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Entertaining arithmetic from Venediktov

The opposition in Russia is not just a political movement, it is a whole psychological phenomenon. It has an exceptional form of thinking. And this exclusivity is not even the ability to build a chain of mutually exclusive statements that is downright "black soil" for any practicing psychiatrist. This exclusivity is based on the subtle sense of any moral and ethical winds in society. Since the collapse of the USSR, the main trend in any political or historical dispute has been the call to the memory of repressed relatives. The degree of truthfulness and objectivity of the speaker was often directly proportional to the number of his repressed ancestors. And if the central channel, and the question under discussion is odious, then the number of repressed relatives became fantastic. It was surprising not even the concentration of attention of the punitive organs on a single surname taken as a throat, but simply the presence of so many relatives.

But so convenient and difficult to verify the trend, like everything based on fanaticism, gave oak. And all the leaves of the genealogical tree, which with such difficulty "recalled" all kinds of speakers, slowly fade.

Winds stories several have cured this national complex, so carefully imposed on the people. The people suddenly startled, blew away the dust from grandfather's photographs and orders. Naturally, such drastic changes in human moods, which are not only massive, but unifying in nature, could not remain without the close attention of specifically minded citizens. In order to at least warm up around the campfire of people's memory and at the same time add their radiant personality to the feat of the country in the Great Patriotic War, and thereby add weight to their inventions, the opposition began to diligently recount the orders and medals of their ancestors, apparently, those who had passed the Stalinist "bloody" arm.

Of course, such a device is unlikely to work on a thoughtful person. In fact, no matter how wonderful your grandfathers were, it doesn’t stop you personally from becoming a mercantile scoundrel or, say, a prostitute. But when this is pronounced from the podium with a burning gaze, it can make an impression.

Recently such a thunderous effect could be achieved by the guru of non-living media Aleksey Venediktov. The speech of a professional “journalist” about no less than 7 orders of the Red Banner of his grandfathers (the first five-time cavalier, for example, appeared at the end of the war, and was Kliment Voroshilov himself), which they deserved in the ranks of the Red Army and NKVD infantry! And he did it so boldly, so inspiredly and so often that he could attract attention. And what! For example, the notorious lawyer Anton Sorvachev 6 May posted a video on the network (; link to the website of Sorvachev), in which expressed "big doubts" in the veracity of Venediktov's words. Venediktov owes these doubts to himself, since the number of orders from Aleksei Alekseevich’s grandfathers changed from transmission to transmission.

And on May 11 of May, the Tula branch of “The Essence of Time”, Sergey Kurginyan, published on its resource a survey of the associate professor at the Novomoskovsk Institute of the Municipal Technical Technological University. D.I. Mendeleev, Candidate of Historical Sciences Yuri Shakirov ( Shakirov cites the names of the ancestors of our hero: Nikolai Andrianovich Venediktov (after his father) and Vladimir Abramovich Dykhovichny (after his mother). By the way, my own short search suggests that the latter is a great-uncle Venediktov (that is, a brother of his grandmother), and his biography is quite well known. So, Sorvachev and representatives of the Essence of Time claim that both grandfathers of the enchanting master of Ekho Moskvy radio station were never holders of the Order of the Red Banner, not to mention the 7 orders for two. Given the level of nepolivosti and the principles of our opposition, it seems that it is not necessary to recheck it. But we will be consistent.

The official resource of the Ministry of Defense of Russia - the electronic bank of documents “THE EXPLOIT OF PEOPLE IN THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR 1941-1945 GG.” (Http:// can help us in investigations. We drive in: "Vladimir Abramovich Dykhovichny".

Inevitably, you start to remember the Crocodile Gena: “Chebureks, Cheboksary ... There are no Cheburasks”. Vladimir Dykhovichny is actually a member of the Great Patriotic War, and he was awarded as much as the Order of the Red Star. In this case, this information can be obtained from the site of the notorious Wikipedia, because Dykhovichny was far from the last playwright and writer of the USSR, and is rightfully a knight of the Red Star. However, about any orders of the Red Banner and out of the question.

We drive in: “Nikolay Andrianovich Venediktov”. Since the website of the Ministry of Defense issues all possible documents related to the person mentioned, it will be difficult to reproach us with insufficient zeal. The result, however, is expected. Not a single comrade named Nikolai Andrianovich Venediktov was a knight of the Order of the Red Banner. However, like Dykhovichny, one of the NKVD Nikolai Venediktov is a knight of the Order of the Red Star. What happens?

