Military Review

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Part of 14. Tse Europe!

Strongly welcome all readers of my notes! Thank you for letting a small but steady barrel of honey in your address!

But the main greeting to Pan Westerns. The very fact that he threw a spoon into this barrel ... What kind of honey is it, if this component is not added there? Wrong it will be honey!

I somehow became sad after reading his comment. And then the thought was born. How long has this reader approached the mirror? Look at yourself?

Do not think, my friends, that I am about the printing of intelligence on the face. How do I know about this very intellect? Maybe there really is the place of the face only and there is this very seal?

I'm about the size of the head! In a sense, physical size. The enormity of the thinking body. How many times are there more multicolored brains in a person’s head than a cockroach? Vooooot ... There is not at times, on orders by. And with a few tsiferkami.

That's why I write like that. By virtue of its small-sized cockroach brain. God - gods, Caesar - Cesarean, and locksmith - locksmith. And the cockroach ...

And so that fellow readers would not be offended for such attention to feces, I will explain the situation. It was Western that prompted me to write today's notes. You could say, kicked with all the reader malice. Thank you for that.

In short, it was like that. I wrapped around a bit of his spoon. Some mood is not sunny. I think that's all. I will not describe our life anymore. Not interested in them. Tired of a cockroach.

My cockroach assents too. Right! Stop the balancing act on the razor's edge with the family around your neck. Write how the well-being of our radish has increased. How to dig a hole in the impact or where a monument was won there. Be like everyone else.

Daughter howls again. The one that Yareski lives. Take a ride, dad, the world. I won where I had not gone. See where Ukraine is leaps and bounds.

And what, I think, I will pump to this Europe. For a long time my body from our maydanuty city did not export to tourism. Yes, and with the local cockroaches can talk about what and how. Gutenmorgens every listen.

I rushed to ours. To Radsky, it means. You need to choose a tour. Then the transport, in the sense, for whom I will go. I'm not a zalupivka what. Wings do not have. In the suitcase I will go, as a serious adult cockroach. (By the way, for an evil editor and ignorant readers: bluffing is not what you thought! This is your Russian dragonfly, but it has flown over the Ukrainian border.) And today I use the Ukrainian Mova because the "transport" from the West was. I'm used to a little. With whom, as they say, you will be led, from that and pick up.

Wandered, wandered around the cabinets. No good tours. All to Poland there, to Moldova, to Romania. Or even to Latvia or Lithuania. I am already silent about Estonia.

Zrada stepped on my life? An, no! Lucky. I generally find myself lucky ... and tenacious.

He jumped into the office to Moseychuk. Well, the one that commanded the "Azov". And then, due to the enormity of the dimensions, it began to pose a danger to the "Azov" armored vehicles. The BMP had to be expelled from the caponier so that the battalion commander could look at the battlefield.

I jumped in. And there such bedlam among ours. Men are worn, they are looking for socks (people - men understand me. Only you have two legs, and we ...). Tarakanih roar in four eyes. Tarakanchiki scream. Apocalypse in a single office.

Overwhelmed me. What happened then? A, Okoloradsky, shout. Zdorovenki buly. Has things gathered already? Well done!

Ugh on you. Tell us, such evil sycophants (again, so that the angry editor does not get angry, we call that maniacs. And what you thought about the first word is called tsyurk).

So we have a tour, shout. The beauties of Europe will be admired. Czech Republic there. Germany. With our bastard nevomruchim going. (Chahlik, if anyone is interested, - this is your Kashchei Immortal Ukrainized.)

And what do the cockroaches roar? So beer is there, you know. The hazards are appropriate. Climb up after drinking the wrong mess - that's all. European. That roars. Mourn, it means.

Vooot ...! There I will pump! Moreover, the seats in the suitcase overall "chahlika" in a comfortable bus.

Do not be offended dear readers, but I will skip the rest. All these runs here and there, loading, travel, borders, stations. Swear at me on the volume of notes.

We arrived, then in Prague! It is worth staying a bit. That was clearer. When we travel, we change our lifestyle. Exactly the opposite. Otherwise, you can "transport" click. People for some reason often at night abroad move from city to city.

Prague is a beautiful city, as they say. But she met me not very hospitable. Even very inhospitable, one might say. And so that you do not think that the cockroach had thought up something, then everything is documented. In the sense photographed. See how I messed up. I almost broke my back when I put this slab on myself, which you call an esd card. Maybe, if you sit on it, it is nothing, but to carry on yourself is still a pleasure. But what you will not do for the sake of truth.

Yeah. The case in Prague began like this. See the grate on the sidewalk? So, this is the main crap out of the hotel from our hotel. Well, the rest probably see? Vooot ...

I came out, it means. Looking around. And then the shoe. Does not fly, goes. Not herself, of course, with the woman on top. I run to the car. Hide. There is a car as you can see.

I run up and rest my head on the soft. Pads rowed like a bulldozer on the construction of the "great Ukrainian pit." And nothing. For some reason, only it began to fade.

