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Steel Donbass. A story about how a deadly weapon was transformed into beauty


There is a Lenin Komsomol Park in Donetsk (which, however, was renamed the City Park of Culture and Rest, but the townspeople call it the old fashioned way). There is a proud and majestic memorial complex “Your liberators, Donbass”. Inside is the Militaryhistorical Museum of the Great Patriotic War, at the entrance to which eternal flame burns. On May 20, an unusual exhibition opened in this museum called “Steel Donbass”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

At first I wanted to make a report immediately about the exhibition and about the museum, but in the course of my work I understood that the museum itself deserves a separate topic (which I intend to return soon). Therefore, we will talk here about the exhibition of Donetsk sculptor Viktor Petrovich Mikhalev. He began practicing art forging in 1999. His work adorns the Park of forged figures, which is loved by the Pitmen.

It was a new war, and the artist looked at it in his own way. He began to forge bombs, shells, debris weapons into fine works of art. The warriors are the defenders of the Donbass and the volunteers helping them constantly bring Mikhalev the source material directly from combat positions. In the hands of the master, this mournful material turns into freakish figures, flowers, candlesticks ...

In some compositions the weapon is clearly visible: broken submachine guns, grenades, shell fragments. Helmets shot in battles also went into action.

However, looking at other works, it is even hard to believe that they are made of such a terrible material.

But here is this rough material. He is also represented in this room.

All this fell on the heads of the residents of Donetsk and the surrounding area. But now it is forged in beauty. The hands of the artist did the almost impossible - they turned death into life.

Mikhalev says: a fragment of a phosphorus bomb was used in one of the sculptures, and the punishers claim that they do not use such forbidden weapons.

The master loves roses, which occupy a significant place in his work. No wonder Donetsk is called the City of a million roses, he says.

Children from Yelenovka arrived at the opening of the exhibition. This town is located close to the front line, and its inhabitants feel the war even harder. However, they found an opportunity to arrive, despite the dangerous roads. The guys read piercing poems about the war. About that war gone, which ended with 70 years ago ...

And again on the ground of Donbass shots and explosions are heard. Blood is shed again and people are dying. Again, someone dug out from under the rubble. The vaunted "truce" does not help either - almost every day and every night more and more new lives are interrupted ... Every evening you have to fall asleep to the sounds of shelling.

You can cry, you can be afraid, you can run away from the horrors of war. And you can live contrary to her. You can even create art from its terrible material, which is what Viktor Petrovich Mikhalev does. One of his recent exhibitions was called very symbolically: "Shells are on us, art is from us."

In the future plans of the artist - to hold similar exhibitions in Rostov, Moscow and other cities. Do more work. And also - to create from fragments of bombs and shells a large monument in honor of those who died in the new war.

For now - in the military museum of Donetsk, the heroes of the ousted war look from portraits at what is made of the fragments of the present ...

While some people live and create beauty, others continue to threaten war and bombard peaceful cities. Kiev junta builds up troops. Unfortunately, Viktor Petrovich seems to have even more rough material for art ...

(Especially for the "Military Review")
Photos used:
Elena Gromova
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  1. bender8282
    bender8282 22 May 2015 05: 50
    handsome! clever! God give them more!
  2. bocsman
    bocsman 22 May 2015 06: 26
    Yes, these are not installations of modern glaupenes! Nursed for Western Grants! Strongly!
  3. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 22 May 2015 07: 21
    Remember at Vysotsky
    "And in the eternal fire you see a flared tank, burning Russian huts
    Burning Smolensk and the burning Reichstag
    The burning heart of a soldier "
    Here and from these sculptures about such sensations repeat hi
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 22 May 2015 07: 30
    The blacksmith-artist bow and respect! And the message of his work is absolutely correct, and it is necessary.
  5. Shuttle
    Shuttle 22 May 2015 07: 31
    This is the case when you want such creators to never have any reason to do this.
  6. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 22 May 2015 09: 02
    Roses are awesome ...
    Let the source material for his sculptures be just "peaceful scrap metal" and not the wreckage of war ...
  7. Hubun
    Hubun 22 May 2015 11: 11
    the sword in the mouth ...
  8. uragan114
    uragan114 22 May 2015 11: 34
    Wonderful creations of the artist.
    Only a photo would be better sad
  9. The point
    The point 22 May 2015 12: 35
    And creepy and beautiful. Creepy, because it is the echoes of death, always coming suddenly. Beautiful, because this death was turned into an artist's life. But still I want to agree with Comrade. Shuttle, may it be better not to have raw materials for such compositions.
  10. 0255
    0255 22 May 2015 12: 51
    One must have great talent in order to create this from fragments of shells and shot helmets.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. kazanskii
    kazanskii 22 May 2015 15: 24
    Such an exhibition should be held in Kiev, in Berlin, in Paris, so that people see there that in the Donbass and in the Luhansk region people want peace, not war! It’s a pity that it may not take place, just will not give.
    1. ingener1966
      ingener1966 22 May 2015 19: 11
      I fully support, a ride on EVERYTHING !!! let the world look and be horrified with this exhibition .... or they will be touched but feel !!!
  13. Radikal
    Radikal 22 May 2015 20: 49
    Worthy exposure!
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 22 May 2015 21: 48
      One word - talents.
  14. Zionist22
    Zionist22 23 May 2015 05: 29
    Quote: bender8282
    handsome! clever! God give them more!

  15. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 23 May 2015 07: 30
    we will make beauty out of everything! well done!
    1. anderval
      anderval 23 May 2015 18: 48
      "We will make beauty out of everything! Well done!"

      Of shit candy? Who are "we?