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Black and white of modern patriotism. A word about the museum


The museum is a serious thing. Museums should not be approached without respect, as they are vaults. stories and memory. There are museums, having been in which once, you catch yourself thinking that it would be nice to return there again. Because the spirit, memory and pleasant pastime. For me, this discovery was the museum in Prokhorovka.

But there are unpleasant exceptions. About such an exception, which became for us with Alexei Volodin also an unpleasant adventure, I want to tell.

It was 14 May. We met with Alexei near the museum "Diorama". The fact is that a team from the “5 channel” gathered to interview him. About one of his articles. Well, the federal channel, interested in the opinion of the author of "Military Review" - this is interesting. And since it was a matter of very, very near-patriotic matters, we didn’t invent a better site than the Park of Patriots. Interviews on the background of the museum, over which the red flag flutters, - well, what could be the best background for an interview where the BBC and their minions would get what they deserved?

But it turned out that 5 or 10 minutes before the start of the shooting came down clouds (that's really suddenly swooped in) and such a downpour rushed that there was no talk about shooting.

And we rushed under the protection of the museum walls and canopies.

The security guard, a gray-haired retired 60, very hospitably opened the door in front of us, and we flew into the waiting room. We were invited to see the exhibition, especially since there was not a soul in the museum. I confess to our common shame, we have not visited Diorama before. However, I planned to make a report on the model and likeness of Prokhorovka, Tula, Belgorod.

Began to figure out how to do it better. And he began to ask the staff of the museum. I was immediately pointed at the signs hanging in every corner: "Photo and video shooting are prohibited." Well, this is not surprising, some museums generally take 50-100 rubles for shooting separately.

However, it turned out that in our case, everything is a bit wrong. Entrance to the museum is absolutely free. What surprised and pleased. But shooting ... No, there is a way out. Since the museum serves some private collections, as I was told by an employee, there is a piggy bank for “voluntary donations”. Donated - and take off, as much as necessary. My attempt to find out how much to voluntarily donate did not bring any result. The size of the goodwill is entirely under the authority of the museum director.

I left this question for later, especially since the guys from the film crew, realizing that the rain had charged for a long time, asked permission from the museum staff right in front of the entrance and withdraw this interview.

First, dear ladies and a representative of the security were seriously worried, since "it is forbidden to take pictures." However, the guys from the film crew reassured them that not a single exhibit would be in the frame. And only the wall next to the entrance door will fall. Well, as if the museum staff decided that there is no crime in this. And allowed to shoot.

Naive we are all the same.

Around the middle of the interview, a little man appeared at the entrance. Seeing the camera, he fell into some stupor. And then he asked me what it was. Well, as best I could, I explained. Then he heard the terrible word for him “BBC”, he rolled his eyes and trotted up to the top.

After some time, the whole procession was already descending the stairs. The first was, as it turned out later, the museum director. Elegant lady nice appearance. This gentleman was hovering around her, and he constantly said something to her. I pricked my ears and did not believe them.

Phrases that fell from this yet unknown gentleman would be more suitable for the Soviet film 50-60's. "I draw your attention ... they talk about the" BBC "... disgrace ... connivance ... loss of vigilance ... I immediately saw how, signaled ... need to react ... would you order to stop the disgrace?"

Here I already fell into a stupor. But time fell out of it and for the second time explained to the director who we are and why. “Stop? Accelerate? ”- continued this fine small. "Not. Let them finish. Then sort things out, ”was the great answer. And the lady swam past the group into the street.

Meanwhile, Volodin ended his conversation. The group's senior asked if anyone had anything to add. The gentleman who rode up at the security console jumped up, and immediately switching to an ultrasound, he demanded that we leave the premises. While the TV people were winding up the cables and packing everything else so as not to get wet, the lord, who turned out to be the deputy director for the utility, continued his high-frequency business.

To say that we were asked some questions, it is impossible. Nothing was asked of us, and if something was in an interrogative form, then no answers were required. More precisely, they did not interest this Vadim Yuryevich, a retiree from the FSO.

He simply squealed, accusing us of every imaginable and unimaginable sins and violation of the laws. What - a separate question. As Volodin and I understood, all our fault is that, out of habit, we solved the question with a minimum of actions. And you had to go upstairs and ask permission from the director. Leaving the museum, we really told each other that it was good, they say, that they did not. It would definitely not be allowed. And even though the job is done.

It would seem that here is this? The federal "5 channel" and the federal media "Military Review" on the territory of a municipal institution such as a museum made material telling what Mr. Sapozhnikov is a bad person, since he gives such empty interviews to "Bi-bi-si". That's it, finish. All the good fellows, because they did the right thing for the country. We are not advertising removed, in the end ...

No, it was necessary to agree, approve, settle, and then how would something not happen. Well, as a result, having received a number of humiliating statements, we were expelled from the territory of the law under the rain.

Speaking of compliance. While Vadim Yurievich was screaming at us and stamping his legs, his immediate superior smoked all this time. On the street. Directly on the territory of the memorial complex. To the left of the entrance. And went inside only after our departure.

