Zyuganov in the program "Actual conversation"

Zyuganov in the program "Actual conversation"In the program “Actual Conversation” (“3 channel”), the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation G.А. Zyuganov answered the most topical issues on the political agenda. And he predicted what would be the result, the result of the political season: “A new course, a new center-left government, very professional, like the Primakov-Maslyukov cabinet. Special attention to those who are ill: children, women, old people, poor people, the disabled - special attention. And the strictest control by citizens over all structures, above all, the executive branch ”.

The chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation answered other questions: What is behind the resignation of the economical pillar of the regime - Deputy Prime Minister Kudrin? What will be with Russia in the conditions of the rising second wave of the crisis of world capitalism? What is the position of the Communist Party on the most painful problems of Russian society? The first legislative initiatives of the Communist Party in the new Duma? How to defend their rights to fair elections?


On the eve of the State Duma elections, the “Actual Conversation” program (“3 channel”) conducts a series of interviews with leaders of political parties participating in the electoral process. The editors of the program invited G.A. Zyuganov to express her position on the acute issues of contemporary political life. Here are the highlights of a conversation with the leader of the Communist Party.

Minister of Finance had long been expelled

Q: Gennady Andreevich, in terms of working in a team, was the President right that he dismissed the Minister of Finance?

Gennady Zyuganov: He had to be driven out for a long time. We did not have a finance minister. We had an accountant who was guided by three considerations. The first is to fill your "airbag" as much as possible. She has already turned into a dirty pillowcase. The second is to withdraw funds from real production as much as possible, referring to the threat of inflation. Third, give as little salary, pensions, benefits and everything else as possible. And at the same time, having collected additional funds, send them to foreign banks. This operation can be considered as purely criminal. Since the new year, in addition to the first half of the year, we had one trillion 300 billion of revenues - it sent the main assets beyond the cordon. Sends mainly under 2 percent.

Q: In American securities?

GAZyuganov: Yes. And then we take them under 6%. And we give our business people 15-20, or even more. In America, they will put you for sure — like a swindler on a large scale. We called it a normal financial transaction. Now, if such an operation were carried out by the head of a public or private enterprise, he would be told: what are you doing? I earned money, instead of investing in production upgrades, you take and give it to someone else's uncle under 2%, you yourself take it at a nearby bank under 6%, give it to us so that we update the shop under 15-20. You say that idiot? But we have almost 10 years like that.

I have insisted a hundred times that this minister be dismissed. but it would be much better for the country if Fursenko were simultaneously dismissed — he does the same, even worse — in the education system. Very similar situation in the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense received for 2, 2, a trillion rubles for the security of the country. 400 billion, according to prosecutors, disappeared somewhere, can not find. I asked to explain to us what is happening. And at the same time they travel around the world, buy rifles in England, Mistrals are trying to buy in France, armored personnel carriers in Italy, drones in Israel. We all do it cheaper and much better. In other words, they invest in other people's jobs, but they do not help themselves. Therefore, it seems to me that, in general, this team is unprofessional and it should have been expelled a long time ago, otherwise the country will finally decline. Well, the first step has been taken - we will welcome this.

The second wave of crisis is already rising

Q: You here in connection with Kudrin said about the "airbag" that he collected. And, in particular, at the meeting with the President, when the pre-election race was announced, you spoke very much about the future second wave of the crisis, which, as you think, Russia is not ready. What do you think when it comes to us?

Gennady Zyuganov: It is really rolling, this wave. Here's a note: a barrel of oil is now on the London Stock Exchange worth 80 dollars, and on the New York - more than 100. What does this mean? This means that the product will be much cheaper. It means that they are starting to squeeze out their rivals from a seemingly friendly Europe. And if you look at the whole, the financial patch that the Americans and Europeans tried to pull on this crisis did not work. In America, unemployment is very high, every sixth, they say, is impoverished, the middle class is collapsing, falling apart, the situation there, one might say, awful.

As for Europe, where, until recently, it seemed to have succeeded, they could not patch a financial hole in Greece, more than 100 with more than billions is needed for Portugal. And France and Germany do not want to pay more. So there are also problems.

In China, the inflation rate is about 6%. You also need to think about how to be, although the economy has developed and continues to develop fairly steadily.

Our Reserve Fund has shrunk five times. If you take the real sector - almost does not develop. If tomorrow the price of a barrel of oil drops below 60 dollars, we will begin to fall apart and sink almost everything. But this is not normal. And we are not only not ready for this, we do not think about how not only to get out of the hole, but what to do so that all this may not be repeated tomorrow.

