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Sacred power. Did Putin think about this or "it happened"?

Sacred power. Did Putin think about this or "it happened"?

It's probably time to start analyzing a little bit - what happened to the country and with us over the past year. What happens in foreign countries, near and far, we are more or less tracking and aware. About events inside the country - also in the know. And what about us? I offer my point of view on the processes that are currently taking place - not so much on the material, as on the spiritual and spiritual plane.

First, a little about power. About the best form of government. For us the best.

For the present historical two main forms of government are known. The first form is a monarchy, which can be absolute or constitutional. The second form is a republic, which can be presidential and parliamentary. In the presidential republic in the hands of one person the powers of the head of state and government are combined, and in general they, power powers, are very broad. Example: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. And in the parliamentary republic, the supreme power belongs to the parliament - it forms a government and elects a president (moreover, the president is the head of state, but not the government). Examples: Italy, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, etc. Some countries are referred to as “semi-presidential”, presidential-parliamentary, republics (for example, France, Finland, Russia.

In fact, there are more varieties of government. Oligarchs can rule the de facto state. Or domestic and foreign policy "rule" financially - banking clans. Or - a powerful industrial lobby (for example, the military - industrial complex). Or the official authorities can constantly look at the strong opposition and always give in to it. Or the authorities are under the powerful influence of outside states. Or, in fact, the state is ruled by a charismatic dictator, even if formally the republic is parliamentary. In the end, there are also “ideal” countries, where the rule is carried out in full compliance with the Constitution, up to a comma, up to a millimeter. There are a lot of options, and all of them, one way or another, are embodied on the globe. But, characteristically, it is very rare to find a country where the population would be quite powerful and supported the power (at least for a long enough period). This statement fully applies to Russia a couple of years ago. What happened now? Why did the popular support of the president (note: it was the PRESIDENT, not the government and the parliament) that reached absolutely “indecent 84%?

In my opinion, because the Russian government for the first time returned its sacredness, lost after the death of Stalin. Do not be nervous, anti-Stalinists and liberals, listen.

“Sacred” is, in a broad sense, “sacred”, referring to the Divine, mystical. Something material, but located above ordinary things, concepts, phenomena. At the same time - the spiritual, the irrational, the unknowable. Sacredness is primarily associated with worship and religious rites, but this is not entirely true. Sacredness is all that flows from God.

Especially for atheists, a different formulation can be used. The sacred are objective socio-historical laws and processes (in the country, on the continent, in the world). For example, sooner or later, the primitive - communal system was to be replaced by a slave system, and the feudal - by the bourgeois - capitalist system. Sooner or later, someone had to invent a wheel, build the first Empire and give a religious sermon. Sometime all this was to happen, the laws of history "are not scolded."

Returning to power. In those periods when the development of the state proceeded in accordance with historical and socio-political laws, the power of the people was perceived as sacred. That is, THIS IS ABOVE. In this case, public administration is greatly facilitated and simplified. Firstly, because every citizen is convinced of the correctness of the decisions and actions of the authorities and trusts it. Secondly, each person is guided not by fear of power or selfish motives, but by conscious civic duty (not conflicting with conscience).

If the power of the people is not perceived as sacred, then it cannot be called completely legitimate (even if democratic elections were held flawlessly). Such a power does not have a so-called. “Credibility”, she is constantly criticized, the opposition. In order for its orders to be carried out, the authorities must constantly convince the population that they are right, waste time on discussion, refute gossip and slander about themselves. In addition, to implement their decisions, the authorities have to overcome the inertia of the population (and even direct sabotage) - either by violence, or by material encouragement, or by deception.

In fact, the sacredness of power, in its current sense, is the utility of power for wide social groups. Plus, the correct understanding of the power of the mentality of the people, their aspirations and dreams, their cumulative nature and sense of self. In addition, the government should offer the people a clear, understandable AIM, to promise DEVELOPMENT in achieving this goal (or to overcome degradation and decline). Moreover, all this should fit into the mainstream of the objective laws of the development of society. Only under these conditions, the people will consider the power sacred and legitimate (in the highest sense of the word), and everything undertaken by it - just and wise. Such power people forgive personal sins, wrong decisions and rash actions. The people will justify such power in any development of the situation, and it will do it quite sincerely.

The roots of this phenomenon lie very deep in the human psyche, at the level of archetypes, and therefore indestructible. This is a program that will be launched by any person when the appropriate conditions and the corresponding personality appear. Therefore, the sacredness of power is a completely objective phenomenon.

It should be particularly noted that a leader who possesses sacredness in the eyes of the people does not necessarily have to have so-called "Charisma." The ability to be expressed in a folded manner, tall, strong figure, courageous face, loud clear speech, physical and mental endurance are optional. People will not pay attention to any personal flaws. And perhaps they will be more respected and loved for them.

However, everything has its limits. The sacredness of power must be confirmed by a good concept of management and the quality of this management. Due to this, the quality of life of a society naturally grows (even if at first it is not accompanied by an improvement in the quality of life of individual citizens). What is a “good management concept”? It is simple - simply management, carried out for the benefit of the people, and not individuals or political forces (for example, parties). If this is not the case, if the people consider and perpetuate a self-interested political show, then the authorities will very quickly lose their sacredness, the opposition will catch it.

Can the supreme state power in the countries of Western liberal democracy possess sacredness? Why not, maybe. And in some countries it has, because the population, basically, is satisfied with everything. For this reason, the Anglo-Saxons are so eager to extend their successful experience to the whole world and sincerely do not understand why other countries resist (who are sluggish and who are violently).

And in Russia, for example, all the post-Stalinist liberal rulers (Khrushchev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin), if they were sacred, then they quickly lost it. Moreover, the people of Russia still have not forgiven them. But Stalin, in spite of the whole wave of “revelations”, still remembers. And do not just remember. Its popularity is growing every year. Why? Because the power of Stalin was objectively sacred for that historical period. He answered all the historical challenges facing the country, solved most social problems, built an effective vertical of power, universally introduced a competent management model, brought the country to the frontiers (both territorial and scientific-technical) that corresponded to the imperial self-perception of the people. When people dream of the arrival of the “second Stalin”, they mean the appearance of a sacred politician, and not at all repressions like weapon solving state problems.

The coming to power of V.V. Putin was not at all perceived by the people of Russia as a phenomenon of the sacred ruler. Yes, he persistently and consistently solved problems, one by one, successfully solved. However, the people didn’t pay much attention to this and didn’t sing their hosanna. Moreover, the reasons for criticism, too, was enough. The standard of living has grown quite significantly, the state also gradually accumulated power, was getting on its feet after a long period of degradation. Putin was honored as an effective manager, but only that. As it turns out now, Putin has done a lot for these countries in these 15 years, he was dragged away from the brink of an abyss, for such things would be worn in the West. We have not worn. Why? If a person standing on top of power is not a spokesman for a sacred idea (that is, an idea of ​​development in the interests of the majority), then this person can still win popularity, but worship is not.