That's who there is talking about compliance with the laws after that.

But the story is not over, you should not relax.

The next day I reappeared in the museum. Actually, I also said on our first unsuccessful visit that I was going to make a report on Diorama. Well, I came as promised. The clerk of the supply manager is screaming, and I wanted to make a report.

He took with him a bag with equipment, put on a formal dress and arrived.

They met me on the way. Apparently, I underestimated the modern means of technical control. Because the guard (already another) approached me exactly with the question to whom I am. I honestly said that to the museum. That I am a correspondent and I would like to make a report about the museum. About what yesterday warned the authorities in the person of Vadim Yurevich.

“You see,” said the museum guard with an unexpected reproach. It seems that I asked him for the keys to the MI-8, which is on the exhibition of technology, to cut around the city.

Actually, that was it. The headmistress was very busy, and I couldn’t give 5 minutes. But all she had to do was tell me the amount of “voluntary donation”, so that the museum would cease to be a secret defense plant for me. The first deputy director (there is, it turns out, such) was also very busy. Without even introducing himself, he said that he would do it, how he would be released, and left.

I stayed waiting under the watchful eyes of two female employees in the 20 square meters. When I got tired of standing, I began to move along the walls with the exhibits. Then they threw all their affairs and glared at me. It was a bit uncomfortable.

Minutes walked, deputy directors occasionally ran past me. Vadim Yuryevich persistently turned away and pretended that we were strangers. And that I am a candelabrum of the Petrine era. The headmistress stubbornly sat in the office.

In general, when about forty minutes passed (37, if specifically), I decided not to play these games anymore, and headed for the exit. No one stopped me, the guard watched with visible relief. Well, love can't be forced.

That was how my attempt to make a report on the Diorama super-secret museum in Voronezh ended in complete failure. Strangely, I made materials about museums in Volgograd, Belgorod, Tula, Prokhorovka, and I was sure that I would do more than one. Not everyone can see what is thousands of kilometers away. And in all cities I met only openness and goodwill on the part of museum workers. In Prokhorovka even T-34 was allowed to climb. Only my dimensions are not allowed. And people are allowed.

But, apparently, the museum "Diorama" in Voronezh has its own laws. Well, sorry. But nothing more will not add here.

For contrast, I will tell you about another museum. He is strange. He is, although he is not. To my great regret, at that moment, when I got to him, the founder, director, curator and guide in one person (reminded: we wrote about the museum in the Chukal VVVIUL, the same situation) was in the hospital, so the visit was crumpled up .

But here. Museum created by Afghan soldiers. Located in the premises of the regional organization "IVA" - "War Invalids in Afghanistan."

Admission is free. In principle, this is because the exhibits simply lie and stand where there is a free corner. That is everywhere. But this is not just a warehouse of exhibits. This is an exit museum. They take him to where he is needed and show and tell. In schools, colleges, summer camps in particular.

The question that this museum needs at least a small, but its habitat, hangs years. And, apparently, will hang as much again. So, at least, the chairman of this organization, Nikolai Vasilyevich Priymenko, believes. Which, nevertheless, continues to upholster and prove the need not for a miserable existence, but for the full life of this museum.

I am not going to comment on anything, I am sure who was "behind the river", he will appreciate the work of those who gathered this exhibition.

By the way, the guardsman's suit is real. He was presented to the museum by a man who stormed the palace in this costume.
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  1. Llirik
    Llirik 19 May 2015 07: 18
    Thank you, Roman, for your work. The Diorama Museum in Voronezh should change its leadership to an adequate one as soon as possible. I still wish the Afghan warriors to find a room for their exposition. The matter is very important. Although a traveling museum may be able to appear to more people than a static one.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 19 May 2015 14: 20
        Quote: sancho
        Someone simply did not go to the leadership and did not bother to beat with a brow, which is why the museum management was very offended by such humiliation.

        such leadership should not be beaten with a forehead, but with a boot under *** ku! Museum (from the Greek. Μουσεῖον - House of the Muses) - an institution engaged in the collection, study, storage and exhibition of objects - monuments of natural history, material and spiritual culture, as well as educational and popularizing activities.
        In our country, the main source of law is the Constitution, which contains the 4th paragraph of article 29, which gives the right to receive and produce information in any legal way, which includes photography. All federal laws, regulations, and internal rules of organizations must comply with this clause. Further, you can turn to article 7 of the Law on Information, which says that publicly available information, which, of course, includes art objects exhibited in museums, can be used by any person at their discretion, subject to restrictions on the distribution of such information. Translated into human language, this means that for personal use you can photograph almost everything.

