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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Part of 13

Well, dear readers, miss the humor? Read your comments about past notes. Well, as ordered, today's topics have surfaced.

Cockroaches have fun on two occasions. When absolutely good. And nothing is needed. And when absolutely bad. When nothing is needed.

So today we will have fun.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Part of 13

Yes, and we have a big holiday scheduled. Great-great! Better than the past days of grief and memory. It will be called the Anniversary of the Great Powder Barrel! In both. True, at first they wanted to call “the anniversary of the great sitting of Ukrainians on a powder keg,” but it does not sound.

Do not believe? Wait for 25 May and see! You will see with your "foeman" eyes. Gunpowder, our president, will be the main note. And we, means, extras with him.

Ukrainians galloped, galloped and galloped last year to gunpowder. I mean, Gunpowder. Although it will be more accurate with a small letter.

How many of our and our passed, do not count. Even the name came up. As when pressed down, he is immediately recorded in the lists of the Heavenly Hundred. Like a boost. Not on the ground sinful kind of walk.

We are always surprised by our arithmetic. All hundreds of measure. And in the army only battalions ... Gigantism, perhaps, in the blood of men. They gathered a bunch - just a hundred. Even if for three think. A sort of a hundred natroilshchikov. Maybe right. Why trifle something?

Okay. Something I otrulil from the topic. After all, gunpowder has been shaking the country for a year already.

I remembered his inauguration. That's because the words ponapridumyvali. Well, then, when, after a speech about the future, he began to swing the mace.

So I remembered that soldier who fell in the guard of honor. Standing and suddenly fell. Gunpowder ran past. What is this soldier to him? There the ownerless mace lies.

Oh, we did not know then how many more of our soldiers would fall. Not exactly one. Already more than fifty thousand counted only officially.

Only now they are less fortunate than the first. They did not go to the hospital, but to the Supreme Court itself. Not Ukrainian, take it higher. Responsible for all your sins and those of others. And there are still empty seats in the queue at the Divine Court.

Some are still jumping. But somehow not so high. On a hungry stomach, you don't really jump. And there is no place to take the hryvnia. No one gives. And there is nowhere to earn much.

Barrel, though powder, but rolls from place to place from these bites. All year rolls over. Skipped - rolled.

Towards the Crimea rolled. Clap. And the Crimea came off from Ukraine. The ribs of the barrel are sharp. And the isthmus at the peninsula is tiny. Once the rib on the isthmus - and cut off. Floated Crimea to the Russian coast.

In the Donbass with the next jump katanula. Crush the beginning of all and all. Only local bricks were seized and laid on their side. Stopped the progress. And the side of the barrel nicely crushed. Almost struck.

But the barrel of the poskakushek still rides. The truth is not as fast as before the Donbass, but rides. The terrible barrel turned out for some reason. Well, no one expected 25 May 2014 of the year to do this. Or who expected? I do not know. In factories, factories, mines rolling. Rolled - no plant. Again swept - no factory. Yes, and the Ukrainians riding.

Most, however, lucky. Have time to bounce. Only purses and stashes all sorts of pressure.

Some fled abroad. There will not get a barrel. But the majority live in constant fear. Where will this fool with gunpowder go next time?

And foreign countries a year ago gathered at the borders, like at the stadium. Well, the barrel will destroy the country. Show. Even the tickets began to buy. True, with the condition. Do not like the show - tickets in the ass and the money there too. In a sense, you will return. Sly greedy these same neighbors. Or wise? Tickets on credit ...

Barrel rides. Viewers scream with delight. Rechevki chanting different. Type - Sala Dropped! Shitty salo! Fun ...

Again, more tickets are taken on credit. In a sense, money is given on credit.

So much pennile Gunpowder was given, that work is not necessary. We have forgotten how to work with us.

What for? We are jumping, and money added.

Yes, some of these fans jump into the arena. We, like, now will help you to roll correctly. Stop rolling in Ukrainian. We know how to be in a European way.

Well, they immediately to the coaching staff. To the government, it means. Quickly obkrainyat, and in coaches.

Others shout: “Jump! When you have all passed and passed, we will be happy with the visa-free regime. And in the EU will take. We also have something and someone to push. " Put on, it means.

