On fictitious research for the Russian Air Force 12 million rubles stolen

On fictitious research for the Russian Air Force 12 million rubles stolen

Two colonels of the Russian army put on trial for facilitating the theft of 12 million rubles. Colonel Yuri Tarakanov, the former head of one of the departments of the Federal State Institution "13 State Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense" and the former senior officer of the development and order organization department are accused of fraud aviation equipment and weapons of the Russian Air Force Colonel Alexander Nikitchenko, according to the Prosecutor General.

According to investigators, the theft was committed in 2009 year. The officers signed fictitious reports of studies of the fins of the aircraft, which in fact were not carried out. Based on these documents, the money was transferred to CJSC Kulon-2. Defendants are required to pay damages.

At the end of January 2011, the RIA News reported that the 13 State Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense revealed embezzlement on 40 million rubles. The chief of the 2 administration of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, Alexander Nikitin, noted that the money for the work never performed was transferred to the Kulon company.

In addition, the Prosecutor General’s Office notes that the embezzlement became possible due to the negligent attitude of the former leadership of the development department of the Russian Air Force to its duties. In May, 2011, it was reported that the head of the department, Igor Krylov, was among those dismissed by the Russian president for disrupting the state defense order.

The 13 GNII of the Ministry of Defense is located in Lyubertsy near Moscow. According to the Rosbalt agency, the institute is investigating the causes of aircraft failures, taking part in investigating aircraft crashes and deciphering the “black boxes” of crashed airplanes.
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  1. zczczc
    zczczc 10 October 2011 00: 21 New
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    I have heard more than once that after the dismissal and even landing of the thieves, a check of the same position after a year reveals no less theft ...
    The problem is fundamental.
  2. kesa1111
    kesa1111 10 October 2011 01: 07 New
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    And how much was stolen during the construction of the city in Mount Yamantau?
  3. Varnaga 10 October 2011 09: 59 New
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    Here is from the Pendant 2 site:
    CJSC Kulon-2 regrettably brings to your attention the tragic death of the Director General of CJSC Kulon-2 Idris Kalimullovich Fayzullina. A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of the murder under the article “murder”.