chkalovskiy. Then, according to the contour and noise of the engine, he determined that it seemed to be similar to the IL-2. He made three more laps and started landing. So, the author who writes at the beginning, I once saw this attack aircraft. It was fun to fly, but very slowly, not even as usual (a kilometer or two away from me), drying 34s run a little faster (Hochma) ...