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British media have published a "license to kill" from the FSB

British media have published a "license to kill" from the FSB

As soon as the Russian Federation resolved the issue that the party in power nominates for the role of presidential candidate not DA Medvedev, and a former KGB officer V.V. Putin, which was a serious blow to many Western politicians, in the hands of the British authorities appear dubious origin of evidence of the activities of the Russian special services abroad to eliminate persons directly related to serious crimes in the territory of the Russian Federation.

But the pages of foreign media were filled with reports that there are detachments of special agents in Russia to eliminate "terrorists" on the territory of other states and about the appearance of Russian James Bond, who killed three Chechens in half a minute. In addition, there was again talk about the long arm of Moscow and the conduct of a number of controversial operations by the Russian special services, as a result of which several Chechens were killed in Qatar, Vienna and Dubai. Also, the murder of Rustam Altemirov, Zaurbek Amriev and Berg-Khazha Musayev in September of this year is put in the blame for Russia. Prominent field commanders surrounding the leader of Chechen militants, Doku Umarov, were shot in the European part of Istanbul. These people were suspected of organizing several terrorist acts, including the bombing at the Domodedovo airport.

Alexander Zhirkov, whose belongings and documents were found in the number of the alleged killer, is suspected of the murder. However, it is very difficult to imagine that the high-class special agent, which the British media believe Zhirkov, could “forget” his documents at the hotel even in terrible haste.

In addition, the British have already forgotten history about the poisoning of A. Litvinenko, who left the ranks of the special services of the Russian Federation, famous for his treachery and escape to the UK. And although Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by 5 years ago, the British managed to find “evidence” of the murder of the FSB officers only now, shortly before the elections in Russia.

Let's try to understand more, because otherwise it is impossible to understand the train of thought of the British, dumping all the adversities on the Russian special services. Perhaps the reason is not at all in the upcoming presidential elections in 2012, but in the autumn aggravation of various mental phenomena, such as persecution mania, in some people.

This week in the UK will begin court hearings, based on the results of which it will be decided to conduct a full-scale investigation into the death of the ex-employee of the Russian special services A. Litvinenko. British prosecutors accused State Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi in his death, who was also formerly in the ranks of the special services of the Russian Federation. Lord MacDonald of River Gleyven, a senior prosecutor in charge of the Litvinenko case, recently publicly accused the Russian special services of poisoning, which he called the "execution by order of the state".

Judicial inquiry into the death, which, in fact, are hearings, will begin in London on October 13. This type of investigation is provided for by the norms of British justice and allows to consider the circumstances of a person’s death without initiating a criminal case, in the absence of a prosecution and defense. The outcome of the judicial inquiry is not sentencing, but identifying the perpetrators.

To date, the official British authorities consider the case of the death of Litvinenko "a normal criminal case, not affecting the political aspects or the issue of national security." This position will be disputed by the lawyers of the wife of the deceased.

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph before the hearings announced the contents of the “secret directive” that fell into their hands, allegedly giving the Russian special services the right to liquidate the “enemies of the state” outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

The publication of the document mainly deals with the “tracking, identification and possible return” of these persons to Russia. But there is a clause that specifies the possibility of destroying "outside the Russian Federation" persons who head illegal terrorist and extremist groups and organizations, or citizens who left Russia illegally and are wanted by federal special services. "

The “Directive” is dated 19 March 2003 of the year and is signed by FSB Colonel-General Mikhail Nechaev, who headed the counterintelligence department of the FSB Counterintelligence Service until 2007.

However, Russian bloggers noticed a discrepancy in dates: a directive allegedly issued in March of 2003 was signed by the deputy head of the Counterintelligence Service, created only in 2004 of the year. There is no reliable information confirming the authenticity of the document in the hands of British journalists. How this order appeared in the newspaper’s editorial office is also completely unknown.

The FSB colonel in reserve G. Gudkov also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the document. Answering this question to the Russian Service News”, He called this directive falsification because Russia refused to apply such measures in connection with the sensational scandal in the sixties. In support of his words, he recalled that many of those who fled and betrayed Russia not only live and live, but also give interviews.

On this issue, one can note the publicity in 2010 of documents relating to the scandalous poisoning of ex-FSB officer A. Litvinenko. On the WikiLeaks portal, journalists from The Guardian newspaper posted materials directly related to this case.