Everything changed dramatically after the start of the Ukrainian events, and especially after the annexation of the Crimea. Everywhere conversations began - variations on the theme “Putin is our everything”. Now everyone remembered with a good word: the end of the Chechen war, and the curbing of oligarchs, and a clear “alignment” of the vertical of power, and the Olympics ... As if the masses opened their eyes and suddenly everyone saw what a beautiful ruler we have. There can be only one explanation: our president has acquired sacredness in the eyes of the people.

Does this mean that our external and internal opponents are right? They say, give the people of Russia only to war and seize the territory - and he will be happy. They say that they can’t forget the imperial past in any way, it is itching for the people of the Ruseans in one place, and this itch doesn’t allow to build a normal democratic society. And the other, they say, interferes. Does this mean that we, Russians, are inherently prone to aggression and war (any war, even if it is just, liberation)? What do we miss and dream of past greatness? What do we subconsciously want to return to the times of socialism with a minimum of sausages, but with respect and caution from the rest of the world?

I think that is not entirely true. If the subconscious desires of most members of society were similar to the above, then we would have a different leader, tougher, more decisive and principled.

Capture under the wing of the Crimea, Russia's subsequent responses to sanctions, flexible international policy, import substitution, the rapid "building up" of blocks alternative to the Anglo-Saxons, etc. - this is not a war. And not the desire for war as a means of resolving any disputes. This is a manifestation of DEVELOPMENT. The state moved from the "dead center" and began to gradually gain momentum. Apparently, we lacked precisely this - DEVELOPMENT. Liberal achievements are not ideal for us: a gradual increase in welfare, an increase in tolerance and tolerance in society, multiculturalism, open borders, etc. Putin, until 2007, led the country in that direction, then Medvedev picked up the vector. But the enthusiasm of the people did not show, even on the contrary. Apparently, in our depths we do not consider these “shifts” for real development.

Did Vladimir Vladimirovich set such “long” goals for himself? Did you mean sacrifice to your rule over time? Or did he competently react to circumstances unexpectedly introduced from the outside? I can not know. But, in any case, he provided himself with an honorable sacred place in the history of the country (as Savior, Restorer and, maybe, what else will be ...). True, for the time being the DEVELOPMENT of little by little has gone, but with GOAL - it is unclear. But, I'm sure, and the goal will appear. Perhaps, then, when most of us answer the question: “And what do I really want as a citizen?”. Moreover, he will answer honestly, realizing all the possible sacrifices, efforts and consequences of the choice.

In any case, if the Ukrainian events did not happen, then ... to get out of hibernation, Russia had to come up with them.

PS From this point of view, the celebration of 70 - the anniversary of the Victory was just a great event to strengthen the sacredness of power. Actually, for the first time since Stalin’s time, the country feels the breath of war so closely. The most powerful parade, the mass national procession, the presence next to the podium of a representative of the most numerous state as an ally, plus background, overt hostility toward us from the Anglo-Saxon world - all this, of course, looked very symbolic and impressed through and through.

PPS By the way, a frank anger towards us on the part of the people of Ukraine is explained not so much by the “capture” of the Crimea, as by another circumstance. They, as people mentally close to the Russians, perfectly see what we are talking about - the acquisition by our power of the quality of sacrality and the start of the development of Russia. I think that the Ukrainians cry banal envy. Since they are so far from such a development of events. And why far away - you can think for yourself.

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  1. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 22 May 2015 04: 53
    Maybe we have power and sacred, but sometimes she really wants to clean the chakras And with the reckoning, put things in order And how not to celebrate and not 37 years request laughing
    1. sem-yak
      sem-yak 22 May 2015 05: 01
      not soon in their heads the love of the motherland will overcome the thirst for greedy profit!
      not everything in this life can be bought!
      1. Bkmz
        Bkmz 22 May 2015 05: 49
        Occupational therapy in the taiga would accelerate this process, and would also bring benefits.
        1. sem-yak
          sem-yak 22 May 2015 06: 19
          It is necessary to return the article.
          Article 64. Treason to the Motherland
          a) Cheating on the motherland, that is, an act intentionally committed by a citizen of the USSR to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity or state security and defense of the USSR: switching to the enemy’s side, espionage, issuing state or military secrets to a foreign state, fleeing abroad or refusing to return because of borders in the USSR, rendering assistance to a foreign state in conducting hostile activities against the USSR, as well as a conspiracy to seize power, -

          the applicable sentence is deprivation of liberty for a term of ten to fifteen years with confiscation of property or the death penalty with confiscation of property.

          and significantly expand the application.
          He stole or didn’t rationally spend state money - that means he committed an act suitable for the article!
          or an official is sitting in his office and is not fulfilling his direct duties - so if you are so kind as to logging!
          and then the protons will not fall so often!
          1. inkass_98
            inkass_98 22 May 2015 07: 00
            Quote: sem-yak
            with confiscation of property.

            It seems like they are returning, thank those, Lord. And personal property and property of relatives, if the origin cannot be explained. Arguments like "Allah sent", I hope, will not be taken into account.
          2. efimich41
            efimich41 23 May 2015 21: 48
            Totally agree with you. How could this article be canceled, because the enemies of any state have always been, are and will be, and if they are not thinned out, then the consequences can be both in Ukraine, and possibly worse.
            For the raised topic you "+".
        2. Rosich333
          Rosich333 22 May 2015 09: 36
          I wonder if Putin will become the king (emperor) of Russia? I am for!
          1. Rus2012
            22 May 2015 10: 34
            Quote: Rosich333
            I wonder if Putin will become the king (emperor) of Russia? I am for!

            ... unofficially it is - the Emperor of the Power of the White King!
            And this is more important than formalities.

            Even if nothing happens, it will go down in history.
            Although, everything is possible in the world: and the call of the People’s Council in a difficult and bitter year - for the Kingdom in Holy Russia.
            Maybe it will cost ...
          2. satris
            satris 22 May 2015 11: 05
            And who will be the heir? Katerina I? Or Catherine III? Do not forget that the traditions of succession have been developed for centuries.
            1. Rus2012
              22 May 2015 14: 46
              Quote: satris
              And who will be the heir?

              ... well, you, bravo deed, would still remember the darkness, cockroach! :)))
              The monarchy can be different!
              Hereditary or selectable ...
              If it is chosen, then it can be appointed for a certain time or for life.
              Accordingly, with the chosen one, there may be several candidates, but "according to his deeds", i.e. promises may not be considered.

