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A unified flight safety system is being created in the Russian Armed Forces

The press service and information department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation disseminated a message that a unified security system is being created in the Russian Armed Forces aviation flights. We are talking about a functional information and analytical system, which will be represented by various control bodies of the aviation formations of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A unified flight safety system is being created in the Russian Armed Forces

A unified aviation information and analytical flight safety system will increase the efficiency of solving problems related to flight operations. The first demonstration version of the new system is presented in the course of the training and methodological gathering of flight safety managers. The collection started today (May 19) in Moscow and will end on Thursday May 21.

RIA News quotes the head of the flight safety department, Major-General Alexander Berzan:
After approbation and debugging of the functioning of the elements of the system, it is assumed to equip objects in all aviation units of the RF Armed Forces and integrate objects of other elements of state aviation into it.

The system will also include a segment of state aviation safety provided by the federal executive.

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  1. Hubun
    Hubun 19 May 2015 15: 13
    well, it definitely won't get any worse
    1. Telakh
      Telakh 19 May 2015 15: 25
      Even without serving in the Air Force, after reading the aviation forum threads about "incredible cases of army aviation", you understand that a unified flight safety system is anything in the range from a latch on the cockpit so that the authorities do not climb, and to tearing off the hands of technicians who checks from They forget to pull out the catapult squibs, but certainly not the information system.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 19 May 2015 17: 19
        it is anything in the range of a latch on the cockpit, so that the authorities do not climb, and before ripping off the hands of technicians who forget to pull the checks from the catapult squibs, but certainly not an information system.
        Telakh (Xnumx)

        I remembered from my service a caponier neighbor (2 MIG-21 planes were placed in a concrete caponier), an aircraft technician, moreover, a personnel lieutenant Gesha Popovtsev, who left a plate with checks on the plane, including one that was not pulled out of the pilot's ejection seat squib.

        But if you look at this situation, not only the aircraft technician is to blame, but also the pilot himself, who did not carefully look at the aircraft technician, who was launching the aircraft from the starting position. In the hand of the technician, without fail, there must be a plate with checks shown to the pilot, saying that they, checks, have been removed from the plane.
        And if the pilot did not see this plate with the checks in the hand of the aircraft releasing the technician, he was obliged to stop rolling from the starting position onto the runway, to stop the plane's departure.

        Those. Why am I writing this, you do not need to "tear off your hands" to the technicians who have been wrapped in many flights on the flight shift, but really need an information system that works, controls, duplicates and other, eliminating the error of the "human factor"
        And the departure of Gesha Popovtsev's plane, with unreleased checks from the catapult, ended well, and no one except him knew about him, until he himself, in a friendly interflight chatter, did not tell about it himself.
        1. pvv113
          pvv113 19 May 2015 23: 22
          Our checks were withdrawn only when the crew was already in the cockpit (on the Tu-22M3). It was almost impossible to forget
          1. vladimirZ
            vladimirZ 20 May 2015 04: 27
            And in Moments, the last 2 checks were removed from the catapult after the pilot had board the plane, while the plate with the coiled cords of the rest of the checks lay in view from above on the headrest of the seat.
            It seems impossible to forget either, especially since the technician closes the lantern himself, and nevertheless, like the technician who left the checks on the plane, he said: “I corrected the hanging cords of the checks from the headrest so that they would not dangle, and closed the lamp. the plate remained on the plane only when the plane was in the air. "
            That's how it happens.
    2. DRA-88
      DRA-88 19 May 2015 15: 36
      And in Civil Aviation, when will the URS be introduced ?!
      Destroy it, but who will create it?
      It is clear that board number 1 flies with its own, special routes, like the whole army of officials, and who will take care of the safety of flights of ordinary citizens?
  2. Mercenary
    Mercenary 19 May 2015 15: 22
    A logical step is safety above all. One thing is alarming, if this system is hacked, the entire Air Force is in full view. We need to think over everything.
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 19 May 2015 15: 35
    business is necessary and useful ... and the main thing is to protect this whole "kitchen" from burglaries and fools
  4. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 19 May 2015 15: 51
    Strange, but what, it was not there before?
    1. Blondy
      Blondy 19 May 2015 17: 25
      Quote: chunga-changa
      Strange, but what, it was not there before?

      A strange question - of course it was. Well, maybe in a slightly different form.
  5. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 19 May 2015 16: 34
    Everything should have its own systems, as in the days of the USSR. First of all, the anti-popular bourgeois system of capitalism-NAH ...
  6. Alcoholic
    Alcoholic 19 May 2015 19: 23
    It's time.
    It’s not necessary to go back for years.