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A.Shary: Under the sign of irritability

Anatoly Shary

The past week was marked by several sad events at once, presented, however, quite in the style of the Ukrainian media almost under the guise of achievements and victories.

The failed results of the Summit, which the Ukrainian Ambassador to the EU Konstantin Yeliseyev carefully prepared for Ukrainians, were still 12 in May, canceled out hopes of obtaining a visa-free regime and even a ghostly rapprochement with the EU.

By the way, the results of the Summit cannot be absolutely catastrophic purely dialectically for one reason only - due to the meager expectations of Kiev from the Summit from the very beginning.

At the same time, all the media in the world (except, perhaps, the most objective and honest - domestic ones) categorically admitted that the cooling of the EU’s interest in the “Eastern Partnership” itself is indisputable.

If we discard the blatant nonsense that the regular “optimists” - “political scientists” or the mouthpiece of absurdities Irina Gerashchenko speaks about - the main “success” of the Summit remains in the balance the mention of the annexation of the Crimea and the possibility of joining the EU in the future.

Well, let's see what so pleased Kiev.

“Within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership, the summit participants confirm the sovereign right of each partner to a free choice of the level of ambitions and goals to which they aspire in their relations with the European Union. It is the EU and its sovereign partners that must decide how they want to act in their relations. ”

Without a doubt, we are talking about the impossibility of interference by third countries (of course, Russia) in the relationship between the EU and its partners in the Eastern Partnership.

At the same time, it is quite clearly given to understand that Ukraine has the right to choose the “level of ambitions” in its desire to become part of the European Union. You can hang the flags next to the state, you can issue license plates of cars with the emblem of the EU.

Your point, the level of ambition is determined independently. At the same time, the decisions remain for the EU and what decisions these are in light of the termination of EU expansion to the East is quite obvious.

“The EU remains committed to supporting the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of all its partners.”

That is pleased? And are rejoicing political figures and officials of the Foreign Ministry not aware that support for territorial integrity and sovereignty is the “common place” for any declaration of such a plan? Or know, but deliberately "playing fools"?

Aggressively in the little fool played 20 May head of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov. What caused a flurry of irritation.

“In order to protect against the nuclear threat from the state-aggressor of the Russian Federation, Ukraine may be forced to begin work towards the creation of a missile defense system. I do not rule out that, in order to protect against nuclear danger, we will have to consult on the deployment of missile defense system components in Ukraine ”

The Kremlin, which received such a gift in its hands, instantly responded through the words of the head of the international committee of the Federation Council Kosachev:

“Turchinov, apparently not understanding what gives out“ military secrets ”, but in fact an open secret, acknowledged what the American curators officially deny: the missile defense system in Europe was created and developed not for real and mythical threats from the Middle East region , but in order to try to compensate for the Russian nuclear potential ...

But I overdid it - for the Americans it is a disservice, they don’t know what to do with Ukraine’s application for NATO membership, as well as with the endless requests of Ukrainians about money and weapon».

Kosachev looked like he was into the water — the State Department had to take the rap for the chatter of Turchinov.

In particular, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said:

“The United States and NATO have no plans to deploy missile defense systems in Ukraine. I do not understand what they [the Ukrainian side] had in mind. It is well known that all existing elements of a missile defense system, as well as those planned for deployment, are located and can only be located in the countries of the Alliance. ”

Awkward happened. The NATO response was even more irritated:

“For any comments on this issue, please contact the Ukrainian side”

Last week, irritation of our state and its management was demonstrated by representatives of all organizations, meaningfully referred to as “partners of Ukraine”.

John Herbst, an experienced diplomat, former US ambassador to Ukraine, gave an interview in which only those who cannot read read hints at the president and prime minister of Ukraine:

“In Ukraine there are very serious problems with corruption, because, frankly, the top of your elite is very corrupt. The highest tip. I will not name them now, but there are even people on the list of corrupt officials who are very good at speaking in the “language of reforms” with the countries of the West, aptly speaking, succeeding under the old system.

They are perfectly able to move from one party to another, sometimes to make maneuvers between several parties - and somehow remain inviolable and flourish. They learned to flourish, playing by the old, but very convenient rules for themselves. And if it is convenient for you to work in the position of minister, imagine what amenities will be at a higher level. These people are the problem, and at the same time, the leadership of your country. ”

If Pyotr Alekseevich wished to cause even greater irritation in the West, he would not have been able to do it better than he did in his interview for the BBC's May 20:

“I can say that the United Kingdom is one of the EU countries, which most of all supports the European aspirations of Ukraine and is working to end the aggression.”