              And about the serfs, boyars and nobles - 17 year of all de jure and de facto level!
            2. DRA-88
              DRA-88 22 May 2015 22: 48
              Quote: satris
              And who will be the heir? Katerina I? Or Catherine III?

              Alina or False Dmitry! lol
        3. DRA-88
          DRA-88 22 May 2015 23: 22
          An article with a "smell", i.e. the smell from the same "fish" head,
          which has been decaying for a long time.
          Now, after looking at the "patriotism" of the People and seeing the extraordinary desire of the same People to resurrect I.V. Stalin, the PR people of the noneshny power began to cast aside topics like "why is the president not Stalin." etc.
          The people who have come to their senses begin to stuff such low-grade verses!
          Stalin's "hat" is not enough, and the "caftan" is too small!
          Even if all together duroskopnye PR people pout their cheeks and vomit their "sacral" here he is, well, here's a new one, with a needle, Stalin-father, in the person of the President of the Russian Federation, all one thing will turn out pshyk!
          Those who are under the influence of "PR people" should immediately understand one thing that J.V. Stalin and the current president of the Russian Federation are antagonists, in other words, irreconcilable enemies.
          What could be common between the Communist Stalin and the liberal president ?!
          What could be common between the Soviet Union and the current state formation of the Russian Federation ?!
          Instead of Stalin, the revolutionary and communist, as he remained until the last minute of his life, the bourgeoisie presents to us his Stalin, the one that she needs and is useful - Stalin, the great-power patriot, chauvinist and imperial.
          the bourgeois bastard discredits revolutionary theory, according to Lenin, takes out its revolutionary soul; trying to adjust the name of Stalin to his bourgeois calculations.
          At the same time, of course, the class character of the states - the Soviet Union, the country of the working people, in which the working people themselves were the dominant class, and the current bourgeois Russia, where an insignificant minority of the population rules - a large monopoly capital that does not care about the interests of the country's working population, is carefully concealed.
        4. DRA-88
          DRA-88 23 May 2015 10: 57
          The Soviet people, led by Stalin, fought for their interests, and not for the interests of the capitalists, as they now want to make us die for themselves Putin and Deripaska! Therefore, the Soviet working people also won because they fought for HIS OWN, and not for someone else's - not for scoundrels who do not disdain to pay with the blood of the working people for their personal profits.

          What can a class-conscious worker do when he sees the Russian imperialists pushing our country to a new world war, which will inevitably have to be paid for in millions of victims? Only one thing is to take power into your own hands! There is no other way! War is already at our doorstep.
      2. Serge Mikhas
        Serge Mikhas 22 May 2015 08: 21
        to get out of the hibernation of Russia they had to be invented.

        All periods of the rise of Russia were accompanied by wars provoked by the West, the collapse of European states and the redistribution of borders. That was the case with Peter, Suvorov, Alexander and Stalin. And most importantly, they woke up Russia trying to tear off territories from it and even destroy it, deceived by drowsiness and seeming weakness. And what is the result? The destruction of Western empires and the degradation of Western culture. Maybe they should not try again ...
        1. Rus2012
          22 May 2015 14: 49
          Quote: Serge Mikhas
          All periods of the rise of Russia were accompanied by wars provoked by the West

          ... for all that, wars are won more successfully under authoritarianism and centralization of power! There is no slackness and no room for backlash of thoughts, remorse, doubt ...
          1. Uncle Joe
            Uncle Joe 22 May 2015 19: 32
            Quote: Rus2012
            for all that, wars are won more successfully under authoritarianism and centralization of power!
            Yeah ... And about the USSR, which was a purely parliamentary republic, is it no longer comme il faut to recall?
    2. inkass_98
      inkass_98 22 May 2015 06: 57
      Quote: Ruslan67
      and all is not 37 year

      Why are you so attached to the 37th year? 1936 was more fun, 1947-48 also had their charms ... By the way, it is high time to drop the sweeping accusations of NKVD / NKGB bloodiness from Lawrence. Under him, arrests began to decline, and acquittals and re-examination of cases - up the hill, they began to prepare for war. Everything was much cooler under the Leninist fosterlings of Yagoda, and then the "iron people's commissar" -alcoholic Yezhov.
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 22 May 2015 09: 35
        inkass_98, to the point, to the point, I support.
        And about the article ...
        Don Rumata correctly noted, but did not put emphasis - to the people all these gestures of the VIP-leadership were in one place. In my time. And there was no close talk about any sacredness. Even 08.08.08 sacredness never once hooked.
        And Crimea - hooked. And the right to send troops - hooked.
        Only now - the right to send troops - refused.
        Some strange actions are taking place again, all sorts of Kerry arrive, and, it turns out, our leadership could not offer him anything smarter than potatoes with tomatoes.
        And Lavrov only at the Victory and managed to come to a meeting.
        Gip-gip, hooray, of course, we are such smart breeders, so subtly troll all and jerk off.
        But, but ...
        at the state level, such jokes do not roll. A ride on the ears of the people - quite.
        Some kind of lice Kasyanov distributes to the whole world "Kemsk volost" - Crimea.
        They plant a woman, not the main one. Well, here it’s at least clear where and where.
        The next "our soldiers" whine and groan in the SBU, and you won't understand the reaction of our Defense Ministry.
        Not 37 year. Yes, and not 36, and not 47-48. And not 53.
        The usual year of Russia. When the protons fall.
        When relatives were in Verkhotur.
        Therefore, sacredness and sacredness are not calculated.
        Here it is - but it is not there. If, say, the Armed Forces of Ukraine take and zadolben Donbass with Lugansk.
        And if a "group of responsible comrades", like Kasyanov, suddenly sits down, all of a sudden, so sacredness can jump up. Up to 101 percent, let's say.
        It is dangerous to predict.
        1. Rus2012
          22 May 2015 10: 41
          Quote: Igarr
          All kinds of Kerry arrive, and it turns out that our leadership could not offer him anything smarter than potatoes and tomatoes.

          ... and you noticed, dear colleague, that immediately after Kerry there happened as if random events, but only in one direction:
          - Macedonia (on the way of the Turkish stream, against the Russian Federation and the EU)
          - Greece Albania presented (!!!) territorial claims (in good times - a reason for declaring war)
          - The Rada adopted a series of unfriendly acts, the main of which are the Blockade of Peacekeepers in Transnistria (also an occasion for declaring war and force unblocking) and deprivation of human rights in the ATO zone (farewell Minsk-2, mainly against the EU)
          - violation of the US Air Force airspace of China

          Think just like that?
          Kerry came with threats of all this ...