        But since we are in the museum, we must look at the law on museum funds. It contains article 36, which secures museums the right to first publish objects and collections assigned to a museum, and also limits the commercial use of reproduced museum objects and collections. Simply put, it is impossible to remove exhibits in storage rooms, but as soon as they are included in the exposition and put on public display (article 3 of the same law), the so-called first publication occurs, after which everyone has the opportunity to reproduce (photograph, redraw) these objects . Thus, in accordance with these laws, photographing in museums is possible, but not forbidden.
        So what do we have with a goose? The blatant incompetence of officials. as you put it
        Quote: sancho
        local and "folk" traditions!

        which is high time to eradicate
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Tanker21
    Tanker21 19 May 2015 09: 45
    How all this is familiar. The creators of the exhibition I want to put it in order. Himself in our museum has built 2 expositions in Afghanistan. The main thing is not to stop - you need equipment, shop windows, stands. So far, everything looks like a warehouse, but I understand this is only the beginning.
  3. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 19 May 2015 10: 35
    Well ... these people clearly decided that this diorama is their property.
    Behave as if it is their personal property ...

    Let his conscience make his way into the hollow through the ekarnukyu stump, so that the pretzel stupidly burst out of shame.
    This is a simple and sincere Army wish to the oil industry.
    Something like that.

    When I looked at the pictures of the Afghan Museum, I immediately felt the spirit ... approximately the same sensations were in another museum ...
    In Yekaterinburg on the street Krylova 2 there is a small museum of airborne forces.
    Here there is the same aura.
    The Urals were lucky in one thing - they gave a modest, but OWN room.
    Accordingly, they were able to collect more exhibits.
    This is a REAL Museum with a capital letter. Museum of Memory, assembled with the Soul and carefully preserved. It is assembled in order to be VISITED, and not for static storage.
    Respect to all who are involved in its creation and content.
    Who is from the ECB and was not there - go, you won’t regret it, honestly.
    It is possible to simply wander around it, forgetting about time, although it is really very small.

    Roman - thanks for the report.
    The Afghan Museum of Voronezh - the fastest housewarming, its creator and keeper - sincere wishes for Health.
    Anything can happen - miracles also happen.
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 20 May 2015 17: 33
      Let his conscience make his way into the hollow through the ekarnukyu stump, so that the pretzel stupidly burst out of shame.
      This is a simple and sincere Army wish to the oil industry.
      Something like that.

      Frantically ply Comrade! Immediately felt the impact of service on worldview and speech wassat
  4. karelia-molot
    karelia-molot 19 May 2015 10: 57
    Rum, write to Garik in Petrozavodsk in the continuation of the museum theme) It will be interesting!
  5. elenagromova
    elenagromova 19 May 2015 13: 10
    The report turned out. Only sad ...
    I would like him to get a resonance, and the management was removed.
    Bans on filming in a museum are insanity, but how should people learn about museums? Not everyone can personally come and go. And, again, these photos - advertising. Someone will see and be inspired to go.
  6. tolancop
    tolancop 19 May 2015 13: 11
    Thanks for the interesting stuff.
    It so happened that recently the museums that I visited turned out to be private: "musical instruments" in Yaroslavl, "Steam locomotives", "Dummies", "Patefonov", "Radio" in Pereslavl-Zalessky (Museum of Radio - generally a SONG !! !). And he always left these museums with a lot of positive emotions. Probably, part of the soul and warmth was transmitted from the creator. And when the museum is commanded by an official, it turns out like in Voronezh ... Recently I went to the new museum complex in New Jerusalem .. The complex is large, and seemingly beautiful, a lot of money is thrown in, but the impressions are ... so-so. If it had not been for the caretaker of one of the halls, he would have left "in the negative" ...
    Everything is as always: put on a pure business a soulless person and he will manage to screw up everything that is possible ...
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 19 May 2015 21: 26
      Quote: tolancop
      It so happened that recently the museums that I visited turned out to be private:

      He smiled when he remembered another private museum:
      Exhibition complex in Verkhnyaya Pyshma near Yekaterinburg.
      It was made by the UMMC, at the moment a whole workshop is engaged in the restoration of military equipment.
      In the beginning, several cars just stood along the fence of the plant near the sidewalk, but now ...
      Without exaggeration, it is one of the best museums in Russia and the world.
      Impressions - CVC.)))

      Photo Shoot:
      This is a small part of the street exposition ...
  7. washi
    washi 19 May 2015 14: 45
    Well, the state cannot or does not want to feed all the museums.
    There is only one way out - private donations, not extortion or sale of exhibits, as some have.
  8. Aleksandr89
    Aleksandr89 19 May 2015 18: 40
    Today the problem is not in the museums themselves, but in the people who work there, manage their work, and move in this area. The main task is that in the museum, as in other institutions, people would be "in their place", and not because he was "good", or held some kind of post in law enforcement agencies. The builder must build, the artist must write, the historian - to tell and explain the events of the past. This problem clings to a variety of related problems. You shouldn't show the situation as if all the problems have been solved, but there is disorder in museums. Sadly, museums are remembered before holiday dates, when all the flaws are openly striking. A little more time will pass and until next May 9th everyone will forget about it, but the problem will not be solved. Let's not get into populism. We need to solve a whole bunch of problems and immediately if we want to move forward.
  9. lilian
    lilian 19 May 2015 22: 56
    Maybe this is just the only case of inadequate administration of the museum in the Country. Is it worth talking about a large-scale "problem" with museums because of him?