Physical training of draftees will be loaded according to their health.

The Ministry of Defense is testing a new model program for the physical training of conscripted soldiers.
Her main goal is to organize sports so that the load on children corresponds to their physical condition.

It is no secret that crosses, workouts in the power camp and on the obstacle course of many recruits simply knock out. For the guys who did not bother to run and pump up their muscles, the army’s obligatory 25 hours of physical training per week turn into flour. Guys and would be happy to show good results in the classroom fizo, but can not - health does not allow.

Therefore, the new program divides sports activities in military units into stages. First comes the adaptation period. During the first month of service, all recruits will pass. At this time, the children are introduced to the methodology of physical training in the army, and they will organize demonstration training and control exercises.

Depending on how many times the soldier pulled himself up on the crossbar, how quickly he ran a hundred meters, cross and performed other physical exercises, the young recruits will be divided into groups. Those who meet the standards of the army, the officers will appoint active training. Children are weaker waiting for moderate exercise. Well, the commanders will bring up to the conscripts with disabilities of the body up to standard on a relatively gentle program.

As results improve on the treadmill and in the sports area, soldiers will be transferred from one group of physical training to another. For a year of military service from the frail teenagers of the masters of sports, the military, of course, do not hope. However, the Ministry of Defense believes that turning boys into strong, physically developed young people is a very real task.

Physical training of draftees will be loaded according to their health.

In June, two brigades of the Western Military District temporarily switched to new sports techniques - the 138-i motorized rifle in the village of Kamenka of the Leningrad Region and the 4-I tank under Naro-Fominsk.

In total, more than 500 conscripts are covered by the experiment. The intensity of their sports training is constantly monitored by specialists of the medical service of the compounds. They regularly examine each recruit. Experts will make their conclusions at the end of October, when the experiment in the teams will be completed.

However, already now in the research center of the Military Institute of Physical Culture, where they developed a new standard program for the army, they say: in just four months, the soldiers' strength, speed and endurance grew by 10-15 percent. Brigade commanders have also noted a significant improvement in their physical training performance.

The Defense Ministry says that after summarizing the results of the experiment in the Western Military District, a new standard program for physicists can be adopted as the basis for the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces revised their views on the physical training of officers. It has become multistage, and as a mark for strength, speed, agility and endurance commanders now score points.
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