          So in the near future there will be a backlash.
          What will be - see ...
          It seems that these are the last convulsions of the 3,14 endostan ...
      2. a housewife
        a housewife 22 May 2015 12: 01
        Beria, Berries, Ezhov ... and one end
        1. saag
          saag 22 May 2015 12: 13
          Quote: housewife
          Beria, Berries, Ezhov ... and one end

          with very similar sentences
          1. Oldwiser
            Oldwiser 22 May 2015 22: 32
            Quote: saag
            with very similar sentences

            But with different contributions to history. The atomic project is a serious argument for the rehabilitation of Lavrenty Pavlovich. Maize Nikita, too, for a lot can easily be written down as "enemies of the people".
  2. Name
    Name 22 May 2015 05: 08
    Greetings to all! Great article! Russia woke up and this is the main thing.
    Remember the foes:
    I can not predict the actions of Russia. She is a mystery wrapped in mystery and immersed in the mystery. But perhaps the key still exists. This key is Russia's national interests ...
    Winston Churchill
    1. alvog
      alvog 22 May 2015 05: 50
      frank anger towards us on the part of the inhabitants of Ukraine is explained not so much by the “seizure” of Crimea as by another circumstance. They, as people mentally close to Russians, perfectly see what we are talking about - the acquisition by our government of the quality of sacredness and the start of Russia's development. I think that Ukrainians are crying out for banal envy.

      Envy is one of the basic feelings of Ukraine, and not only modern. They always had this, and, I think, it became the main cause of events on an independent one. And now it’s still a shame that nothing of the expected has happened, and it will never work out ...
  3. old pioneer
    old pioneer 22 May 2015 05: 09
    What Putin thinks is known only to him, but it is impossible to win the support of the people by propaganda alone. The unity of the people, in my opinion, is not the same thinking, but rather a state of mind. To achieve a certain goal, it’s enough to surround yourself with like-minded people, but to overcome something and develop, you need different points of view, but a general mental attitude. Putin’s role cannot be overestimated, but he is not God and not the devil - he cannot affect the human soul.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 22 May 2015 08: 13
      Quote: old pioneer
      Putin’s role cannot be overestimated, but he is not God and not the devil - he cannot influence the soul of a person.

      And liberals of all stripes declared that the Armata were made of cardboard, and the march of the Immortal Regiment was staged. On May 9, a miracle happened that neither the West nor the provocateurs inside the country expected to see. The dead reminded the living of national pride and that we are a PEOPLE!
    2. Uncle Joe
      Uncle Joe 22 May 2015 19: 38
      Quote: old pioneer
      What Putin thinks, only he knows
      You will know them by their deeds.

      but it’s impossible to win the support of the people by propaganda alone
      Germany 30s of the 20th century ...
    3. Tribuns
      Tribuns 24 May 2015 22: 09
      To the well-known Putin's: "We do not hand over our own" ... This is not about Taburetkin, but about the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

      The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, as well as other ministries, "does not surrender their own": ministers who are fined and hated by patriots, once caught in the Kremlin cadre of managers, will "hang out" in it to the end:
      - Vladimir Filipov served as head of the Ministry of Education from September 1998 to March 2004 (merit: he destroyed the Soviet education system, made Russia join the Bologna process, introduced the USE) ... Then he headed the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. February 12, 2014 became the head of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation ...
      - ex-Minister of Education Andrei Fursenko (continued the collapse of Soviet education by "reforming" it and structuring universities according to Western patterns ...) became an advisor to the president and headed the department for scientific and educational policy under the president of the Russian Federation.
      Does anyone think what fate will pass by the grace of the current Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov (spent the collapse of the RAS and the seizure of his property, continued the collapse of education by the merger of diverse educational and scientific institutions ...) after his resignation from the ministerial post?
      And does anyone really believe that ministers in the Government are pursuing their own policies, rather than following orders from above, including orders from the prime minister and president?
  4. sogdianec
    sogdianec 22 May 2015 05: 22
    Russia will rise from sleep
    and the sacred meaning of being will open,
    the descendants of the prophetic sorcerers will capture young hearts.
    Great Putin is ahead of a great goal in heaven.

    But seriously, the article is nonsense, like what I wrote above.
    1. Yuri Balika
      Yuri Balika 22 May 2015 09: 02
      Unfortunately, you are right. Delirium, inspired by the slave nature and thinking. At one time they also sang praises and odes to Nikolashka. "God Save the Tsar" was a hymn, and as a result, there is even nothing to canonize ... Singers.
    2. Alles
      Alles 22 May 2015 21: 40
      Quote: sogdianec
      Russia will rise from sleep

      True: pure delirium is everything you wrote, except for the first (quoted above) line. Western "partners" simply do not leave their total pressure another way for the country as a whole, or even for our semi-sale politicians, except to wake up, shake up and push all this sodom greedy flock of hucksters to their place deserved by the jackal.
    INVESTOR 22 May 2015 05: 35
    The author subtly revealed the topic, an excellent article.
  6. EvgNik
    EvgNik 22 May 2015 05: 43
    Quote: old pioneer
    but the general mental attitude

    The general mood is still far away. The infection of the West has penetrated too deeply into the souls of Russians, especially among young people. For this, we should be "grateful" to the rulers before Putin and to the TV people who, from morning to evening, praised the "wonderful Western world" and drove 80% of Western films.
    1. old pioneer
      old pioneer 22 May 2015 06: 00
      I agree with you, but what is happening these days, about 10 years ago, would have been from the category of fiction. I mean the mood of the people and their assessment of the actions of the government.
  7. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 22 May 2015 06: 14
    Quote: old pioneer
    I agree with you, but what is happening these days, about 10 years ago, would have been from the category of fiction. I mean the mood of the people and their assessment of the actions of the government.

    Many people in our country basically do not want to remember - WHAT happened to the country 10-15 years ago. And this happens for the following reasons:
    - The peculiarity of human psychology is to forget the bad (therefore, the opposition regularly reminds us of the fact that it has been cured by polymers, etc.)
    - Negative emotions are much easier to experience and hold than a positive attitude.
    - A positive attitude towards power automatically translates into a patriotic growth, which, accordingly, is obliged to encourage unification and action. And we are 15 years old opozitsya hammered - WhatNo DoNothingNothing Will Change. Accustomed ....

    "The general mood is still far away. The infection of the West has crawled into the souls of Russians too deeply. Especially among the youth. For this we should be" grateful "to the rulers before Putin and TV boxes, who praised the" wonderful Western world " western films. " - I categorically disagree with you !!! Young people simply integrated into the public mood, and got used to ignoring information about the country (just protection of the psyche)

    An increase in the positive attitude in the country - AUTOMATICALLY causes the disclosure of the psyche of youth. And this is already happening!

