Preparation of the 4-th separate tank brigade for the annual inspection

On the eve of the Day of the Ground Forces, which took place on October 1 2011, I was invited to the 4-th separate tank brigade.
In connection with the reform of the Armed Forces of Russia and the transition to the new look of the 4, a separate tank brigade was formed on the basis of units of the legendary 4 Guards Kantemirovskaya Order of Lenin of the Red Banner Tank Division. Currently, the team is deployed in Naro-Fominsk.
During my visit, the team was preparing to pass the final annual inspection by the commission of the Western Military District. The check itself is complex and consists of an assessment of physical, fire, combat and other types of brigade personnel training from a commander to military servicemen, as well as an assessment of the actions of both individual subunits and the entire brigade under the conditions of receipt of relevant orders and command orders.

The actual preparation for the inspection on the day of my arrival consisted in working out the actions of the crews of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles on firing at targets and passing various obstacles at the tankodrome. Photos in the report do not please with a special variety. But for fans of tanks, kneading dirt and driving on the road, it will be very interesting.


Crews get the task.

During my visit, the T-80U 3 Tank Battalion and the BPM-2 tanks of the brigade of the infantry brigade worked at the test site.

Starting engines and movement to the line of discovery of fire.

In the first run, the tanks fired alternately, and in the second all together, this will be seen in the video at the end of the report.

Return to the original.

The observer at KP.

The remaining T-80 stand in reserve or have already shot out.

Each of the three battalions of the brigade is armed with a 31 tank.

This T-80 will perform exercises on shooting from a large-caliber 12.7 mm NSVT machine gun.

The commander of a tank platoon firing from NSVT.

The commander of a tank platoon.

Next, we headed to the BMP-2, which also worked on firing at targets.

Start the engine and test the task.

Return to the original.

Then you need to collect the spent cartridges.

While the crews went on a debriefing, there is time to photograph the BMP-2 in front.

The operator-gunner BMP-2.

Reserve BMP-2.

Severe look and PKT machine gun on the shoulder.

During all classes, there is a regular physician at the site.

Brigadier dog

Point of ammunition, you can see 30-mm projectiles for the gun 2А42.

Next we proceeded to the tankdrome. Several T-80 3 Tank Brigade's tank battalion pass the bridge track.

BMP-2 motorized rifle battalion passes rut ​​bridge.


Mechanic driver T-80.

A little more T-80 in the mud.

Mechanic-driver BMP-2.

Mechanic driver T-80.

The heroes of this report. T-80U and BMP-2 4-th separate tank brigade.

Little wheeled vehicles brigades. Ural-43206.


ATZ refueling truck on Ural-4320 chassis.

Single-bucket excavator of the military EOW-4421 on the KRAZ-255B chassis.
A small video is also available. There was not much time to shoot the main action on the video. This is all that managed in the interval between photographing. And at the same time a little ride on the T-80.
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