She thought, this car, dung something dumped. No, it turned out, the tsuzik dumped. He who is called a puppy in Russia. So, in this Europe, everything is like ours, no special delights.

You do not think that I so directly want to crap the whole of Europe, due to the fact that on my first steps I dug in, I realized what. And we have this good before the shaft was. Now, of course, a bit wrong. Not in the sense that they are clean and clean, but in the sense that they have become less ... eaten and all that.

Just you people walk like? By the most avenue and avenue. Where a bright light, advertising, places and more. And we are the opposite. Us where is quieter (from you) and darker. For security.

Old cities there, in Europe, are very old. But from my point of view - pretty.

Of course, and we can see something similar. But somewhere on Shevchenko Street or Kachura. Well, not nearly in the center.

But we do not have this. We do not care about the homeless. Feels European approach.

Well, tell me, well-versed, than we are not Europe? What makes Leps Boulevard different?

And here I saw it - and I was stunned. No, we are still far from Europe in this regard. Tolerance over the edge.

Here is a funny one! Duck here and so it is clear that hemp is not a crime! What is criminal? If our Radish hemped up the brain, we would not live like that!

No, well, everything is like ours.

Still, Ukraine is the price of Europe! Of course, we have a lot to learn and learn from them. Still, they are the same as we are. Only these tolerant. As I now understand, to be tolerant is to see what is necessary to see, and not to see what is not worth seeing. And most importantly - to pretend that you all in a rush.

This is how I saw this very paradise, where we are being dragged by kulavloby, gunpowder and other tyagniboki. So I saw enough that the house seemed like a paradise. With all our abominations. Now, if I gather where, then only to the East. Although not sure. Will eat I am there a delicacy!

So, I will go to Russia. To vedmedikam klishonogim! Those that you have affectionately called bears clumsy.

And with such deep thoughts about plans for further exploring the world, I will say goodbye to you! Have a good day!
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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 28 May 2015 06: 32
    Great notes. To be continued?
    1. sherman1506
      sherman1506 28 May 2015 13: 03
      Dear cockroach, we are waiting for the sequels. And about the "cleanliness" of European cities, we already know. There is google maps, I don't want to walk and everything is visible there.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 28 May 2015 07: 01
    As if the photo of the mess there is unnecessary for us, why look for srach in a strange house, we have enough of ourselves.
    But about Chakhlik and Sinister - that’s yes, I just remembered school childhood. And another classic:
    - Now I'm not some kind of cuckoo, but ZOZULA. But I don't know how to speak "zozu" ... laughing

    Cockroach, write more!
    1. Bepeck
      Bepeck 28 May 2015 09: 09
      Quote: inkass_98
      As if the photo of the mess there is unnecessary for us, why look for srach in a strange house, we have enough of ourselves.

      Yes, no matter how the author seeks out, but directly gets into it smile . Photos on the topic that I saw, then fotal. Ukraine-tse Europe.
      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 28 May 2015 13: 45
        Quote: Bepeck
        Photos on the topic that I saw, then fotal.

        Yes, many would not interfere with the tourist route to get off, even a block inland. Many people still have faith in the "foreign paradise" And there live the same people, with all their shortcomings and advantages. Here are just to convey this to such "enthusiastic believers" - not like a bullet, "Topol" in the head will not.
    2. North Christmas Tree
      North Christmas Tree 28 May 2015 12: 35
      No, ok, let the pictures be.
      You know, what surprises, directly touches sometimes ..., there are people who piously believe that ".... there is no such thing in the euro !!! What are you, what are you, there is such a mess and ha in no way and be They clean up there, people are not pigs like us, they behave like human beings ... I was there! "
      Directly "freezes", honestly!
      You were there in the center streets, where everything is clean and washed, where tourists and others are waiting!
      So let them be!
      Cockroach! Waiting for more!
  3. Gewissenheit
    Gewissenheit 28 May 2015 07: 58
    Well, with a threshing floor and homeless people, you really won’t surprise anyone - there have always been and will be but garbage ... it's just such a bunch ...- a clear photo
  4. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 28 May 2015 08: 23
    Thanks to the author! Just smile once. Although with sadness.
  5. Proud.
    Proud. 28 May 2015 08: 34
    Tse Europe !:
  6. Proud.
    Proud. 28 May 2015 08: 36
    Tse Europe!. Display of women's bags. Madrid:
  7. Proud.
    Proud. 28 May 2015 08: 43
    And CE, Europe:
  8. Proud.
    Proud. 28 May 2015 08: 43
    And that too, Europe:
  9. Proud.
    Proud. 28 May 2015 08: 44
    And they have it, Copenhagen Square:
  10. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 28 May 2015 08: 46
    Honestly - I just love my homeland.

    Yes, I feel sad - when I see that not everything works out right away.
    That we forgot something. We don’t know anything yet. Something lost.


    We can do this. Russia and hello again.


    Better a crust of bread in their native land - than the golden mountains in a foreign land.
    Because here are my Kinsmen, my land, my soul and my heart.

    And we will deal with dirty tricks of different kinds.

