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Ukraine on the way to the “Guantanamo” method and the Baltic version with “non-citizens”

The bill passed last week by the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada on the actual withdrawal of Ukraine from a number of international agreements to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens living in the Donbass made a lot of noise. Explanatory note to the document reveals the essence of this paper. The “explanatory note” states that during the “anti-terrorist operation in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” the Verkhovna Rada adopts a law that gives Ukraine the right to withdraw from the obligations defined in certain paragraphs of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms. Kiev recedes from compliance with international obligations in relation to their own citizens - citizens of Ukraine living in the territories of the DNR and the LC. This is taking into account the fact that Kiev does not recognize the very fact of the existence of the DNR and the LC and continues to shout at all angles about the unitary structure of Ukraine and its unity.

Consider a few paragraphs of the said Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which was adopted in the distant 1950 year in Rome. Articles conventionswho refuse to comply with Ukraine, wear numbers 5, 6, 8 and 13.

Article 5: The right to liberty and security of person.

Kiev, for example, is not going to fulfill such a clause of this article:
Everyone arrested is immediately informed in a language he understands, the reasons for his arrest and any charges against him.

Or this:
Every person detained or imprisoned (...) is promptly brought before a judge or other official who has been vested in the judiciary, and is entitled to a trial within a reasonable time or to release to court. Exemption may be subject to guarantees of attendance at trial.

I’m not the main ideologues of the principles of detention of prisoners in Guantanamo Prison prompted the Ukrainian authorities about this vision of solving the problems of “compliance” with international law.

Article 6: The Right to a Fair Trial.

And again, thoughts about the American project of the CIA prisons, where detainees can be held for years without charge, trial, investigation. Again about the project, in which there is a place for horrific torture and other humiliations of human dignity.

Article 8: The right to respect for private and family life.

In other words, the Ukrainian government is not going to respect even the private (family) life of the residents of Donbass. It's like an indulgence for punishers who rush into houses, turn everything upside down, engage in looting and commit war crimes against civilians.

Article 13: Right to an effective remedy.

In principle, it follows from the previous articles. Residents of Donbass didn’t have to wait for any protection from the state apparatus before, but now the state authorities of Ukraine have turned Donetsk and Luhansk citizens into strangers at the legislative level.

It should be noted that on Monday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin announced new steps for the country in the fight against corruption. And with these steps, Klimkin called the need to start a large-scale replacement of the “post-Soviet” passports for new-style passports by the end of this year. What is it for? Well, certainly not to the fact that Klimkin is really going to fight bribe-takers and embezzlers, because there is no logic in trying to link the change of passports to the fight against corruption. But Klimkin has a different logic ... How can I put it more softly: an alternative ...

If, before the end of 2015, Ukraine begins to change passports, then residents of the so-called “individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” for the most part will not have a chance to get a new Ukrainian passport. Thus, Kiev is ready to aggravate the already existing segregation according to the principle of the territorial affiliation of a person. This is a kind of tracing paper with the Baltic legislation on "non-citizens". Based on the laws adopted by Kiev, residents of Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics that are not recognized by the Ukrainian authorities, losing their basic rights, may also become “non-citizens”, which finally cuts them off from the Ukrainian legal field (if such exists in modern Ukraine).

It would seem that international human rights organizations should sound the alarm after such legislative initiatives by the Ukrainian government and after the deputies' decisions mentioned. However, international human rights defenders are a special color, which, as practice shows, is a very selective approach to human rights and freedoms. Thus, representatives of the (calling themselves human rights) organization Human Rights Watch said that Kiev is supposedly right, because “military operations are taking place in the Donbas.” Like, if hostilities can be thrown into the basements of the SBU or front-line raw pits of people without trial, without formal charges being brought. If military actions, which Kiev, by the way, does not call the military, continuing to exploit the rhetoric in the form of an “antiterrorist operation”, then you can engage in looting and looting, you can kill and rape - still the state is not going to protect the population of the region.

