Western alternative to the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great

Currently, the Peter the Great cruiser is the most powerful non-aircraft carrier strike ship in service with the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation. The United States of America, after the campaign and the exercises of the flagship of the Northern Fleet TARKR Peter the Great, began to quickly prepare the project of a heavy nuclear cruiser project CGN (X), with a displacement of 25 thousand tons and on which heavy artillery and anti-ship missiles will be the main weapon system around 2020-2030. Based on the fact that TARKR Peter the Great has no analogues today, we will compare it with the closest ship of the American fleet with similar characteristics, namely with the Virginia nuclear-powered cruiser of the CGN-38 Virginia nuclear-powered cruiser.

TARKR "Peter the Great"

CRA "Virginia"


- Launched in 1998 year, designed to defeat large ships and protect maritime groups from attacks by submarines and enemy air attacks.

- launched in 1976 year, designed to protect sea groups from enemy attacks from the air and escort ships.

Displacement, overall performance

- displacement - 23750 tons; width - 28,5 m; length - 251,1 m; height 59 m; draft - 10,3 m; 57 km / h speed (31 knot). Duration of the voyage (autonomous) - food supply - 2 of the month, 3 of the year for fuel consumption, at the nuclear reactor - unlimited.

- displacement - 11000 tons, length - 174м, width - 19,2м, height 22,3м, draft - 9м, speed of the 33 node. The duration of the voyage (autonomously) is unlimited at a nuclear reactor.

Power plant

- 2 nuclear reactor, type KN-3 (300 MW), 4 power plants with a capacity of 18 thous. KW, two boilers, gas turbine generator - 1500kWT., Two turbines with a total power of 140 thous. propeller shaft.

- 2 nuclear reactor General Electric D2G power HP 60000 (300MW),

Crew cruiser

- 635 man of them 105 officers, 130 midshipmen, 400 sailors.

- 560 people


- 20 CM-233 launchers with high-precision advanced anti-ship cruise missiles "Granit";

- anti-aircraft complex C-300F "Reef" includes 12 launchers and ammunition 96 missiles;

- Autonomous anti-ship system "Dagger", the total stock - 128 missiles;

- the Kashtan anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex comprising 6 installations with two AO-18 assault rifles and two 30-mm AK-630М1-2 units, two 4 units on 9М311 rocket;

- 130-mm twin guns "AK-130", ammunition 840 shells;

- two rocket-torpedo complexes RPK-6М “Waterfall”, 533-mm., consisting of 10 launchers;

- anti-torpedo complex ZKPTZ-1 "Udav-1М";

- RBU-1200, two RBU-1000 "Smerch";

- two paired 150-mm PC-14 launchers;

- Two 45-mm guns MK.45;

- 6 torpedo tubes 324-mm;

- anti-ship missile system RGM-84 "Harpoon", equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles;

- 4 standard anti-aircraft installations;

- two 15-mm anti-aircraft installations "Vulkan" MK.15;

- one ASROK anti-submarine complex

Ship aviation

- 2 multipurpose heavy helicopter Ka-27

- X-NUMX helicopters SH-2 system LAMPS

Radar equipment

- two space communication stations (SATSOM),

- four space navigation stations (SATPAU);

- four special electronic stations;

- Radar "Fregat-MAE";

- four navigation shooting control systems;

- three navigation stations;

- hydroacoustic system;

- Sonar: 1 EDO / GE SQS 53A bow-mounted

- One ITT SPS 48C or 48D / E 3D radar;

- one Raytheon SPS 49 (V) 5 or Lockheed SPS 40B;

- one ISC Cardion SPS 55;

- one Raytheon SPS 64 (V) 9 locator

- two SPG 51D fire control systems;

- one SPG 60D fire control system;

- one SPQ 9A fire control system

As can be seen from our comparison of nuclear cruisers, currently the heavy missile cruiser “Peter the Great” is the most powerful ship in its class. The ships of the "Virginia" project have already been withdrawn from service in the United States Naval Forces and have nothing of the kind.

The 1144 "Orlan" ship - referred to as "aircraft carrier killer" or "atomic killer", Peter the Great will not be lonely for long, according to the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, Admiral Ushakov, Admiral Lazarev will undergo re-equipment and will be part of the Russian Navy. Re-equipment will affect missile systems, the newest missile systems and integrated solutions will be used to arm the ships. After commissioning the cruisers, they will solve a wide variety of tasks in repelling the strikes of the Air Force of the enemy, destroying ground targets with missiles and destroying practically any enemy equipment.

The newest radio-electronic complexes will be delivered to the cruisers and they will repair the hulls of the ships and power plants.

The main goal of the modernization is to replace the Granit anti-ship complex with universal ship-firing complexes of the USKS, which will be able to fire various types of missiles. Main weapon cruisers against aircraft carriers will be missiles "Caliber" and "Onyx". The C-400 air defense launchers and the latest short-range air defense systems will be delivered.

In general, the updated cruisers will be able to carry on board up to 300 missiles of different caliber, becoming the most powerful ships with missile weapons in the world.

The cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” will be the first after the equipment in 2015, the work on its modernization and repair has already begun.

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