    Stop whining! Enough. It's time to realize that by doing so - YOU are helping the "strategy of shock therapy leading to the disunity of the people" - applied to us by the enemies.

    You can minus - I will not change the position. And then I will insist on it!
    1. saag
      saag 22 May 2015 06: 24
      "... But Stalin, in spite of the whole wave of" revelations ", still remembers. And not only does he remember. His popularity is growing every year. Why?"
      Quote: ProtectRusOrDie
      - A feature of human psychology is to forget the bad
    2. dmb
      dmb 22 May 2015 08: 41
      I don’t deal with minus at all, but I have questions after reading the article and your comment. Can you answer? How, without changing the existing socio-economic relations (and no one from the government is going to change them), do you intend to "increase the positive attitude in the country"? I'm afraid the answer will have to wait a long time.
      1. saag
        saag 22 May 2015 10: 49
        Quote: dmb
        "increase the positive attitude in the country"

        Well, the World Cup is ahead, the construction of the bridge, its delivery, respectively, issued in the media, are short-term actions
      2. satris
        satris 22 May 2015 11: 10
        And if salaries rise? There is no way to export capital abroad - they remain in Russia - they work for the good of Russia - there is a development of industry, agriculture, science and other things - the well-being of the people is growing. Not?
        1. saag
          saag 22 May 2015 11: 20
          Quote: satris
          And if salaries rise?

          Yeah, it has already been said that salaries do not correspond to labor productivity, so do not wait, where you have seen it, for the electorate to earn a lot, so he and "Ku" will forget how to do it
        2. dmb
          dmb 22 May 2015 14: 31
          And what prevents it from doing now? And who will force the owners to raise salaries, etc., such de owner. like them?
  8. base66
    base66 22 May 2015 06: 14
    I wonder whose wealth we have improved and whose standard of living has grown quite significantly. The author does not know the problems of the common people, we just want to be respected, we would be proud of that, we love Putin and tighten our belt again
    1. andj61
      andj61 22 May 2015 08: 13
      Quote: basy66
      I wonder whose wealth we have increased and whose standard of living has grown quite significantly

      Twenty-twenty-five years ago, a Zhiguli was considered a sign of middle income in the family, 10-15 years ago - a used foreign car of 8-15 years of age, and now it’s a medium-sized brand new foreign car. Now, not only in Moscow, but in almost ALL major cities, there is a problem of traffic jams due to the increased number of personal vehicles. And do you think that the well-being of the people has not increased? recourse
      Materially, we now live much better than in the 90s and 80s. It was only under the USSR that everyone had confidence in the future, and the income gap between rich and poor was ten times smaller.
      1. Yuri Balika
        Yuri Balika 22 May 2015 09: 07
        Teach the materiel and do not read Khasbulatov and Popov. Motorist. Country development is determined by the pace of capital construction, rather than consumed by imports.
        1. andj61
          andj61 22 May 2015 09: 56
          Quote: Yuri Balika
          Teach the materiel and do not read Khasbulatov and Popov. Motorist. Country development is determined by the pace of capital construction, rather than consumed by imports.

          Try to use your own advice and study the materiel. So now more housing is being built in Russia alone than in the entire USSR. Of course, less money is spent on factories and on means of production in general. But back in the late 70s - early 80s, at the institute, we were told that in the West, 75-80% of funds are invested in peeling and internal filling of factories, and in our country, 70-75% was invested in buildings and structures, but only - 25-30% - for equipment. Now we are building factories according to Western standards - and it turns out much cheaper. Nobody invests in capital brick and reinforced concrete buildings like in the USSR - they manage with steel-built buildings and structures made of metal profiles without giant foundations, etc. And money is not buried in the ground - money is counted. And under the USSR it was all the time. Even now, these destroyed "monuments" of the socialist unfinished project exist in large quantities throughout the country. I am an adherent of the USSR - but under him there was a lot of insanity!
          1. satris
            satris 22 May 2015 11: 12
            It’s logical: to look at new plants - in our northern outskirts of Belgorod the whole industrial zone has grown - completely sandwich panels. Both quickly and warmly.
  9. taseka
    taseka 22 May 2015 06: 15
    Whatever it was, but I believe in the right path of Russia and I believe VV Putin, who is now confronting the enemies of the country. They threw off their masks and went all in for a bank against Russia! In this difficult time, faith and the consolidation of all forces will save us! And the most faithful ally of the state at all times is the Army and Navy !!!
  10. alicante11
    alicante11 22 May 2015 06: 34
    The author has absolutely rightly noticed the desire of the Russian people to live under the rule of a sacred ruler. We are like children who always want to look at mom or dad, whether we are doing the right thing, ask for advice, and we, Russians, remain so even if we ourselves have gray hair in our heads and a lot of children and have achieved a lot in life. For such a "father of nations" we will go to war, to death, to hard work. But it is very difficult to win such an attitude from the people. Moreover, it is difficult for the simple reason that the Russian people (I will not talk about others, but meaning here both Ukrainians and Belarusians) through centuries of trials, are accustomed to see the ruler through and through. After all, why was Khrushchev “formidable”, knocking on the UN rostrum with his heel, with a wave of his hand sending millions “to the virgin lands,” but he was honored in the people's memory only with evil and malicious anecdotes. But take Brezhnev, there are also many anecdotes about him, but they are not evil, they say that among the people this man remained a kind, eccentric grandfather, a kind of Santa Claus. I'm not talking about Comrade Stalin, the author said a lot and correctly.
    But with the GDP, the situation is somewhat more strange. It seems that he has a credit of trust, is popular, and a large one, not to mention any ratings. It seems that he did a lot for Russia, without guile, in the West they would really erect monuments to him even before the return of Crimea. But the Russian people are the Russian people, so that, as they say, "look at the root." VVP is not a ruler, a ruler will never say about himself that he is a "galley slave". And this slip of the tongue, or, perhaps, the directly told truth (and he can honestly cut it in the face, it looks like him), it is symbolic, it explains why Putin is not Stalin, why there is no 37, although many, and I incl. really want to see him as such. VVP is a hired manager of the oligarchs, appointed in order to protect the property stolen from the people, preserve the wealth of the oligarchs and help increase them. And he perfectly, creatively copes with this work. It is clear that the people also get something from the master's table, but the Russian people, unlike the same Naglo-Saxons, do not like crumbs, even if they are big and fat. Let it be small, but a loaf. Again, I would very much like the GDP to be Stalin. But ... GDP is GDP and there is no point in proving the opposite. VVP can rise to the level of Comrade Stalin only if it frees itself from the influence of the oligarchs and their henchmen, if it becomes a true father of the nation, and not a slave in oligarchic galleys.
    1. satris
      satris 22 May 2015 11: 15
      Because Putin was not a professional revolutionary like Stalin, and, in general, he had no intention of becoming president. It is another matter that some other forces are involved - maybe sacred ones too - and a person in this post, if he really “hurts his heart” for the country, should act in such a way that everything done would benefit the country.
    2. saag
      saag 22 May 2015 11: 58
      Quote: alicante11
      the ruler will never say about himself that he is a "galley slave"

