Medvedev chose Putin as his own replacement

News the world today is full of headlines that the current Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin returns to the presidency RF. Information about this is located on the pages of newspapers around the world in the "Latest News" section. And this news is far from groundless. The fact is that at the next United Russia congress, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev “recommended” Putin as presidential candidate in the 2012 election of the year. According to him, this decision has long been thought out and justified.
The main world news announce that Putin, once again becoming president, will retain his power until the 2024 year. At the same time, “Putinism” can be compared with “Stalinism”. The newspaper The Times noted that Putin is distinguished by cynicism and contempt for democracy.
The news of the world about the new president is not intimidated by the majority of Russians. According to them, Dmitry Medvedev is more suitable for the role of the second, and not the first person in the country. Many people in Russia are not at all opposed to Putin’s monopolization of power. But foreign investors are quite alert to this opportunity.
Latest Russian news about the upcoming presidential elections for many are bad. They are bad, first of all, for the President of the United States. Obama has invested a lot in relations with the current president of the Russian Federation in the hope that Medvedev will become a real leader. Negative news of Russia today for Georgia and Ukraine. And especially a lot of negativity news of Russia 2011 of the year can bring the Russian people. After all, he may well face stagnation in the country to which Putin’s life-long rule can lead.

Putin’s Wall Street Journal is called “Vladimir Eternal”, which will dispel all dreams of democracy in Russia. Despite the fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich did a lot for the revival of the Soviet system, it is significantly different from the former Soviet officials. After all, they did not have villas on the Riviera, accounts in Switzerland and mansions in London.
Russian news points to Putin’s candidacy as the future president now. At the same time, there was no parliamentary election in the country. It makes you think about Putin’s desire to confirm his full power.
The latest news from Russian newspapers is full of information about the attitude of Russians towards Putin, who can again become the ruler of the country. And despite the fact that under Putin the Russians lived in social stability, his return to the presidency is rather disappointing. Indeed, over the past decades, the inhabitants of Russia have endured a lot and do not deserve the same.
If Dmitry Medvedev has now suddenly become considered a useless president, then you should not think that Putin will bring Russia much benefit. After all, Medvedev was able to awaken hopes for change in the Russians, which were able to protect the country from authoritarian rule, strengthening nationalism and weak institutions. Putin in the presidency may provoke the return of the country to its original, far from attractive position. This outcome is a matter of serious concern, both for Russians and for foreign citizens.
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