Preparation of the 4-th separate tank brigade for the annual inspection

On the eve of the Ground Forces Day, which took place on October 1, 2011, I was invited to the 4th separate tank brigade.
In connection with the reform of the Armed Forces of Russia and the transition to the new look of the 4, a separate tank brigade was formed on the basis of units of the legendary 4 Guards Kantemirovskaya Order of Lenin of the Red Banner Tank Division. Currently, the team is deployed in Naro-Fominsk.
During my visit, the team was preparing to pass the final annual inspection by the commission of the Western Military District. The check itself is complex and consists of an assessment of physical, fire, combat and other types of brigade personnel training from a commander to military servicemen, as well as an assessment of the actions of both individual subunits and the entire brigade under the conditions of receipt of relevant orders and command orders.

The actual preparation for the inspection on the day of my arrival consisted in working out the actions of the crews of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles on firing at targets and passing various obstacles at the tankodrome. Photos in the report do not please with a special variety. But for fans of tanks, kneading dirt and driving on the road, it will be very interesting.


Crews get the task.

During my visit, the T-80U 3 Tank Battalion and the BPM-2 tanks of the brigade of the infantry brigade worked at the test site.

Starting engines and movement to the line of discovery of fire.

In the first run, the tanks fired alternately, and in the second all together, this will be seen in the video at the end of the report.

Return to the original.

The observer at KP.

The remaining T-80 stand in reserve or have already shot out.

Each of the three battalions of the brigade is armed with a 31 tank.

This T-80 will perform exercises on shooting from a large-caliber 12.7 mm NSVT machine gun.

The commander of a tank platoon firing from NSVT.

The commander of a tank platoon.

Next, we headed to the BMP-2, which also worked on firing at targets.

Start the engine and test the task.

Return to the original.

Then you need to collect the spent cartridges.

While the crews went on a debriefing, there is time to photograph the BMP-2 in front.

The operator-gunner BMP-2.

Reserve BMP-2.

Severe look and PKT machine gun on the shoulder.

During all classes, there is a regular physician at the site.

Brigadier dog

Point of ammunition, you can see 30-mm projectiles for the gun 2А42.

Next we proceeded to the tankdrome. Several T-80 3 Tank Brigade's tank battalion pass the bridge track.

BMP-2 motorized rifle battalion passes rut ​​bridge.


Mechanic driver T-80.

A little more T-80 in the mud.

Mechanic-driver BMP-2.

Mechanic driver T-80.

The heroes of this report. T-80U and BMP-2 4-th separate tank brigade.

Little wheeled vehicles brigades. Ural-43206.


ATZ refueling truck on Ural-4320 chassis.

Single-bucket excavator of the military EOW-4421 on the KRAZ-255B chassis.
A small video is also available. There was not much time to shoot the main action on the video. This is all that managed in the interval between photographing. And at the same time a little ride on the T-80.
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  1. SIA
    11 October 2011 08: 38
    Cool armored vehicles !!!
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      11 October 2011 16: 09
      Oh nostalgia we sad
  2. +1
    11 October 2011 08: 51
    The 4th separate tank brigade was formed on the basis of units of the legendary 4th Guards Kantemirov Order of Lenin of the Red Banner Tank Division

    and it’s necessary to indicate, otherwise people were worried:
    4th Separate Guards Tank Kantemirov Order of Lenin Red Banner Brigade named after Yu.V. Andropova
  3. 0
    11 October 2011 09: 27
    Beautiful photos ... And the fighters are busy with their work. smile
  4. Sergh
    11 October 2011 15: 14
    Well, they know how, if they want!
  5. Demonzz
    11 October 2011 19: 00
    it’s not clear what is there to enjoy.
    The T-80 is not at all a super new armored vehicle, like the BMP-2. (Well, at least not T72, as in less ceremonial tank brigades, where slab dishes do not go to take photos)
    further, a brief look - the faces of conscripts look as they should be - excluded by the service, but the contractors have a taut smile (who was standing behind the photographer’s back is interesting).
    The radio station generally kills - but according to the VGK everything has already been replaced by digital .... (omg, did you take a picture of something or was there nothing at all? ...)
    on the ground plan at the NP, some officers had caps, but they put a fucking beret in the frame. What is it for? who is lying to whom? (not enough? or is it not those who needed to be taken?)
    behind the "stern look with a machine gun on the shoulder" is walking a body in a substitute (or has a new uniform been stolen from it?) Why is it needed there at the shooting range (but in a beret ...)
    warrior tankers in a wretched, worn out dilapidated lump from Yudashkin (the old substitution looks better!) but the BMP crew in general, as you can see, wandered from the old look. (and only one in pea jacket, why would it ...)
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      11 October 2011 19: 06
      They’ll write off the 80s, they decided not to leave; they want to upgrade; they put the module from Tagil and put 72 at the end of the resource to tagil; I listened to an interview with the representative of the UWZ, they say only Russian tanks should stay.
      1. Demonzz
        11 October 2011 19: 11
        what does the uvz plans have to do with ostentatious photos of some kind of shooting of the "parade brigade", showing at the same time some wretchedness ...
        in simpler parts, the situation is much worse.
        And while all T72 are modernized, it will be necessary to write off the available T90 by old age.
        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          11 October 2011 23: 02
          Well, howlingly, the issue of defense mines was discussed as it is more profitable. Firstly, there’s 80 and 12 modifications, secondly, why there are several different cars, and 72 and 90 cars of the same family and the entire production line for them in the Russian Federation, and secondly, I also served in the same part for 10 years, so don’t.
          1. Demonzz
            12 October 2011 09: 57
            the question of profit is so ambiguous that reasoning on the net is useless. What is beneficial for the MO is not at all beneficial for the military-industrial complex and vice versa. The rest is only speculation and opinions from the outside. For UVZ, it can be more profitable to modernize the T72 and this is lobbying, and all the other arguments are of no interest to anyone. And yet, the fact that somewhere in similar units you served an urgent term and remembered something does not mean that the truth about the nature and purpose of military units and the processes taking place there has been revealed to you.
            I also do not pretend to the truth, however, the report of the TS shows precisely the wretchedness of that front part and the attitude in it to people. Everything else is the fiction of a photojournalist paid for in addition. However, this is his job.