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Maidan is not the same ...

Not a day without Maidan! This motto must unambiguously enter the heraldic symbol of Ukraine - the emblem- “trident” as the most accurately reflecting the essence of the Ukrainian existence of all recent times. As an alternative to the Ukrainian heraldry, one can offer the motto “Let’s hit the maidan on the road and sloppiness” with the simultaneous replacement of the trident with a shovel, with which the proto-wings dug the Black Sea.

The fact that the ghost of the Maidan now and then snares in the center of Kiev, recalled Thursday evening 22 May. This time, protest action in the capital of Ukraine was decided to be organized by activists of the so-called “financial Maidan” (FM), who gathered at first “peacefully” and quite routinely by Ukrainian standards to burn half a dozen tires in front of the Verkhovna Rada building, and then, as if not satisfied with the effect, tune in to the "assault" of the building.
The protesters were not satisfied, as it were, because the police officers with fire extinguishers jumped to the “stack” of burning tires, and the fire was quickly extinguished. Same in February 2014, police officers were not allowed to extinguish Maidan’s lights, and in May 2015 was completely different - in May, 2015 can even be rubbed with rubber batons lightly (very slightly) on the backs of financial maydanovtsy. Now, the Kiev police can be, because behind it is one of the main democrats of all Ukraine, Mr. Avakov. And Mr. Avakov, who concurrently is one of the richest people in Ukraine (apparently, the good now in the MIA "independent" bonus ...) does not at all like being close to his apartments and very close to the place of work of his chief advisers (Mr. on Gerashchenko, for example) make revolution fires without his knowledge. Without it? ..

In general, the Kiev policemen put out the burning tires, but the activists of the “financial Maidan” from such actions of the law enforcement officers dispersed in earnest. The first bottles flew in the law enforcement officers (not with an incendiary mixture, however, with water, not glass, but plastic), and the most active group broke into the parliament building and hung a poster reading “In Ukraine, the only source of power is the people” and "The people of Ukraine for the law 1558-1" (restructuring of loans in foreign currency). Other activists have blocked exits from the Verkhovna Rada, urging deputies to take up real lawmaking in the field of reforming the country's economy. As if calling ...

Maidan is not the same ...

And everything seems to be “correct” in the Maidan, and collisions with the police, and bottles, and slogans, and pickets near the Rada building, and breakthroughs in these very buildings, and even tires, are “correct”, but the feeling that something in this "financial Independence" is not enough. What? Apparently, it is not enough finance ... No one of the “good fairies” from Washington, who would approach the protesters and hand over cookies, pat them on the shoulder, look into the eyes. There is no “good fairy” who would arm an army of disgruntled people brought by diplomatic mail to Borispol airport, feed everyone with maydanny porridge, and give drink to maydanny tea, afterwards giving the order to hammer out sniper rifles. There is no “wizard” who shot all this action from the top floor window onto an iPhone, and then shared on social networks “the victory of democracy in a single country”. Well, no them ...

More precisely, they are, but only with cookies in this case, the real seams. They are not in store for those who are engaged in criticism of the current Ukrainian authorities. And in this case, the “financial maidan” itself turns into a circus tent, which tours and, if necessary, gives an idea necessary to confirm the arrival of Ukraine to the camp of states with immutable democratic aspiration. Gives presentations on more modest "donations" than those who received themselves representatives of the current government.

Like, take a look: we have such freedom that everyone can pick up and burn a tire from the walls of parliament, but only for a short time and so that a policeman standing nearby with a fire extinguisher accidentally in the hands extinguishes this tire ... can throw a bottle at this policeman, but only a small one, plastic and half empty ... We have such freedom that a person five "protesters" with a rag poster telling about the power of the people may end up in the walls of parliament, and for them nothing will happen, especially consider that t the fact that among the broken "simple people of Kiev" are people who are assistants of the very deputies to whom they "broke through" ...

No, there were glass bottles too, but only they remained a circus props ...

It is interesting that on the day of the “breakthrough” in the IUU building “by chance” there was a record attendance since the beginning of the year. About 350 parliamentarians were registered, although in recent days the number of registered members barely reached 280. Apparently, the circus tent allowed more and PR with statements of support for the aspirations of citizens. Although the deputies clearly considered the opportunity to simply pose against the background of a poster stating that the people of Ukraine are the only source of power.