    Patriots bow.
  11. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 28 May 2015 09: 30
    In Helsinki, when you arrive at the railway station, you are so easily doused with dirt, stench, and a huge crowd of painted, stoned, slovenly dressed, dirty - no one knows who. Heaps of some kind of beggars of the Gypsy-Albanian type, etc. Indigenous Finns who, arriving or leaving, are forced to wade through this mess, grimace, look around with disgust, try to get around it faster. They say that there was never a trace of such a mess before, all this appeared when Finland joined the EU and was forced to become "tolerant" to all kinds of blacks, Arabs and Roma-Albanians. But the Russians, the order came from the EU to hate, because all the evil from them, from the Russians. Yes.
  12. Kalinvagen
    Kalinvagen 28 May 2015 09: 58
    This is HELLO and EXPRESSION! So defame Europe ... What then do we have to equal? Really on themselves? bully
  13. flSergius
    flSergius 28 May 2015 10: 06
    In the Stockholm metro, police and civilian employees are standing at the pinwheel with their backs to the station and what happens there is purple: dirty floor, scraps of free newspapers, pissing, wrappers, a black man was sitting on the floor in his own puddle. There, in the port park, grass is poorly guessed under a layer of cigarette butts. On Saturday, trash fell from the tanks to the pavement, because garbage men have all sorts of democratic rights and do not work on weekends.

    As if the photo of the mess there is unnecessary for us, why look for srach in a strange house, we have enough of ourselves.

    It is necessary to seek out, because they inflate ours to grotesque proportions and finally confuse those brains that are not strong by nature. And then there are healthy men with higher education like grandmothers on a bench: "but I went (to the Vilnius megamarket once a year) and saw ...", "but they have ...", "but we have it wrong .. .. "
  14. Marik
    Marik 28 May 2015 10: 19
    Add this to the following works "About Me" and if you are interested in landscapes, I can try and post no less number of photos about "Khoroshavinskaya-Vasilievskaya" Russia, that
    to be honest. Or about thieves and morons from Ukraine, whom you can’t count.
    1. flSergius
      flSergius 28 May 2015 10: 34
      Add this to the following works "About Me" and if you are interested in landscapes, I can try and upload no less number of photos about "Khoroshavinskaya-Vasilyevskaya" Russia

      There is nothing to distort. We know about ourselves, and we’ll figure it out ourselves, and if we don’t understand it, then it will be our Problems. It is also necessary to actively break up the myth that they only dairy rivers and muslin shores, how they actively poke us into bentley officials and problems with Caucasians.
      1. Marik
        Marik 28 May 2015 11: 38
        Well, here's a surprise !!!! You and your kind for 24 years have not yet realized that in that Europe is far from honey !!! ??? Well, go and live. And why bother looking at that Europe and remembering about it, there are few of your achievements and advantages !? It’s not worth remembering that Europe, it’s time to treat them with contemptuous indifference.
        By the way, the problem with officials and Caucasians will not just end like that, and both are partly under the influence of the West. The first dream to steal, run away and live happily ever after without thinking about the fate of their homeland, the second are too organized and cohesive and vicious when it comes to the Russian people, they "joke" over justice as "Right Sector", apparently someone promised them that they would soon be yours supervisors or masters Rossii.Ne can not so the whole region "call out" the eyes of the entire state without external influence and support. Until recently, before the war in Ukraine, many materials on VO were devoted to the national question, ethnic crime, the behavior of the same Caucasians, perhaps forgotten a little !?
        Need a herd to attack me !? Here, unlike real life, you are "brave" and "friendly". And when you figure it out with yourself, then as they say, "cancer whistles on the mountain" !!!
  15. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 May 2015 11: 49
    Russian admirers of the West want to see him only from the front side. And, what is happening in reality they are not ready and do not want to perceive, tk. believe that this cannot be THERE. But they diligently seek out "dirt" in themselves.
    1. Marik
      Marik 28 May 2015 11: 54
      Those admirers of the West and capitalism base their opinions on all-inclusive tours and do not have a proper understanding of real life, let them go to work there, the opinion will quickly become the opposite and more social.
  16. Dagger583
    Dagger583 28 May 2015 11: 53
    lived in a hotel near the "Sun Square".
    1. The bum woman lived on the street near the entrance to the hotel. Just a tent + a small child.
    2. From the square of the sun went a curved path to the hotel - ran into the street of brothels. Negroes as pimps ...

    ps was in easy aahue .. vaccination from Spain ..
    1. Marik
      Marik 28 May 2015 12: 03
      By the way, "homeless people" like the very definition came to us massively from there from the vaunted Europe, so to speak, the consequences of capitalism. Under the USSR, there were such units and everyone who wanted to fix their lifestyle had a chance.
      And the current articles and photos about the painted walls are in the style of the 70-80s like "Crocodile"
  17. Evil Bobblehead
    Evil Bobblehead 28 May 2015 16: 58
    Mashika-pedrilka especially pleased!))
  18. salomeeff
    salomeeff 28 May 2015 23: 54
    Namely, this window is to .......... on ....... th.