These materials contain information that the Russian special services in 2006 were aware of the impending assassination attempt on Litvinenko, who was eventually poisoned by radioactive polonium; moreover, they even carried out surveillance of the alleged killers. But they were forced to stop surveillance after assurances from the British side that they fully control the situation. A. Litvinenko was killed the day after that.
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  1. sirToad
    sirToad 12 October 2011 07: 09 New
    yes what it is about - everywhere the hand of Moscow! evidence at every turn! and the Poles were shot on the personal orders of the citizen of the Glory of the CPSU
  2. itr
    itr 12 October 2011 07: 21 New
    I offer each enemy an alpenstock on the head so that there will be more horror
    Start with Humpback
  3. raf
    raf 12 October 2011 07: 40 New
    In general, it would not be bad to eliminate all the traitors!
  4. dimarm74
    dimarm74 12 October 2011 07: 54 New
    The British are better ..... saints practically ..... the Caucasus has been disturbing for 200 years ..... he doesn’t give them peace ... Freaks .... they warmed all the terrorists and thieves .... generally would not blather better ....- deleted-.
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 12 October 2011 10: 52 New
      The Caucasus is the key to Russia and all of Central Asia (I’m exaggerating a little about it), all the more this shit comes from the fact that the gay people want to build Nabucco, but they need gas and it is in the Caspian, and for the control of the Caspian you’ll find a better hell out of the Caucasus.
  5. Gur
    Gur 12 October 2011 08: 08 New
    It would not be bad .. yes. On the one hand .. it’s kind of like and why to be shy .. yes sausage of traitors .. and killers of terrorists .. and let everyone know .. that we can’t hide in our ball. And the answer will have to hold for their deeds. On the other hand ... of course, this should be done without wide publicity and that everything would be covered .. and this should be known to those for whom it was intended both from the side of the services .. and from the side of the bastards. (Example, even with the union. ... when the extermination of 2-3 Islamic terrorists, not the least important ones, somewhere in Afro-Asia, as a demonstration .. Hurried up our specialists and rescued them from Zindama) And if what is described is true .. it means that our intelligence services didn’t quite die, means something else they can. The truth is not without failures.
  6. Net
    Net 12 October 2011 09: 04 New
    Bullshit. I would start to poison the FSB with polonium, which is produced if I am not mistaken in three laboratories of the world, well, one of them in the Russian Federation naturally :) They would have killed with a hammer in an alley, and this is the end. Substrate of pure water. I don’t understand one thing, what profit do the little shavers want from this? So cry about the "bloody geben" "Putin's regime and the" FSBHire of the KGB "?
    1. Glenn witcher
      Glenn witcher 12 October 2011 13: 13 New
      EMNIP, the British knew about that polonium. Knew and inactive.
      Why? No answer ... (c)
  7. fellow misha
    fellow misha 12 October 2011 09: 11 New
    Putin promised at the time to "soak in the outhouse", and thank God it dries all scum, and what the journalists write is their job to write circulations in order not to fall, otherwise they will have to use revenge panicles rather than languages. And in general, the Israeli Mossad doesn’t hide the attention of any shlupna that the enemies of Israel will be found and slashed, the Pindos won’t hide that Buta was trapped and stolen from the territory of a sovereign state so that the enemy of the state does not live long should.
    For Bout, Putin must hide in full, to catch a couple of their "enemies of our state" (you can use the same method as they are) and exchange quietly.
    1. kesa1111
      kesa1111 12 October 2011 10: 42 New
      the bloody one is conquered and is the main enemy. As the main godfather - the pest and the CIA lackey, he systematically develops corruption and ruins the state.
    2. kesa1111
      kesa1111 12 October 2011 16: 58 New
      Countries capture to export:
      capital, minerals, brains, skilled labor, beautiful women, just hardworking youth. Vova may not understand what is happening? What to do on the acupuncture territory in detail in the film: Freedom of a subhuman .... About the bastard: Kursk - a submarine in troubled waters, the FSB blows up Russia, Putin's system. Dig Rokhlin, Petrov, Ilyukhin, Swan. Or in any search engine: Putin's crimes.
    3. kesa1111
      kesa1111 12 October 2011 17: 44 New
      Something else about the FSB scum:
  8. Banshee
    Banshee 12 October 2011 09: 32 New
    The essence is the same: whose would mooed.

    Let's start with the same Booth. Is he a US citizen?
    I will come from the other side. Musaev and other citizens of Turkey? Was Bin Laden carrying a US passport in his pocket?

    Let them yell as they please. They have their own sandbox, we have our own. And if the bastard who wrote in our sandbox is worthy to get on the head, will receive, what difference does it make where?

    This one-sidedness in the interpretation of laws is common in the West. That is, everything is laid out in places: for the struggle for democracy, the United States and the adjutants can soak anyone and anywhere, without particularly asking, and if ours hypothetically do it (not proven, by the way, yet), is it a bloody crime?