No, of course, with selective blindness, which suffers the overwhelming majority of the opposition, we have already resigned, but selective sclerosis is something new. What are the reasons to refute these studies? Well, for example, declare that the archive of documents is not complete. Only now, the Order of the Red Banner is one of the highest orders of the USSR, and it is almost impossible to lose seven (or even five?) Award sheets at once. But the most irrefutable argument in favor of Venediktov for the adherents of the opposition will be that the authorities deliberately confirmed their history. In fact, for such a hardened illusionist like Putin, who for several years imperceptibly for the whole world has been chasing 1 / 9 parts of sushi of armored drills and aerospace paratroopers, and also resurrects entire football teams, like feint with their ears are sheer trifles. The easiest thing would be to call the numbers of the award document and disgrace the enemies. But Venediktov's stoic silence seems to have grown into everlasting silence.

We have already got used to the specific level of professionalism of the “journalists” of “Echo”. We may even believe that it was this level of journalistic professionalism that made Alexei Alekseevich confuse not only the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of the Red Star, but at the same time completely forget about their number. Well, forgot uncle, uncle old. However, the most dangerous thing is that Venediktov offered us a game. The game is vile, in which both the sixes and jokers are people. The game in which the war for the Motherland mutated into "honor for the awards", to which, by the way, Venedicts has nothing to do. A game in which it does not matter how a person lived, but a populist effect is important. And if we are trying to impose this game, then at least, let the cards not be staked, no matter how cruel it may sound.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 18 May 2015 08: 26
    Opposition in Russia is not just a political movement, it is a whole psychological phenomenon.

    It is rather a mental abnormality.

    Schizophrenia of liberals demanding sanctions for their people and sometimes democratic bombing requires the treatment of a psychiatrist.
    1. anakonda
      anakonda 18 May 2015 08: 35
      Venediktov does not have psychic deviations, he just pushes his price on the hump of his grandfathers and wants to discuss with interlocutors from more powerful positions.
      1. WKS
        WKS 18 May 2015 09: 45
        I admit that in the search engine you can not find information about the awards. My father-in-law has three orders of Lenin, not counting the others, but search engines do not find anything. But the fact that Venidiktov is lying and does not choke is not in doubt.
      2. Kostyar
        Kostyar 18 May 2015 12: 26
        With brothers Makarevich or something ...?! The same nasty face !!!
        1. filinav1979
          filinav1979 18 May 2015 16: 44
          They are second cousins.
    2. just exp
      just exp 18 May 2015 11: 55
      yes, read finally Klimov, the same "Prince of Darkness", there revolutionaries of all stripes are very well described, the spiritual heirs of which are our popazioners.
    3. NEXUS
      NEXUS 18 May 2015 12: 59
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Schizophrenia of liberals demanding sanctions for their people and sometimes democratic bombing requires the treatment of a psychiatrist.

      for what kind of people? At the merchants and Judas where the Motherland is paid there. And our liberals showed themselves in all their glory in the 90s. They sold and handed over everything and everything.
      And what about this pepper, so why is it better or worse than Nemtsov? request
  2. anakonda
    anakonda 18 May 2015 08: 30
    Venediktov’s memory is selective, most likely he has deja vu, I remember, I forgot something there wassat .
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 May 2015 08: 31
    Thanks to the author. These scumbags from liberalism and the sewers of history must be crushed with facts. Although, often, they do not perceive the facts, or the fact is answered with the ordinary "himself d ...".
  4. Putinets
    Putinets 18 May 2015 08: 37
    I think Putin is doing the right thing, that he doesn’t touch this Mr. *** but. Nobody will reproach us that we are not a free country. But you need to expose every hour. And hang banners on houses every day so that people visually perceive the liberal = traitor = Venedict and co = teft = amerikosy = fascism
    1. go21zd45few
      go21zd45few 18 May 2015 10: 43
      As they say do not touch Mr. ... Mr., it will not stink. And there is less attention to such Venediktovs, they die themselves, the dog barks, the caravan goes on.
      1. Senior manager
        Senior manager 18 May 2015 12: 51
        Minus. On this we lose.
  5. BecmepH
    BecmepH 18 May 2015 08: 43
    Liberal mimicry ... These will survive everywhere. Well, let them not LIVE, but SURVIVE.
  6. Ross_ulair
    Ross_ulair 18 May 2015 08: 55

    Benedict is a very vulnerable person! Very fine mental organization laughing
    1. Hell's Angel
      Hell's Angel 18 May 2015 09: 56
      Very fine mental organization
      I always suspected that he was somehow not so ..... lol
    2. CONTROL
      CONTROL 18 May 2015 10: 51
      ... a vulnerable soul ... a subtle mental organization (like the "Gestapo") ... a mobile psyche ... easily configurable morality and ethics (from "non-existence" to propaganda of Ukrainian Nazism on Russian radio, television and in the press) .. ...
      A unique personality worthy of study - with preparation on the operating table - in a clinic of the appropriate profile!
    3. Altona
      Altona 18 May 2015 17: 04
      Quote: ROSS_Ulair
      Benedict is a very vulnerable person! Very fine mental organization

      Three suede jackets, foreign ... Three domestic cigarette case! All that is gained by overwork!
  7. Nitarius
    Nitarius 18 May 2015 09: 00
    here wretched!
    1. udincev
      udincev 18 May 2015 09: 11
      Quote: Nitarius
      here wretched!