This is how human rights defenders ... If Russia is already getting used to the hypocrisy and obscurantism of Kiev, then to HRW’s statements ... But why should we be surprised? The independence of any “human rights” organization ends where its financing begins by interested parties. They said: do not interfere with Ukraine building its base for Guantanamo and for forming the stratum of non-Ukrainians, HRW doesn’t interfere ... In general, Human Rights Watch showed all its gut in Ukraine with its actual justification for complete lawlessness. And this is the inside, forgive me, lousy ... With this approach to the legal protection of individual HRW employees (or is this the position of the entire HRW?), Any butcher from the market is a big human rights activist than they ...

Turning a blind eye to the monstrous violation of the rights and freedoms of the residents of Donbass, Sites of their “legal” structures continue to reflect on the topic of the murder of Nemtsov and to criticize ... homophobia in Kyrgyzstan. Well, it is understandable - a mighty handful of Kyrgyz pederasts (and apparently, there are those) for the same HRW is much more important in terms of the “only correct” administration of human rights, than millions of Donbass.

Returning to the law adopted by the ASU. If these are measures to preserve the unity of Ukraine, then it was difficult to come up with something more effective for the state of Ukraine to take a big step towards its final collapse.

Ukraine on the way to the “Guantanamo” method and the Baltic version with “non-citizens”

How is Orwell's: “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. "...

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 May 2015 06: 11
    How is Orwell's: “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. "...

    The author successfully quoted a line that summarizes the article. No comments.
    1. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 26 May 2015 10: 08
      This is a kind of tracing paper from the Baltic legislation on "non-citizens."

      Oh ... as an experiment, prohibit citizens of the Baltic States from entering the Russian Federation. Only to "non-citizens" - as "humanitarian aid" ...
      Ukraine - respectively ...
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 26 May 2015 11: 07
        The Great Fatherland Party (PVO) has this in its program, it is only called "preferential granting of citizenship."
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 26 May 2015 10: 53
      The conclusions may be correct. But the author would be nice to cite the text of the articles listed in the law so that we could also have our own judgment. The article is correct, but the "chewing gum" remains chewing gum, even if it is useful and concerns the shortcomings of the presentation.
      But in fact, the meaning of this opus law is reduced to the double standards of the Anglo-Saxon understanding of the right to Equality, Freedom and Justice. Antihuman (fascist) ideology about "Untermenschs" and "reasonable" people is intensively cultivated in the fields of Ukraine by transatlantic planters - slave owners.
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 26 May 2015 11: 08
        I agree. At least a link to the sources of the full text of the law does not interfere. good
  2. bocsman
    bocsman 26 May 2015 06: 23
    Yes, large pigs at the trough can and trample at the trough of small ones. And now you have a lot to take prisoners to torture. Everything in the world is interconnected.
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 26 May 2015 07: 27
      Quote: bocsman
      Yes, large pigs at the trough can and trample at the trough of small ones. And now you have a lot to take prisoners to torture. Everything in the world is interconnected.

      This means that the Russian special services should not interfere with the terrorist activity of the Islamists against the authorities, who are creating "guantanamo". You look, the Americans with the Europeans and against ISIS will really begin to act. There are similar prisons in the EU for a long time.
  3. gaura
    gaura 26 May 2015 06: 40
    It’s hard for a normal person to kill other people. So that he can cross this psychological barrier, they first of all explain to him that there are not people around him, but logs (as was the case in Japan), non-people (like in Germany). These followed the path of non-citizens. How Japan and Germany finished
  4. Nehist
    Nehist 26 May 2015 06: 42
    And what is tragedy to do from this? Think about these articles in our country as well. For how much stink from liberals that articles are necessary and important
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 26 May 2015 07: 33
      Quote: Nehist
      And what is tragedy to do from this? Think about these articles in our country as well. For how much stink from liberals that articles are necessary and important