For this you need a different budget. To do this, it needs a different content, a different distribution. First of all, we can dramatically increase the budget. But for this it is necessary to nationalize the mineral resource base. This is the key point of our election program. For this you need to introduce a progressive scale of taxes. This will give extra big income. For this, it is necessary to introduce a state monopoly on the distillery industry. This will get extra huge sums of cash. It is very important to support the key basic industries. And invest in the land, machines, rockets, airplanes, equipment that tomorrow will be able to give you their income and profits.

But this requires new industrialization, new financial and economic policies. And this is impossible without the Government of national trust and the renewal of the entire course. This is the principal line that we are conducting in our program, and we have recently approved it at our congress.

The most painful problems of Russia

Q: And, proceeding from this, maybe, even somehow, on items, list, what do you think, what are the most acute, most painful questions that Russia is facing now?

Gennady Zyuganov: Well, the first and main question is the security of the country at zero. Put all their 8 aircraft from 10 plants. The same fell from the sky, but with passengers. And if you take helicopters and fighters, exploding missiles, it will be twice as much. Since December, 5 missile systems have been destroyed. What does this mean? This means the loss of 30 billion rubles. If this money were invested in instrument making, electronics, machine-tool construction, mechanical engineering, we would receive excellent products and at the same time we would have jobs, taxes and much more. Therefore, it is extremely important, starting from safety, to take emergency measures to support real production.

And at the same time think about agriculture. For example, every second product is imported today from abroad. We eat not Krasnodar tomatoes, but Turkish ones, we eat Greek pears, we go in Chinese shorts and we drive German-Japanese cars. What we - have forgotten how to do it all? Not. We need to invest money here, and then we will get products, wages, taxes, and security. We have made a series of programs that will make a difference. Small and medium business support program and others. In Novosibirsk, the Academy of Sciences has prepared proposals for the development of national science and high technologies — another targeted program. Presented a program to assist the elderly person. We have some retirees over 35 million.

Q: The country is aging in fact.

G.A. Zyuganov: Not just getting old. In this respect, the country found itself in a trap - in a demographic trap. In the country, 143 million inhabitants and 2 million children did not go to school. Only for this Fursenko must be expelled. Approximately 6 million drug addicts. Slightly more unemployed. Almost 13 million people with disabilities and 35 more than million million pensioners. 25 million work in real production. Need qualified people? - needed. But a million 250 thousand highly qualified people left the country during this time. There are 27 thousand professors left in the country. 17 thousands of our professors work in America. In Seattle, where Boeing is done, you do not need to know English - there half of the specialists speak Russian. And they graduated from the MAI, Kharkiv Aviation, Kuibyshev and so on. Brilliant experts. Bill Gates doesn't need to speak English. There are among the hundred best Russian mathematicians 50. They weren't prepared there, they weren't paid for them, they got ready-made.

Another important question is that the distribution of financial resources must take into account the proportions of financing of various basic industries. They add up over the years depending on the country. But they have a global order. For example, in order for science to develop successfully, it is necessary to allocate approximately 4% of the budget, we have fewer 2 times. To effectively develop health care, you need 7% - minimum - of the budget. Far from us. For the land to give birth to you, and the forest was well-kept, guarded and not burning, in order for the waters to be clean, you need to spend 10-15% of the budget for these purposes. Mr. Kudrin singled out 10 for 1% for years, even after wild fires.

Now, if we sum up all this together, these are our real concrete proposals before the elections. They are understandable, accessible. And I hope that people will hear us.

One more thing. With such a level of corruption and banditry, no law will work for you. You will not receive a single certificate without a bribe. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the work in this direction. And we have prepared a real program, We will present it in the coming days. Well, one more thing. Understand that whatever you offer, if you do not have professional, competent people, you will not cope with these tasks. Difficult test problem can be solved only by capable pupils and students.

What is fundamentally new in our program

Q: You have practically listed the main points of your party program, haven't you? And what about the fact that it may be relevant for the present time, what is fundamentally new in your program, from which you go to the polls?

Gennady Zyuganov: No one proposes the nationalization of the mineral resource base. Fear. Some say the civil war will be. I say stop talking. All oligarch security will vote for this proposal. Why? Well, let's say, was Gusinsky. Sent it. Well, the war has begun? Not. Berezovsky from London every evening conjures up the country, so what? There is no war. Khodorkovsky planted that the war began? Also no. You see, war, sluggish civil war creeps across the country. Therefore, the principled position on the nationalization of the new threat does not create.

We have a specific proposal: to hold a national referendum on basic issues. This concerns the nationalization - once, the establishment of a state monopoly on the alcohol industry - two, guarantees of free education up to the highest - three, the cost of housing and communal services for every citizen no more than 10 percent of household income - four. Well, and a number of other issues.

This is not just a new proposal, it is a package of proposals that will allow you to pull out the country.