Without a doubt, in view of the fact that the Air Force is a British company, Peter Alekseevich made a nod to the UK. I would give an interview to Poland - I would bow to her, and if I spoke with representatives of Al Jazeera, I would definitely say that the support of Ukraine to Qatar is the cementing foundation of the Ukrainian statehood itself.

Support for Britain is indeed taking place, but it is very, very formal.

“... we captured two Russian military, a few weeks and months ago we captured first 20, then 60 Russian special forces. I read the day before yesterday in one newspaper that the expression “Russian soldiers” was written in quotes.

Come to Kiev and check for yourself - there is no reason to write it in quotes. These are real Russian special forces officers who came here to fight. These two Russian soldiers killed one of my soldiers ...

What other evidence do we need to provide to the world? Although the world trusts us already. What other evidence should we provide to Russia, that it is their soldiers, their regular forces and their war and aggression? ”

In all likelihood, Poroshenko actually believes that the world cares about what he says. Come, see, the world trusts. It doesn’t matter to the world whether there is evidence or not. Though with pieces of the bus come, at least with the heads of the GRU employees. Spit.

“People came to us who train our National Guard and the Armed Forces. We get armored vehicles, but without lethal weapons. ”

“... we want such a level of cooperation in order not only to defend our country now, but also to build a pro-European army here. To protect not only our sovereignty, not only our independence and territory, but also freedom, democracy and European values, for which we are now fighting. ”

He no longer asks for requests, which immensely irritated the West, Poroshenko now wraps up in ridiculous candy wrappers with the readiness to protect, without sparing the stomach, European values.

Why are there - Europe itself. NATO is unable to defend, therefore Poroshenko will undertake this mission. So be it. And again, it is hard to realize that no one asked for assuming the authority to “protect the West” Peter Alekseevich.

“We believe that it is vital to carry out good coordination between Ukraine and the whole world. We need two things - the unity of the EU, the transatlantic community and the whole world, and their solidarity with Ukraine. After all, this is a struggle not only for Ukraine, but also for freedom and global security. ”

Once again - we are holding the world apocalypse, this is a global conflict, this is a world war ...

The bargaining between the USA and Russia in Ukraine, which is obvious not only for politicians, but also for the European press, Poroshenko commented in the style of a schoolboy who persuades a teacher that he knows better whether the textbook task is correct:

“So it may seem to someone. If you ask me if I trust President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, my answer will be yes.

I got everything to consider the United States an absolutely reliable partner of Ukraine. I trust them, and I have no suspicion that Ukraine will become a bargaining chip in relations between Russia and the United States. ”

Without a doubt, nothing but a smile can not cause Poroshenko's story about trying to sell their business in Russia:

“But when I tried to sell, for example, my assets in Russia, they were immediately arrested by the Russian government in order not to give me such an opportunity, because you cannot sell what is under arrest. And my property in Russia was confiscated. They tried to use it as a method of exerting pressure. ”

Well, the final stroke was the request to the Air Force journalist "not to listen to Russian propaganda." Or Poroshenko confused British journalists with the residents of Donbass (who do not like him solely because of the propaganda of the Russian Federation), or simply started talking:

“First of all, I would like to say that the head of the Kiev region police is not a neo-Nazi. He is a hero, a war hero, without any ideological foundation. If I had proof, even though it is not my competence, I would immediately react if someone in the police showed something like that. ”

Poroshenko did not see the photo with the shuffling "Interior Ministry officers" celebrating the appointment of the very "war hero." Photo, which saw the whole of Europe. He goes further, playing in his advice, which no one asks:

“But - and this is the most important thing - do not listen to Russian propaganda. We live in a country where there is freedom of the press, and for me it is very important to be open, not to have censorship during the war. ”

No doubt, the Air Forces themselves, not just neatly, but insistently pointing to neo-Nazism in Ukraine, and their colleagues from the same Telegraph or Guardian, are guided exclusively by the Russian press.

I will not say that, as a Ukrainian, I am pleased with the overt irritability of the West with Ukrainian problems, but still there is a certain sad satisfaction with such a turn that was obvious to anyone who thinks.

And the eternal “I warned you” is drowned out only by sad reflections on the future, which is becoming dimmer for the Russian statehood as a whole.

