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Some results of the 20-year-old "eating away" of Ukraine

Some results of the 20-year-old "eating away" of UkraineMany analysts are talking about the collapse of the “Ukrainian project”. This fact confirms the mass of facts: from extinction and the flight of the population to the complete deterioration of infrastructure. Thus, according to the materials “Cost of fixed assets in 2000 – 2010” published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the degree of depreciation of fixed assets in the Ukrainian economy reached an alarming figure in 74,9%.

This figure actually buries all dreams of European integration or the independent development of Ukraine. Kiev has no funds for the modernization and overhaul of infrastructure, and Brussels has its own problems above the roof.

The statistics clearly states that there are no tendencies to improve the situation, the situation is only getting worse: in 2000, the degree of deterioration in the infrastructure of Ukraine was 43,7%, in 2004, 49,3%, in 2008, 61,2%. The numbers talk about the essence of the regime of Yanukovych better than words. The differences for the Ukrainian national economy, who rule - ardent Westernizers and Yushchenko’s Russophobes or the Yanukovych regime, no.

In another material of the Ukrainian Gosstat "The presence and condition of fixed assets for 2010 year" shows the figures for some major sectors of the national economy of Ukraine. It shows that the very worst situation in the system of transport and communications, where the degree of wear and tear has reached simply fantastic numbers in 94,4%!

The catastrophic situation in railway transport, in April 2010, the wear of the locomotive fleet reached 80%. In May, data appeared on diesel fleet depreciation on 97%, and locomotive on 90%. In Ukraine, 2447 locomotives are listed, but only 1454 and 1863 locomotives are used - only 1271 are used. The average age of an electric locomotive in the Ukrainian state is 36 years, the main and shunting diesel locomotive is 24 and 29 years, respectively. At the same time, according to the authorities, the previous plan for the renewal of the locomotive fleet was disrupted: over the past 2 of the year, instead of 172, machines bought only 49, and this also calls into question other modernization plans.

Depreciation of suburban rolling stock of railways reached by electric trains - 80,3%, and diesel trains - 93,1%. The negative situation regarding the fleet of railway cars, in 2005-2010 years, about 28,5 thousand freight cars were removed from use, and only slightly more than 5 thousand units of rolling stock were bought instead of old cars. 35 also had thousands of cars extended service life, although they also had to be incapacitated. Currently, Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways), without private wagon operators, has a fleet of 120 thousand freight wagons. Most of them were released in the USSR before 1990. And more 80% of freight wagons of Ukraine have exhausted their standard term of work. The railways of Ukraine plan to buy 2011 thousand cars in 2015-50 years, but given the fact that all previous plans have failed, there are few hopes for their implementation.

The situation in the railway transport system threatens Ukraine, in the near future, with a transport collapse and naturally the collapse of the entire economy of the country.

Difficult situation in other industries: in the mining industry the depreciation of fixed assets - 47,8%, in the manufacturing industry - 66,8%, in the energy sector - 60,7%. In general, throughout the Ukrainian industry - 63%. Worn housing stock in Ukraine is estimated at 47,2%

The difficult situation in the country's agriculture: wear in 40,7%. In fishing - 54,2%, construction sector - 50,1. From 2000 of the year to 2010, the number of tractors at the disposal of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises decreased from 319 to 151 thousand units, the number of combine harvesters from 65 to 33 thousand, seeders from 132 to 76 thousand units.

The best situation in the financial sector, the depreciation of fixed assets is only 28,7%.