Well, right. The main thing is to learn how to roll. To smash well.

Here we finish what is left there, and to Europe. Or to America immediately. There is plenty. Kata, I do not want.

Only here for a year this barrel fed the viewers. It became boring for them. Trash show, they say. We have Macedonia begin. There may be more interesting. Then the oriental, constantly acting, there is a show. Get the coin back. We have your tickets, in the sense of Eurobonds, to the bulb. And at the checkout knock, so loud.

The cashier, of course, jumped out. Shouts, guys say, I'm from yours, American. No cash on hand. Not at all. Sorry, dears. And give, and then what I am a cashier without money, then?

And these are, silent. And the faces of the face are severe. You, they say that you promised, Yaresk your very, that the show will be cool. And then a barrel rolls around. Boredom. Even the next fence did not break.

The cashier shouts - and themselves? What are some great! What neighbor do not break through the fence? Those, of course, are silent.

What to say? Tried more than once. It seems to break, and the neighbor will come out, and in the face. It hurts so ... And for some reason. Then sit hurt. And the fence has to be restored.

Senya Kulyavlob came running. Also screaming. You are screaming, we must help and point! Help and forgive. Caveman, damn it.

And these single-faced harsh holders are you owe us. Chase a coin, your rabbit soul. Point. And sha!

Even our radish help decided. Boosted in a hurry. The law was passed. Money for tickets not to return and beg for new with a vengeance. Terribly accepted. Do not give, and that's it. Like, let's organize such a river of money. Money flows to Ukraine and ... evaporates. Summer is coming.

In short, our affairs with this stadium are bad. Yes, and these hidden overseas separators that jumped from the stands, began to run away. We do not want to train anymore. Do not give them, you see, to teach proper jumping and skating. Sissy.

And let them "roll right" back to themselves. Our ancestors, the great ukry, too, as in the books they write, always drove away the newcomers. Those who are our main trainers methyl. Only in my opinion, with a little difference. Ancestors chased, and we ask to stay. But they still leave. And in any business the main thing is the result.

So we are worthy successors of great ukrov affairs.

That they are leaving, that we are chasing, all the same, we will have the stadium. And restore it to us. And for the return of tickets to pay.

Yes, and the barrel was defective. Probably the Russians did. Or these separators. Just a year rolled, and there is already a hole. And the powder is so slowly getting enough sleep. God forbid, who lit up. Tears so that ... Zrada everywhere, in short.

Some sports notes are obtained. Well, how to spell, so spelled.

It happened to me recently to run around the city at night. Business, work. Lingered. I did not have time to get home by morning. Yes, and tired a little.

I had to "sleep" to drop into the hotel. There in the afternoon the most peaceful place. People on business scatter. Silence. I do not want to sleep.

Only, it means, located under the pillow, yelling nearby. Bedbugs quarrel among themselves. They are bloodsuckers, because svidomye all inside completely. Now there are no normal guests in hotels. Only here such, I will cross contaminated.

All shout. Finally Peremoga! Ukraine Russia peremogla in every way. And more than once. And as many as six times. Clean peremogla. Russian only once and answered.

Another screaming - Zrada! Polosatiki under Russia lay down. Generally completely. Not even yelled in response. And these, all there Germans-French, not to mention Latvians, fled earlier. So that, it appears, from the Russians do not get in full. Zrada, around zrada.

I missed something, I think. That's it. For one night away, and you. And Peremoga and Zrada in one person in Ukraine drew. Did Russia still come to war? A dream come true Svidomo patriots. She came from the valiant APU ogrebla in full. And the Americans harnessed for us ... Wow ...

We must run home. There are all political news learn firsthand. Radnye probably already laid tables for a banquet.

It got out from under the pillow means, and the bugs are right there. Yeah, rival firm. What are we doing in our area? Get out of here, we have problems with our own blood.

Even our supplies from blood transfusion stations cannot help. We expect interruptions in blood from there.