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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 28 May 2015 05: 48
    Another carrot was hung in front of the puppets in Kiev. And everyone is happy. It is likely that they will start jumping again soon.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 28 May 2015 10: 45
      The openly squeamish attitude of Europe towards the Outskirts is becoming increasingly apparent. What will be the disappointment that Ukraine is not Europe, but Africa laughing
      1. 97110
        97110 28 May 2015 11: 49
        Quote: siberalt
        that Ukraine is not Europe, but Africa

        What has long-suffering Africa done to you? Who is there to compare in the back-obamo-licking with the shank pans from kueva? Even Bokassa, who sometimes ate some of his subjects for pedagogical purposes, is simply a paganel in comparison with the corpse and the egg-bearer. Do not try to belittle the achievements of the Ukrainian elite in the genocide of the Ukrainian people. The fact that the multimillion contingent of the descendants of the great ukrovs will not notice the full-scale genocide used against him, great and terrible, by his elected leaders on the Maidan (how democratic! Truly - democracy is the power of the American people) by the leadership means that no Tutsis or Hutus can compare with him. They cannot be compared by any criterion. The post-great Ukrainians decided for the glory of America and in spite of Putin to erect a mountain from their own corpses above the dump from digging the Black Sea, so there will be such a mountain. Hai m. Squeal from the smell will suffocate. What, completely, "Tse Africa". This even cannot be entered with a pen into the Guinness Book. In a fairy tale I can't even say ...
        1. bort4145
          bort4145 28 May 2015 12: 32
          Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud concluded his statement with the words: “I will not allow Somalia to turn into Ukraine”
          1. Brake
            Brake 28 May 2015 19: 01
            Great comment)))
    3. Vladimir 23rus
      Vladimir 23rus 30 May 2015 12: 25
      They didn’t even hang a carrot, but tops from it.
  2. smith7
    smith7 28 May 2015 06: 07
    It's a pity, of course, people, but ... Recently I accidentally learned that my former colleague is now working in Kiev (we both no longer serve in the Ministry of Defense ..) and says that the look at Ukrainian events from the inside is not as sad as our media presents it ... Of course, he has never been to the Donbass, and in the shoes of an AFU reservist, too. However, if in the cities of "nedonbass" it is calm, then YUVU will have to fight the fascists for a long time. PS To help them ... not only with humanitarian aid. soldier
    1. starshina wmf
      starshina wmf 28 May 2015 06: 55
      Of course, he will see Kuev sitting differently. Moreover, from their submission in newspapers and on television. And to Novorossia they send village and Westerners from forest farms.
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 28 May 2015 06: 09
    Lord, what nonsense are these ukroelites.
  4. davim
    davim 28 May 2015 06: 18
    Pyakin V.V. Question - Answer of May 25, 2015
    00:00 - The USA rushes about and goes along the fatal path of the British Empire
    24:45 - In Ukraine, chaos sets in. Europe rebuilds from the USA
    34:24 - It is necessary to institutionalize the Donbass in order for a state formation to be created throughout Ukraine with a complete sweep of the Bandera project
    38:59 - Statement by Lavrov on a united Ukraine. Donbass cannot be separated
    42:27 - Was the defeat of Russia planned in the Russo-Japanese war?
    44:11 - Russia pursues a global policy.
    50:00 - The murder of the brain. Appeal to the leaders of New Russia
  5. taseka
    taseka 28 May 2015 06: 27
    The nation in which calls are heard to cut down birches - "Bo that Russian tree!" She must understand that she has reached the point and it's time to open my eyes and understand what the "leaders" are doing to her !!!
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 May 2015 06: 50
    But he overdid it - for the Americans it’s a disservice, they don’t know what to do with Ukraine’s application for NATO membership, as well as with the endless requests of Ukrainians for money and weapons. ”

    The slave, to please the owner, often runs ahead of the engine. Complacency escalating into insanity is dangerous in twins. Ukraine has proved this by its example.
    1. The point
      The point 28 May 2015 13: 48
      Quote: rotmistr60
      The slave, to please the owner, often runs ahead of the engine. Complacency escalating into insanity is dangerous in twins. Ukraine has proved this by its example.