Summing up this statistics, we can safely say that Ukraine has been working for “wear” with all the authorities and governments 20 has been around for years. Essentially, eating and squandering (and stealing) of the economic potential of Ukraine and its population to the detriment of its future takes place. The competitiveness of the national economy is deteriorating and the collapse of all Ukrainian statehood is approaching. The leadership of Ukraine, its oligarchic groups live for one day, trying to squeeze out as much as possible from Ukraine.
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  1. SVD
    SVD 10 October 2011 07: 45 New
    They will prosrut the legacy of the USSR and in 10 years they will be asked back to Russia, but others do not need them. Feed, then loafers again!
    1. NUT
      NUT 10 October 2011 09: 44 New
      if yes, if the left bank (as we tried in 2004, but those we don’t drink, did not support) became 96 regions, then we could argue about loafers and feeding
    2. Foamas
      Foamas 10 October 2011 13: 13 New
      In Russia, the numbers are not much better, and statistics can be turned out differently (Rosstat is a living example).
    3. oper66
      oper66 10 October 2011 22: 28 New
      I repeat once again, statehood takes shape over centuries and is historically confirmed by the will of the people to have one community to stay together in a structure capable of rallying and defending and the Ukraine chimera created by Russophobes Jesuits to the peak of Russian statehood does not unite the peoples of Ukraine except hatred of the Westerners and the desire for independence - Ukrainian history Russian history without Russia, it has no and will not have a future, or rather, it has a part under the Turks, others under the Poles Romanians and Austrians
  2. dimarm74
    dimarm74 10 October 2011 09: 40 New
    yeah .......... not fun ..... at all ....... Independence does not pass for nothing ... you have to pay for everything
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 10 October 2011 09: 46 New
      But read how Yanukovych licks capital, as far as the glands got

      “Thanks to the multifaceted talent and outstanding business qualities, you have entered the history of the formation of independent Ukraine as a well-balanced politician, experienced leader, generous philanthropist and philanthropist, taking a worthy place among prominent statesmen ... I am deeply convinced that your vast professional experience, life wisdom and patriotism will become reliable the basis for the implementation of strategic objectives on the path of further development of Ukraine, strengthening its economic potential, ”are the words from the official congratulations of the President Dent of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych September 21, p. with the 45th anniversary of the richest man in the country, Rinat Akhmetov, who, according to Forbes magazine, took 39th position in the world ranking of billionaires in 2011. In general, "money is two trunks"
  3. gans
    gans 10 October 2011 11: 10 New
    I remember how hahly stole Russian railway cars, but you can't go far on theft, the freebie is over. All of them are Russophobes
    1. mox
      mox 10 October 2011 20: 29 New
      Sorry, of course, Hans, but at your post I can determine that you are Ukrainian-loving.
      1. gans
        gans 10 October 2011 21: 46 New
        Yes, I write what it was, and how can I not write if the hahly write for example it is Russian, leave us and our country Ukraine alone. we don’t want to be and live with you. grow yourself develop yourself you have been parasitic for 400 years on the Ukrainians of bast enough the times of the colonies of slavery and serfdom ended together with the scoop. you are yelling everywhere that you have a lot of resources and money, and so spend everything on yourself, we don’t need anything from the rash, leave us alone you already got your moronic projects. you yourself live in poverty in drunkenness and poverty and are trying to drag us into your swamp. in Ukraine, at last, there was a chance to join the family of European nations, we are fed up with Finno-Finns and a golden horde. rush go to hell off
        1. mox
          mox 10 October 2011 22: 55 New
          What they write is true. Come on any news resource of Ukraine this shit is felled in both directions with shovels. And now shit each other like somewhere for someone?
          The article is biased. Figures taken out of the global economic context. There is no analysis of why and how it happened, ways to get out of this situation are not shown, there is no comparison with other CIS countries (everyone left the USSR).
          1. Ivan35
            Ivan35 11 October 2011 20: 55 New
            I agree with you mox! Again, a provocative article - you can always take some facts or figures out of context to pit people off. In general, it is clear that the collapse is everywhere - but the article provokes anti-Ukrainian comments - which I consider unacceptable

            Comments like "Ukrainians stole" "prosrut" insulting. So not only the “zapadentsy” - but normal Ukrainians will be at Russia and we are wary of watching

            Moreover, such articles are regularly repeated on the site - they provoke against Ukraine, then against the Kazakhs, then against the Belarusians or the Old Man
            As if some kind of order is to harm the reunification of the empire