      another key word was dropped, it sounded "worked like a galley slave" or something like that, for the ruler this is not work, but service, not gaining nishtyaks for himself in the present and future, but life for the sake of the country
  11. SibSlavRus
    SibSlavRus 22 May 2015 06: 43
    At all times, under any regime, when a nation (country) is in danger (especially war), a nation (country) unites around its leader. It is quite natural, not sacred.
    And always the leader will be surrounded by masses of parasites-officials-bureaucrats, who will justify anyone that they are simply necessary at the breech trough, that they are a system.
    The true leader of the nation is one who does not integrate into the system, but drives it for himself.
  12. Wedmak
    Wedmak 22 May 2015 07: 25
    A good article, the author is well done, there is something to think about.
    In terms of the return of Russia from hibernation: our country really resembles a bear. Habits, actions. The bear sleeps in winter, it can not be disturbed by anything, a thick skin, a layer of stored fat, a secluded place make it possible to survive the fierce winter.
    And waking up, the movement begins, at first sluggish, then more and further. Cubs appear. By summer, they are gaining strength, offspring are growing. And it turns out that the bear is not a clubfoot, but a very strong, hardy and cunning predator. Better not to come across on the way.
    For me it’s such a complete analogy! Draw parallels with the situation over the past year will not be difficult.
    1. Bort radist
      Bort radist 22 May 2015 12: 57
      Quote: Wedmak
      And waking up, the movement begins, first sluggish, then more and further.

      One sacred period was omitted, not everyone knows about it. On hibernation, the bear clogs its digestive system (eats) with clay. Before "resurrecting" after suspended animation, he painfully with a roar gets rid of the cork, and only then the whole body begins to act in full force. It's time for Russia to get rid of ballast.
  13. Gardamir
    Gardamir 22 May 2015 07: 36
    The authorities do not care deeply about the people, she is proud of this and constantly demonstrates. And do not stick Putin to I.V. To Stalin. Because Putin is a liberal. And while Putin is in power, the main ideology in the country is liberalism. The fact that he clung to the Great Victory does not mean anything. What kind of victory is it under the Vlasov zgamens, some pigeons on blue, the technique of NATO coloring with liberal stars.
    What is proud of? The fact that in 15 years agriculture has been destroyed so much that more than one year is needed to restore it. And those who are in the Kremlin are hoping either the sanctions will be lifted or oil will rise in price, but they won’t do anything for Russia.
    The collapse of science. education, medicine, everything goes on.
    1. Yuri Balika
      Yuri Balika 22 May 2015 09: 11
      I absolutely agree.
    2. satris
      satris 22 May 2015 11: 22
      Who told you that agriculture has been destroyed? And why is "more than one year" needed? Sowed in spring - harvested in autumn. The only thing to do is pray for a good harvest. smile But seriously, the Miratorg company announced in the spring that it was moving to the Voronezh region, because everything had already been built in the Belgorod region. And I personally can confirm, because I traveled around the region: broiler factories, pig farms, feed mills have been built - in almost all regional centers, cattle complexes are being built. And on the fields, weeds are practically not visible, and the fields are not empty, as before, but are sown. The industry is recovering - it was recently announced that a nanofilm plant is being built in Shebekino (TakiSPtichkino - if you remember the advertisement) - and there was a powerful chemical and biochemical industry there. So it's not all bad.
    3. a housewife
      a housewife 22 May 2015 12: 24
      You just don’t have to talk about agriculture. Everything is plowed, sowed, planted. Cows are grown completely different than 20 years ago. Yes, they mainly bought imported breeds. And rightly so, because science overslept, it’s not only space that needs to be addressed by the military industry. Gardens new ones are planted everywhere. You just need to squeeze some kind of law on the retail chains that prefer import. The sanctions arrived in time. And since the products are expensive, let them be at least natural, and not paint with preservatives. And that’s the chemistry in the products to make it cheaper, and nothing gets cheaper from this, all the same, the trade will push to the limit. And the fish! Zhirinovsky correctly said yesterday — We catch the most fish, but it is not expensive in the shops! You can scold Tkachev as much as you like, but the farm is in order in the Kuban. I don’t know about the whole country, but Tkachev is now the minister, I have to put things in order. hi
    4. GOR_XVII
      GOR_XVII 22 May 2015 14: 07
      Gardamir, did you leave the Moscow Ring Road for a long time? Or do you think buns with raisins grow on trees? "agriculture was so destroyed" by your beloved communists, when there was nothing in the shops except for sea coopus and pollock, when the village was completely degraded and the collective farmers drank themselves, when in hospitals everyone was treated with aspirin and purgen, and now the store shelves are overwhelmed with goods, and polyclinics are full of expensive equipment ... Apparently you know absolutely nothing about the union, or you were shopping in the Kremlin canteen and were treated in the Kremlin hospital. I am amazed at the arrogance of such "Muscovites", they lived fatly during the union, but now they are like in another country, and they shit most of all. Gardamir would drive you to a collective farm in the late 70s, I would look at you and your heyday of agricultural.
    5. Vasilyevich_4
      Vasilyevich_4 21 January 2021 12: 51
      There is no economic growth, everything is ruined. ! 5 years have flown by without much progress. Popular discontent grows
  14. fomkin
    fomkin 22 May 2015 07: 36
    Conscious withdrawal from real problems. The calculation is simple, discuss topics that are far from life, but just don’t think about the social problems facing the people. For example, why is impudent housing and communal services. Only this year two additional payments have been introduced. The purchasing power of the population is falling. Military pensions will not rise, taking into account inflation, as previously promised. The authorities became insolent to the point that they did not hesitate to disclose their extra income. In a word, they are not afraid of the opinion of the people, and in general have taken the people out of the brackets. This is what we need to talk about, not sacredness.
  15. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 22 May 2015 07: 48
    In fact, the sacredness of power, in its current sense, is the utility of power for wide social groups. Plus, the correct understanding of the power of the mentality of the people, their aspirations and dreams, their cumulative nature and sense of self. In addition, the government should offer the people a clear, understandable AIM, to promise DEVELOPMENT in achieving this goal (or to overcome degradation and decline). Moreover, all this should fit into the mainstream of the objective laws of the development of society. Only under these conditions, the people will consider the power sacred and legitimate (in the highest sense of the word), and everything undertaken by it - just and wise. Such power people forgive personal sins, wrong decisions and rash actions. The people will justify such power in any development of the situation, and it will do it quite sincerely.

