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How to survive in the army


Each situation is very individual. There is no universal behavior. But maybe someone will be useful my advice. It was easier for me - everyone served in my family. Now there are families where there are no serving men. If you know such recruits, give them these tips. They may not be perfect, but this is better than nothing.

1. Do not be afraid. Your main enemy is not demobling, not difficult conditions of service, not a moron-foreman. Your fear makes you vulnerable to them.

2. Do not arise. Do not swing the law, do not swing the laws. Do not look for logic and justice in the army. They were looking for you smarter, stronger and erudite people. The system is stronger, it devoured them, and will devour you. Just squeeze your ass in a fist and be patient.

3. Do not stand out from the masses. If something humiliating ordered to do everything - do you. If something humiliating told you to do it alone - DO NOT. So say - I'm like everyone else. Maybe they beat you for it. Nothing. This is better than if you are lowered below the baseboard.

4. Don't be a rat. Do not steal, do not knock, do not eat parcels at night under a blanket. That rats in 99% of cases are subjected to maximum humiliation and beatings. If you're not like that, if you're a normal kid, you have nothing to fear. Analyze - do you have any problems in the team now, before the army? For what you do not love, do not respect, for which they beat you in the civilian - do not hesitate - for the same thing they will humiliate you and beat you in the army.

5. Faced with frank monsters and sadists - save yourself. Run from the unit, go to your military enlistment office, to the police, to the military prosecutor's office, tell me how it was, why you ran away. You will not be anything for it. I saw dozens of such cases - no one was imprisoned for desertion if a soldier ran away due to bullying.

6. Prepare yourself for the army physically. Start running cross in the morning. In the army, you will run 3 km every morning. If you will be the last to resort - they will beat you and chmorit. Start running now. Run today 300 m. Tomorrow 500. Then a mile, two, and three. In two weeks you will learn to calmly cover 3 km and in the army it will not be a problem for you.

7. Try as quickly as possible to make friends in your army in your unit. At least one friend. Better is five. Hold each other, intercede for each other. If the grandfathers begin to nightmare one of you - immediately come all the rest. The worst thing is to be alone against a group of grandfathers.

The problem of the Russians is that we rarely intercede for each other in the army. Representatives of other nations (Caucasians, Tatars, Bashkirs) will immediately get into such groups and will not be touched.

8. (Caution! This advice is not for everyone!) If you see that your grandfather will hit you anyway, hit first. In the jaw bottom, under the chin. From a blow to this place a person falls. It looks spectacular - laid with one blow. ("I did it a hundred times" (c), hehe). In the end, you will still be beaten, but most likely in the future will be left behind. From me behind.

9. Don't be a mess. The worst in the army is for those who can not do anything. If you are an expert in something (you understand engines, you draw well, you play guitar, you drive well, you know a foreign language, you can fix the TV, you prepare well) then you will be respected for it.

10. And once again - do not be afraid. Do not be afraid of pain - and they will not be able to scare you with the threat of beating. Do not be afraid of physical exertion - and they will not scare you. The less you are afraid of something, the less other opportunities you have to manipulate you.

And remember - do not strive to be Batman, who is on the ... the twirl of all demobels. These are only in the movie. In any case, you will get your share of beatings, humiliation and stress. I would really like to say that no grandfather hit me. But this is not so, in the first weeks I made mistakes (I ate at night, avoided work, I was afraid) - and for this I was beaten several times. And for the cause, I myself behaved incorrectly. But I made conclusions, learned from my mistakes and those beatings in the first weeks were the last. You will have your mistakes. Correct them in a timely manner and everything will be fine.
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  1. Sergei
    Sergei 21 July 2010 22: 49
    This article was written by a complete moron (sorry, of course), who "in his" experience regards the entire army as a whole as a cross between a zone and a partisan detachment. This is far from the case; not all petty officers are stupid, not all demobilization beasts. I think so.
  2. Andrei
    Andrei 22 July 2010 01: 41
    Sergey, did you serve?
  3. Shed
    Shed 22 July 2010 09: 44
    The correct article. Everyone should know.

    The author talks about the rules of behavior and not about the fact that in each specific case of the demobilization moral freaks and hassles with them should be avoided.

