Can China help us make a new industrialization?

Can China help us make a new industrialization? Russia must return to the East, and without interaction with the Chinese dragon, neither the future Eurasian Union (at least, full-fledged), nor Russia's policy in Southeast Asia can be imagined. Therefore, the visit of the head of the Russian government, and, apparently, the next president of Russia, to China is very symbolic.

And considering the factor that after the collapse of the USSR, almost all of Moscow’s policy was oriented towards the West, towards Europe and the United States, such activity in the Far East (including the recent visit of the North Korean leader to Russia) is good news.

Indeed, in reality, orientation toward the West only leads to a strong imbalance in the development of Russia. Our country equally depends on the Western world, and on the East, and especially on China. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the basic thesis that Russia is neither a part of Western civilization, nor a part of the Eastern world — it is a separate civilization, a whole world, like East and West.

Neither the West nor the East can offer us any new ideas or any special incentives, technologies. In addition, the incentive that the global crisis that leads to a global war has become for some of the political leadership of the Russian Federation a kind of "kick" that forces them to act.

It is not necessary to create illusions about the fact that when the People's Republic of China becomes the main innovation center on the planet, we can also make an innovative breakthrough with it. To modernize the country. It’s as stupid as the dreams of the 90 liberals, that if Russia follows the path of the United States and the West, we go over all their orders, then everything will be fine with us.

Almost all the problems of Russia are of internal origin. They can not be solved only by blindly copying other people's - American or Chinese orders. Only Russia itself is capable of creating a powerful domestic market that will help us survive during the second and third waves of the global crisis. Of course, cooperation with the countries of the West and the East can help with this, but only with independent movement.

A new industrialization on the new industrial base, about which Vladimir Putin spoke on September 5 at the United Russia Interregional Conference in Cherepovets, can only be carried out by ourselves. Neither the USA, nor China, nor the European Union need an industrially strong Russia, they need our deposits of natural raw materials. Why help a competitor to grow? Russia is able to carry out a total technological re-equipment, modernization, relying, inter alia, on borrowing technologies, western and eastern. But the basis of modernization, new industrialization of Russia should still be domestic developments on the basis of all the Soviet groundwork for basic science. And every year the percentage of Russian technology should consistently grow.

The dreams that the Chinese, Americans, Europeans will help us are not just stupid, but also suicidal, since they undermine faith in themselves, their strength.

At the same time, it is not necessary to exaggerate the factor of the “Chinese threat”; in this respect, the threat from the West is more real. Not China seized Iraq and Afghanistan, leading the war in Libya, plans to dismember Syria and Iran. China may well be the power with which Russia can develop Eurasia. There is even an example of fruitful cooperation between Russia and China - the era of Stalin. We have a common tool for the development of integration processes in the continent - the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Together, Russia and China can follow the path of creating regional currencies so as not to be under the rubble of the collapsed United States Federal Reserve System.

Russia and the PRC have a lot of opportunities that allow them to cooperate constructively. Their competition is beneficial only to the West, not to our peoples.
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