    The Germans did not have such power for a very long time. That's just finished not at all cool, not without our help. So sacredness can have not only a positive vector.
    KGB WATCH YOU 22 May 2015 07: 48
    For me personally, Putin acquired sacredness after the annexation of Crimea, that is, there was hope for a turn in politics, from pro-Western to nationally oriented. And it lasted until September 2014. Before the conclusion of Minsk-1, when it became clear that the Donbas would definitely not be the same as in the Crimea. Half a year has passed since the signing of Minsk-1, and I am more and more convinced that I was right. Ambassador Zurabov is in place, Surkov is in place, Nabiullina is in place, Ulyukaev is in place, etc. - it feels like nothing is happening around. There is no war on the border of the Russian Federation, the economy has not gone into the abyss, prices are not rising - a complete "hibernation" in power.
    1. Gardamir
      Gardamir 22 May 2015 08: 03
      after the annexation of Crimea
      Everyone had it. But I had questions after June. Then it became clear. that Crimea was not "returned" to protect people, otherwise why can one kill in Donbass. And not even to keep the Americans out of Crimea. For they raised the wave, and no one wants to solve problems. The Russian authorities fully support the Kiev regime and the Americans.
      1. KGB WATCH YOU
        KGB WATCH YOU 22 May 2015 08: 12
        I, too, think that the people did not care (as always in general) But were all the Kremlin advisers really so stupid that they did not know that Crimea would cause a chain reaction in Ukraine? Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk are the result of the annexation of the Crimea and the desire of people to return home! Russia is not ready to play long. It was necessary to take everything or nothing. Now we are waiting for the weather by the sea: either remove the sanctions, or the oil-mother go up to $ 100 + lick the junta and the USA on schedule.
  17. Victor p
    Victor p 22 May 2015 07: 54
    Putin has time to get the status of a sacred ruler from the Russian people
      KGB WATCH YOU 22 May 2015 07: 58
      Unfortunately not. He is 62 years old, do you think that a politician who "could not" for 3 terms, will he serve another 3? I don't think Russia needs Brezhnev II in the future. PS In general, he has 2 options: Either to do something with Ukraine now (our interests are there, because of her we have problems in the economy, etc.) or "The Hague" (for Crimea, the Americans will not forgive).
      1. Yuri Balika
        Yuri Balika 22 May 2015 09: 20
        he has already chosen his own version - "at random" ie Hague.
  18. Karabin
    Karabin 22 May 2015 08: 44
    In my opinion, because the Russian government for the first time regained its sacredness

    About sacredness, percentages and other things from T. Shaov (probably a liberal, according to the classification of the author of the article)

    Нand the shining Olympus, the gods rule Oikumena,
    Drink "Metax", intrigue, graze the peaceful flock,
    Justice is celebrated, but metal is despised
    For the gods are also people - they seek all profit.

    If Zeus punishes someone, he’ll remove him from work, strict,
    They know - it's make-believe, it's throwing lightning!
    He won’t leave without work, we’re ours, we, brothers, gods,
    We are immortal by status, do not burn pots for us!

    God of war sold weapons, a sword to Danians, a shield to Trojans,
    And I bought myself the Acropolis, a luxury chariot,
    Zeus, of course, was angry, threatened severely with his finger,
    And the field marshal was awarded the rank of "field marshal plus".

    Will, will be harmonious world of honest, leavened, antique,
    Our main god is excellent, so pray to him!
    We are led by his charisma into the bright world of feudalism,
    A ghost wanders around Hellas, this ghost is useless to us!

    Mortal people suffer from holy sloppiness,
    There - nectar was not divided, here - a civil war ...
    After all, if the god of fertility is stupid, the crisis is agriculture!
    There’s no one to olive oil, luli-luli, no grain!

    In the empyreans, mats, squabbles of the gods have their quirks,
    People have peace and will, happiness surrendered!
    The gods looked down more often: how are these creatures - people ...
    ... Distract from thought - how can we equip us!

    Everyone wants to become a Thunderer, a Thunderer - God in the Law!
    Zeus is decrepit, nominally he is still Father,
    People give out for Zeus a statue in the Parthenon,
    But the sternly vacuumed priest is protesting!

    You tell Zeus for the sake of
    Who in Hell is not in trouble? -
    Only merchants, priests, yes uncles,
    Yes, we have chosen to know!
  19. zakamsk1971
    zakamsk1971 22 May 2015 08: 50
    The suite makes the king. And if she doesn’t succeed, then the king can be made. So the retinue must probably be changed.
  20. kig
    kig 22 May 2015 09: 19
    What nonsense? The sacred is something that has something to do with the divine and even mystical, and what is mystical in our president?
  21. Abbra
    Abbra 22 May 2015 09: 29
    About the title. When it is thought and done, then it turns out.
  22. forester
    forester 22 May 2015 09: 40
    Why such cleverness? From time immemorial, the people needed confidence in today and faith in tomorrow, as well as pride in the State. At the time of Yeltsin, I was deprived of this, however, I never complained about anything, but simply believed that times would change. Now the President is in power, who is trying to change a lot in our life and the life of our country, I can’t even imagine what it costs him. I’m already glad that my son will live his life in another country, not in the one that I lived and worked for 25 years, but in the one where you can honestly work and get normal money, where there will be no wars and military service will be honored, where it will be possible to take a weekend to visit some old Russian town, rather than kill time in a nightclub, where, in the end, open streets will not be open, I believe in that. We don’t have to complain about our life, we actually have freedom and opportunities, everything is in our hands, and the main thing for the state is to help realize our capabilities and protect us. So Putin is trying to build this.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 22 May 2015 11: 00
      Quote: Foresterer
      So Putin is trying to build this.

      Blessed is he who believes. Amen.
  23. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 10: 48
  24. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 16
  25. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 17
  26. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 17
  27. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 40
  28. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 42
  29. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 11: 42
  30. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 15
  31. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 15
  32. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 16
  33. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 17
  34. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 19
  35. Vovan Batkovich
    Vovan Batkovich 22 May 2015 12: 19
  36. Gardamir
    Gardamir 22 May 2015 12: 30
    Russia sacredly forgave the African country a debt of only $ 20 billion.
  37. akudr48
    akudr48 22 May 2015 16: 43
    Attempts to find bright moments among the surrounding hopelessness can only be welcomed, all the more clearly how difficult the task is. But there is a positive, see the portal "Made with us". And it would not be a sin to discuss some serious real achievement, for the good of the cause. If you find it.