    About Leadership: ultra.alphanetworker. ru
  4. puscat
    puscat 22 July 2010 16: 21
    Definitely, do not give offense. Roughly speaking, stray into the flock. You can act against freaks only by similar methods. I served two years, not a snotty year, and saw everything. It was necessary even to take the ax against the Nazis. And nothing - alive. And even the lip passed.
  5. alexey
    alexey 5 August 2010 15: 41
    correct to be all according to the laws .. if you schmuck as Sergey then you will die before the demobilization
  6. Ilya
    Ilya 20 September 2010 23: 01
    author handsome
  7. Jeka
    Jeka 12 November 2010 23: 16
    The author is well done!
  8. Vanych
    Vanych 25 December 2010 01: 38
    The author has great respect. He served in Mozdok in Vladik. Acted like. He returned whole.
  9. doses
    doses 20 February 2011 18: 46
    everything is correct))
  10. Bururuz
    Bururuz 26 June 2011 10: 15
  11. sokol_pet
    sokol_pet 17 October 2011 20: 45
    Pretty easy way, having the initial skills of Microsoft Word and solo on the keyboard to turn the service into a year of fooling around. However, it is worth noting that if there is a lot of paper work in the part, you will be so blaspheming that you will only dream of digging holes.
    Necessary. By any means let the chief of staff of the regiment, deputy. to the combat training commander, the chief of the military service (3 staff officers, having got to whom as a computer technician, you can immediately start looking at all officers of the regiment below the lieutenant colonel as you know yourself) that you were born with a computer and you cannot live without it, how the option is to find an old computer technician and buy a place from him (in fact, you just need to convince him that you can do all this, then he will quickly put you in the know and will go to sleep himself until the demobilization).
    What can be achieved. Most importantly, you can just forget that there is an urgent service, you just work for a year for EAT. The rest depends on the military unit and on you. Both officers and soldiers will need you, and helping both of them, you can get nishtyaks (free access to the round seal of the regiment, for example).
    What can not be done. Do not fuck. Do not be impudent. Do not do good to anybody (Catch someone in the city with a leaflet issued by you, and he will split - you will have to answer). Your privileged status (to sleep before the call from the headquarters, eat when you want, go on leave, when you want, never go in clothes) will raise a lot of questions. However, the same authorities will soon realize that for them you are a bottomless well of archival information (and sometimes even very cool nishtyakov, such as deleting data from a personal file about days spent at a guardhouse).
    1. Old prdun
      Old prdun 5 February 2012 19: 31
      What is a "geek"? belay
    2. Gazon
      Gazon 21 October 2013 09: 26
      In the normal parts of such computers, they are not respected at all. When I served as demobilists, computer men went like perfume because the whole service was ... In my opinion, this is a dumb computer, tailor, and the like.
  12. kesa1111
    kesa1111 17 October 2011 21: 51
    It is possible as an addition to NVP in school,
  13. bishopXhc
    bishopXhc 13 March 2014 12: 54
    After the service, he made an unexpected conclusion.
    The fact is that for an urgent period I had to serve in three parts. After training, I got into the damn charter part. To be honest, it was just an ass. Most jackals were generally like robots. They loved to sleep very much. Until 2 nights, the soldiers are working, and immediately after the rise, the company inspects the hem and how it is shaved. Constantly, in this way he had fun. The old call is untouchable. Most of their time whistles at each other. How dogs were treated. But you get used to everything, and I'm used to it. Then the part was disbanded, and all in different parts of the department were scattered.
    I had to get to the unit, about which there was a fame of non-regulation. Grandfathers all "lifted the mood" said, in the new parts nobody will have life. Since then I was still "young" this whole prospect did not please. But, where can you go, everyone has gone to new places. The part really turned out to be "non-statutory". Nobody gave the "military greeting" below the major to anyone. And the majors do not always. Soldiers have sewn clothes, hats on the tops of their heads, party chairs hang.
    The first impression was misleading. When talking with officers and warrant officers, for the first time in my service, I noticed that they treat me like a person. Perform your duties in good faith, and no one will cling to you. The soldiers themselves watched the order in the company, the capter decided all economic issues, not paying attention to the period. Grandfathers feed the young from their premises. At first I was in shock. In general, they lived as one family. My period did the same when they became demobilization.
    The conclusion is this: where there is no stupid obedience, officers treat soldiers as people, and not as cattle - there is no hazing as such, and there would be no need to apply these rules