The highest benefits will be received not by those who have a lot of money, but those who are admitted to the circle of the elect.

The highest benefits will be received not by those who have a lot of money, but those who are admitted to the circle of the elect.

The global transformation of the world is going on unnoticed by the average person. Only from time to time he sees some of its aspects on the TV screen (the terrorist attack in Norway, the war in Libya, ...), but is not able to understand the logic and essence of what is happening. The philistine little world revolves around material wealth (apartment, car, summer house, etc.). However, it also has only vague ideas about what processes occur in the global economy, or judges them in the spirit of liberal myths about the free market that have no relation to reality. This means that the majority of Russian citizens in the new world are doomed to find themselves on the periphery and lag behind the global processes.

According to the writer Maxim Kalashnikov and Sergei Kugushev, an employee of the Soviet special services:

“The phrase“ financial market ”is now very outdated. This is no longer a market in the usual sense of this word. This is truly a “financial action,” a finance action woven as a product of collective consciousness, which catches something that does not capture the mind of individuals. And this can be safely considered the first phenomenon of neuromics, the economy of consciousness. Connected by computer telecommunications, the financial centers of the Earth and its exchanges today really turned into a kind of supermind, into a kind of thinking ocean from the “Solaris” by Stanislav Lem. And the people-financiers became the neurons of this superbrain, which do not even understand that they are just parts of a huge whole. That, however, does not prevent this supra-human mind from working successfully.

In the second half of 1980, the process of changing the assessment of the past with an assessment of the future began, and this process is now in full swing. It will reach its apogee on the threshold of Neyromir. Futures, venture, came to the place of value.

Apparently, this is what happened: in many respects the traditional world approached its borders. Everything that this world has accumulated may one day be worthless. Approaching the transition point in the worst case means the end of the current world order, at best, its departure to the lower “floors”. So, if you continue to measure wealth in the old way, the past, then willy-nilly you will find yourself in the very tail. You will simply invest in something that has lost value.

What is going to replace the old world? Neuromir is a high-quality hyper-jumper, “tomorrow, which was not expected,” the world after the singularity, the realm of wonderful technologies, the world of multilayer networks. The world where the highest benefits will be received not by those who have a lot of money, but those who have the right to do so, those who are dedicated are admitted to the circle of the elect. It seems that the market is beginning to develop a mechanism in which the most expensive is that tomorrow can be fundamentally derived from the monetary sphere, being on the top "floors" in the system of "access economics".

Of course, the current financial market is not always fair in the estimates. Someone underestimates, and someone overestimates. But the old market also sinned the same. In general, the balance process, as they say, went. The stock, superhuman “brain” understands where psychohistory is going. This complex system is only being formed. She is, figuratively speaking, not a supersonic Tu-160, but an angular "ugly duckling" like the Wright Brothers airplane. But the process has begun! The further, the more the cost estimate will go away, and the futures and venture value estimate will remain.

And this means that money in the Epoch of Changes acquires a completely different character.

Old money will disappear! Rather, they will continue to exist in their usual form, but their nature will completely change. The new always comes in the form of the old. The first cars, for example, resembled old carriages and landau strollers from which horses were pulled out. Here and the dawn of the New World is coming in the form of the old. But the “neuro money” of the New World will find a completely different nature. Off, a measure of value - is replaced by a measure of opportunity, which is based on the conversion of resources, strength and knowledge. And resources, strength and knowledge are carried out in the form of ownership, control and technology. The degree of opportunity is determined not by the costs that you did in the past, but by how much your metadata caught on the trends of the future, how much you are capable of futurodesign. The past goes and becomes cheaper, and the future comes and becomes more expensive.

At the same time, “neuro money” retains the functions of accumulating wealth. Because the more I have them - the more I can buy opportunities. But only to a certain limit, since at the very top of the vertical economy a “access economy” will be established. There the money will disappear as such, a “higher caste communism” will be established there.

Already, multinational corporations (TNCs) control 90 percent of global patents and know-how, 85 percent of oil production, 90 percent of electronics, 95 percent of drug and biotech products, almost one hundred percent of long-haul airliners - and so on.

TNCs no longer live in a world of market competition. It was presented to Russian losers. For example, the manufacturers of Airbus, Boeing and Airbus, have long divided the world into zones of influence, and together they set high prices for their cars, squeezing all the juice out of customers. They shared the future: in the world of globalization, Airbus will deal with huge airliners with subsonic speeds, Boeing with promising near-and supersonic passenger cars. That is, they will occupy two separate niches in the global economy. And both of them are doing everything to prevent Russian airliners from entering the markets of third countries, strangling our aircraft industry in the Russian domestic market.