In general, financial and Maidan Maidan financed - sometimes it is very close, and sometimes the whole gulf between them ...

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  1. bender8282
    bender8282 22 May 2015 05: 43
    they are wooden waist-high ...
    1. captain
      captain 22 May 2015 06: 54
      They are not wooden to the waist, for the first time in their lives they made it clear that there will be no more lovers at the expense of Russia. Until now, they have not understood that now there will be no lackeys at the expense of the "brothers". We have to work, but we are used to earning money in a foreign land or living at someone else's expense. And the sooner our rulers stop indulging the children's whims of Svidomo, the sooner they will sober up.
      1. Vend
        Vend 22 May 2015 10: 20
        Yes, without the dough of the oligarchs, the United States and the EU are not Maidan, and so walk through the square laughing
        1. sledgehammer
          sledgehammer 22 May 2015 11: 26
          if you give out, promise, pay 500-700 hryvnias, then you can collect tens of thousands on a certain day. For example, Yanukovych can easily sponsor mass protests, mass in the form of tens of thousands of people, on buses to bring from all over Ukraine, on a certain day I repeat . For this you need 5-10 million dollars for a one-time share. All this is done once or twice, it's just that nobody needs it.
    2. mkond73
      mkond73 22 May 2015 14: 44
      They are wooden to heels.
    3. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka 22 May 2015 17: 01
      Yes there is not a tree .... one rot .... They wanted to bend europium and for free-europenances and euroclades dreamed ..... storytellers (whistle-blowing). They cleared everything they could ...
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. siberalt
      siberalt 22 May 2015 17: 01
      The worst thing for the Kuyeva junta is if the Maidan and Anti-Maidan unite. And this is the real prospect of the further course of events on the outskirts.
      1. Gato
        Gato 22 May 2015 19: 15
        Quote: siberalt
        Maidan and anti-Maidan will unite

        This is generally fantastic. Maidan (and anti-Maidan by and large) are the brainchild of the oligarchs, and who is our local junta, if not the same oligarchs? It's like a puppet theater, where one umm .. the actor holds a doll in each hand and fights between them. And the audience pays for the performance of coppers ...
  2. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy 22 May 2015 06: 00
    Hello, well .. and the new year, it’s called, but the hangover of the kiyans has not even come yet.
  3. bocsman
    bocsman 22 May 2015 06: 21
    What about the bride. Put on your panties, do not wear them, but they will still have it! And they have had Ukraine for a long time, but not those about whom they think or show them their "friends"!
    1. bender8282
      bender8282 22 May 2015 06: 31
      how many years he worked with khokhliks, one conclusion! the pans want to sit and fart on the sofa (armchair, chair, etc.), and so that everything will be! always dissatisfied with everyone. it's like yelling stews on a jar if you can’t open it
  4. VadimSt
    VadimSt 22 May 2015 06: 28
    It's too late, gentlemen of the Maidan community! "promidanili" not only the only source of power in Ukrainebut also their own wallets. When jumping up, you had to listen, either to your wallet, or to the mind - "One does not ring, but two rings wrong"!
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 22 May 2015 07: 28
      Quote: VadimSt
      the only source of power in Ukraine