    Yankees, go not just home, but na ...

    But Britain could have a more thoughtful approach to the issues of granting citizenship and selling real estate to “departures” from the Russian Federation. You look, and the corpses will be smaller.

    Forgive me, Russia is obliged to complete the deal with those who are here. And no one should leave justice. It is enough that there (damn, again in England) sits Rezun-Suvorov. With him, by the way, and start exponentially.

    It is correct to be afraid that, under Putin, they may overwhelm someone again. There is nothing to collect all the trash in themselves.
  9. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 12 October 2011 09: 37 New
    “A warm, sunny, April day in 1942, a young man walked through spring Berlin. But something betrayed him as a Russian intelligence officer, either blond hair, blue Aryan eyes, or a parachute dragging from behind. "
  10. Boos24
    Boos24 12 October 2011 09: 57 New
    It smacks of double standards, if there are these people well, if not then you should create
  11. vasek-3180
    vasek-3180 12 October 2011 10: 08 New
    let them be afraid !!! wink
  12. skif07
    skif07 12 October 2011 10: 54 New
    Do it right !!! Israel generally do not care about all, all war criminals during the Second World War in such a way destroyed ... So let the creatures fear !!!
  13. Gunship
    Gunship 12 October 2011 13: 03 New
    If it is impossible to punish in court (and a moratorium on the death penalty in Russia), other methods must be used ... injustice and evil must be punished !!
  14. spirit
    spirit 12 October 2011 14: 53 New
    Let's hope that when the thread Berezovsky “accidentally” falls into the hatch of the London sewer, and drowns in shit there.
    1. kesa1111
      kesa1111 12 October 2011 16: 39 New
      It’s not tricky to overwhelm a business, that’s to “persuade” to return for the court to repent and return the money ...... Traitors and terrorists are another matter.
    2. datur
      datur 12 October 2011 17: 43 New
      Let's hope that when the thread Berezovsky “accidentally” falls into the hatch of the London sewer, and drowns there in shit-- times 5 or 6
  15. Dovmont
    Dovmont 12 October 2011 15: 10 New
    It is necessary to wet them all, and not only in toilets. The whole European pederan, according to the list.
  16. AlexU73
    AlexU73 12 October 2011 17: 33 New
    Some kind of naughty instructed you in the cons, it looks like a cacazoid has appeared on our site)))))))))
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 13 October 2011 04: 58 New
  17. fellow misha
    fellow misha 12 October 2011 18: 27 New
    yes let it put it to the point we get

    you see how furious after two seconds two minuses put haha

    Hey the minuser all run Pindos enemy of the Russian State
  18. Hannibal
    Hannibal 12 October 2011 18: 28 New
    Well, at least they say that we have a Russian James Bond, so they’re afraid smile
  19. Denis
    Denis 12 October 2011 20: 40 New
    but would they go ...?
    always shit in a quiet and every g ... at home they warmed and warmed up
    But is Russia very important now their opinion?
  20. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 13 October 2011 04: 58 New
    The Anglo-Saxons of the Master of Lies and Deception And Fighting Against Them They Need The Same Weapons.
  21. kostiknet
    kostiknet 13 October 2011 13: 59 New
    Roman Zlotnikov in his book “Vivat Emperor” has a good scenario of reprisal against terrorists, their accomplices, universal people and other “devil's advocates” !!! They stole-put on a converted bulk carrier - fed the dogs under cameras in neutral waters. They sent records to those who almost reached this bonus. Allah does not take the dog defiled into paradise, the radicals think. They threw the ship, and answered the cries of the "human rights activists": they say, they don’t like someone, let him kiss this poem in the stern, the author will not blame them !!!
  22. esaul
    esaul 13 October 2011 16: 38 New
    I see nothing criminal in that, with the appropriate services, eliminating terrorists outside of Russia. Mossad has been hunting for this craft for a long time and does not blush in front of the NAGLOSaxes and Pindos, but, on the contrary, is proud of it! And everyone respects their professionalism. AND WHAT?! Should we take a guilty look? Fuck yourself! We will be proud of our Bond! tongueAnd pindosny about Mossad keeps his tongue in the ass! wink

    Like Stalin when asked by Beria: "What will we do with him?" answered: "We will envy" HARASHCHO SAID! HEY JIGIT!
  23. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 13 October 2011 16: 46 New
  24. does it
    does it 4 February 2012 18: 10 New
    PAVEL ! there are no former employees of the KGB, but at the expense of the rest, special services have special services, they are given an order from the top, they fulfill it ...