Transnational corporations have long been living in a “harmonized economy”. Since they are dealing with the latest technologies, which require not tens of billions, but tens of billions of dollars, they cannot afford the luxury of competing with each other. They say that I will invest one hundred billion - and you will invest as much, and then we'll see which of us will survive. Kohl took as an example aircraft construction, then let's say: both the creation of air Leviathans for one and a half thousand passengers flying with speed in 0,9 from sound, and the construction of "arrows" capable of carrying rich passengers almost in space on several "sounds", cost several annual budgets of the Federal Federation of the late nineties. No one in their right mind would invest such funds in the project without having a guarantee that it will be the only monopoly that the money will certainly return to investors.

So TNCs have long lived in a world that we destroyed - in socialism, in a planned economy. The states and international corporations themselves, like the former State Planning Committee of the USSR, sit around the round table and negotiate. There is bargaining, coordination, standards of behavior are created, market positions are divided. TNCs even agree on cooperation. Well, “Airbus” will work for those consumers who want to fly not very fast, but cheap. But those who are willing to pay big money to quickly get from New York to Tokyo will be taken over by the Boeing. The military shipbuilding market is also divided. Say diesel submarines do the Germans and the Swedes, and the Yankees are engaged in surface ships. Biotechnology? Some types of drugs are produced only in the USA, others are produced in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Such an economy is not planned in the old sense of the word. But it provides a non-market method of resource allocation and the use of special technologies for selecting producers and structuring consumers.

The most important “pillar” of the future is the “access economy” at the very top of the world techno-economic pyramid.

So what is it? Economy without money.

What is old money? In the words of one of the founding fathers of the United States, the Mason and scientist Benjamin Franklin, money is "minted freedom." In other words, everyone, having a sufficient amount of these, can buy everything, get access to any vital good. Anyone - whether he is a saint or a sinner, a nerd or a fool. Money is the realm of quantity, not quality. Large sums of money raise the two-legged scum over the beautiful and strong people, money empowers the pervert and maniac, schizophrenic and traitor. The free exchange of goods for money is the essence of a market society.

But is it worth giving everyone the right to receive all the benefits for money? Is this principle compatible with the dynamics of social development and the logic of the technosphere? The progress of technology can generate such fruits that not all people can possess, even if they have a lot of money. All secret, closed and religious societies, except the hierarchy of their members, have a special relationship to the world. There everyone knows: this is - I need to have, and this is not necessary. And access to benefits depends on place in the hierarchy, on the degree of dedication or perfection.

Maybe in the future old money will be saved only for the lower strata. In the new world there will be a whole system of access to the highest goods, depending on the circuit in which people are included. There will be a special economy for the elect, where the uninitiated will not have access. The right to use special technologies of super power of mental abilities, for example, will definitely be in the “access economy”.

We are confident that future civilizations will be based on the principle of access, not free exchange. There a person will not be able to buy many benefits - he can only be honored. Place money will take admission.

The economy of access was built in the USSR by Stalin, although his model was still imperfect. However, the first aircraft and cars also looked ridiculous and awkward. In the future three-dimensional, complex world with its “access economy”, money will remain for obtaining lower, massive and unfaltered goods.

At the first stage, perhaps, the most intelligent and sociable will enter the circle of the elect. Not without the richest. The money will be needed for the start, and the financial-investment Solaris (a system for transferring money from the old economy to the new one) will be the starting mechanism. But the process of refining will continue, the accession of selectivity. The world of neurotechnologies will arise - and then the financial world will again become the mechanism of interaction between the market and the conciliatory “sub-economics”, dropping to the lower floors of the action-life.

Therefore, Neuromir with its networks, neuromics, neurotechnologies and other amenities will simply kill democracy and equality. They will become incompatible with the economy of access and the economy of reconciliation, and indeed with the stratification of humanity in fact into the “old” and “new” races. The world of metadata will create the power of the spirit, ideocracy. Only at an incomparably higher technological level. The ideal will again rise above the material, faith over power, and service over self-interest.

And this is where the greatest weakness of anti-humanity will manifest itself: its inability to give the world a new idea that can ignite the dream of the heart, draw the soul with it. They have no attractive image of the future. It is dull and boring, it is full of dirt and disgusting depravity that has become disgusting to everyone. But we, Russians, get a shining, fabulous chance from destiny. We, of course, are big and big, but our entire culture is permeated with creativity. We can invent and dream, we can find ways to other realities. We know how to create new worlds. We were able to solve the mystery of time.

Neuromics can be ours! “.
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