In humans, the blood remained. But you can not download it. There are no tubes there, bags, and other unnecessary nonsense bugs. Not purchased by medical buyers. Money, like, no. Senya Kulyavlob and your radish squeezed money. Let, they say, roll over into buckets. Or right in the sick. What a waste of money to transfer? Probably, now donors will keep as ants I louse. It took blood - come here. Not needed - sit, more precisely, live. Somewhere this has already happened. And, I remembered, in Auschwitz.

And to me, your blood for chitin. Eat this infection yourself. We are the old fashioned way. Bread, bacon, sausage. Not enlightened to your parasite level.
Calmed down like. Understood probably. I'm not a parasite. A hard worker So - not a competitor.

But it is interesting to me. What happened is that all the parasites are buzzing. Did Ukraine beat Russia? APU storming Vladivostok?

Neighing bloodsuckers. You are there, with your policy, you do not live the life of a simple hulk. We do not care who there is, here we are interested. Hockey World Championship is over!

So what? Ended, and ended. There were no Ukrainians anyway. Is in the stands how stray lit up. We are in football more. Play it cheaper. Skates, clubs do not need different. Again warm. Not on the ice.

Oh, what started here! Parasites of each other almost gobbled up. Trunks poked. Saliva is spattered. Taunt over blunt heads than not falling. Zrada - peremoga ... Peremoga - zrada ...

And when it came to blood, I had to be taken apart. Brack, scream. Well if you are parasites, but insects. Not people. To kill each other just like that. In short, bumps and kicks reassured. Sorry to say, in kind of you. Speak

The first one explains the table under the nose. And there the championship results. The usual such table. And not a word about zrade. I even bring you the pieces, to make sure.

1. Canada. 2. Russia. 3. USA. 4. Czech. 10. Germany. 12. France 13. Latvia. Well, and further. And nothing about Ukraine.

You screaming bug, colorad! Type offended means. Look better. Well, I look. There is no Ukraine here. Even kill, no.

Where is Russia? As where? In second place, so what? Where are the greatest? At first, I think ... Canadians are the greatest in hockey right now.

Fool, shouting, great are Americans. Where are they? On the third. And the Germans-French with Latvians in addition where? See below. Away from Russia.

So what? Both played and received. Someone medals, and who is just a place.

Yes, the benefactors surrendered us, yelling. Specially Russian blown. So that we, then, show that these aggressors are stronger than ever. So that means we surrendered to them as soon as possible. Even the Americans surrendered. Where are we ... One word - zrada. Betrayed us all.

I looked at the table. There is no China at all. Nowhere. They did not come at all. Not really among them, this hockey is popular. And nothing. They are silent. Do not yell at innocent cockroaches.

The separator, you shouted, their boss all walked around the holidays with Putin at the banquet parades. In Moscow this. They really don't need hockey. They are now in tank biathlon play with Russians. Well, the ballistic missile shooting championship is still not held.

And these, ESOVskie, generally down the table crawled away. We have nothing to do with Ukraine at all. Wu, traitors! Zraz around. Money will not give.

Okay. I understood Svidomo. Although a bloodsucker, but some kind of logic is present. Another trunk pulled. Now you say, bloodsucker.

Peremoga, screaming. Glory to Ukraine! Russians are on their knees.

Ugh. That zrada, then peremoga. And the same bugs scream. We must include the brain. Quite interesting is obtained. Some kind of recbus Croxward. As Raikin once said. Shake the yellow-blue. Explain ...

Canada for the USA is like Ukraine for Russia. Like an appendix. Somehow not needed, sometimes even deadly, but your own. A piece of the body. And ours there, in this Canada - hoo how much. Thousands.

And who is in the first place? Canada! So Ukraine. Only American! Got it, Colorad? Ukrainians Russian crushed as you slippers.

But what about the Americans with the Germans and other French? Did they lose on purpose?

Well done, Colorado! You understand correctly. Of course, specifically lost. To vigilance Kremlin put to sleep. Count up, lie Russian on the couch in some Moscow "Grand Hotel". Medals are considered. Glass drinker. Relax full.

And here we are. Zdorovenki buly, invaders! We have come to visit you at the new "Oplotte". And they do not twitch. In both. The strategy is called.