      By the way, about the Mongol-Ugric, I'm a Nazi face, ah. The word "source" among the Skaklov "dzherel", and it has primordial Turkic roots. "A coincidence? I don't think so." (from) laughing
    2. AID.S
      AID.S 22 May 2015 07: 53
      Ukrainians buried their present on the Maidan of Miracles in the country of Fools. Now, closing their eyes, they are waiting for a bright future.
      It seems that under the Soviet regime, the movie about Pinocchio was not duplicated in Ukrainian.
  5. Zomanus
    Zomanus 22 May 2015 06: 41
    Summer is coming. So Maidan moods will be very sluggish. But with the advent of cold weather ...
  6. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 22 May 2015 07: 11
    So they have a circus tent, you understand the national idea ....
  7. lao_tsy
    lao_tsy 22 May 2015 07: 33
    “Apparently, there is not enough finance ... There is no“ good fairy ”from Washington who would go up to the protesters and give them a cookie, pat on the shoulder, look into the eyes. There is no“ good fairy ”who would brought by the diplomatic mail to the Borispol airport would have armed the army of the disaffected, fed everyone with Maidan porridge and given Maidan tea, subsequently giving the order to hammer with sniper rifles. would be on social networks "the victory of democracy in a single country. Well, there are none ..."
    Well, who needs them "fuckers". This is not against her, who prevent them from living throughout their "independence".
  8. one
    one 22 May 2015 07: 35
    maidan-maidan ...
    and again the driving force is money.
  9. press officer
    press officer 22 May 2015 07: 44
    so I look at this "Maidan" and I understand .. not that Maidan already .. not that .. rather weak .. I do not believe No. but seriously, I don’t even feel sorry for their always aching, dissatisfied with how they cry for the cameras that they paid currency loans, they paid, and now such a radish has done them poorly, and even evicted for non-payment of the loan ... they roar. ... negative but to me immediately shots from the Donbass pop up in my memory .. killed children, old people and all people in general who have been living for almost a year now without any hope for peace, and not believing that they can survive .... crying And those that whine because of housing or communal services or loans, or something else in their favorite pots on their heads ... I do not mind. So they need it! yes
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 22 May 2015 08: 21
      Quote: press attache
      so I look at this "Maidan" and I understand .. not that Maidan already .. not that .. rather weak .. I do not believe

      Ariadne hi! Total irresponsibility has never led to anything good! IMHO!
    2. iner
      iner 22 May 2015 08: 36
      In general, I agree with you. Do not mind these. They do not go to the Maidan with a demand to stop the war, to stop the killing of their own citizens, although now they are their own, but still simple, ordinary people like them, they do not care. The events of the second of May do not bother them either, they don’t care about the fact that the memory of the great victory is watered by slops and they are all like water off a duck. It does not bother that their homeland is being sold wholesale and retail. They don’t care about the fact that their future children are being sold today before their very eyes.
      All that worries them is the availability of money in their wallet.
      You don’t mind those. But sadness gnaws at the fact that there used to be people who voluntarily and who are not very, but have turned only into an instrument, a stupid, cruel instrument. Who cares as much as this tool is needed ...
  10. brasist
    brasist 22 May 2015 07: 53
    Something is missing on this Maidan, oh yes, no, present to Russia and traditional races with shouts of "MOSKALYAK to Gilyaka" ....
  11. Denis
    Denis 22 May 2015 08: 10
    the simultaneous replacement of the trident with a shovel, which proto-hoes were digging the Black Sea.
    I will buy a passport with a nationality Ukrainian before 1918
    I will buy expensive Ukrainian coins until 1917
    very expensive buy a shovel which is open the Black Sea
    “Peacefully” and even quite routine by Ukrainian standards, burn half a dozen tires in front of the Verkhovna Rada
    Then I dare to paraphrase a little V.S.Vysotsky
    as you like more
  12. bmv04636
    bmv04636 22 May 2015 08: 14
    And then the news passed that they started yesterday to delay the currency (real and not showing off) mortgage demonstrators.
  13. nagel_Oz
    nagel_Oz 22 May 2015 09: 05
    Well, it’s time to sober up, the country is deep in the east, there is a civil war in the east, money for cutting does not shine as before, they don’t take money in the EU, NATO didn’t politely show a fig, we need to work, but ukram is NOT LIKE !!!
    But seriously, a new colony (sales, resources, a free slave force) for the Europeans turned out, Merkel respect, the enemy for Russia, having jumped, became even angrier (we are to blame for everything) to the Americans respect. To rake it in the neighborhood, one way or another, we still have to ...
    Why didn’t Yush be restrained in the Kremlin? Why is it not CORRECTLY prompted by the situation with the Maidan ?!
    Whatever scenarios for the development of the situation on the non-summer one, from the collapse of the country (in my opinion, most likely according to the Yugoslav scenario), the Makhnovism, to mass labor migration, all this will sooner or later fall on us.
  14. Thomas
    Thomas 22 May 2015 09: 51
    I saw this "disgrace" on TV, I was especially touched by the "protester" who tried to make a "selfie" against the backdrop of a small pile of burning tires ...
  15. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 May 2015 11: 18
    As an alternative to Ukrainian heraldists, the motto “Let's hit the Maidan on impassability and sloppiness” with the simultaneous replacement of the trident with a shovel with which the proto-digs dug the Black Sea can be proposed.

