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Legend of jet aircraft. Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Mosolov

Born May 3, 1926 in Ufa, Russia. George is a real Soviet man who set 6 world records, of which 3 are absolute. And also three all-Union absolute records. Georgy Konstantinovich was awarded the Order of the Red Star, 2 Orders of Lenin and various medals. He was awarded three All-Union gold medals and three de Lavaux medals (FAI - international aviation Federation) (1959, 1961, 1962). From May 1953 to September 1962 he was a test pilot at the Design Bureau (Separate Design Bureau) of Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan (and since 1959, a senior test pilot). He tested and lifted 15 aircraft into the sky. He participated in the tests of 9 aircraft created in various design bureaus of the USSR.

His photo in the helmet was in many foreign magazines and newspapers, it became a kind of calling card of jet aircraft of the Soviet Union.

Georgy Konstantinovich was a good friend of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin.

In April, the 1961, the Mosolov aircraft rises to an unusual height. Mosolov traveled along the ballistic trajectory of 170 seconds. Weightlessness. Devices show: 35 thousands of meters above the ground. It was a world record.

Legend of jet aircraft. Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Mosolov

11 September sixty second Mosolov tested another experimental machine E-8 / 1. This car was like a MiG-21, but only a search option. She had a more powerful engine, lower air intake and equipment. By the way, this equipment was later applied to the MiG-23. At speed M = 1.7 and height 10.000 meters, the disk of the sixth step of the engine compressor collapsed. The right wing of the wing, which is located in the electron zone, the fuselage and the engine block were punctured by one of the fragments. Thus, both hydraulic systems failed. At a speed of up to 800 km / h, a bailout is allowed, but Mosolov was unable to slow down, due to the fact that the car overturned and swooped. He left it uncomfortably at an altitude of 8 km, landing in a deep forest. At that time there were no direction-finding mosquitoes. In such conditions, looking for Mosolov was equivalent to how to look for wind in the field. But everything turned out well, as the policeman saw the parachute drop. He found Mosolov three hours later.

Mosolov was taken to the clinical hospital named after Sergei Petrovich Botkin, which is located in Moscow. For three weeks, the country's best doctors fought for his life. 19 day worked respirator. The fractured bones of the arms and legs grew together very slowly. And unexpectedly - clinical death. Then operation after operation and again clinical death. Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin was one of the first to visit Georgy Konstantinovich.

In addition to numerous fractures, doctors identified a severe head injury. The duty shift of the doctors who operated the pilot - Nadezhda Markova, Valentina Nikitina and the resuscitator Vladimir Kassil. But the injuries were so serious that after the operation, the next day, Georgy Konstantinovich fainted. As it turned out, breathing stopped and clinical death occurred. Now the professor of neurosurgery Irger Joseph and associate professor Vincentini Xenia have done the impossible. This complex operation lasted for several hours. In the morning George Konstantinovich came to himself. After some time, it took another, now the operation of throat. There was a clinical death, the second time. A respirator was connected. For several days, the doctors fought for the life of the pilot and once again brought him back to life.

Georgy Konstantinovich these injuries for a long time chained to the hospital bed. After some time, the doctors allowed visits, and among the first visitors was Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, who was very worried about his friend. It was only after this that Georgiy Konstantinovich’s relatives, friends and relatives began to enter the ward. Such therapy of empathy of close people gave a very good positive effect.
Georgy Konstantinovich went on the mend. However, only a year later the test pilot touched the ground with his feet. But the gravest injuries he received did not allow him to return to his flight job, even after his recovery.

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    Honor and praise!