      In general, the woodpecker tapped, as it turned out, on himself. fool
  7. oracul
    oracul 28 May 2015 07: 37
    The leadership of Ukraine has a continuous clinic. The case is neglected, the patient does not want to follow the prescribed regimen, is able to infect others. Conclusion - quarantine until the outbreak is eliminated. Problem - escape attempts are possible. It is necessary to strengthen the quarantine zone around the perimeter.
  8. vkl-47
    vkl-47 28 May 2015 07: 58
    No matter how Shariy ended up like Buzina, they have complete freedom of speech and lack of censorship
    1. tracker
      tracker 28 May 2015 10: 58
      Anatoly does not live in Ukraine, and he began to pursue him since the time of Yanukovych
  9. NEXUS
    NEXUS 28 May 2015 07: 58
    They made funny zombies from the Ukrainians, and they sell the khozlostan on cogs and screws. After a year, I think from Ukraine as a state there will only be a history of ukrov.
  10. Karagay
    Karagay 28 May 2015 08: 16
    The Ukrainian president is not embarrassed by the irritation of his "left" ally (from the EU). The main thing is that the overseas director is satisfied. Peter Alekseevich is almost happy, because the owner still needs him.
  11. Scud
    Scud 28 May 2015 08: 34
    Guys, believe me, about half a dill stubborn stupid. I already quarreled with all almost relatives. Faster already, would fall apart.
    1. PATTIY
      PATTIY 28 May 2015 11: 40
      Quote: scud
      I already quarreled with all almost relatives. Faster already, would fall apart.

      What is swearing about? lol
    CONTROL 28 May 2015 09: 46
    ... there is a picture in front of my eyes: a photo of a failed stuffed fox, the work of some Englishwoman, a novice taxidermist ... This stuffed animal was called - "Stoned Fox" ...
  13. drags33
    drags33 28 May 2015 10: 01
    "These two Russian soldiers killed one of my soldiers ..." (waltzman) I noticed long ago that the waltzman only speaks "my army, my a country, my soldiers ... "That is, he feels like a prince in dill, around whom his slaves. Apparently, dill is worthy of such a "president" ...
  14. Gor-1974
    Gor-1974 28 May 2015 11: 01
    I think the perpetrators of what is happening in Ukraine are in Russia. Wow, so roughly speaking ... such a territory. Grandfathers fought for her, and now she was carried on a silver platter to bosses from the west. To be honest, this is a shame, for a country, this is how to lose to Canadians 6-1.
    1. 97110
      97110 28 May 2015 11: 56
      Quote: Gor-1974
      I think

      What do you think, it must be disassembled, washed in kerosene, laid fresh solidol. And do not touch without need.
    2. PATTIY
      PATTIY 28 May 2015 19: 45
      Quote: Gor-1974
      I think the perpetrators of what is happening in Ukraine are in Russia.

      On "Three meters below the sky" they rest and are not responsible for anything.
  15. Scud
    Scud 28 May 2015 12: 19
    Half of the ukropatriots go without teeth, they can’t eat normally, there’s no money to go to see relatives or put flowers on the grave, but RUSSIA is to blame anyway.
  16. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 28 May 2015 12: 28
    In the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership, the summit participants reaffirm the sovereign right of each of the partners to freely choose the level of ambition and goals that they strive for in their relations with the European Union. It is the EU and its sovereign partners that must decide how they want to act in their relations

    When reading this, I remembered Asimovskoye:
    “And now you see in front of you a copy of the agreement between the Empire and Anacreon, the agreement, among other things, signed on behalf of the Emperor by Lord Dorvin, who was here last week.” Next to the contract you can see its symbolic sign.
    The contract concluded five pages of small print, and the analysis was written only in half a sheet.
    - As you can see, gentlemen, about ninety percent dropped out of the analysis, as complete nonsense, and everything important can be described in a very interesting way: "Obligations of Anacreon towards the Empire: none! Power of the Empire over Anacreon: none!"
  17. mQn
    mQn 28 May 2015 14: 10
    1 Poroshenko minus)
  18. Tribuns
    Tribuns 28 May 2015 18: 13
    Not only Western Ukraine, but most of the inhabitants of the whole independence, including women, the elderly and children, are still under the hypnosis of Russophobia - hatred of Russia and the Russian-speaking population of Donbass ... They rejoice at the news of the killing by ukrovoyoks of civilians of Donbass who disagree with the Bandera orders of the Kiev authorities ...
    And this hypnosis, oddly enough, does not disappear even after the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian occupants in the boilers of Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, in the ruins of the Donetsk airport ...
    And there is no hope that the "svidomye" will come to their senses, shake off the burden of responsibility for the crimes of the hordes of punitive occupiers operating in Donbass and recognize the right of the Russian-speaking population of Donbass to respect their rights, opinions, language ...
    And so Donbass has only one way out - continue the heroic struggle with the Bandera regime of Kiev for their rights and independence!