Why did our power turn out to be so corrupt? Because all the controls have been removed. What was the first decree of Yeltsin, now ask, no one will remember. The first decree, he broke up popular control. To control nothing. So that you can sell the whole country on the cheap.

Therefore, we proposed measures to strengthen the control over power. Power must be controlled by any. If Obama's wife plans to re-paste the wallpaper in her White House, do you know what she will do? She is obliged to write a request for repair. The application will be considered by the 2 committee and they will say: the cost is such and such, we finance it. Make a decision on funding. Then they will come, they will stick, they will report for every dollar.

Q: Check again.

GAZyuganov: Check. These papers are glued. This is the president's wife. And here 4 man night, allegedly to overcome the financial crisis, gathered, got your money, which was received from the sale of your oil, gas, diamonds, aluminum, gold, got your money out of the stash and Xnumx billions of dollars 200 bounced to banks, allegedly saving the banking the system. Then they looked - almost all the money sailed away from the country, they were divided, taken away, and neither the field, nor the factory, nor the school got it. What is 4 billion? These are 200 million jobs, wages for 10 thousand for 20 years in advance. It was possible to invest in production. Then the planes would not fall, the ships would not sink. Then you would have a different technique, a different service, a different order. Now, if now the latter is still gone, then 3% of citizens will still live in housing of the Khrushchev era. Now they want to put everything on their shoulders. After all, prices are rising for everything.

What is the main thing that we have proposed? New course, new real program, new strong team and democratic way out of the crisis: a referendum and fair elections under the control of all parties.

What questions will we put first in the new Duma?

Q: Well, that's about the election. Experts say that there may be a unique situation in the Russian parliamentarianism, and the entire 6 party will be held in the Duma of the 3-th convocation. Perhaps this is, and your party, apparently, will surely fall into the Duma, what questions, first of all, will you put in the Duma of the 6-th convocation?

Gennady Zyuganov: They have already been delivered. The package of laws is ready. We need a new budget, we need to fill it, we need a different distribution of income and expenses, we must decide on the national state priority. All bills are ready, all decorated. Already a large part is made. A law on education for all has been introduced, a law has been introduced on guarantees of first jobs, a law has been introduced on the nationalization of the mineral resource base, a law has been introduced on the binding nature of political debates and the participation of party leaders in them, and so on.

We have prepared a whole package of laws on the compensation of lost deposits. 6 laws, they are ready for a long time, United Russia has canceled them, you can return and consider again. This can be done almost instantly, everything is ready.

On the other hand, it is very important to strengthen control over all authorities.

I think we need guarantees of opposition activities. Today, some are in power, others are tomorrow, and in order not to think that they will begin to rob and torment people again, we have prepared a draft law on guarantees of opposition activities. It lies in the Duma, it can be quickly considered. Very strong draft law against corruption and banditry. Well, in my opinion, in moral and political terms it is extremely important to abolish the 122 th law, the most terrible and terrible. I have never imagined that Chernobyl victims would be turned over by one law, they would be denied benefits to northerners, Far Easterners, Siberians, and would make retired military pensioners, which had never happened before. And they will abolish the 83 law, under which children’s institutions, schools, hospitals, and sports facilities can be sold off January 1. This is a law that eliminates the entire social base, conquered and rebuilt by the country in 1000 years.

People will come to the polls to defend their interests.

Q: What do you think will be the turnout? And what are you doing for people to come and vote?

Gennady Zyuganov: At this time, many will and will surely go. What choice today? If we continue to move this course, the collapse is inevitable. Well, here we were shaken by the crisis. What did he show? Of the twenty leading countries, we are the last. What did he prove? Among the oil-producing countries, we are also the last. What did he confirm? 20 million are still beggars. And the ghouls, the so-called oligarchs, almost doubled their capital. Billionaires has become much more, soon we will overtake America. Who needs this? Not necessary. Right? And does not smell close. How will this end? It will end in North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, multiplied by Afghan. And in the country, moreover, some nuclear charges are more than 20 thousand, not to mention the especially dangerous industries. So let's do everything to solve problems with peace, good, and we are ready for it.

Well, first of all, we are more than 100 years old. And we have a great experience. Yesterday, Mironov told me, here, 5 years, 5 years - and pretend to everything. He also would not have gone to the first class, if we look from the point of view of political expediency. They don't do that.

On the other hand, you can not sit out. Durability left. And if in the next couple of years we do not correct the situation, do not be offended that you did not know and did not hear. You see and hear everything. Nature itself cries out.

The ideals of our party are hundreds, thousands of years old.

Q: Gennady Andreevich, you mentioned the work of the party on 100. But, in principle, the current modern Communist Party, what a global goal? Here, under the Soviet Union was the construction of communism. But suppose your party, or you, as the President, come to power, these are the goals you will implement?

