Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontiev, October 11 2011

The information war against Syria began almost simultaneously with the riots that arose there and does not cease for a second. The task is to show that the “bloody regime of Assad” is cracking down on peaceful rebels who need active protection from the West in the Libyan style.

The television channel "Elarabya" describes the storming of the Syrian army of the city of Homs: "There is a real war going on in the city. It is fired from heavy artillery, tanks and airplanes. 9 people died in the city on Sunday." In general, according to human rights activists, in Syria, since the beginning of the riots, 2700 civilians have died. Official Damascus refers to the number of casualties among the soldiers and the police - about 700 people.

Even if you believe the figures of the so-called "human rights defenders", when the number of victims in the regular army and the forces of law and order correlate as one to four in relation to the "civilian population," it follows that this is by no means a civilian population. And when heavy artillery and airplanes iron a densely populated city, well, there can be no 9 dead. This is bullshit. But the truth is that Syria is blown up from the inside and outside, while trying to deprive the government of the ability to resist violence.

The United States and the European Union unilaterally imposed sanctions against Syria, including economic ones. Western leaders have repeatedly openly declared that Assad should leave. Russia and China blocked the draft resolution in the Security Council, which made it possible to control deliveries weapons to Syria, which created the possibility of military intervention on the side of the opposition on the Libyan model. As the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said, "the crisis in Syria will continue until the Security Council does what it has to do."

And he must do one thing - to untie his hands for direct intervention, without which no opposition in Syria can win. Because the task is not to protect a certain illusive peaceful population, but to overthrow the Assad regime.

Syria is the closest ally of Iran. Together with Iran’s Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas, they constitute a united front of radical opponents to Israel and the United States. At the same time, the Syrian port of Tartus remains the only supply point on which the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean can rely.

Russia proposes an end to violence and negotiations between the parties. The West consistently breaks the negotiations, prompting the radicals to violence. At the same time, no matter what negotiations with anyone Assad, there will always be specially trained revolutionaries who are not satisfied with any results of the negotiations.

The spokesman for the Syrian Revolution Support Committee in Russia, Mahmoud El Hamza, called the press visit of an intra-Syrian opposition coming from Damascus to Moscow: "This delegation has nothing to do with the opposition: they are against the uprising."

Indeed, what kind of opposition is this if they are against an uprising? And you say - negotiations! In fact, Syria is only an episode in the great geopolitical game of Americans in the region. The game, where a very important role is given to Turkey.

Today, Turkey, which has become the dominant force in the region as a result of the "Arab Spring", offers its supervision and protection to Egypt and Libya. Directs and supports the militant groups of the Syrian radical opposition, whose centers are located in Turkey. Back in December 2008, Turkey, which until then had been Israel’s privileged ally and mediator in negotiations with Syria, abruptly ceased its mediation and disrupted negotiations. When, according to the testimony of Ehud Olmert, who was then acting as Israeli prime minister, until the agreement was reached, one step remained.

Today, Turkey defiantly picks up Israel - almost on the verge of a military clash. But not passing this line. At the same time, the same Turkey is leading an almost undeclared war with its former close partner Assad. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan pretends to be a new Salladin - the winner of the Crusaders, fulfilling the blue dream of Turkish politics - Ottoman revenge.

Turkey was and remains a privileged ally of the United States. There is reason to believe that, as it were, Islamist Turkey has a delegated mission that the United States cannot take on. Because they can not distance themselves from Israel. And the Turks - you can. Turkey plays the role of the new leader of the Islamic world, designed to oust the hated Americans by Iran. The collapse of Syria is a stepping stone to the realization of this project. True, the next step after the collapse of Syria could be a big war in the region.
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