            It seems to me that if we want to see Russia strong and great, then we must stop all these “srachi” - we constantly push readers from Ukraine, from Belarus, from Kazakhstan when we pour out negative pages on the pages in relation to the peoples - with whom we simply must live together (to be one people)
  4. danilatrg
    danilatrg 10 October 2011 13: 32 New
    All of these immediately began hahlov condemn! Citizens, look around, in Russia there are exactly the same problems. In Ukraine, by the way, planes do not fall in packs as in Russia, they do not break through hydroelectric power plants and much more. No need to say, they say the ragged people will come to ask, by that time we ourselves will go to someone to ask at such a pace.

    An excellent way out is the use of the remaining cooperation, the development of a common domestic market and, as a good guarantee, mutual state investments in each other's infrastructure. In the meantime, the elite is busy cutting the pipe.
    1. vlbelugin
      vlbelugin 10 October 2011 13: 50 New
      Yes, because there are few aircraft. And there are no such state district power stations.
      And we still do not shoot down foreign passenger planes.
      1. danilatrg
        danilatrg 10 October 2011 15: 17 New
        It is a shame to consider Ukraine and Russia as competing countries, to compare, to consider that we are different. Our countries have lived together more than the United States exists, we have a common history, common roots, mentality and as yet connected economies.

        If you succumbed to the provocation strategy of separation of pro-Russian peoples, then I am very sorry. I think that the situation with a passenger plane is not in the plane of international conflict, but in the plane of sloppiness, criminal negligence and other reasons, which in our country are the same as in Ukraine.
        1. Tolia
          Tolia 10 October 2011 16: 48 New
          The Russians provided those firing at the shooting range in Crimea, as it is rented by the Black Sea Fleet of Russia ...
          1. danilatrg
            danilatrg 10 October 2011 16: 51 New
            Especially ...
        2. APASUS
          APASUS 10 October 2011 21: 18 New
          Quote: danilatrg
          I’m ashamed to consider Ukraine and Russia as competing countries,

          Thanks to some presidents, they not only want to make us competitors, they want to make us enemies!
          1. Bogatir
            Bogatir 10 October 2011 23: 34 New
            Quote: APASUS
            Thanks to some presidents, they not only want to make us competitors, they want to make us enemies!

            - Yes, he has not yet become president. But here I agree with you - they are no longer competitors, there is no one to compete with.
        3. Bogatir
          Bogatir 10 October 2011 23: 33 New
          Quote: danilatrg
          I am ashamed to consider Ukraine and Russia as competing countries

          “And to deny is ignorance.”
        4. zczczc
          zczczc 11 October 2011 02: 13 New
          The United States still needs to look for a state, and even more so - there is no indigenous population.
          1. Bogatir
            Bogatir 11 October 2011 19: 11 New
            Quote: zczczc
            there is no indigenous population.