Gennady Zyuganov: Since the time of Jesus Christ, and perhaps much earlier, two ideas have been struggling: good and justice, and evil and violence. Recently there was a Yaroslavl forum. I listened very carefully to Brzezinski’s speech. I wrote the work, called "Globalization and the fate of mankind." It is translated into all major world languages. I argued there with Brzezinski, his “Chess Board”, when the Americans could crush everyone and subordinate everyone, and Huntington, who raised the subject of the war of civilizations. My point is that the planet has exhausted the possibility of a big war. She already whines and moans from the violence that is being committed on her. Typhoons, fires, earthquakes, floods already menacingly inform mankind that he is not a king of nature, but a part of nature. So, Brzezinski, speaking, suddenly declared that, it turns out, no one alone can cope. It turns out that globalization in the American way will not help. The second is that there is no use of force to solve problems, only democratic methods, high-quality education and everything. And the third - it is necessary to add and join forces in order to save the planet.

So, in my opinion, it is impossible to save the planet if speculative capitalism continues to dominate, which has dollars instead of eyes, and bricks instead of hearts. Impossible. Therefore, I have always served the idea of ​​humanism, justice, but they are impossible without high knowledge, high-quality education and very purposeful education. An educated person without education is, generally speaking, a savage with a big sword. Here you can expect anything.

As for my party, it took as a basis the friendship of nations, justice, respect for the person of work and peace. In this world, in my opinion, there is nothing more pleasant and attractive. It is no coincidence that these ideals are hundreds, thousands of years old.

Communist Party in general is different from the CPSU, the CPSU was not just a party, it was a system of state political governance. Now new horizons are opening up before us, and the whole planet is turning red and left, she realized that going further along the path of the American so-called consensus, when everything is on sale, when privatization, bankruptcy, the seizure of everything, when some get rich, the second are impoverished, it will be new crisis. Do you want to tell a good joke for your program?

Q: Of course.

Gennady Zyuganov: Obama read Karl Marx's Capital. And gasped. It turns out that everything that is known in connection with the crisis, described 150 years brilliantly in every detail. And gasped. And he decided to consult. He invites Marx and says: "Listen, just delighted with your Capital. How could you foresee everything that is happening here? I want to consult what to do?" He says: "How, what to do? The global crisis, they should read everything: presidents, governors, senators, deputies - everything, otherwise they will not understand." He: "Well, clearly, he says, tomorrow I will issue a circulation of 100 millions, everyone will read it. Well, what to do?" He says: "How, what to do? In Moscow, on the main square there is a monument for me, my work, achievements, and you don’t even have a street." He says: "Rename. What specifically to do?" He says: "And if specifically, this is not a question for me. Come in, Comrade Stalin."

Without the experience of the Soviet Union, without the unique reforms of Deng Xiaoping in China, without the “olevation” of all politics in the world, it is impossible to get out of this pool. These are the main goals of the party I lead.

Our task is to get the people's patriotic majority in the Duma elections.

Q: "United Russia" has actually already put forward presidential candidates ...

Gennady Zyuganov: They did not put forward anything. Even according to the current Constitution, the people are the main sovereign of power. And if you are Democrats, say that there will be elections. If you really understand what an election is, then agree to a debate. If you agree to the debate, let's determine their order.

If you are really for the people to determine power, let us control the course of choice together and count the votes so that no one has any doubt, because any suspicion of the illegitimacy of power, and the absolute majority of people have such suspicion, more than half of them does not want to go to the polls. It is fraught with the most severe shock. Therefore, now both Medvedev and Putin are extremely interested in the elections to be fair, in order for the votes to be normal to count for the government to be legitimate. And it seems to me that Medvedev’s last statement was largely directed at this. Let's see if there is enough will to implement it.

Q: Still, the Communist Party has plans for the nomination of a presidential candidate in the spring of 12?

Gennady Zyuganov: We, the elections, I told you, regard us as one unit: local, Duma, presidential. Our task now is to get the people's patriotic majority in the Duma elections. Then we define. We will offer the Government of National Trust, cooperating with others. All those who honestly and with dignity can work, let them not be afraid for their seat. As for the specific figure of the candidate, we decide after December 4.

Q: And the last question, if you sum up, what are you waiting for the new from this political season and what should be its result?

Gennady Zyuganov: A new course, a new center-left government, very professional, like the Primakov-Maslyukov cabinet. Special attention to those who are ill: children, women, old people, poor people, the disabled - special attention. And the strictest control by citizens over all structures, especially the executive branch. If this is not done, no riot police, no police will help. Therefore, it is necessary to pursue this policy intelligently, competently and very decisively.
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