I understood that it would be impossible to sleep with these patriotic parasites. It is not clear that in the blood that they suck is contained. It is clear only that the substances are strange and very strange. I had to run home underground passages. To my cockroach. Some no, but an adequate companion.

Just got, and the cockroach is waiting. Muzzle happy, sly. Darling, he says, I confiscated your stash with new fishing rods on credit. Mini-bikini bought myself. For beach.

Are you saying that you are carrying something? What are mini with your figure? Especially bikini. And how is the credit that you stole, then you are going to give back? Soon the spawning of the fish will end, I need new fishing poles.

And she gives me a speech by the US Treasury Secretary. An ulcer like that. There is this minister, Jacob Lew, and in truth pours water on her mill.

"I think that in this situation, a combination of willingness to sacrifice and self-interest is necessary."

He actually spoke about the debt of Ukraine to creditors. Like all the Rothschilds there are all sorts, the British and other Europeans, spit on their own interests and their own laws. Show "goodwill" and forgive your debts. He himself does not give much money. So, cents, but not billions.

That is because the cockroach. The woman she is a woman. Deceit and love straight.

Well, he says, show good will? Credit, I still will not return. Go, says to the victim, as the minister said. Because?

Here's the trouble! Nothing that is not our minister? Nothing...

I understand that I still have to go. Not Ukraine, tea. My Cockroach, my love. Moreover, I have only two alternatives. Or show goodwill to her, and make sacrifices. Or go hungry to a cot in the corner.

And to have in the morning the prospect of a skalcobumerang in the head.

Eh, why do these same sacrifices always concern the most vital things necessary for men? And never these mini bikinis?

So I think now. I showed this goodwill. And the creditors of Ukraine? Something I do not remember that the Rothschilds were distinguished by their kindness to their debtors. Yes, and Russian rested seriously. Defoltnet us, perhaps, soon? Probably defaulted.

With such deep philosophical thoughts and a full stomach (Tarakanushka can cook), let me go to sleep on the sacrificial sofa. Well, her, this cot.

And you can catch fish on the old bait. I am a fair owner. While I don’t buy a new thing, I don’t throw out the old one. And the factories do not roll in barrels.

For this occupation and let me say goodbye to new notes. Have a good day!
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  1. domokl
    domokl 25 May 2015 06: 45
    It is necessary to congratulate Poroshenko. I got to the handle! The barrel rolls around.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 25 May 2015 07: 51
      Quote: domokl
      It is necessary to congratulate Poroshenko. I got to the handle!

      be sure to congratulate! we have new holidays .... of which only Petya won’t come up with it is Embroidered Day, now it’s Day of a rushnyka (embroidered towel) so far without a day off, but still ... reforms are underway.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 May 2015 07: 47
    Some are still jumping. But already somehow not so high

    I look forward to the time when they begin to crawl to the chant: "Who does not crawl, then m ...". For a long time this bacchanalia lasted on its own bones.
  3. rassel0889
    rassel0889 25 May 2015 07: 49
    Bravo! You have the talent to cheer up in the morning!)
  4. BecmepH
    BecmepH 25 May 2015 08: 07
    One time to read an article in this style ... Second ... Well, third .... Tired of this style. Noticed and no ratings and no comments at least ...
  5. Denis
    Denis 25 May 2015 08: 14
    O traitors! Zraza around. They won’t give money
    We need to come up with new performances, change the program. This is already boring
    GRISHAR 25 May 2015 08: 41
    When will they stop shooting? Is everyone tired of living?
  7. silver169
    silver169 25 May 2015 12: 22
    "Living in a new way" will not work now. Maybe once there was a life in dill as in the picture, but there certainly won't be such a life anymore.
  8. Oman 47
    Oman 47 25 May 2015 14: 32
    "They're bloodsuckers, that's why they svidomye from the inside ..."
  9. Forester
    Forester 25 May 2015 17: 17
    As always - right to the point!
  10. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 May 2015 22: 49
    thank! sincerely! I smile.
  11. V1451145
    V1451145 26 May 2015 00: 29
    this entire Bandera trash had to be finished back in the 53rd year. Okay ... Veterans didn’t finish ... Our generation will finish ....