      And not only in arithmetic!
  8. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 18 May 2015 09: 01
    Something is already sorting out materials about the dirty tricks of the Jewish opposition.
    Isn’t it time for them to just shut up their mouth so that they do not poison the air ...
    1. udincev
      udincev 18 May 2015 09: 09
      Quote: Volzhanin
      Isn't it time for them to just shut up

      How are they waiting for this! Sufferers ...
      1. Yura
        Yura 18 May 2015 10: 24
        Quote: udincev
        How are they waiting for this! Sufferers ...

        Sadomasochists? Is there no other way? Sick? Perhaps it’s just unprincipled and immoral people who don’t care how to earn their bread, who don’t think about their descendants and who would be ashamed of such ancestors.
  9. udincev
    udincev 18 May 2015 09: 06
    Elite? Where can I see?
  10. Svarog198
    Svarog198 18 May 2015 09: 07
    Similarly, it is necessary to do with those who play in the repressed. Voice, for which his relatives were affected by repression. And it turns out that he reported or voluntarily left to build Great Germany or for concrete wrecking.
  11. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 18 May 2015 09: 25
    I have to disagree with the author of this video about the lies of Venediktov. He never said that his grandfathers were awardedhe said that they were these rewards. In my opinion, the journalist may have subtly made it clear that these 4-7 orders of the Red Banner of War his grandfathers got in SMERSH and on the front line. Or, speaking in a common language, they were collected. Venediktov himself or his parents, it seems, did not save these orders, so the journalist himself no longer has them, otherwise he could well say that he also has 7 orders.

    In such an interpretation of his words, it is clearly visible that there is no lie and Venediktov may well walk with his head held high. And then it is even more clear why, not appreciating his verbal monograms of fellow citizens, Venediktov calls m @ dacians. It's a shame, right?
  12. Crown
    Crown 18 May 2015 09: 33
    How much they hate us (lebirasts). In one apartment, we rent a fact that does not get along!
  13. Gypsy girl
    Gypsy girl 18 May 2015 09: 45
    Yes, this Venediktov, probably, never in his life said a word of truth!
    1. Alexey Boukin
      Alexey Boukin 18 May 2015 15: 24
      These Venediktov has its own truth, to spoil the country. They can’t do anything else.
  14. Good cat
    Good cat 18 May 2015 09: 51
    de mo he is simple, benedict-breathing!
  15. infantry76
    infantry76 18 May 2015 09: 57
    People like him and others like him are real traitors to our Motherland and corrupt people of our society. They are ready, hiding behind slogans "for democracy", to sell the entire country with its history and exploits for handouts from the Americans and their hangers-on. With such it is necessary to fight only by the force of facts and truth!
    I have the honor!
  16. sir_obs
    sir_obs 18 May 2015 10: 19
    Chebureks, Cheboksary, no Cheburashkas. Of course, Cheburashka is his pseudonym. Gle have you seen a store employee use the word "cheburakhnutsya" in relation to a fallen character?
    But in relation to various liberalists, one should not be shy, but call them by their proper names.
  17. Stelth1985
    Stelth1985 18 May 2015 10: 27
    I always didn’t like his face !!!