    But about the sacredness of the power of the "rower in the galleys" - this is something beyond. The sacredness of jagged raspberries, with its crooks who squandered a ruble and raised the prices of the post by 2 times, with innocent defense ministers who stole many billions, with state officials, only in salaries (this is in addition to their theft), each snatching several million rubles from the people a day, with degrading medicine and education, sufficient only for watching talk shows, with a poor and dying population, and so on. etc.

    Yes, there is Crimea, Russian Crimea. This prize will not be taken away from Putin and the people will remember it.

    But Crimea in this case has become a kind of advance payment for the people. Where's the pay? Where is the "Russian World"? Where is New Russia? Where is the new life, with new people on their whole damn vertical? Or Soloviev (Zheleznyak, Yarovaya, Zhirinovsky ...) will tell us about it on TV, just listen ...

    Moreover, the Crimea will not write off everything. Moreover, regarding the Donbass a quiet drain is possible. And there, Transnistria is becoming an unsolvable problem by today's authorities. One more.

    And about the development of the people and the country, the whole sacredness of power comes down to the price of a barrel of oil and the muttering of the Ulukaebiulins about the ruble volatility ...

    Not much for sacredness.
  38. Eternal
    Eternal 22 May 2015 22: 30
    It is truly sacred. The sacredness of lawlessness, cynicism and crime. Our front-line grandfathers shed blood to these ghouls fattened? The picture is enlarged.
    1. berenika
      berenika 23 May 2015 00: 30
      probably forever envious
  39. berenika
    berenika 22 May 2015 23: 23
    I put a big plus on the article. I advise many people to read S. Alekseeva - a person loves his homeland very much. and on some I am very surprised: it's very easy to hait, but it's hard to turn on the brains? the former "rulers" who sold and drank away. and now slowly but surely bit by bit everything needs to be returned. and, as they say, you don’t want to help, so at least don’t interfere. there have always been bastards, but they come and go, but the HOMELAND remains ...
  40. Centurion1
    Centurion1 22 May 2015 23: 49
    Mmmm ... The definition of the sacredness of power is too vague ... It can be shorter and simpler: sent by God to support Russia for the sake of 10 (pcs?%?) Righteous.
  41. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 23 May 2015 12: 09
    The article reflects the opinions of many.
    Well, just think about it.
    "The sacred is the objective socio-historical laws and processes (in the country, on the continent, in the world). For example, sooner or later the primitive communal system was to be replaced by the slave-owning one, and the feudal one by the bourgeois-capitalist one."
    Saying "A" - say and "B". What's next? In social and political development. The counter-revolution that took place in 1991 threw our country back in development. And the consequences will haunt for a long time.
    "If a person at the pinnacle of power is not an exponent of a sacred idea (ie, the idea of ​​development in the interests of the majority), then this person can still gain popularity, but worship is not. "
    " Do not make yourself an idol".
    "The role of personality in history".
  42. iouris
    iouris 23 May 2015 21: 03
    If you continue to build "capitalism", then sooner or later everything will either be bought or taken away by court.
  43. Jurassic
    Jurassic 23 May 2015 21: 45
    But in my opinion it is easier to look at things:
    1) An adequate ruler must adequately govern in the interests of his people
    2) An adequate people should live and work quietly and obey their adequate ruler.
    3) Everyone should do their own thing.
    and as you call this system by and large, no difference, the main thing is that freedom of neither power nor people should violate the interests of your country. And the freedom of an individual should end where the freedom of another person begins. Here you’ll be free, let's say choose between a sandwich and a salad, but don’t dare to choose between maydan or steal, and you must punish this in the most decisive way. And then in the bathroom by the mirror with **** at the ready all the speakers and politicians, but as they enter the square, it’s clear here that the fools got into their own business.
    And the article + wrote everything correctly.
  44. bogdan4ik
    bogdan4ik 24 May 2015 18: 44
    I’ll clarify right away - the material is not mine. Interesting opinion.

    Ending. which he voiced on the page of Moskovsky Komsomolets (I propose a free exposition of the essence of it - approx. author): why Russia helping Donbass managed only to deliver 100 thousand tons of metallurgical coke to Ukraine by March, by which steel will be made, and from her - tanks and any other weapons and ammunition for the APU? Most likely, the latter will soon begin to level the cities and towns of Donbass again, killing Russian volunteers as well. I also wanted to add one more question on my own: did Oleg Deripaska's concern cease to ship raw materials for the Kharkov Tank Plant?

    Just the other day, a familiar Lugansk journalist wrote to me on Facebook cheerful:
    - Soon everything will change! Remember last year. Then there was a successful Olympiad, and after it, "Crimea is ours." And in this - a successful parade was held!

    And so they live in these unfortunate, exhausted, tormented by war and disorder Russian republics of Donbass. In a state of permanent insanity. Thinking that when they say to them from Moscow: “Your place in Ukraine!”, It’s not at all that this is again a cunning plan. Which lasted for a year, and it is not clear how long it will drag on.

    And I want to shout: "Not true!". Believe the words. You are specially kept on a short leash, like a buffer against the inflated USA and the allies of Nazi Ukraine. And initially they wanted the same, but only within the framework of a large New Russia. Like, they will be able to restrain the seizures of administrations, they will be able to organize federalization, after which it will be possible to oppose the regions subordinate to Western influence on equal terms. It didn’t work out. The junta turned out to be more determined, aggressive and cynical. And for it came sanctions and, in fact, a blockade on all fronts.

    And no one up there ever wanted to take you to Russia. You are not Crimea with its strategic access to the Black Sea and the fleet of the same name. And the phrase "Russian World" was used only when it was profitable, and when it was unprofitable - they removed it away. Therefore, the brain brigade commander and Dremov battalion commander may not wait for an answer to their letter of support for the Russian Project, no one will hear them and no one will answer them. You are given as many products as would be enough for you not to starve to death. And as many weapons as would be enough for you to fight back. No more. No one will allow you to march to Kiev, because the "partners" will not understand this. They drew the fate for you - to live as a layer protecting Russia from the invasion of the horde. For which you will in the near future suffer and die.
    You will tell me that I am wrong. That it is me, not you, I suffer from a split perception of reality. And I was the one who lost my mind. And the Novorossiya project is closed only temporarily, and victory awaits all of us in the future. And there is a cunning plan. And we'll show everyone else. So am I against it? I, I confess, have gone crazy a long time ago together with those who participate in this Donbass multimode. And, believe me, I will gladly agree to the right to be the only madman in this situation. For this will be the lesser of evils. "
  45. Aljavad
    Aljavad 25 May 2015 13: 31
    You give American citizenship to Kasyanov!

    Americans collect signatures. I am also in favor! There he, the liberast, and the place!