    Yeah, and they are digging a ditch from the "invasion of Russia". You can even use two shovels - cross to cross. It is symbolic, by the way, for non-stale.
  16. viktortarianik
    viktortarianik 22 May 2015 11: 25
    And I don’t feel sorry for them. They only cry for their money, they supported this power at the time. They do not demand to stop the war, they do not feel sorry for those who die in the south-east and burned down in Odessa. Purely selfish interest.
  17. -Bugor-
    -Bugor- 22 May 2015 11: 28
    A heavy hangover comes after a year of drunken frenzy, it turned out that everything about... Aboutdrank aboutgave about .. е Well, you yourself know that ..
  18. Mihail55
    Mihail55 22 May 2015 12: 02
    I didn’t like the fact that our media put this news FIRST. Well, they filled a few cones, well, set fire to a couple of tires ... what's the trouble? They’re happy with disassembly among themselves! What sadness are we?
    But what shells and mines (routine) again and again destroy houses and destroy our people - this is IMPORTANT in Ukraine! This is necessary first! We have the WORLD, and they have an ordinary war ...
  19. KBR109
    KBR109 22 May 2015 13: 20
    What else can you expect from a community whose symbol is suicide? Those. a falcon beating against the ground. And the hymn says that the patient has not yet passed away? wassat
  20. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 22 May 2015 14: 11
    And "Censor" has changed a lot lately. The bawlers have subsided, sober voices appear.
    1. underval
      underval 22 May 2015 19: 52
      That's for sure! Yes, and "Voennoye Obozreniye" has changed a lot lately.
  21. sunzhenets
    sunzhenets 22 May 2015 14: 38
    Stupid some protesters.
    Has the government shown you an example? Moratorium on payment of debts in Ukraine allowed to enter? Well, write letters to banks: "I am introducing a moratorium on the payment of loan No. ..." And the utilities are the same. Firstly, they were the first to start, and secondly, it is very Ukrainian. wassat
  22. Victor-M
    Victor-M 22 May 2015 19: 16
    "Maidan", "Baydan", what's the difference. The crazy svidomites brought the sadomites to power, who now do not care about the wishes of the former, and any attempt to hold a rally will be considered an attempt at a coup d'etat, and will drown in blood. It’s not Russia, you asked, let it go, and even sponsored it, it’s Western democracy, you’ll say what they say and when they say, otherwise it’s a big blow. Please enjoy European values, you wanted that, didn't you? You need to be careful with your desires. laughing
  23. underval
    underval 22 May 2015 20: 11
    What is the essence of the discussion? I borrowed $ 100 Must give 100 cu (so agreed, took 100 bucks gave 100!) Risks when taking a loan of yours ...? Yours ... What does the state have to do with it ???
    1. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka 23 May 2015 04: 11
      And the native hto will give interest? And hto cancel inflation? Did you take into account devaluation or how? It was you who took 100 from your mom and after 3 years gave 10-norm .... And with the banks there is a different math ... and it is written article by article.
      1. underval
        underval 23 May 2015 19: 35
        You are sorry, if you took 100 cu from a friend, agreed to give 120 cu in a year Is that honest? I think honestly. If you lose your job, currency collapse, inflation. Go to a friend and make an agreement. When give back, how many percent or without percent. In local currency or in tugriks. And then the state ??? You don’t go to your friend’s parents to complain about him. Do not set fire to their door in the apartment? Be responsible for yourself.
  24. midashko
    midashko 22 May 2015 20: 35
    On the coat of arms of Krajina, a tire should flaunt.
  25. Leeder
    Leeder 22 May 2015 21: 46
    This campaign is already part of the tradition, not working, but striking for something, and no matter what ...
  26. Elena2013
    Elena2013 23 May 2015 01: 14
    Its 5 cents laughing