            Do not understand where?
    2. Bogatir
      Bogatir 10 October 2011 23: 32 New
      - Right.
  5. Order
    Order 10 October 2011 14: 09 New
    In fact, the situation in our national economy is not much better. I can judge it by the example of oil and gas production. The production facilities are very worn out, in fact touched the USSR, and although the update is ongoing, it is extremely slow. And such a picture is almost everywhere with us, and it is not for nothing that the question of new industrialization is increasingly being raised in society. So I don’t see any special reasons for gloating ....
    1. gans
      gans 10 October 2011 16: 27 New
      hahly, you’re doing fine, we don’t compare and do not gloat, unlike you, we’re just discussing an article about Hohland and when there is an article about Russia we will discuss Russia, move on in the chosen direction and the wind that will be fair for you in your Khokhlyat back
      1. oper66
        oper66 10 October 2011 22: 36 New
        there are more natskhkhliks on the site and what they can’t do is self-sufficient so on a long journey only this way to nowhere and on the paw of enemies
  6. escobar
    escobar 10 October 2011 18: 51 New
    After all, people are zombified by the official ideology. They dance to the Pindos pipe, and the enemy drew Khokhly. Maybe you wake up and look around. Soon the ears from the noodles will break off !!!
  7. mox
    mox 10 October 2011 20: 47 New
    ABOUT! Khokhlosrach. For a long time he was gone.
    Unfortunately, the author did not bother to give data on the development of the economy of the CIS countries, so that the whole picture could be seen. Or in Ukraine full P, but in Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, etc. just earthly paradise?
    Everything is catastrophic. Straight to the cemetery.
    I completely agree with one thesis of the author: Oligarchic capitalism relying on dictatorship, stratification of the society into very rich 10-20 families and the rest of the poor - this is the way to nowhere, or in the next 17th year.
    1. Splin
      Splin 10 October 2011 22: 24 New
      Why Ukraine? Very simple. This is an information war. Show that we are all head over heels in shit, and in the Customs or Eurasian Union we are waiting for a panacea for salvation from all troubles .. Only from such articles it is clear that Russia needs Russia more than vice versa. And not so much economically as geopolitically.
      Recently, Putin said that integrating into the economy of Europe, our aircraft industry will be bent because it can not sell anything there. And what for it is necessary! Only Ukraine needs 80 now! regional aircraft type An-148 (158). And last week, Iran placed an order for 80 aircraft. So the next 10 years it is loaded. 200 tanks in Thailand is a bold slice for the country. It is such a feeling that Ukraine is required to share achievements (albeit small ones). There are many examples of this.
      1. Bogatir
        Bogatir 10 October 2011 23: 37 New
        Quote: Splin
        Eurasian Union

        - What union?
        Quote: Splin
        It is such a feeling that Ukraine is required to share achievements (albeit small ones). There are many examples of this.

        - It’s true, only big and those who already have nothing.
        1. Splin
          Splin 11 October 2011 00: 12 New
          Recently, Putin announced plans to build a Eurasian Union on the basis of the Customs Union with the adjoining Central Asian states. In the West it was called (-removed-!), The revival of the Soviet empire.
          1. Bogatir
            Bogatir 11 October 2011 00: 17 New
            Quote: Splin
            Recently, Putin announced plans to build a Eurasian Union on the basis of the Customs Union with the adjoining Central Asian states. In the West it was called (-removed-!), The revival of the Soviet empire.

            - And yesterday in a neighboring province - one cow thought she wanted to fart. I strained, and yes so - that already crap ... winked
  8. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 10 October 2011 21: 45 New
    I read the article, and try on everything in Russia. But we have the same thing. And transport, and utilities, and depreciation of production assets. Foaming on the mirror! And it’s not the people on both sides who are guilty, but a bunch of snickering bastards in power, imagining themselves the country's saviors .....
  9. Bogatir
    Bogatir 10 October 2011 23: 51 New
    Salute to everyone !!!
    - Did I have a BAN because of your avations with minuses automatically, or did it from masturbation?
  10. Sobibor
    Sobibor 11 October 2011 02: 51 New
    Is it better in Russia? wink

    Ukraine has a definite plus - with infrastructure modernization, logistics costs are tens of times lower than similar modernization in Russia.
  11. mar.tira
    mar.tira 11 October 2011 06: 44 New
    Well, everything is the same, we can say about Russia!. Well, literally everything! The same collapse, the same spending of billionaires, and the poverty of ordinary people, and the farther from the center, the more terrible .. Also pulling a shirt over himself with new false patriots, guardians for the people. And actually in my pocket. The same wear and tear of all the transport that was created by the labor of all the peoples of the USSR. And ships, and aircraft, and vehicles, and Zh.D. There is nothing to be proud of either. Conclusion: It is necessary to sweep away these rulers and fundamentally change policies. Who, like us, should not raise the state of the three brothers from the ruins. And nationalists should be equated with the most serious crimes, and on the rack. But do not knock out the identity of the peoples, as it was under the Soviet Government