      No one doubts that it is not easy to defend our rights even here. But the Kev junta does not leave people even a theoretical opportunity to defend themselves. When the fascists have nothing to take in the territories, it will be possible to steal people into slavery, but why stand on ceremony with "cotton wool"!
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 26 May 2015 11: 10
        Good remark! From me +! good hi
  5. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 26 May 2015 08: 46
    It is time to raise the theme of the situation of Russians outside Russia at all forums and platforms. Actively sponsor rights activists and various movements. An example should be taken from the God-chosen people and neighbors in the Caucasus, they still cut dividends from their suffering.
    CONTROL 26 May 2015 12: 21
    There are relatives in the Baltic states (Russians), and there are friends (of different nationalities).
    When all this booze with "non-citizens" began there, they answered my puzzled questions like this: - yes, the overwhelming majority of the population (and indigenous nationalities too!) Is against segregation, but - Uncle Sam's ears stick out behind the adoption of these laws so that they cannot hide; no one is trying!
    Well, then - understandably - we watched how Russia would react; and Russia de .. ate it! ..
    The same is now in Ukraine, but now it is already an open challenge, "to weak"!
    ... Testing the new world order with the establishment of the domination of the "golden billion" ...
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 26 May 2015 14: 34
      Yes you are right. But it is possible, now it is possible, for those who wish from the DPR and LPR, to obtain Russian citizenship. It may turn out like in 2008 - Russia will protect its citizens.
  7. Babai. Alex
    Babai. Alex 26 May 2015 14: 21
    Obscurantists !!! How miserable ... they do not know what they are doing. So they will ask !!! They will ask for everything!
  8. 1961NNN
    1961NNN 26 May 2015 16: 37
    Ukrainian nationalists demand that the column “nationality” be returned to the passports. Deputy Chairman of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, Grigory Omelchenko, said that the removal of the column “nationality” from the documents was “not just a mistake, but an ethnocide.”

    Original news RT in Russian:

    and more .... To the head-guard of the Spіlki ofіtserіv Ukraine
    Grigory Omelchenko

    Shanovnyy pan to Grigory!

    Cossack organizations are ready to take part in the robotics committee and the rights of our main Ukrainian people are registered in the official office of the Ukrainian President’s Office of the Ukrainian Government. And to herself:
    - I will declare, before the explicit procedures for applying to the UN, about the adoption of Ukraine to the UN Declaration “On the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples” and that ratification, that is, up to Article 9 of the Constitution of Ukraine became a part of the national legislation of Ukraine;
    - close the provisions in the Constitution of Ukraine regarding those that are Ukrainian as the national (titular) nation, and Ukraine - by the National Power;
    - Legislatively establish that Ukrainian guilty buti are represented in the organs of state power and state self-government in proportion to the population of Ukraine;
    - Turn ethnic Ukraine and representatives of national minorities of Ukraine to the right of their mother to write about nationality in the registration of state documents. It is in the order of the legislative initiative to introduce, before the Supreme Sake of Ukraine, a bill on the renewal of the graph "nationality" in the passport, on the issue of nationality, on the issue of love, on the basis of death, declaration of death, declaration of death;
    - make vіdpovіdnі zmіni to RESOLVED Kabіnetu Mіnіstrіv Ukraine number 1025 od 10 leaf fall in 2010 roku "About zatverdzhennya zrazkіv acts zapisіv tsivіlnogo camp, opisіv that zrazkіv blankіv svіdotstv pro Reigning reєstratsіyu aktіv tsivіlnogo will" peredbachivshi in vіdpovіdnih forms Svіdotstv about reєstratsіyu "Graf pro natsіonalnіst" ;
    - to make a record of the state organization for the restoration of acts of the civil country of Ukraine; to make a note of "nationality" in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a certificate of nationality, a certificate of love, in some outward records about the nationality of the country, and
    - spend in 2015-2016 pp. census of the population in Ukraine from the obligatory values ​​of the column "nationality" in the census list.
    Asked Grigory Omelchenko to clarify the organizing committee, to indicate the hour and minute of the first meeting.

    The list was signed by the Cossacks and the Huge Organizations:
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 26 May 2015 21: 01
      That's all the sheets and pidpisniny. Well, at least dry from time to time. laughing
  9. Tribuns
    Tribuns 26 May 2015 22: 04
    To a photo of Poroshenko at a meeting with residents of an ...

    How folding Poroshenko is lying
    Gingerbread man pushing forward ...
    Divides his people into castes,
    Like it's a garden ...
    Donbass will answer the executioner, -
    Perhaps even in the face!