Anti-aircraft missile-gun complex "Pantsir-С1"


The high effectiveness and combat stability of the air defense system largely depend on the use of modern universal short-range anti-aircraft complexes, united by a single system of control and coordination with long-range anti-aircraft complexes (ZKDD).
ZKDD capable of hitting tactical and strategic aircraft aviation enemy at a range of 200-400 km, as well as aircraft - jammers, which reduces the level of electronic countermeasures to air defense systems. At the same time, they are ineffective in reflecting low-flying targets in the near zone and practically
they are not protected from small size HARM missiles.
Short-range anti-aircraft systems protect ZKDD and means of radio engineering troops from the attacks of all types of high-precision weapons, including HARM missiles, as well as used to combat the strengthening of groups of air defense forces at low and extremely low altitudes.
With independent use, short-range complexes provide direct defense of the most important small-sized and pinpoint (more than 70% of the total number of defended) military, military-industrial, energy and other facilities.
During the development work, the characteristics of the Pan-Cyr-C 1 short-range anti-aircraft complex of short-range were significantly improved:
- the distant border of the affected area was increased (at least 20 km), which excludes the use of the most mass WTO models of short-range such as the UM Maverick, the Hellfire, Hot, and guided aerial bombs from airplanes and helicopters;
- up to 15 km, the height of defeat of front-line aviation increased, which is almost 10 km more than the range of use of existing systems and completely eliminates the possibility of flying aircraft over the Pantsir-C1 defense zone;
- expanded (to 180 °) sector and the simultaneous firing of four targets with high-speed missiles, which provides a reflection of the massive raids of all types of WTO, including HARM-type anti-radar missiles.
At present, anti-aircraft defense at low altitudes is based on the joint use of missile and cannon complexes. All armies have self-propelled anti-aircraft or towed guns: 35-mm ZSU Gepard (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands), 35-mm towed guns from Oerlikon (Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, Greece, Canada), 25-mm ZSU Sidam (Italy) , 30-mm ZSU AMU-13 (France), 20-mm ZSU М741 (М163) Vulkan (USA), etc.

Anti-aircraft missile-gun complex "Pantsir-С1"

Target type small target after defeat complex ZRPK "Armor-C 1" (H = 250 m, D = 19 km)

Only gun armament with minimal response time and a short range of fire allows you to destroy targets at extremely low altitudes. It is effective when firing at all types of remotely piloted vehicles, guided missiles, airplanes, helicopters, and ground armored and unarmored targets.
Composition - carriers, means of detecting and tracking targets, control system - anti-aircraft gun and missile systems are similar.
In the anti-aircraft complexes developed at the KBP state unitary enterprise, two types of armament are combined according to the design solution - missile and cannon armament, which allowed for a relatively small increase (by 10-15%) in their cost to completely eliminate the production of pure cannon systems. And this, in turn, makes it possible to reduce the nomenclature and number of systems, and, consequently, the cost of anti-aircraft short-range air defense systems by half. Operating experience of the Tunguska anti-aircraft missile and gun systems in the Ground Forces and the Kashtan in the Naval Army, previously developed at the KBP KBP navy fully confirmed the correct choice of anti-aircraft weapons with combined weapons. Now the creation of individual cannon systems is impractical.
On the whole, the implementation of an adaptive control system in the missile-gun armament system determines its high performance characteristics and places the Pantsir-С1 among the most promising high-intelligence weapons of the 21st century.
At present, tests of the Pantsir-С1 anti-aircraft complex have been completed, preparations are underway for its mass production in the 2007 year.
The complex has great modernization opportunities, which will ensure its leadership and high competitiveness for a long period. Confirmation of the intention of the United Arab Emirates to purchase 50 sets of this air defense system.

Target type PKR "Harpoon" after defeat complex "Pantsir-S 1" (H = 18 m, D = 10 km)
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