    For the Honor and Glory of the ancestors!
  18. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 18 May 2015 10: 30
    And this is called democracy!
  19. 120352
    120352 18 May 2015 10: 32
    Venediktov has either disagreement with arithmetic, or with memory, or lies - his essence. The latter, perhaps, outweighs that is repeatedly confirmed by his tales in EM. The man, it seems, did not get into the genre. He would write something for children, but about Baba Yaga, and he ... Unlucky.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 18 May 2015 22: 07
      I think that he doesn’t get along with arithmetic, and with memory, and with conscience ...
  20. ssn18
    ssn18 18 May 2015 10: 32
    Question: "Are there people among the participants who are familiar with the Lambroso system?"
    Personally, I am familiar with her extremely superficially. But even without hearing him (Venediktov) pearls, and focusing solely on the appearance and manner of movement, I have doubts about his mental health. And so in depth, t.s. implicit doubts arise regarding the abolition of compulsory psychiatric treatment.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 18 May 2015 22: 06
      hi Respected! What can be doubts about the mental health of this freak? Personally, I do not have a lot of doubts about Venediktov. The history of his illness is all heavily imprinted on his degenerative-intellectual face. This is not Degtyaryov, Polikarpov, Koshkin or Kesha Smoktunovsky ... wassat tongue No.
  21. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 18 May 2015 10: 34
    Yes ... The lie is still ... If only he did not dishonor his grandfathers who defended their homeland and were awarded the Order of the "Red Star". Low bows and respect to grandfathers. Contempt for the grandson.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 18 May 2015 22: 03
      hi Of course, I wildly apologize, but all the efforts of the glorious grandfathers gave rise to such a vile and nasty granddaughter ... Is there anything to thank them for? what
  22. loaln
    loaln 18 May 2015 11: 06
    Good example. What's the point? Manages to pull out inconsistencies and prevent false fabrications. What helped? Archive. So, for all the repressed, open archives with all the materials of the investigation are needed. I'd like to get acquainted with a number of cases. And then, perhaps, human rights personalities say what is beneficial to them? And so, any words and they themselves will have to check against public data. Now there is an irresponsible manipulation of the victims' "testimonies". So I would like to get to know these victims better. Plunge into the truth, so to speak. Quite likely and impartial. But the truth is documented, not retold.
  23. Victor p
    Victor p 18 May 2015 11: 08
    Benedictov is a normal Russian guy and teaches us fools how to live in Russia
    1. Horn
      Horn 18 May 2015 12: 15
      Quote: victor p
      Benedictov is a normal Russian guy and teaches us fools how to live in Russia

      - Nu-nu ... G'ussky pag'ni, they are ...
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 18 May 2015 22: 00
        Quote: Horn
        Quote: victor p
        Benedictov is a normal Russian guy and teaches us fools how to live in Russia

        - Nu-nu ... G'ussky pag'ni, they are ...

        good good laughing laughing laughing
        That shto you say! So I am one of these lesser g'us pag'nei legs! Take that with Uncle Syoma!
    2. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 18 May 2015 14: 37
      I have always been considered a punks and a gangster, but I'd rather go into anti-Semites.
  24. pensioner
    pensioner 18 May 2015 11: 17
    This long-nosed descendant of Singshelshuher has long had time to solemnly carry on to his historical homeland. With gypsies and bears and torn button accordions.
  25. ARES623
    ARES623 18 May 2015 11: 55
    Echo of Moscow is the owner of Gazprom-Media holding. This means that the general control of the EM operation is in the hands of the state. Since EM constantly bears opposition nonsense and "nothing" for it, the conclusion suggests itself that this is a court opposition channel, tracking which "smart and polite" can monitor the entire opposition "elite". What to do with this information - "smart ..." know. The main thing is that interesting people are not sitting underground, not in cracks, but here in the palm of your hand, you need to clap, all or selectively, a matter of tactics. Very useful. At the same time, you can show the West, here you see, we also have "it", and we feed it. For what - our business.
    1. forest park 86
      forest park 86 18 May 2015 14: 14
      As with "rain" when they crossed the line.
  26. evm-2005
    evm-2005 18 May 2015 12: 20
    For him, categories 5-7 are acceptable. If he himself deserved at least one, he would know for sure. They started verbiage. How much can you endure these democratic beggars ...
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 18 May 2015 14: 44
      I speak culturally. A Venedikt-sweaty girl infected with a venereal disease walking with the State Department’s money, with paises. Always ready to take an orally unwashed, smelly Anglo-Saxon male sexual organ with a lapel. It’s a pity not 37 years old.
  27. zb-65
    zb-65 18 May 2015 16: 25
    Venediktov joined the EU ...
  28. Baloo
    Baloo 18 May 2015 19: 36
    If my grandson asks me who is "parhaty .. d", I know whom to give as an example. angry
  29. Aqela
    Aqela 18 May 2015 21: 56
    In fact, for such a scorched illusionist like Putin, who for several years in a row has been stealthily chasing 1/9 of the land of armored drills and aerospace paratroopers, as well as resurrecting entire football teams, like a feint with his ears - pure trifles

    laughing laughing lol laughing good drinks Good remark. It's definitely not bad about selective sclerosis, but the author of the article is poorly oriented in medical matters. There is a Korsakov syndrome in alcoholics, as it includes the phenomenon of "confabulation" - false memories, ie. when the drunkard lies, he does not blush and is piously sure of his nonsense! am laughing
  30. evgmiz
    evgmiz 18 May 2015 23: 20
    Quote: filinav1979
    They are second cousins.

    And I think that they are secret spouses.